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Linux 5.13 Will Stop Restricting CPU Power Metrics Access For AMD Energy Driver11 Apr 2021
AMD Sends Out Linux Kernel Patches To Allow Disabling Predictive Store Forwarding (PSF)06 Apr 2021
AMD Publishes Security Analysis Of Zen 3 "PSF" That Could Possibly Lead To A Side-Channel Attack02 Apr 2021
AMD Zen 3 Tuning Backported To The GCC 10 Compiler01 Apr 2021
The Most Popular AMD Linux/Open-Source News For Q1'202131 Mar 2021
New AMD Zen 3 Fixes Published For The GCC 11 Compiler25 Mar 2021
AMD Sends Out New Linux Code For SEV-SNP With EPYC 7003 Series24 Mar 2021
Zen 3 GCC Tuning Continues With More Correct Latencies Rather Than "Random Numbers"18 Mar 2021
AMD AOCC 3.0 Released As Zen 3 Optimized LLVM Clang 12 Based Compiler15 Mar 2021
GCC Compiler Sees New Patch With Tuning For AMD Zen 3 (Znver3)15 Mar 2021

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Arm Announces ARMv9 Architecture With SVE230 Mar 2021
Arm Neoverse V1 Tuning Lands In GCC 11 Compiler27 Mar 2021
Linux Developers Continue Discussing "SLS" Mitigation For The Kernel06 Mar 2021
Google Engineers Propose Adding Linux Kernel Option For ARM SLS Mitigation15 Feb 2021
Some Older ARM Platforms Will Be Saved While Others On The Chopping Block For Linux13 Jan 2021
Qualcomm To Acquire High Performance ARM SoC Startup NUVIA13 Jan 2021
PicoXcell Support Finally Slated For Removal From The Linux Kernel05 Jan 2021
Arm Begins Adding ARMv8.7-A Support In LLVM Clang 1221 Dec 2020
LLVM Adds Additional Protections For Arm's SLS Speculation Vulnerability Mitigation20 Dec 2020
Linux 5.11 Supports The OUYA Game Console, Other New ARM Hardware Support17 Dec 2020

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FreeBSD 13.0 Brings Better Performance, LLVM Clang 11, Obsolete GNU Bits Removed13 Apr 2021
Running Steam's Linux Build On FreeBSD Is Becoming Increasingly Capable For Gaming07 Apr 2021
FreeBSD 13.0-RC5 Released Due To Lingering Bugs03 Apr 2021
FreeBSD 13.0-RC4 Released With POWER Fixes, Other Bugs Addressed29 Mar 2021
FreeBSD 13.0-RC3 Released With The WireGuard Driver Removed20 Mar 2021
FreeBSD: Sway Compositor Can Run While KDE Plasma On Wayland Is Still A Work-In-Progress19 Mar 2021
New & Much Improved WireGuard Implementation Comes To FreeBSD15 Mar 2021
FreeBSD 13.0-RC2 Released With ZFS Fixes, WireGuard Interface Fixes13 Mar 2021
FreeBSD 13.0-RC1 Released With TCP Performance Improvement, Other Fixes06 Mar 2021
NomadBSD 1.4 Released With GUI For Easier Chrome / Brave / Vivaldi Browser Installation03 Mar 2021

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Clear Linux
Clear Linux Preparing To Move To GNOME 3.36, Dropping Their Desktop Customizations26 Apr 2020
Intel's Clear Linux To Divest From The Desktop, Focus On Server + Cloud Workloads23 Apr 2020
Chrome, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, VSCode Now Unofficially Available For Clear Linux03 Apr 2020
Is Clear Linux Just A Toy Distribution By Intel?18 Mar 2020
Intel's Clear Linux Has Code In Place To Begin Handling Proprietary Packages Like Chrome & Steam13 Mar 2020
F2FS Root File-System Support For Clear Linux Appears To Be Coming14 Feb 2020
Benchmarks Of Clear Linux's Native Kernel Against Current/Mainline/Preempt-RT Kernels08 Jan 2020
Clear Linux Set To Begin Offering EarlyOOM For Better Dealing With Memory Pressure08 Jan 2020
Clear Linux Saw New Features, New Desktop Installer + Increased Adoption In 201901 Jan 2020
Clear Linux Defined Linux Performance These Past Few Years29 Dec 2019

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89 Articles
Motherboards + Beer: Virtual Event Addressing Coreboot / Open-Source Firmware Prospects18 Feb 2021
Intel + Microsoft Continue Work On Replacing More SMM "Black Boxes" With PRM06 Dec 2020
Coreboot 4.13 Adds Intel TXT, Picks Up New Boards For AMD Pollock, Intel Alder Lake20 Nov 2020
There's An Effort By A System76 Engineer To Bring Coreboot To Newer AMD Platforms24 Jul 2020
Coreboot Ported To A Newer Intel Server Board From Supermicro07 Jun 2020
Coreboot 4.12 Released - Drops Older Intel / AMD Platforms12 May 2020
Oreboot Continues Advancing For Open-Source, Rust-Based Booting On RISC-V05 Feb 2020
Tesla Is Making Use Of The Open-Source Coreboot Within Their Electric Vehicles14 Jan 2020
Coreboot Seeing Tigerlake + Jasperlake Activity, Experimental Razer Icelake Laptop Support02 Jan 2020
Coreboot Had An Exciting Decade Thanks To Google's Chromebooks, Efforts Like LinuxBoot28 Dec 2019

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Devuan 4.0 Alpha Builds Begin For Debian 11 Without Systemd16 Apr 2021
Debian 10.9 Released With FWUPD SBAT Support, Bug Fixes27 Mar 2021
Debian 11.0 Is Now Under A Hard Freeze20 Mar 2021
Experimental Rust-Based Coreutils Working Well Enough To Run Debian Basics09 Mar 2021
Debian Launches A Debuginfod Server For Smoother Debugging Experience24 Feb 2021
Devuan 3.1 Released - Debian Fork Now Offers Runit Plus Sysvinit, OpenRC15 Feb 2021
Debian 11 "Bullseye" Begins Its Soft Freeze13 Feb 2021
Data Suggests CoC + Outreachy Hasn't Helped Increase Female Participation In Debian13 Feb 2021
Debian 10.8 Released With Dozens Of Fixes, Switches To More Parallel Build Process06 Feb 2021
Debian 11 Freeze Begins, Debian 12 Might Reduce Focus On i386 Support13 Jan 2021

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System76 Developing "COSMIC" Desktop Environment For Pop!_OS13 Apr 2021
Arcan Presents "Pipeworld" Dataflow Computing Interface13 Apr 2021
XScreenSaver 6.0 Released With Increased Security, Better EGL & GLSL/GLES 3.0 Support08 Apr 2021
Xfce 4.18 Planning Begins With An Eye On Wayland Application Support23 Mar 2021 Continues Work On Supporting More Linux Distros For This "Cloud Desktop"23 Mar 2021
Flatpak 1.10 Released With More Efficient Repo Format14 Jan 2021
GIMP 2.99.4 Released As One Step Closer To GIMP 3.026 Dec 2020
FreeType Merges New "SDF" Renderer For High Quality Text Rendering In Games, Etc24 Dec 2020
Xfce 4.16 Released With Numerous Improvements To This Lightweight GTK3 Desktop22 Dec 2020
Arcan Focuses In On Surpassing Feature Parity With X.Org, Releases Durden 0.6 Desktop20 Dec 2020

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Fedora 34 Adding SEVCTL Utility For Managing AMD SEV09 Apr 2021
Fedora 35 Looking To Make Use Of Debuginfod By Default08 Apr 2021
RPM 4.17 Planned For Fedora 35 With Better Install Failure Handling, Lua Integration01 Apr 2021
Fedora 34 Beta Released With PipeWire In Action, GNOME 40 Desktop23 Mar 2021
Fedora Workstation 34 Should Be Very Exciting With GNOME 40, PipeWire Default16 Mar 2021
"Fedora Linux" Is The Latest Change Proposed For F3509 Mar 2021
"Fedora Kinoite" Coming For Fedora 35 As An immutable KDE Desktop Spin17 Feb 2021
Facebook's Linux Desktop Choice Is Fedora But Ramping Up CentOS Stream14 Feb 2021
Fedora's "Enterprise Linux Next" Taking Flight To Experiment With Next-Gen RHEL Changes12 Feb 2021
Fedora 34 Will See HarfBuzz-Enabled FreeType As The Latest For This Huge Feature Release05 Feb 2021

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Free Software
LuxCoreRender 2.5 Open-Source PBR Renderer Released With NVIDIA OptiX/RTX Support10 Apr 2021
GIMP 2.10.24 Released For This Open-Source Adobe Photoshop Alternative31 Mar 2021
Box86 Continues Quest For Running x86 Linux Programs On ARM, Other Archs28 Mar 2021
The Linux Foundation Wants To Help Water Farms From The Cloud22 Mar 2021
FreeCAD 0.19 Released For Advancing Open-Source CAD Software22 Mar 2021
Software-Defined Radio Benchmarks, Other Updates This Week13 Mar 2021
Daffodil Promoted To Being An Apache Top-Level Project06 Mar 2021
Chrome 89 vs. Firefox 86 Performance Benchmarks On AMD Ryzen + Ubuntu Linux04 Mar 2021
Blender 2.92 Released With Geometry Nodes, OpenCL For Intel Iris/Xe25 Feb 2021
Ampere Making Progress On Open-Source Firmware For Their CPUs/Platform24 Feb 2021

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1668 Articles
The LLVM Codebase Is Moving Past C++11 This Year, Likely To C++1423 Jan 2019
FP64 Support Finally Lands In Mesa Git For Intel Haswell03 Jan 2017

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2 Articles
GNOME 41 To Introduce Libadwaita For Helping To Define GNOME Apps31 Mar 2021
GTK 4.2 Released With NGL Renderer By Default30 Mar 2021
GNOME 40 Released With Many Improvements24 Mar 2021
GNOME 40 Release Candidate Arrives Ahead Of Next Week's Official Debut19 Mar 2021
The Last Minute GNOME Shell + Mutter 40 Release Candidate Changes16 Mar 2021
GNOME 40 Introducing Headless Native Backend, Virtual Monitors12 Mar 2021
GNOME 40 Mutter Lands Wayland Presentation-Time Support08 Mar 2021
GTK 4 Toolkit's New OpenGL Renderer Is Maturing Well26 Feb 2021
GNOME 40 Beta Released With Many Improvements24 Feb 2021
GNOME Shell + Mutter 40 Beta Released With Wayland Improvements, Overview Redesign23 Feb 2021

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GNU Assembly Launches As Collaborative Platform For GCC, Other Packages16 Apr 2021
GnuPG 2.3 Released With New Experimental Key Database Daemon, TPM 2.0 Daemon08 Apr 2021
GCC 10.3 Compiler Released With AMD Zen 3 Tuning Backported, Nearly 200 Bug Fixes08 Apr 2021
GCC 10.3 Release Candidate Arrives For Testing02 Apr 2021
IBM Lands Last Minute POWER10 Updates Into GCC 11 Compiler22 Mar 2021
Patches Proposed So Microsoft Debuggers Can Deal With GCC-Built MinGW Executables21 Mar 2021
GCC 11 Squeezes In Another Zen 3 Optimization18 Mar 2021
GRUB 2.06 Release Candidate Available For Testing13 Mar 2021
Glibc 2.34 Will Provide More Helpful Linker Diagnostics07 Mar 2021
IBM Begins Adding GCC Support For Z Arch14 - Likely IBM z1602 Mar 2021

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877 Articles
Google Supports Getting Rust Into The Linux Kernel15 Apr 2021
Chrome 90 Released With AV1 Encode, New APIs14 Apr 2021
Google Begins Allowing Rust Code For Developing Android07 Apr 2021
Google Proposes Multi-Generational LRU For Linux To Yield Much Better Performance13 Mar 2021
Google Publishes "Leaky.Page" Showing Spectre In Action Within Web Browsers12 Mar 2021
Chrome 90 Beta Released With New Origin Trials, AV1 Encode12 Mar 2021
200+ Open-Source Projects Involved In GSoC 202110 Mar 2021
Chrome Moving To A 4-Week Release Cycle04 Mar 2021
Chrome 89 Released With Various New Web APIs Deemed Stable02 Mar 2021
Google's New Lyra Voice Codec + AV1 Aim For Video Chats Over 56kbps Modems In 202127 Feb 2021

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457 Articles
The Linux Kernel & GNOME Desktop Preparing For Privacy Screen Support14 Apr 2021
Gigabyte Motherboard WMI Temperature Driver Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.1314 Apr 2021
Linux 5.13 To Allow For OpenBMC Development With A Lower-Cost ASRock Rack Motherboard14 Apr 2021
MSM DRM Driver Picks Up Initial Support For The Snapdragon SC728012 Apr 2021
Initial Apple M1 SoC Support Aims For Linux 5.13 Kernel08 Apr 2021
WMI Linux Temperature Driver Being Worked On For Gigabyte Motherboards06 Apr 2021
Linux Finally Has A Tool For Encryption Setup With Older Logitech Wireless Keyboards06 Apr 2021
Linux Driver Published For FSP/3Y-Power Server PSUs29 Mar 2021
The Linux Kernel Might Finally See Proper Support For The Apple Magic Mouse 227 Mar 2021
Loongson 2K1000 Support Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.1327 Mar 2021

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1777 Articles
Intel Compute Runtime 21.15.19533 Released With Initial Level Zero 1.1 Support16 Apr 2021
Mesa 21.2 Begins Seeing Intel Xe-HP Graphics Driver Changes16 Apr 2021
Patches Resubmitted For Linux With Selectable Intel Graphics Platform Support16 Apr 2021
Intel DG1 Graphics Card Nears Working State On Linux12 Apr 2021
Intel Rocket Lake Target Added To GCC 1112 Apr 2021
Linux 5.13 - Another Step In Prepping Intel Discrete Graphics, Preferring Local Memory06 Apr 2021
GCC 11 Lands A Last Minute Optimization For Intel Skylake06 Apr 2021
The Current State Of The Intel "Crocus" Gallium3D Driver05 Apr 2021
Intel oneDNN 2.2 Released With More Optimizations For Alder Lake, Sapphire Rapids03 Apr 2021
Intel's Vulkan Driver Adds Conservative Rasterization - Helps DXVK/VKD3D For Linux Gaming01 Apr 2021

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2046 Articles
KDE KWin Introducing Item-Based Scenes For Improved Wayland Support12 Apr 2021
KDE Lands More Crash Fixes, Activities Feature Working On Wayland10 Apr 2021
KDE Now Maintaining Their Own Set of Patches For Qt 506 Apr 2021
KDE Starts April By Landing KHamburgerMenu03 Apr 2021
KDE Introduces "Quick Settings" Page, Lands More Wayland Fixes27 Mar 2021
KDE Saw More Wayland Fixes This Week, Other Changes20 Mar 2021
KDE Plasma 5.22 Will Better Warn You If Your Disk Might Be Failing13 Mar 2021
KDE Plasma 5.22 Adds Adaptive Opacity + Will Avoid Useless Rendering When Screen Is Off06 Mar 2021
Exiv2 Looks To Team Up With The KDE Project06 Mar 2021
KDE Rolling Out New CLI Tools, Many Crash Fixes27 Feb 2021

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1055 Articles
Developers Continue New Push With LibreOffice In The Web Browser Via WebAssembly10 Feb 2021
LibreOffice 7.1 "Community" Edition Released03 Feb 2021
LibreOffice 7.1 RC2 Up For Testing This Open-Source Office Suite20 Jan 2021
LibreOffice Drops Its Experimental, Buggy VLC Integration26 Dec 2020
LibreOffice 7.1-RC1 Released For Testing This Open-Source Office Suite23 Dec 2020
LibreOffice 7.1 Beta Released With Faster Spell Checking, Speedier Find And Replace24 Nov 2020
LibreOffice 7.1 Alpha Is Up For Testing27 Oct 2020
The Document Foundation Is Looking To Finish ODF 1.3 Support In LibreOffice20 Oct 2020
LibreOffice 7.1 Starts Off With Presentation Improvements, Inclusive Config Options16 Aug 2020
LibreOffice 7.0 Is Already Approaching A Half-Million Downloads12 Aug 2020

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143 Articles
Linux Events
FOSDEM Online 2021 Is Happening This Weekend06 Feb 2021
Linux App Summit 2020 Videos Now Available From Steam/Valve To GNOME Circle14 Nov 2020
OpenPOWER Summit 2020 Was This Week With Many Interesting Hardware/Software Talks20 Sep 2020
Automotive Grade Linux Has Large Presence At CES 202008 Jan 2020
Some Of The Interesting Open-Source Projects For Outreachy's Winter 2019 Round07 Dec 2019
Open Source Firmware Conference 2019 Videos Posted04 Dec 2019
OpenZFS Developer Summit 2019 Videos + Slides For The Latest On Open-Source ZFS10 Nov 2019
The Hardware FOSDEM Uses To Carry Out Linux Video Recordings Of Their Event22 Sep 2019
The Open-Source / Linux Highlights From OSTS 201918 May 2019
Systemd-Free Debian "Devuan" Planning Their First Developer Gathering This Spring28 Feb 2019

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75 Articles
Linux Gaming
Metro Exodus Launches For Linux But Off To Bumpy Start14 Apr 2021
Two Decade Old RTS Game Rolls Out v4.0 Update With Vulkan Renderer05 Apr 2021
Flax Engine 1.1 Released For This Impressive Open-Source 3D Game Engine28 Mar 2021
Total War: Rome Remastered + Metro Exodus Coming To Linux In April25 Mar 2021
SDL2 Lands Native PipeWire Support02 Mar 2021
DXVK 1.8.1 Released With More Performance, Game Fixes01 Mar 2021
ET: Legacy 2.77 Released For Letting Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Live On In 202101 Mar 2021
0 A.D. Real -Time Strategy Game Sees First Release In Nearly Three Years20 Feb 2021
DXVK 1.8 Released With Support For More Direct3D Games19 Feb 2021
Updated FUTEX2 Patches Posted For The Linux Kernel With A Focus On Helping Games15 Feb 2021

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1767 Articles
Linux Kernel
The 12 Most Interesting Changes Of Linux 5.12 - PS5, N64, Intel VRR, RDNA2 OverDrive15 Apr 2021
Multigenerational LRU Code Updated For Enhancing Linux Kernel Performance13 Apr 2021
Linux 5.12-rc7 Kernel Released - It's Big And Causing Some Concern11 Apr 2021
Linux 5.12-rc6 Released - A "Positively Tiny" Easter Kernel04 Apr 2021
Linux 5.12-rc5 Released - It's Bigger Than Average28 Mar 2021
Linux Kernel's Preliminary Rust Code Seeing 64-bit POWER Support23 Mar 2021
Linux 5.12-rc4 Released - The 5.12 Kernel Is Still Looking Good21 Mar 2021
Initial Support For The Rust Language Lands In Linux-Next19 Mar 2021
Linux 5.12-rc3 Kernel Released14 Mar 2021
Linux 5.12 Performance Is Looking Stable, In Good Shape10 Mar 2021

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2673 Articles
Linux Networking
The Linux Kernel Continues Crafting A WWAN Subsystem05 Apr 2021
Months After Being Deprecated, Linux Ready To Say Goodbye To WiMAX21 Mar 2021
Linux 5.13 To Address Some Networking Overhead Caused By Retpolines21 Mar 2021
CIFSD In-Kernel SMB3 File-Sharing Server Lands In Linux-Next18 Mar 2021
Many Networking Improvements Routed To The Linux 5.12 Kernel18 Feb 2021
Linux Patches Updated For Light-Based Networking With pureLiFi Driver16 Jan 2021
Linux Appears Close To Supporting LiFi Light-Based Networking With pureLiFi06 Dec 2020
The Linux Kernel Looks To Eventually Drop Support For WiMAX28 Oct 2020
Many Networking Improvements Land In Linux 5.1016 Oct 2020
Mediatek MT76 WiFi Driver Seeing Nice Improvements For Linux 5.1030 Sep 2020

More Linux Networking News

174 Articles
Linux Security
Secret Memory Areas For Linux Might Finally Be Ready With memfd_secret13 Apr 2021
Linux 5.13 Poised To Allow Randomizing Kernel Stack Offset At Each System Call09 Apr 2021
Linux Core Scheduling Nears The Finish Line To Avoid Flipping Off HT25 Mar 2021
Microsoft Security Researcher Proposes Unprivileged Chroot For Linux10 Mar 2021
Multiple New Security Issues Hit GRUB Bootloader Around Secure Boot02 Mar 2021
Linux 5.12 Crypto Brings AES-NI Acceleration For CTS, Faster XTS With Retpolines16 Feb 2021
VoltPillager: Researchers Compromise Intel SGX With Hardware-Based Undervolting Attack06 Feb 2021
Google Proposes "Know, Prevent, Fix" Framework For Dealing With Security Vulnerabilities03 Feb 2021
L1d Cache Flushing On Context Switch Trying Again But More Conservative In 202108 Jan 2021
Google Continues Work On Linux "Restricted DMA" For Situations Like Remote WiFi Attacks06 Jan 2021

More Linux Security News

179 Articles
Linux Storage
OpenZFS 2.1-rc3 Delivers More Fixes15 Apr 2021
EXT4 With Linux 5.13 Looks Like It Will Support Casefolding With Encryption Enabled11 Apr 2021
Reiser4 Ported Early To The Linux 5.12 Kernel08 Apr 2021
OpenZFS 2.1.0-rc2 Released With Bug Fixes07 Apr 2021
READFILE System Call Rebased For More Efficient Reading Of Small Files03 Apr 2021
OpenZFS 2.1-rc1 Released With Distributed Spare RAID "dRAID"30 Mar 2021
Linux 5.13 To Bring A Huge Speed-Up For MD RAID10 DISCARD Handling26 Mar 2021
Linux Looks To Finally Remove Its Legacy IDE Driver Support20 Mar 2021
OpenZFS 2.0.4 Released With Linux 5.11 Support, Early Linux 5.12 Compatibility Updates09 Mar 2021
Btrfs Will Finally "Strongly Discourage" You When Creating RAID5 / RAID6 Arrays07 Mar 2021

More Linux Storage News

610 Articles
LLVM 12.0 Released With Alder Lake + Sapphire Rapids Support, More C++2015 Apr 2021
HPVM 1.0 Released As LLVM-Based Compiler For CPUs / GPUs / FPGAs / Accelerators09 Apr 2021
LLVM 12.0 Delays Drag On With RC5 Now Shipping08 Apr 2021
LLVM 12.0-rc4 Released For Squaring Up This Open-Source Compiler01 Apr 2021
Clang CFI Patches For The Linux Kernel Aim To Provide Better Security14 Mar 2021
LLVM 12.0 Should Be Released Soon Following RC3 Release11 Mar 2021
Clang LTO Support Merged For Linux 5.12 Including ARM64 + x86_6423 Feb 2021
LLVM 11.1 Released To Deal With ABI Breakage17 Feb 2021
Building The Linux Kernel With Clang Continues To Be Useful, New Features Pursued08 Feb 2021
LLVM 12.0-RC1 Available For Testing This Latest Open-Source Compiler28 Jan 2021

More LLVM News

649 Articles
Mesa 21.1-rc1 Released With RADV Optimizations, Faster Zink, Many Other New Features14 Apr 2021
Mesa 21.1 Squeezes In Improvements For Direct3D 9 (Gallium Nine)14 Apr 2021
Mesa's Virgl Straps On A Simple Disk Cache14 Apr 2021
Google's VirtIO-GPU "Venus" Vulkan Driver Merged Into Mesa 21.108 Apr 2021
Mesa 21.1's Lavapipe Now Teases Vulkan 1.1 On CPUs07 Apr 2021
Mesa 21.0.2 Released With Lavapipe Fixes, Improved AMD L3 Cache Calculation07 Apr 2021
VirtIO-GPU Vulkan Driver Looks To Go Upstream In Mesa05 Apr 2021
Mesa 21.1 RADV Adds Another Performance Knob For RDNA2 Testing05 Apr 2021
Zink Lands Threaded Context Support For A Big Speed Boost With OpenGL Over Vulkan02 Apr 2021
The Most Exciting Open-Source Graphics Driver News From Q1'202129 Mar 2021

More Mesa News

1967 Articles
Linux 5.13 To Enable The Keyboard/Touchpad Of Newer Microsoft Surface Laptops30 Mar 2021
Microsoft Surface "DTX" Driver Slated For Linux 5.1324 Mar 2021
Microsoft Sends Out Patches For Hyper-V "Isolation VMs" With Linux04 Mar 2021
Microsoft Contributes Integrity Improvements To Linux 5.1222 Feb 2021
Linux 5.12 Should Be Able To Boot As The Root Partition On Microsoft's Hypervisor17 Feb 2021
Microsoft Makes The Extensible Storage Engine Open-Source01 Feb 2021
2020 Was Another Interesting Year For Microsoft Around Open-Source/Linux28 Dec 2020
Microsoft Adds SPIR-V To DXIL Library In Mesa - With A Focus On WebGPU Support22 Dec 2020
Microsoft Begins Landing Changes For Cross-Platform Support With Their Mesa D3D12 Code02 Dec 2020
WireGuard For Windows Updated With Improved Installer, ARM/ARM64 Support24 Nov 2020

More Microsoft News

237 Articles
Firefox Begins Rolling Out QUIC + HTTP/3 Support17 Apr 2021
Firefox 87 Released With Privacy Improvements But Backs Out AVIF23 Mar 2021
Firefox 86.0 Released With Total Cookie Protection, Stack Clash Protection23 Feb 2021
Mozilla Firefox 85.0 Now Available As First 2021 Release26 Jan 2021
Mozilla Announces "Open Web Docs" Following Last Year's Layoffs25 Jan 2021
Mozilla Firefox Flips On AVIF Image Decoding By Default08 Jan 2021
Mozilla Firefox Appears Ready To Enable AVIF Image Handling Support By Default20 Dec 2020
Firefox 84 Rolling Out With WebRender By Default Appearing For Some Linux Setups15 Dec 2020
Firefox 84 Beta Begins Enabling WebRender By Default On Linux17 Nov 2020
Mozilla Punts Servo Web Engine Development To The Linux Foundation17 Nov 2020

More Mozilla News

348 Articles
FFmpeg 4.4 Released With AV1 VA-API Decoder, SVT-AV1 Encoding09 Apr 2021
Google Posts Initial Code For Lyra Speech Codec06 Apr 2021
PulseAudio 15 Lands mSBC Codec Support To Enable Bluetooth Wideband Speech06 Apr 2021
OBS Studio 27.0-rc1 Released With Wayland Support, Undo/Redo03 Apr 2021
Intel's VA-API Library LibVA 2.11 Released With Support For Protected Content24 Mar 2021
AOMedia libaom AV1 3.0 Encoder Released With Better Compression Efficiency24 Mar 2021
AV1 Codec Library libaom 3.0-rc1 Released18 Mar 2021
Audacity 3.0 Digital Audio Editor Released With New File Format17 Mar 2021
Zrythm DAW Sees New Release And Should Have "Almost No Crashes"28 Feb 2021
dav1d 0.8.2 AV1 Decoder Showing Nice Uplift On Intel, AMD CPUs23 Feb 2021

More Multimedia News

459 Articles
Nouveau With Linux 5.12 Has ~5k L.O.C. Change In Preparing For Ampere12 Feb 2021
Open-Source NVIDIA Changes Sent In For Linux 5.1229 Jan 2021
Open-Source "Nouveau" Driver Now Supports NVIDIA Ampere - But Without 3D Acceleration14 Jan 2021
Open-Source NVIDIA Support For Recent GPUs Is Poor But Now You Can Fake It For Testing12 Jan 2021
Nouveau Sees Fix To Properly Handle Mini DP Connectors - Avoids GNOME Mutter Crashing30 Dec 2020
Nouveau NVC0 Shader Disk Cache Lands For Speeding Up Game Load Times25 Aug 2020
Nouveau Changes For Linux 5.9 Bring Fixes, Prep For Future Improvements24 Jul 2020
Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" CRC Support Ready For Linux 5.922 Jul 2020
Open-Source 3D/Compute Finally Materializing For NVIDIA Volta / Turing GPUs09 Jun 2020
Open-Source NVIDIA/Nouveau Changes Submitted For Linux 5.822 May 2020

More Nouveau News

440 Articles
NVIDIA CUDA 11.3 Released - Previews Better Python Support16 Apr 2021
NVIDIA 465.24.02 Linux Driver Released As Stable14 Apr 2021
NVIDIA Announces Grace CPU For ARM-Based AI/HPC Processor12 Apr 2021
X.Org Server Git Lands Support For Hardware-Accelerated XWayland With NVIDIA09 Apr 2021
NVIDIA Now Allows GeForce GPU Pass-Through For Windows VMs On Linux30 Mar 2021
NVIDIA 465.19.01 Linux Beta Driver Released30 Mar 2021
NVIDIA Proposes Mesa Patches To Support Alternative GBM Back-Ends29 Mar 2021
NVIDIA's Open-Source DALI Reaches Version 1.024 Mar 2021
NVIDIA 460.67 Linux Driver Brings A Few Fixes, 5.11 Kernel Compatibility18 Mar 2021
NVIDIA 470 Series Driver Looks Like It Will Bring OpenCL 3.0 Support09 Mar 2021

More NVIDIA News

927 Articles
Operating Systems
Slackware 15 Beta Process Begins13 Apr 2021
CentOS Hyperscale SIG Backported Newer Systemd, Preps For Experimental Repo05 Apr 2021
Arch Linux's Install Media Adds "Archinstall" For Quick/Easy Installations04 Apr 2021
AlmaLinux Now Available For Download As RHEL/CentOS Alternative31 Mar 2021
Plan 9 Copyright Transferred To Foundation, MIT Licensed Code Released23 Mar 2021
Manjaro 21.0 Released With Linux 5.10 Kernel, GNOME 3.38 + Xfce 4.16 + KDE Plasma 5.2123 Mar 2021
Manjaro 21.0-RC1 Brings Linux 5.10 LTS, GNOME 3.38 / KDE Plasma 5.2118 Mar 2021
Arch Linux Developers Discuss Idea Of Providing An x86-64-v3 Port16 Mar 2021
Arch Linux Looking To Employ LTO By Default, Possibly Raise x86-64 Requirements09 Mar 2021
Haiku Seeing Much Faster HTTP Code, Support For Downloading Files Larger Than 4GB08 Mar 2021

More Operating Systems News

887 Articles
Oracle Releases UEK R6U2 Kernel With New Slab Memory Controller31 Mar 2021
"PKRAM" Revived For Preserving Memory Pages Across Kexec'ing Kernels31 Mar 2021
Oracle Solaris 11.4 SRU30 Is The Biggest Update We've Seen In A While21 Feb 2021
Oracle Releases Linux-Based Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 5 Update 518 Feb 2021
GraalVM 21.0 Released With Experimental JVM On Truffle20 Jan 2021
GraalVM 20.3 Released With Many Small Performance Optimizations18 Nov 2020
Oracle Linux 8 U3 Released With Better NVDIMM Support, Latest RHEL8 Work13 Nov 2020
Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R6U1 Prepares For AMD Milan, Adds WireGuard12 Nov 2020
Oracle Continues Building DTrace For Linux Atop BPF30 Oct 2020
Oracle To Stick With Solaris "11.4" For Continuous Delivery SRU Releases21 Sep 2020

More Oracle News

262 Articles
Linux 5.12 Corruption, GNOME 40, AMD Milan, Rust In Linux-Next Made For An Exciting March01 Apr 2021
helloSystem, System76 Keyboard + Linux 5.11/5.12 Captivated Users In February01 Mar 2021
Linux 5.11, Pyston, Wayland & Other January Excitement01 Feb 2021
Happy New Year! A Look Back At The Most Popular Phoronix Content Of 202031 Dec 2020
Happy Holidays As We End Out 2020 Plus One Last Phoronix Premium Special24 Dec 2020
AMD's Zen 3 + RDNA2 Products Dominated November Along With The Apple M101 Dec 2020
AMD, Kernel Advancements & Tiger Lake Captivated Linux Readers In October01 Nov 2020
A Last Call For The 2020 Phoronix Premium Oktoberfest Special09 Oct 2020
2020 "Oktoberfest" Premium Special For Supporting Linux News, Benchmarking05 Oct 2020
Linux 5.9 Regression, NVIDIA RTX 30, GNOME 40 & Microsoft Made For A Fun September01 Oct 2020

More Phoronix News

623 Articles
Phoronix Test Suite
Many New/Updated Benchmarks For March With New SDR/Radio Tests, More Code Compilation28 Mar 2021
Vulkan Ray-Tracing Along With Other New/Updated Benchmarks For February28 Feb 2021
Phoronix Test Suite 10.2.2 Released For Automated Open-Source Benchmarking17 Feb 2021
Phoronix Test Suite 10.2.1 Released For Open-Source Automated Benchmarking02 Feb 2021
Many Exciting New & Updated Benchmarks For January 202102 Feb 2021 / PTS Adds Automated Per-Test Analysis Of CPU Instruction Set Usage01 Feb 2021
New + Updated Benchmarks For December 202003 Jan 2021 Enjoyed A Major Overhaul In 2020, Significant Growth31 Dec 2020
Phoronix Test Suite 10.2 Milestone 3 Released For The Latest In Open-Source Benchmarking22 Dec 2020
Phoronix Test Suite 10.2 Milestone 2 Brings More Testing Enhancements06 Dec 2020

More Phoronix Test Suite News

204 Articles
Phoronix 2020 Black Friday Reminders27 Nov 2020
The 2020 US Thanksgiving / Black Friday Phoronix Premium Special24 Nov 2020
Showing Your Support During COVID-1924 Apr 2020
Showing Your Love For Open-Source + Linux Benchmarking This Valentine's Day14 Feb 2020
A Last Call To Show Your Support In 201930 Dec 2019
After 3,600 Original Articles This Year On Linux/Open-Source, Let's Have A Holiday Special24 Dec 2019
There Is Just A Few Days Left To Go Premium For Black Friday / Cyber Monday29 Nov 2019
It's That Time Of The Year For The Annual Phoronix Premium Sale To Show Your Support26 Nov 2019
A Last Call For Our Phoronix Premium 2019 Autumn Special27 Sep 2019
The Phoronix Premium Oktoberfest 2019 Deal - Support Linux/Open-Source Benchmarking22 Sep 2019

More Premium News

37 Articles
Rust Support In The Linux Kernel Undergoing Another Round Of Discussions14 Apr 2021
Google Talks Up Logica As Open-Source Programming Language For Data Manipulation12 Apr 2021
PHP 8.1 Feature Work Includes Adding Enums, Fsync Function04 Apr 2021
PHP's Git Server Compromised, Now Switching To GitHub29 Mar 2021
OpenBLAS 0.3.14 Released With Performance Improvements For AMD Ryzen, POWER1018 Mar 2021
Zlib-ng 2.0 Released As More Performant + Modern Zlib Fork16 Mar 2021
OpenJDK 16 Released With The JDK Source Beginning To Use C++14 Features16 Mar 2021
Git 2.31 Released With Moving More Of The Bisecting Code To C15 Mar 2021
Basis Universal GPU Texture Codec 1.13 Encoder Is Now Even Faster13 Mar 2021
Upstream 7-Zip Adds Preliminary Linux Support12 Mar 2021

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Proprietary Software
DaVinci Resolve 16 Beta Video Editor Employing Deep Learning, GPU Accelerated Tools08 Apr 2019
Lightworks Video Editor Plans For A Busy 2019 But No Signs Of The Open-Source Version10 Jan 2019
Adobe Customer Care: There Hasn't Been Enough Demand For Linux10 Dec 2018
Lightworks 14.5 Video Editor Released With Same-Day Linux Support But Still No Source17 Oct 2018
DaVinci Resolve 15 Video/Effects Editor Released With Linux Support13 Aug 2018
A VR Developer's Thoughts On The Current Mess Of APIs & Hardware27 May 2018
Keeper Password Manager Launches New Linux Version26 Apr 2018
Vivaldi Web Browser Now Available For Linux ARM / Raspberry Pi05 Dec 2017
TeamViewer 13 Now Available For Linux As A Native 64-bit Port04 Dec 2017
Adobe Is Finally Ending Flash Support... In 202025 Jul 2017

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131 Articles
LXQt 0.17 Released For This Lightweight Qt5 Desktop15 Apr 2021
Qt 6.0.3 Released With Another ~40 Bug Fixes31 Mar 2021
Qt 6.1 Beta 2 Released, Called For Revival21 Mar 2021
Qt 5.15.3 LTS Released With 200+ Bug Fixes, But Only For Commercial Customers04 Mar 2021
Qt 6.1 Beta Released With Porting More Modules To Qt602 Mar 2021
Clazy Framework Employed To Help Port Qt 5 Code To Qt 601 Mar 2021
Qt 6.1 Alpha Released16 Feb 2021
Qt 6.0.1 Released With Over 200 Bug Fixes03 Feb 2021
Qt 6.1 Feature Freeze Now In Effect01 Feb 2021
Qt Open-Source Downloads Temporarily Offline Due To Severe Hardware Failure20 Jan 2021

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Mesa's Radeon "RADV" Vulkan Driver Makes First Steps Towards Ray-Tracing16 Apr 2021
ROCm AOMP 13.0 Released For OpenMP Offloading To Radeon GPUs13 Apr 2021
Radeon Vulkan Driver Adds Option Of Rendering Less For ~30% Greater Performance10 Apr 2021
AMD ROCm 4.1.1 Released To Clarify Some HIP Bits09 Apr 2021
AMD Finally Flipping On ASPM For Navi 1x To Lower Power Consumption08 Apr 2021
AMDVLK 2021.Q2.1 Finally Adds Navi 12 Support07 Apr 2021
AMD Instinct MI100 "Arcturus" Bits Added To Linux-Firmware.Git05 Apr 2021
VCN Load Balancing, LTTPR, More Aldebaran + Other Changes For Radeon In Linux 5.1302 Apr 2021
AMD Is Trying To Optimize Their Gallium3D Driver Even Further With Lower Overhead24 Mar 2021
AMD Releases Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 21.Q1 for Linux24 Mar 2021

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Red Hat
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 Beta Released With New Features, Improvements31 Mar 2021
RHEL In Your Car? Red Hat Building Out Automotive Infotainment Team16 Mar 2021
Red Hat Announces Free "RHEL For Open-Source Infrastructure"25 Feb 2021
CentOS Hyperscaler Is Sounding Quite Promising For The Modern Enterprise09 Feb 2021
Rocky Linux Making Progress Towards Their First Release In Q2 As A Free RHEL Alternative20 Jan 2021
Red Hat Announces No-Cost RHEL For Small Production Environments20 Jan 2021
CentOS Hyperscaler Effort Approved With Backing From Facebook, Twitter15 Jan 2021
RHEL9 Raises Base Target For x86_64 CPUs Plus Possible Optimized Libraries With glibc-hwcaps05 Jan 2021
Red Hat Continues Pleading The Case For Its CentOS Changes19 Dec 2020
Oracle Linux Looking To Attract CentOS Users Looking For Alternatives12 Dec 2020

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235 Articles
SiFive Tapes Out Their First 5nm RISC-V Processor Core13 Apr 2021
SiFive FU740 PCIe Support Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.1311 Apr 2021
RISC-V XIP Support Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.13 To "eXecute In Place"19 Mar 2021
RISC-V With Linux 5.12 Begins Mainlining SiFive's FU740 Support, NUMA26 Feb 2021
Linux 5.10 To Have Initial Support For UEFI Booting On RISC-V06 Oct 2020
Alibaba Reports Their XT910 RISC-V Core To Be Faster Than An Arm Cortex-A7318 Aug 2020
RISC-V Software Support Adds More Features With Linux 5.907 Aug 2020
RISC-V UEFI Linux Support Under Review28 Jun 2020
RISC-V For Linux 5.8 Finishes Bringing Up The Kendryte K210, Adds KGDB Support07 Jun 2020
Linux 5.7 Begins Landing Support For The Kendryte K210 Dual-Core RISC-V SoC09 Apr 2020

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59 Articles
Linux 5.12 To Expose Firmware Performance Data26 Feb 2021
Monado 21.0 Released As An Officially Conformant OpenXR Implementation15 Feb 2021
Khronos Releases SYCL 2020 For C++ Heterogeneous Parallel Programming09 Feb 2021
HDMI Forum Closing Public Specification Access Is Hurting Open-Source GPU Drivers06 Jan 2021
MIPI I3C Host Controller Interface Driver Comes To Linux 5.1119 Dec 2020
POCL 1.6 Released For Portable OpenCL Atop CPUs, Other Accelerators17 Dec 2020
Khronos Brings New Physically Based Rendering Materials Support To glTF03 Dec 2020
A Specification Is Being Discussed For Passing Firmware/Bootloader Logs To The OS15 Nov 2020
OpenMP 5.1 Released With Better Interoperability For CUDA / AMD HIP / OpenCL14 Nov 2020
Compute Express Link 2.0 Specification Published10 Nov 2020

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242 Articles
openSUSE Tumbleweed Now Offering GNOME 4016 Apr 2021
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed's Very Busy Week With An Entire Rebuild, Latest KDE Packages21 Mar 2021
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Might See Micro-Architecture Packages For Better Performance08 Mar 2021
openSUSE Leap 15.3 Beta Begins03 Mar 2021
The Unified Path Ahead For Building SUSE Linux Enterprise + openSUSE Leap21 Jan 2021
OpenSUSE Leap 15.3 Alpha Released16 Dec 2020
SUSE Completes Its Acquisition Of Rancher Labs01 Dec 2020
OpenSUSE Jump Distribution Now Available For Alpha Testing28 Aug 2020
openSUSE Tumbleweed Now Shipping Linux 5.814 Aug 2020
SUSE Acquiring Rancher Labs08 Jul 2020

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241 Articles
Systemd 248 Released With System Extension Images Feature, More TPM2/FIDO2 Integration30 Mar 2021
Dbus-Broker 28 Released17 Mar 2021
systemd 248 RC3 Released With Extension Images Support, New Security Capabilities12 Mar 2021
systemd 248 RC1 Released With New "System Extension Images" Concept22 Feb 2021
Systemd 248 To Allow Unlocking Encrypted Volumes Via TPM2 / FIDO2 / PKCS#11 Hardware13 Jan 2021
Systemd Had A Pretty Big 2020 With Homed, OOMD Components Merged29 Dec 2020
Systemd 247 Released With Experimental Out-of-Memory Daemon, New Credentials Capability26 Nov 2020
systemd 247-RC2 Released With Experimental OOMD, Various Fixes12 Nov 2020
Systemd 247-RC1 Released With Systemd-OOMD, Systemd-Homed Now Defaults To Btrfs26 Oct 2020
Systemd 247 Merges Systemd-OOMD For Improving Low-Memory/Out-Of-Memory Handling15 Oct 2020

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199 Articles
Ubuntu 21.04 Testing Week Continues For Taming The Hirsute Hippo04 Apr 2021
Ubuntu 21.04 Beta Released For This Linux 5.11 Powered Update With Wayland By Default01 Apr 2021
Canonical Releases "Ubuntu on Windows Community Preview"31 Mar 2021
Ubuntu Figuring Out Whether To FSCK Its File-Systems At Boot23 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 21.04 Moves Ahead With Enabling LTO Optimizations For Greater Performance20 Mar 2021
Canonical Continues To Talk Up Google's Flutter UI Toolkit19 Mar 2021
Standalone XWayland Makes It For Ubuntu 21.04 Along With Linux 5.11, Mesa 21.018 Mar 2021
Ubuntu Touch OTA-16 Released As The Second Largest Release Ever16 Mar 2021
Canonical Talks Up Why Ubuntu Is A Great Replacement To CentOS08 Mar 2021
Ubuntu Aims For Higher Quality LTS Point Releases25 Feb 2021

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1441 Articles
Steam On Linux Ends Q1'2021 Still Below 1% Marketshare02 Apr 2021
Proton 6.3-1 Released With More Windows Games Now Running On Linux / Steam Play01 Apr 2021
Steam Adds Support For The Single-File Mesa Shader Cache17 Mar 2021
Proton Experimental Updated, VKD3D-Proton Moving Closer With Ray-Tracing11 Mar 2021
Steam On Linux In February Still Residing Below 1%02 Mar 2021
Portal 2 Sees A Vulkan Renderer Added Via DXVK19 Feb 2021
Steam Linux Use Ticks Back Just Under 1% For Starting 202101 Feb 2021
Proton 5.13-5 Now Available With Cyberpunk 2077 Fixes, Microsoft Flight Simulator VR15 Jan 2021
Proton Experimental Update Brings Performance Work, MS Flight Simulator VR Mode07 Jan 2021
Valve's Steam Data For December Points To A Huge Dip For Linux Gaming Marketshare01 Jan 2021

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527 Articles
Even In 2019, A Long Road Still For Getting The VIA OpenChrome Driver In Linux09 Jan 2019
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Go Through A GEM/TTM Code Rewrite05 Aug 2018
It's Still Going To Be Tough Getting The OpenChrome VIA KMS Driver In The Linux Kernel28 May 2018
VIA Joins In The AI Race, Linux/Android Support For Their New Developer Kit10 May 2018
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Work On New GEM/TTM Code, Regression Fixes12 Mar 2018
OpenChrome KMS Can Now Do Runtime Resolution Changes, Hopes To Go Mainline In 201811 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Still Aiming For Mainline Kernel, But Initially Will Lack 2D Acceleration02 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Continues To Be Developed, But It Didn't Make It Mainline This Year26 Dec 2017
OpenChrome DRM Still Being Ported To Newer Kernel, Lengthy Process25 Aug 2017
OpenChrome Still Pushing For DRM Kernel Driver, Updated DDX04 Aug 2017

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99 Articles
Xen 4.15 Hypervisor Brings Live Updates To Xenstored08 Apr 2021
VirtIO Bluetooth Driver On The Way To The Linux Kernel07 Apr 2021
Intel's Cloud-Hypervisor 0.14 Brings Improvements For MSHV, AArch6427 Mar 2021
QEMU 6.0 On The Way With LTO Support, AMD SEV-ES Guests, Multi-Process Experiment25 Mar 2021
Linux Kernel Patches Sent Out For A More Powerful Virtual M68k Machine24 Mar 2021
VirtIO Sound Driver Coming For Linux 5.1310 Mar 2021
VFIO Gets Batched Page Pinning For An Easy Performance Improvement With Linux 5.1225 Feb 2021
KVM With Linux 5.12 Allows For Userspace To Emulate Xen Hypercalls, AMD Optimization Too15 Feb 2021
Intel's Project ACRN To Upstream More Code With Linux 5.1210 Feb 2021
Bareflank 2.1 Released As The Last Before A Major Rework To This Open-Source Hypervisor30 Jan 2021

More Virtualization News

442 Articles
Vulkan Video Arrives For New Industry-Standard Video Encode/Decode13 Apr 2021
Vulkan 1.2.175 Published With Many New Extensions13 Apr 2021
Vulkan 1.2.173 Comes With New Extensions For Google's Fuchsia22 Mar 2021
GRVK 0.3 Released For Continuing To Implement AMD's Deprecated Mantle API Atop Vulkan14 Mar 2021
Vulkan 1.2.171 Released With New Extension For BlackBerry QNX Support01 Mar 2021
VKD3D-Proton 2.2 Released With Tier 1 Variable Rate Shading, Preps For DXR Ray-Tracing19 Feb 2021
The Vulkan API Is Now Five Years Old And Enjoying Phenomenal Success16 Feb 2021
Vulkan 1.2.170 Released With VK_KHR_synchronization215 Feb 2021
There's Finally A Decent Vulkan Ray-Tracing Benchmark09 Feb 2021
VKD3D-Proton Begins Working On DirectX 12 Ray-Tracing Atop Vulkan25 Jan 2021

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535 Articles
Sway 1.6 Wayland Compositor Released With Smoother Move/Resize07 Apr 2021
Wayland Is Driving Fragmentation Around EDID Parsing - A Call To Fix That07 Apr 2021
OBS Studio Now Ready With Wayland Capture Support31 Mar 2021
Sway 1.6-rc1 Released With Better Touchscreen/Tablet Support17 Mar 2021
LABWC Is The Newest Stacking Wayland Compositor06 Mar 2021
Experimental Wayland Support For Wine Now Sees More Functionality Working19 Feb 2021
OBS Studio Merges Its EGL-Wayland Code To Natively Support Wayland12 Feb 2021
Taiwins Wayland Compositor Switches From WLROOTS To Its Own Library31 Jan 2021
Wayland 1.19 Released With Small Protocol Updates, Fixes27 Jan 2021
Wayland 1.19 Alpha Released21 Dec 2020

More Wayland News

769 Articles
Hangover 0.6.5 Released For Running Windows Software On ARM64, POWER15 Apr 2021
Wine 6.6 Released With Better Plug & Play Driver Support09 Apr 2021
Wine-Staging 6.5 Comes In A Bit Lighter Thanks To Upstreaming Many Patches28 Mar 2021
Wine 6.5 Released With OpenCL 1.2 Support26 Mar 2021
Wine-Staging 6.4 Released With 686 Patches Rebased Against Upstream15 Mar 2021
Wine 6.4 Released With DTLS Protocol Support, 38 Bug Fixes12 Mar 2021
Wine's Project Leader Has Given A Blessing To The Wayland Effort05 Mar 2021
Wine-Staging 6.3 Should Fix Some Half-Decade Old Bugs For Some Installers27 Feb 2021
Wine 6.3 Released With Several Low-Level Improvements26 Feb 2021
Wine-Staging 6.2 Drops Down To 669 Patches13 Feb 2021

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769 Articles
X.Org Server 1.20.11 Released Due To New Security Advisory13 Apr 2021
Libinput X.Org Driver 1.0 Released Following A License Mixup06 Apr 2021
X.Org Reins In Their Cloud Costs, Switches Public Clouds27 Mar 2021
XWayland 21.1 Standalone Released To Offer Better X11 Client On Wayland Experience17 Mar 2021
X.Org Foundation Bows Out For Google Summer of Code 202107 Mar 2021
XWayland 21.1 Release Candidate Offers Split From The X.Org Server17 Feb 2021
XWayland 21.1 Planned For Release In Mid-March29 Jan 2021
XWayland 21.1 Proposed In Splitting Off Releases From The X.Org Server18 Dec 2020
X.Org Server 1.20.10 Allows For Larger Number Of Input Devices, Present Extension Fixes02 Dec 2020
Two More X.Org Server Security Advisories Issued - Possible Privilege Escalation01 Dec 2020

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1060 Articles