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AMD CodeXL 2.6 Advances GPU Profiling, Static Analysis & GPU Debugging15 Oct 2018
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX & 2920X Will Ship At The End Of October05 Oct 2018
AMD Picasso APUs To Support VCN Dynamic Power Gating25 Sep 2018
AMD Publishes Platform QoS Patches For Next-Gen Processors24 Sep 2018
The "Chinese EPYC" Hygon Dhyana CPU Support Still Getting Squared Away For Linux23 Sep 2018
AMD Picasso Support Comes To The RadeonSI OpenGL Driver18 Sep 2018
AMD Sends Out Initial Vega 20 Support For AMDKFD Compute Kernel Driver14 Sep 2018
AMD Lands Mostly Fixes In Latest Batch Of AMDVLK/XGL/PAL Code Updates12 Sep 2018
More Details On The AMD GCN Back-End For GCC That's Expected To Merge For GCC 911 Sep 2018
AMD Officially Announces The Ryzen 3 2300X & Ryzen 5 2500X10 Sep 2018

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DragonFlyBSD Lands Another NUMA Optimization Helping AMD Threadripper 2 CPUs15 Oct 2018
MidnightBSD 1.0 Is Ready To Shine With ZFS Support, Ryzen Compatibility12 Oct 2018
FreeBSD Is Looking To Drop Many Of Its 10/100 Ethernet Drivers04 Oct 2018
DragonFlyBSD Finally Defaulting To GCC 8 Compiler, Replacing The Old GCC 506 Sep 2018
NetBSD 7.2 Released - Backports USB 3.0 Support, Raspberry Pi 3 Compatibility03 Sep 2018
A Look At DragonFlyBSD's Kernel Tuning Performance On The AMD Threadripper 2990WX31 Aug 2018
KDE4 Being Dropped From FreeBSD At The End Of The Year31 Aug 2018
FreeBSD DRM Is Causing A Load Of In-Fighting This Week26 Aug 2018
DragonFlyBSD Gets Performance Tuning For Threadripper 2990WX Topology, Scheduler Tuning23 Aug 2018
DragonFlyBSD Now Runs On The Threadripper 2990WX, Developer Shocked At Performance21 Aug 2018

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Clear Linux
Intel To Develop Safety-Critical Linux OS Distribution28 Aug 2018
A Look At The Clear Linux Performance For July 201803 Aug 2018
Fedora Gets An Unofficial Kernel Based On Clear Linux17 Jul 2018
Clear Linux Now Supports Kata Containers10 Jul 2018
Three Things Exciting Clear Linux Developers With GCC 830 Jun 2018
A Look At Some Of The Clear Linux Performance Changes For June 201829 Jun 2018
Clear Linux Working On AVX2-Optimized Qt Toolkit25 Jun 2018
Intel's Clear Linux Moving For A Quick Rollout Of GCC 810 May 2018
Clear Linux Shedding More Light On Their "Magic" Performance Work04 Apr 2018
Clear Linux Is The Latest Distribution Figuring Out What To Do With Python 221 Feb 2018

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43 Articles
OpenBMC Is Aiming For Its Major Debut In Early 201905 Oct 2018
Yabits: A New UEFI Coreboot Payload Alternative To TianoCore & Closed-Source Blobs04 Oct 2018
The State Of LinuxBoot For Replacing Proprietary UEFI Firmware With The Linux Kernel04 Oct 2018
Coreboot Improvements For FU540 Land Following SiFive's Open-Source Boot Code14 Sep 2018
The ASUS P8H61-M LX Is The Latest Sandy Bridge Era Motherboard With Coreboot04 Aug 2018
Coreboot Git Lands Support For Several More Google Chromebooks24 Jul 2018
Cavium CN81xx SoCs Now Supported By Upstream Coreboot10 Jul 2018
Facebook Watson & Open Cellular Rotundu Get Coreboot Support28 Jun 2018
Another Older ASUS Board Now Works With Coreboot, Can Be Found Refurbished $50~7024 Jun 2018
Coreboot Now Supports Directly Booting To A Linux Kernel FIT Image20 Jun 2018

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173 Articles
Debian Developers Weighed The Idea Of Not Allowing Q&A Sessions At Their Conference30 Sep 2018
Debian Developers Discuss Process For Salvaging Packages21 Aug 2018
The State Of Debian Linux On Various Mobile Devices05 Aug 2018
AutoDeb Still Being Worked On For Automatically Generating Debian Packages03 Aug 2018
It's Looking Like UEFI SecureBoot Will Be Ready In Time For Debian 10.0 Buster03 Aug 2018
There Are 600+ Games In The Main Debian Repository02 Aug 2018
Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Beta Released31 Jul 2018
The State of Gaming On Debian In 201831 Jul 2018
DebConf18 Kicks Off This Weekend As The First Official Debian Conference In Asia27 Jul 2018
Slax 9.5 Released For Delivering A Lightweight Debian Linux Experience23 Jul 2018

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Xfce4-Screensaver Has Its First Release - Fork Of MATE Screensaver, Forked From GNOME15 Oct 2018
The Leading Linux Desktop Platform Issues Of 201806 Oct 2018
Xfce Picks Up Support For Monitor Profiles03 Oct 2018
GIMP 2.10.6 Adds Support For Vertical Text, New GEGL Filters, Async Layer Previews19 Aug 2018
The Current Happenings Within LXQt As Of Summer 201801 Aug 2018
Catfish Search Utility Joins The Xfce Project15 Jul 2018
GIMP 2.10.4 Moves To Asynchronous Font Loading, Horizon Straightening07 Jul 2018
Xubuntu 18.10 Is Landing More Xfce 4.13 Components02 Jul 2018
NetworkManager Now Supports 6LoWPAN Devices27 Jun 2018
Xfdesktop 4.13.2 Released As Another Step Towards Xfce 4.1417 Jun 2018

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Fedora Workstation 29 Is Looking Up To Be Another Impressive Release, Looking Great14 Oct 2018
Fedora Developers Update Firefox For Wayland With V-Sync, HiDPI, Better Rendering09 Oct 2018
Fedora 29 Is Now Under Its Final Freeze For Release Later This Month09 Oct 2018
Fedora 29 Succeeds At Flicker-Free Boot Experience On Intel Hardware01 Oct 2018
Fedora 29 Beta Released - Begin Trying Out Modularity, Silverblue & Other New Features25 Sep 2018
Fedora 29 Is On Track With A Lot Of Changes25 Sep 2018
Fedora 29 Beta Will Be Released Next Week21 Sep 2018
Fedora Is Looking For Help Testing Their New Silverblue20 Sep 2018
Fedora 29 Beta Has Been Delayed14 Sep 2018
Fedora Moves Ahead With Plans To Drop Packages Having Bad Security Practices27 Aug 2018

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Free Software
PostgreSQL 11 RC1 Released Ahead Of Stable Release Next Week11 Oct 2018
Asterisk 16.0 VoIP / PSTN PBX Open-Source Software Released10 Oct 2018
Why Facebook Loves Open-Source Firmware06 Oct 2018
Nuitka 0.6 Released For Compiling Python Code To C01 Oct 2018
Arcan 0.5.5 + Durden 0.5 Released - The Display Server Stack Focusing On VR & More29 Sep 2018
Portable Computing Language 1.2 Released For OpenCL On CPUs & More25 Sep 2018
Collabora Had Another Stellar Year For Open-Source Consulting25 Sep 2018
OpenCV 4.0 Alpha Released Now As A C++ Library, DNN Improvements, Better Performance24 Sep 2018
Outreachy Opens Applications For Open-Source Winter 2018 Internship Program22 Sep 2018
PostgreSQL 11 Beta 4 Released With JIT Compilation Disabled By Default21 Sep 2018

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FP64 Support Finally Lands In Mesa Git For Intel Haswell03 Jan 2017

More General News

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GNOME's Geoclue 2.5 Brings Vala Support, WiFi Geolocation For City-Level Accuracy14 Oct 2018
GNOME 3.31.1 Released As The First Step Towards GNOME 3.3212 Oct 2018
Purism Is Hoping GNOME 3.32 Will Be In Great Shape For Their Librem 5 Smartphone11 Oct 2018
GNOME 3.32 Planning To Retire Application Menus10 Oct 2018
GNOME Shell & Mutter Reach Their 3.30.1 Milestone08 Oct 2018
Flatpak 1.2 Likely Coming Around Year's End With New Features08 Oct 2018
GNOME 3.30.1 Released As A Big Assortment Of Fixes26 Sep 2018
NetworkManager Merges An Initrd Generator For Early Boot Handling19 Sep 2018
NetworkManager 1.14 Officially Released With A Lot Of Networking Goodies14 Sep 2018
Former Compiz Developer Creating New Window Animation Library13 Sep 2018

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GCC Is Preparing To End Support For Solaris 1016 Oct 2018
GCC9 Lands Initial C++ Networking TS Implementation13 Oct 2018
GCC 6.5 Is Being Prepared As The Last GCC6 Compiler Release12 Oct 2018
GNU Tools Cauldron 2018 Videos Are Now Available06 Oct 2018
Dragora 3.0 Alpha 2 Released As One Of The Libre GNU/Linux Platforms30 Sep 2018
GNUstep's StepSync 1.0 Released For File/Folder Synchronization29 Sep 2018
GNU Shepherd 0.5 Init System Released26 Sep 2018
The D Language Front-End Is Trying Now To Get Into GCC 917 Sep 2018
Slides From The GNU Tools Cauldron 2018 Conference12 Sep 2018
Nano 3.0 Text Editor Released - Reads Files 70% Faster, ~2x Faster ASCII Text Handling09 Sep 2018

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629 Articles
Chrome 70 Now Officially Available With AV1 Video Decode, Opus In MP4 & Much More16 Oct 2018
Google Still Doesn't Trust Linux GPU Drivers Enough To Enable Chrome Video Acceleration03 Oct 2018
Google Open-Sources "GraphicsFuzz" For Helping To Spot GPU Driver Bugs25 Sep 2018
Chrome 70 In Beta With TLS 1.3, Opus Support In MP4 & AV1 Decode14 Sep 2018
Chrome 70 Retrying For AV1 Decoding, Full Support For TLS 1.3 & Priority Hints06 Sep 2018
Google Announces The Tink Crypto Library06 Sep 2018
Chrome 69 Brings UI Refinement, Initial AV1 Decoder, Picture-In-Picture API04 Sep 2018
Go 1.11 Released With WebAssembly Port, Assembler Accepting AVX-512 Instructions24 Aug 2018
Chrome 70 Dev Release With Shape Detection API07 Aug 2018
Dart 2.0 Released As A "Reboot" To The Programming Language07 Aug 2018

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349 Articles
Linux's LoRa Is Ready To Deliver Long-Range, Low-Power Wireless16 Oct 2018
Purism Shares The Latest Librem 5 Smartphone Progress - Dev Kits Going Out Soon15 Oct 2018
Linux's Qualcomm Ath10k Driver Getting WoWLAN, WCN3990 Support15 Oct 2018
HUANUO HNDSK2 Dual Monitor Arms Work Out Great14 Oct 2018
La Frite: A Libre ARM SBC For $5, 10x Faster Than The Raspberry Pi Zero12 Oct 2018
Linux Driver Revived For Finally Being Able To Read DDR4 Memory SPD Data08 Oct 2018
Raptor Computing Reveals More Details About Their Blackbird Low-Cost POWER9 Board06 Oct 2018
Raptor Announces "Blackbird" Micro-ATX, Low-Cost POWER9 Motherboard04 Oct 2018
Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Driver Support Queued In Linux 4.20~5.004 Oct 2018
Fedora Wants To Know If Linux Hibernation Works For You03 Oct 2018

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1361 Articles
Intel DRM Linux Driver Working On DisplayPort Forward Error Correction16 Oct 2018
Experimental Patches For Using SIMD32 Fragment Shaders With Intel's Linux Driver15 Oct 2018
Intel's Vulkan Driver Is Working On A NIR Cache13 Oct 2018
Intel Whiskey Lake Support Formally Added To Mesa 18.312 Oct 2018
Intel Launches Its 9th Gen Coffeelake-S CPUs Led By The Core i9 9900K08 Oct 2018
Intel Is Having Great Success With Their Open-Source Sound Firmware04 Oct 2018
Proposed Changes To Intel GPU Top Would Make It A More Useful Utility03 Oct 2018
Intel Linux Graphics Driver Working Towards 5K+ Display Support With VESA DSC02 Oct 2018
Intel Begins Working On A Vulkan Compute Back-End For OpenCV Library30 Sep 2018
Intel Lands Final Batch Of Display/Graphics Driver Updates For Linux 4.20~5.030 Sep 2018

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KDE Frameworks 5.51 Released15 Oct 2018
KaOS 2018.10 Released With KDE Plasma 5.14 Desktop, Wayland 1.1614 Oct 2018
KDE Will Now Safely Spin Down External Hard Drives When Unmounting14 Oct 2018
KDE Plasma 5.14 Released With A Plethora Of Improvements09 Oct 2018
KDE Elisa 0.3 Music Player Released09 Oct 2018
KDE Plasma 5.15 Will Startup Faster, Konsole Fully Supports Emojis07 Oct 2018
Krita 4.2 Will Be Another Step Up For Open-Source Digital Painting04 Oct 2018
KDevelop 5.3 Beta Ships With Clang Analyzer, Better PHP & C++ Support01 Oct 2018
KDE Plasma 5.15 Likely To Improve The Login Screen30 Sep 2018
KDE Neon Rebased To Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Now Official26 Sep 2018

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LibreOffice Lands More Qt5 Integration Improvements, LXQt Support13 Oct 2018
LibreOffice Qt5 Integration Sees Further Improvements04 Oct 2018
LibreOffice 6.1 Shipping Today As A Big Update For This Open-Source Office Suite08 Aug 2018
LibreOffice 6.1 RC2 Released For Testing This Next Open-Source Office Suite Update25 Jul 2018
LibreOffice Picks Up A Native "KDE 5" File Picker18 Jun 2018
PDF Importing Improvements Head Into LibreOffice10 Jun 2018
LibreOffice 6.1 Branches & Now Under Feature Freeze, LibreOffice 6.2 On Master25 May 2018
LibreOffice 6.1 Alpha 1 Is Ready To Roll For Advancing The Open-Source Office26 Apr 2018
Collabora Online 3.2 Supports Chart Creation, Other Features21 Apr 2018
Changes Begin Building Up For LibreOffice 6.130 Mar 2018

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Linux Events
Akademy 2018 Videos Posted For KDE's Annual Developer Conference07 Sep 2018
An Activision Developer Is Talking At The Open-Source Summit... About Kafka Tuning29 Aug 2018
Tencent Joins The Linux Foundation, Open-Sources Projects25 Jun 2018
All Systems Go! 2018 Conference Announced For The End Of September21 May 2018
IWOCL OpenCL 2018 Videos Start Appearing Online21 May 2018
Embedded Linux Conference 2018 Wraps Up In Portland15 Mar 2018
WineConf 2018 Is Happening In The Hague, Celebrating 25 Years Of Wine03 Mar 2018
A Recap Of The Many Interesting Presentations At FOSDEM 201813 Feb 2018
Jon Masters On Understanding Spectre & Meltdown CPU Vulnerabilities05 Feb 2018
FOSDEM 2018 Is This Weekend In Brussels02 Feb 2018

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60 Articles
Linux Gaming
DXVK 0.90 Released With Stream Output, Several Game Fixes13 Oct 2018
Proton 3.7 Updated, More RADV Fixes To Help Steam Play Gaming11 Oct 2018
Unreal Engine 4.21 Preview Brings Some Linux Improvements09 Oct 2018
ET: Legacy Is Still Letting You Relive Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Memories In 201807 Oct 2018
Steam's September Metrics See An Increase Following The Rollout Of Steam Play01 Oct 2018
Feral Is Bringing Life is Strange 2 To Linux In 201901 Oct 2018
Feral's GameMode Gets Patches To Adjust I/O Priority For Games30 Sep 2018
BigBen PS3OFMINIPAD Gaming Controller To Be Supported By Linux 4.20~5.030 Sep 2018
Unvanquished Open-Source Game Still Coming Along, More Assets Licensed CC-By-SA 3.030 Sep 2018
SDL2's OpenGL Renderer Now Provides Some State Caching, SDL 2.0.9 Is Looking Great28 Sep 2018

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1563 Articles
Linux Kernel
Google Engineer Proposes KUnit As New Linux Kernel Unit Testing Framework16 Oct 2018
The Biggest Features Of Linux 4.19: Intel/AMD, CoC, 802.11ax, EROFS, GPS & GASKET16 Oct 2018
Another Change Proposed For Linux's Code of Conduct15 Oct 2018
Linux 4.19-rc8 Released With A Lot Of "Tiny Things"15 Oct 2018
Linux 4.14 LTSI Kernel Released For Longer-Term Support11 Oct 2018
Linux Kernel Patches Posted For Streebog - Crypto From Russia's FSB10 Oct 2018
The Linux Kernel In 2018 Finally Deems USB 3.0 Ubiquitous Rather Than An Oddity10 Oct 2018
"Thermal Pressure" Kernel Feature Would Help Linux Performance When Running Hot09 Oct 2018
MSM-Next Bringing A6xx Performance Improvements, Fixes To The Linux Kernel09 Oct 2018
Linux 4.20 Fixing Bug Where Plugging In A MacBook Pro Leads To Excessive CPU Usage08 Oct 2018

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2032 Articles
Linux Storage
The Next Linux Kernel Will Bring More Drivers Converted To Use BLK-MQ I/O16 Oct 2018
FUSE File-Systems Pick Up Another Performance Boost With Symlink Caching15 Oct 2018
Kernel Developers Discuss Defaulting To BFQ For Some Storage Devices03 Oct 2018
Kyber Seeing Some Improvements In The Linux 4.20~5.0 Kernel29 Sep 2018
FUSE Getting Another Performance Boost In Linux 4.20~5.027 Sep 2018
ZFS On Linux 0.8-RC1 Delivers Native Encryption, Direct I/O & More11 Sep 2018
ZFS On Linux 0.7.10 Released With Linux 4.18 Support, Debian DKMS10 Sep 2018
FUSE Picking Up Copy-File-Range Support For Efficient Copy Operations07 Sep 2018
ExtFUSE: Making FUSE File-Systems Faster With eBPF01 Sep 2018
UBIFS & OverlayFS Updates Hit The Linux 4.19 Kernel23 Aug 2018

More Linux Storage News

312 Articles
LLVM Still Proceeding With Their Code Relicensing17 Oct 2018
LLVM Lands Support For ARMv8.5's Branch Target Identification (BTI)10 Oct 2018
AMDGPU Developer Proposes Array Register Files For LLVM - Would Help Performance09 Oct 2018
NVIDIA CUDA Code In A JIT Interpreted Manner Via Cling03 Oct 2018
It's Now Easier Using The Latest LLVM libc++ & libomp On Ubuntu/Debian02 Oct 2018
ARMv8.5-A Support Being Prepped To Battle Spectre-Style Vulnerabilities27 Sep 2018
LLVM 7.0 Released: Better CPU Support, AMDGPU Vega 20; Clang 7.0 Gets FMV & OpenCL C++19 Sep 2018
LLVM 7.0 Is Ready For Release17 Sep 2018
LLVM Developers Still Discussing SPIR-V Support Within Clang17 Sep 2018
LLVM 7.0 RC3 Released - The Last Release Candidate10 Sep 2018

More LLVM News

497 Articles
Mesa Vulkan Drivers Move Ahead With PCI Bus Info, Calibrated Timestamps15 Oct 2018
RadeonSI Fast Color Clears Should Now Be Even Faster07 Oct 2018
Mesa Gets Patch For Official Intel Whiskey Lake Support05 Oct 2018
Mesa 18.2.2 Released With RADV GTA V Fix, Vulkan Additions & D3D9 Patches05 Oct 2018
RADV In Mesa 18.2.2 Gets Steam Play + GTA V Fixes, SteamVR Hang Fix03 Oct 2018
Freedreno Enables Hardware Binning For Adreno A6xx GPUs - Yields Better Performance03 Oct 2018
The Current Performance Of Virgl3D, Future Plans01 Oct 2018
Gallium Clover With SPIR-V & NIR Opening Up New Compute Options Inside Mesa01 Oct 2018
ZINK: OpenGL Over Vulkan Comes As New Mesa Gallium3D Driver26 Sep 2018
Mesa 18.1.9 Released As The Last Of The Series24 Sep 2018

More Mesa News

1513 Articles
The FSF Wants Microsoft To Do More To Help Fight Software Patents11 Oct 2018
Microsoft Joins Open Invention Network With Its 60,000+ Patents10 Oct 2018
Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Windows Server 2019 Now Available02 Oct 2018
Microsoft Launches Open-Source MS-DOS On GitHub28 Sep 2018
Windows Server 2019 Reaching GA Next Month24 Sep 2018
More Details On The WSL-Based Flatpak for Windows, Including Linux Games Running17 Sep 2018
Flatpaks Are Now Sort Of Working On Microsoft Windows15 Sep 2018
Thanks To Microsoft & LTTng, It's Becoming Possible To Profile .NET Apps On Linux29 Aug 2018
Microsoft Still Working To Squeeze More I/O Performance Out Of WSL / Bash For Windows09 Aug 2018
Microsoft Moves Ahead With Renaming "GVFS" Project To "VFS For Git"28 Jul 2018

More Microsoft News

161 Articles
Mozilla Begins Slowly Enabling WebRender For Some Users13 Sep 2018
Firefox Is Now Built With Clang+LTO Everywhere, Sizable Performance Wins For Linux12 Sep 2018
Firefox 63 Beta On Linux Finally Runs WebExtensions In Their Own Process05 Sep 2018
Firefox 62.0 Now Available For Download With Some Wayland Fixes, CSS Variable Fonts04 Sep 2018
Experimental Code Allows Vulkan-Accelerated Gecko/Firefox On Linux31 Aug 2018
Nebulet: A Rust Microkernel Running WebAssembly In Ring 029 Aug 2018
Thunderbird 60.0 Released With WebExtension Themes, Attachment Improvements06 Aug 2018
Mozilla's Servo Has Been Picking Up A Number Of WebGL Improvements23 Jul 2018
Firefox 62.0 Beta Brings CSS Variable Fonts, "Clear Site Data & Cookies" Option27 Jun 2018
Firefox 61 Releasing Today With Performance Improvements, Accessibility Inspector26 Jun 2018

More Mozilla News

277 Articles
PulseAudio Lands Big Improvements For Its Meson Build System04 Oct 2018
DAV1D: A New AV1 Video Decoder From The VideoLAN Developers01 Oct 2018
OBS Studio Now Supports VA-API For Video Encoding26 Sep 2018
OpenShot 2.4.3 Releases With Performance Improvements, Animated Masks23 Sep 2018
Opus 1.3 Codec Library Nears, New Tools Release19 Sep 2018
YouTube Begins Rolling Out AV1 Support In Beta13 Sep 2018
Amlogic Video Decode Driver Posted For The Linux Kernel02 Sep 2018
Bootlin Wraps Up Project For Improving Allwinner VPU Support On Linux01 Sep 2018
VLC Saw A Lot Of Exciting Work Thanks To Google Summer of Code 201830 Aug 2018
FFmpeg Received Support For Performing More Operations In OpenCL29 Aug 2018

More Multimedia News

305 Articles
Initial HDMI 2.0 Support With Nouveau Slated For The Next Linux Kernel10 Oct 2018
Nouveau DRM Tree Sees Updates Ahead Of Linux 4.2005 Oct 2018
NVIDIA Firmware Blobs Get Switched Up For Helping Pascal-Powered Laptops With Nouveau06 Sep 2018
Nouveau Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Begins Tackling HDMI 2.0 Support04 Sep 2018
Nouveau Changes Queue Ahead Of Linux 4.1919 Jul 2018
Nouveau Gallium3D Moves Closer Towards OpenGL 4.5 Compliance16 Jul 2018
NIR Continues To Be Prepped For OpenCL Support15 Jul 2018
Recent Nouveau Improvements Thanks To A New Contributor08 Jul 2018
Maxwell & Newer Now Support Multi-Sampled Images For Nouveau NVC005 Jul 2018
Nouveau NIR Support Nears The Mesa Merging Milestone29 Jun 2018

More Nouveau News

398 Articles
NVIDIA 410.66 Linux Driver Released With RTX 2070 Support, Vulkan Ray-Tracing, Etc16 Oct 2018
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Linux Benchmarks Will Be Coming16 Oct 2018
NVIDIA's Guide For Getting Started With RTX Ray-Tracing In Vulkan10 Oct 2018
NVIDIA Announces "RAPIDS" Open-Source Data Analytics / Machine Learning Platform10 Oct 2018
NVIDIA Publishes Signed Volta Firmware Images For Enabling Open-Source Driver Support01 Oct 2018
Tegra194 "Xavier" Display Support Hits DRM-Next For Linux 4.20~5.028 Sep 2018
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Shipping In Three Weeks, $499+25 Sep 2018
[email protected] Performance Is Looking Good On The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti22 Sep 2018
NVIDIA Sends Out DRM Display Patches For Tegra's Xavier SoC21 Sep 2018
NVIDIA CUDA 10 Officially Released With Turing Support, nvJPEG, CUDA-Vulkan20 Sep 2018

More NVIDIA News

741 Articles
Operating Systems
Elementary OS 5.0 "Juno" Released For A Pleasant Linux Desktop Experience16 Oct 2018
Raspberry Pi's Raspbian OS Updated With New Kernel, Startup Wizard Improvements11 Oct 2018
Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux 18 Released: Utilities Ported To Qt5, Other Updates07 Oct 2018
NixOS 18.09 Released With Upgrade To GNOME 3.28, Newer Systemd & Glibc06 Oct 2018
Mageia 6.1 Released With Updated Kernel For Better Hardware Support06 Oct 2018
Haiku R1 Beta Released For Reliving The BeOS Experience As Open-Source29 Sep 2018
Linux Mint / Cinnamon Speeds Up Its File Manager, Updates Other Apps26 Sep 2018
macOS Mojave Released With Dark Mode, Redesigned App Store24 Sep 2018
Sculpt OS With "Visual Composition" Posted For Latest Genode OS22 Sep 2018
Solus Releases Version "3.9999" With Newer Kernel, Desktop Updates21 Sep 2018

More Operating Systems News

652 Articles
VirtualBox DRM Driver Gets Patches To Go Atomic, Promote Out Of Staging27 Sep 2018
Java 11 Released As The First Java LTS Release25 Sep 2018
Oracle Solaris 11.4 SRU1 Released24 Sep 2018
Oracle Solaris 11.4 Officially Released28 Aug 2018
Oracle Updates DTrace For Linux With ARM64 Support, Feature Updates26 Jul 2018
Oracle Solaris 11.4 Public Beta Updated With KPTI For Addressing Meltdown17 Jul 2018
Oracle Solaris 11.3 SRU 34 Brings GCC 7.3, Other Package Updates17 Jul 2018
Oracle Linux 7 Now Ready For ARM Servers23 Jun 2018
Oracle's Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R5 Now Officially Ready For x86_64 & AArch6421 Jun 2018
Solaris 11.3 SRU 33 Better Deals With ZFS Sending Of Compressed Data & More16 Jun 2018

More Oracle News

211 Articles
Speck, Steam Play, RTX 2080 & Linux Kernel Activity Dominated The Scene In September01 Oct 2018
Q3 Was Exciting For Linux Enthusiasts With Threadripper, Mesa, Steam Play & Kernel Drama28 Sep 2018
Threadripper 2, Spectre, Steam Play / Proton & Linux 4.19 Made August Super Exciting31 Aug 2018
Fresh GPU Benchmarks, Fedora Features & More Spectre Were Popular In July31 Jul 2018
Windows Comparisons, Linux 4.18, Wine & Alternate CPUs Were Very Popular In June01 Jul 2018
The Most Popular Linux / Open-Source News Of The Past 14 Years05 Jun 2018
Today Marks The Phoronix 14th Birthday05 Jun 2018
Help Celebrate The 14th Birthday Of Phoronix Next Week01 Jun 2018
Linux Distro Tests, New Ryzen, & LLVM Topped Our 333 Articles This Month31 May 2018
Linux 4.17, Ryzen, Valve & Apple Looking For Kernel Devs Topped April01 May 2018

More Phoronix News

577 Articles
Phoronix Test Suite
Phoronix Test Suite 8.4 Milestone 1 Released For The Latest Open-Source Benchmarking08 Oct 2018 Crosses Its 34 Millionth Test/Suite Download13 Sep 2018
The Final Development Release Of Phoronix Test Suite 8.2 Now Available For Testing07 Sep 2018
Phoronix Test Suite 8.2 M2 Released With Offline Improvements, L1TF/Foreshadow Reporting15 Aug 2018 Crosses 33 Million Test/Suite Benchmark Downloads05 Aug 2018
Phoronix Test Suite 8.2 Milestone 1 Released For Open-Source Benchmarking21 Jul 2018 Crosses 32 Million Test/Suite Benchmark Downloads27 Jun 2018
Phoronix Test Suite 8.0.1 Released With Windows Benchmarking & Phoromatic Improvements26 Jun 2018
Phoronix Test Suite 8.0.1 Is Coming Next Week18 Jun 2018
The Last Call For Testing Ahead Of Phoronix Test Suite 8.0, Early Work On Android30 May 2018

More Phoronix Test Suite News

147 Articles
Phoronix Is Now On The Open-Source-Friendly Liberapay23 Jun 2018
Yes, We Like Bitcoin & Other Crypto Currencies13 May 2018
Show Your Love For Linux Hardware & Benchmarking This Valentine's Day14 Feb 2018
Phoronix Premium, Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Winter Shopping Reminders23 Nov 2017
Just A Few Days Left To The Phoronix Fest Deal11 Oct 2017
2017 "Oktoberfest" Premium: Snag A Great Deal While Supporting Our Work07 Oct 2017
Your Last Chance To Take Advantage Of Our Birthday Bargain07 Jun 2017
Celebrate Phoronix's 13th Birthday By Going Ad-Free Premium At A Great Discount01 Jun 2017
Today's The Last Day For Our Ad-Free Site Deal For Thanksgiving 201628 Nov 2016
It's Time For The Annual Thanksgiving Event To Support Our Linux Testing, Benchmarking23 Nov 2016

More Premium News

22 Articles
Compiler Fuzzing With Prog-Fuzz Is Turning Up Bugs In GCC, Clang24 Jun 2018
Python 3.7 Release Candidate Arrives, Final Expected At The End Of June13 Jun 2018
Rust 1.26 Continues With Speed Improvements, Adds Support For 128-Bit Integers10 May 2018
HHVM 3.25 Released, Now Defaults To PHP7 Mode16 Mar 2018
Rust Gets A 2018 Roadmap, Big "Productivity" Edition Planned This Year12 Mar 2018
C++17 Is Now Official04 Dec 2017
PHP 7.2 Is One Step Away From Release12 Nov 2017
uClibc Is Still Around As A Lightweight C Standard Library29 Oct 2017
Rust 1.21 Released With Minor Updates12 Oct 2017
PyPy 5.9 Released With Faster JSON Parser, Greater Compatibility05 Oct 2017

More Programming News

221 Articles
Proprietary Software
DaVinci Resolve 15 Video/Effects Editor Released With Linux Support13 Aug 2018
A VR Developer's Thoughts On The Current Mess Of APIs & Hardware27 May 2018
Keeper Password Manager Launches New Linux Version26 Apr 2018
Vivaldi Web Browser Now Available For Linux ARM / Raspberry Pi05 Dec 2017
TeamViewer 13 Now Available For Linux As A Native 64-bit Port04 Dec 2017
Adobe Is Finally Ending Flash Support... In 202025 Jul 2017
Apple Unveils "Metal 2" Graphics API, Better Performance & Capabilities For VR05 Jun 2017
Opera 43 Lands With "Instant Page Loading"07 Feb 2017
Lightworks 14 Steps Closer To Release, UI Updates & More15 Dec 2016
WSL-Distribution-Switcher Swaps Out Ubuntu For Other Distros On Windows20 Nov 2016

More Proprietary Software News

127 Articles
Qt 5.12 Beta 2 Brings Many Fixes16 Oct 2018
Qt Creator 4.8 Rolls Into Beta With C++ Improvements, Language Server Protocol Support11 Oct 2018
Qt 5.12 Beta Released With Better Performance, Input & UI Improvements05 Oct 2018
Qt 3D Studio 2.1 Released With Editor Enhancements, Better Runtime Performance01 Oct 2018
Qt 5.11.2 Released With ~800 Changes, 250+ Bug Fixes20 Sep 2018
Qt 5.12 Alpha Released With OpenGL ES 3.1 Renderer, Several Wayland Improvements18 Sep 2018
Qt 3D Studio 2.1 Beta Released With Various Improvements10 Sep 2018
What Build System Should Qt 6 Use?21 Jul 2018
Qt Creator 4.7 Released With Clang Code Model Turned On By Default18 Jul 2018
Qt Creator 4.7 IDE Is Around The Corner After Today's RC05 Jul 2018

More Qt News

350 Articles
AMD Posts Latest Open-Source Linux Patches For FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync / VRR11 Oct 2018
AMDGPU DC Gets "PERF_TRACE" To Help With Performance Profiling11 Oct 2018
AMD Stages A Number Of Fixes Ahead Of Linux 4.20~5.0 - Plus Vega 20 "MGPU Fan Boost"11 Oct 2018
ROCm 1.9.1 Released With Vega 7nm DPM Support, Profiling Fix09 Oct 2018
The Linux 4.18 Power Regression Affecting Some AMD Graphics Cards Should Be Reverted08 Oct 2018
AMDGPU DC Display Code Ported To GCN 1.0 "Southern Islands" GPUs08 Oct 2018
AMD Rumored To Be Soon Launching A 12nm Polaris Refresh08 Oct 2018
Some AMD GPUs Affected By A Nasty Power Regression That Snuck Into Linux 4.18 Stable04 Oct 2018
AMDVLK Driver Gets Fixes For DXVK, New Vulkan Extensions01 Oct 2018
AMDGPU Driver To Allow Radeon GPU Fan Speed Controls Via Sysfs30 Sep 2018

More Radeon News

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Red Hat
Red Hat's Stratis Storage Project Reaches Its 1.0 Stable Milestone02 Oct 2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 Beta Updates Cockpit, Adds Podman22 Aug 2018
Silverblue Still Aiming To Be In Great Shape By Fedora 30 Next Spring18 Aug 2018
CentOS 6.10 Released, Scientific Linux 6.10 Coming Next Week06 Jul 2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 Released With Spectre/Meltdown Mitigation20 Jun 2018
Red Hat Summit 2018 Wraps Up With Containers/Virtualization Still Being Hot11 May 2018
CentOS 7 1804 Released As The Free Spin Of RHEL 7.510 May 2018
Team Silverblue Succeeds Fedora Atomic Workstation, Aims To Be In Great Shape By F3002 May 2018
Learning More About Red Hat's Stratis Project To Offer Btrfs/ZFS-Like Functionality26 Apr 2018
Plymouth Adds Device Rotation Support11 Apr 2018

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Next Linux Kernel Bringing "Speculative Store Bypass Safe" For ARMv8.507 Oct 2018
Git Users Should Get To Updating Due To An Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability05 Oct 2018
Learn More About The Zinc Crypto API, Which Hopes To Get Into Linux 5.0 With WireGuard02 Oct 2018
Linux 3.16.59 Being Prepared With L1TF Patches, Other x86 Speculation Mitigation Work29 Sep 2018
More Spectre Variant Two Patches Queued For The Linux Kernel26 Sep 2018
Linux Readying Spectre V2 Userspace-Userspace Protection26 Sep 2018
Linux 3.16~4.18.8 Affected By Another Potential Local Privilege Escalation Bug19 Sep 2018
Linux Patch Posted For Cross-Hyperthread Spectre Mitigation With STIBP31 Aug 2018
A Global Switch To Kill Linux's CPU Spectre/Meltdown Workarounds?25 Aug 2018
Three New Security Advisories Hit X.Org's X11 Library21 Aug 2018

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CLVK Is Piping OpenCL On Top Of Vulkan23 Sep 2018
PortableCL 1.2 Still Coming While POCL 1.3 Will Further Improve Open-Source OpenCL18 Sep 2018
Codeplay Outs SYCL-Based ComputeCpp 1.0, Running Parallel C++ Code On Multiple Platforms23 Aug 2018
Magic Leap Joins The Khronos Group23 Jul 2018
OpenMP 5.0 Public Draft Released17 Jul 2018
Apple Deprecates OpenGL & OpenCL04 Jun 2018
OpenCL 2.2 Sees A Maintenance Update With Document Clarifications, Bug Fixes14 May 2018
POCL 1.1 Released With Experimental SPIR/SPIR-V Support09 Mar 2018
Golang 1.10 Offers Many Smaller Changes, Restores NetBSD Support16 Feb 2018
Khronos Adds Draco Geometry Compression To glTF 2.016 Feb 2018

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SUSE Continues Working On Transactional Updates With Btrfs02 Sep 2018
OpenSUSE Kubic Shifts Focus Following Self-Reflection09 Aug 2018
SUSE Sold Off To Swedish Private Equity Fund02 Jul 2018
SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Officially Released26 Jun 2018
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Jumps On Linux 4.17, KDE Plasma 5.13 Riding Well20 Jun 2018
OpenSUSE Community Forks Red Hat's Spacewalk, Now Calls It Uyuni26 May 2018
OpenSUSE Leap 15 Released, Based On SUSE Linux Enterprise 1525 May 2018
OpenSUSE Conference 2018 Kicks Off In Prague, Video Streams Available25 May 2018
OpenSUSE Leap 15 Supports Transactional Updates Using Btrfs / Zypper / Snapper15 May 2018
Mesa 18.0.1, GLVND 1.0 & KF5 5.45 / GNOME 3.28.1 Land In OpenSUSE Tumbleweed26 Apr 2018

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What systemd Is Up To With The Latest Developments In 201807 Oct 2018
Facebook Continues Making Extensive Use Of systemd05 Oct 2018
Dbus-Broker Is Still A Faster User-Space-Based D-Bus01 Oct 2018
Linux Is Getting New Network Libraries From Veteran systemd/BUS1 Developers29 Sep 2018
Systemd Now Can Unlock Encrypted Boot Drives Using An External Password File04 Sep 2018
Systemd Will Now Use RdRand Directly If The Kernel Can't Deliver Entropy26 Aug 2018
Making Use Of Systemd Portable Services27 Jun 2018
Systemd 239 Rolls Out With Portable Services, Merges Boot Loader Specification22 Jun 2018
Systemd 239 Is Being Prepped For Release With Many Changes12 Jun 2018
Systemd Introduces "Portable Services" Functionality, Similar To Containers25 May 2018

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Ubuntu Server Is Making It Easier To Deploy Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates16 Oct 2018
The Expected Feature We Didn't See Yet For Ubuntu 18.1016 Oct 2018
You Can Help Ubuntu This Weekend Test The Near-Final Cosmic Cuttlefish14 Oct 2018
Ubuntu Touch OTA-5 Is Being Prepped With New Browser, Qt Auto Scaling12 Oct 2018
Ubuntu's Bring-Up Of NVIDIA's Driver With Mir Continues12 Oct 2018
The MATE Wayland Port Is Moving Along, NVIDIA Mir Support Still Being Tackled06 Oct 2018
Following Mir 1.0, Developers Encouraged To Target Wayland Instead Of Mir Client API28 Sep 2018
Ubuntu 18.10 Beta Now Available For Testing The Cosmic Cuttlefish27 Sep 2018
Mesa 18.2.1 Going Into Ubuntu 18.10 For Fresh Open-Source GPU Drivers27 Sep 2018
Ubuntu 18.10 "Cosmic Cuttlefish" Prepares For Its Beta Release24 Sep 2018

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Updated Proton 3.16 Beta For Steam Play Has DXVK 0.90, D3D11 Fixes16 Oct 2018
Valve Updates SteamVR AMD Requirements, Recommends Using PPAs On Ubuntu04 Oct 2018
Steam Linux Usage For September Revised Slightly Higher03 Oct 2018
Valve Posts The Code To Their Moondust VR Demo18 Sep 2018
Valve Prepares Open-Source Moondust Repository17 Sep 2018
Steam Linux Usage Comes In At 0.59% For August03 Sep 2018
Valve Offers Up Proton Beta For Testing Steam Play Enhancements24 Aug 2018
Valve Rolls Out Wine-based "Proton" For Running Windows Games On Linux21 Aug 2018
It Looks Like A Steam 64-Bit Client Could Finally Be Near08 Aug 2018
Steam Linux Use Dips Back Below 0.5%01 Aug 2018

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OpenChrome DRM Driver To Go Through A GEM/TTM Code Rewrite05 Aug 2018
It's Still Going To Be Tough Getting The OpenChrome VIA KMS Driver In The Linux Kernel28 May 2018
VIA Joins In The AI Race, Linux/Android Support For Their New Developer Kit10 May 2018
OpenChrome DRM Driver To Work On New GEM/TTM Code, Regression Fixes12 Mar 2018
OpenChrome KMS Can Now Do Runtime Resolution Changes, Hopes To Go Mainline In 201811 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Still Aiming For Mainline Kernel, But Initially Will Lack 2D Acceleration02 Mar 2018
OpenChrome DRM Continues To Be Developed, But It Didn't Make It Mainline This Year26 Dec 2017
OpenChrome DRM Still Being Ported To Newer Kernel, Lengthy Process25 Aug 2017
OpenChrome Still Pushing For DRM Kernel Driver, Updated DDX04 Aug 2017
OpenChrome Maintainer Making Some Progress On VIA DRM Driver25 Sep 2016

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Intel Working On Improving Linux Virtualization With VT-d Scalable Mode27 Sep 2018
Siemens Issues An Oktoberfest Release Of Jailhouse 0.10 Hypervisor24 Sep 2018
VMware's SVGA Gallium3D Driver Enables OpenGL 3.3 Compatibility Profile Support22 Sep 2018
VirtualBox DRM/KMS Driver Proceeding With Atomic Mode-Setting Support18 Sep 2018
VMWare Updates Its Gallium3D Driver Ahead Of Fusion 11 / Workstation 1510 Sep 2018
QEMU Merges Initial Support For nanoMIPS26 Aug 2018
IBM Posts Initial Patches For Linux Secure Virtual Machine On POWER25 Aug 2018
A Hearty Batch Of KVM Updates Land In Linux 4.1919 Aug 2018
QEMU 3.0 Brings Spectre V4 Mitigation, OpenGL ES Support In SDL Front-End15 Aug 2018
Virt-Viewer 7.0 Released29 Jul 2018

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Vulkan Cracks 2,500 Projects On GitHub14 Oct 2018
NVIDIA 396.54.09 Vulkan Driver Released With Transform Feedback, Intel ANV Gets TF Too13 Oct 2018
DXVK Already Lands Vulkan Transform Feedback Support, RADV Posts Patches13 Oct 2018
Vulkan 1.1.88 Released With Transform Feedback As A Big Win For VKD3D / DXVK13 Oct 2018
vRt Aims To Be A Unified Vulkan Ray-Tracing Library10 Oct 2018
VUDA: A CUDA-Like Runtime API For Vulkan08 Oct 2018
Vulkan 1.1.87 Released But Not Yet Any Experimental Transform Feedback07 Oct 2018
DXVK 0.81 Released With Better 32-Bit Performance, Other Optimizations05 Oct 2018
The Kazan Vulkan CPU/Software-Based Implementation Being Rewritten In Rust04 Oct 2018
Vulkan Working To Drop Mir Surface Support01 Oct 2018

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Wayland's Weston Will Now Respect Your VR HMD24 Sep 2018
Sway 1.0 Alpha 6 Released, Now Supports Moving/Resizing Tiled Windows With The Mouse22 Sep 2018
Libinput 1.12 Released With New Quirks System, Touchpad Improvements11 Sep 2018
Libinput 1.12 RC3 Adds New Pointer Jump Detection For Dell XPS i2c-Based Touchpads04 Sep 2018
Wayland 1.16 Released, Likely The Last Time-Based Release, Plus Weston 5.024 Aug 2018
Wayland 1.16 / Weston 5.0 RC2 Released To Fix Vulnerabilities18 Aug 2018
Libinput 1.12 RC2 Continues Working On Improving Linux Touchpad Behavior14 Aug 2018
Wayland 1.16 & Weston 5.0 Release Candidates For Testing11 Aug 2018
Sway 1.0 Alpha 5 Brings Multi-GPU Support, Virtual Keyboard Protocol06 Aug 2018
Wayland Shells From The Perspective Of WLROOTS02 Aug 2018

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CodeWeavers CrossOver Linux 18 Released With DXVK/VKD3D Support16 Oct 2018
Wine-Staging 3.18 Released With Some New Patches While Other Code Got Upstreamed14 Oct 2018
Wine 3.18 Brings FreeType Subpixel Font Rendering, Wine Console DPI Scaling12 Oct 2018
Wine's Direct3D Code Will Now Default To OpenGL Core Contexts For NVIDIA GPUs Too09 Oct 2018
VKD3D 1.1 Being Prepped For Release With MoltenVK Support, Geometry Shaders05 Oct 2018
Wine-Staging 3.17 Is Carrying 882 Patches On Top Of Wine02 Oct 2018
Wine 3.17 Brings Better Shell Auto-Completion Support, Bug Fixes28 Sep 2018
All of the WineConf 2018 Videos Are Now Available17 Sep 2018
Wine-Staging 3.16 Released With ~880 Patches Still Atop Wine16 Sep 2018
Wine 3.16 Brings OPC Services Support, Various Other Fixes & Improvements14 Sep 2018

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X.Org Server 1.20.2 Released With A Bunch Of Bug Fixes15 Oct 2018 Might Formally Join Forces With The X.Org Foundation15 Oct 2018
XDC2019 X.Org / Mesa / Wayland Conference To Be Hosted In Montreal11 Oct 2018
The X.Org / Mesa GPU Talks From XDC2018 Are Now Available10 Oct 2018
Virtual KMS Is Working On Wayland Support Plus Other Additions02 Oct 2018
XDC 2018 Kicks Off Tomorrow In A Coruña25 Sep 2018
Keith Packard Takes On X.Org Window Scaling With Input Handling27 Aug 2018
The Linux DRM Projects Are Plotting Their Transition To Gitlab25 Aug 2018
xf86-video-v4l X.Org Driver Sees First New Release In A Decade14 Aug 2018
XDC2018 Will Have Many Interesting Talks On Vulkan, AR/VR, Wayland & More12 Aug 2018

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