AMD Announces Ryzen PRO 8840 & PRO 8000G Series CPUs

Written by Michael Larabel in Processors on 16 April 2024 at 09:00 AM EDT. Page 1 of 2. 16 Comments.

Following the launch of the Ryzen 8000G series processors earlier this year as well as the Ryzen 8840 series mobile processors, AMD has now announced the associated "PRO" parts for business customers.

AMD Ryzen PRO 8000 series

The new parts are much the same as the associated non-PRO parts albeit now having AMD PRO Technologies, similar to prior PRO processors.

AMD Ryzen PRO 8000 series is focused on AI

Much of AMD's emphasis was on an AI focus with the Ryzen PRO 8000G being the first business-focused desktop processors with an NPU and the Ryzen PRO 8840 mobile processors having upgraded Ryzen AI (NPU) capabilities compared to the Ryzen PRO 7840 series.

AMD Ryzen PRO 8000 series slide on Ryzen AI

The press pre-briefing was understandably very Microsoft Windows focused. So much of the software talk isn't 1:1 for Linux customers, but at least earlier this year AMD did publish an XDNA Linux driver for Ryzen AI support. There isn't any clear indications yet if AMD will pursue mainlining this driver into the Linux kernel and I haven't heard anything more on their user-space software support plans for Linux, so right now much of the Linux side of Ryzen AI is up in the air. I await hearing more from AMD.

AMD Ryzen PRO 8000 series

Just in case it's not clear to some users not closely following the CPU scene, the new Ryzen PRO 8040 series like the Ryzen 8040 series continues to make use of Zen 4 CPU cores and RDNA3 integrated graphics as well as Ryzen AI (NPUs).

AMD Ryzen PRO 8040 Series SKUs

For Windows performance, AMD talks up strong wins for the Ryzen PRO 8040U over Intel Core Ultra "Meteor Lake". It's been the same in my AMD non-PRO vs. Meteor Lake benchmarking (e.g. Intel Core Ultra 7 155H Meteor Lake vs. AMD Ryzen 7 7840U On Linux In 300+ CPU Benchmarks and Intel Meteor Lake Arc Graphics: A Fantastic Upgrade, Battles AMD RDNA3 Integrated Graphics) but unfortunately I don't have any of the new PRO parts for delivering benchmarks there today.

AMD Ryzen PRO 8000 series performance

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