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The Need For Premium, A Word About Ad Blocking, Etc

At Phoronix our primary revenue stream is through the advertisements that you see on our web-site. We depend upon this revenue in order to maintain our operations and continue serving the Linux and free software communities. When readers use such services as AdBlock, our revenue suffers. With the growing usage of these services and the request of readers who would like to better support our operations, we have established a Phoronix Premium subscription service.

Phoronix was started in 2004 by Michael Larabel who continues to serve as the principal author for the hundreds of articles published on Phoronix each month. A common misconception is that Phoronix has a whole team of writers and significant resources like other publications, but that's not the case due to the greater percentage of those blocking ads, not many companies advertising specifically for the enthusiast/gaming Linux niche, etc. Thus most of the work falls onto the shoulders of one man who frequently invests 100+ hour weeks working on Phoronix.

By supporting Phoronix either through not blocking advertisements, subscribing to Phoronix Premium, or making a monetary contribution, the funds are used directly for supporting the dedicated server costs, the significant electrical costs, purchasing of other needed hardware for testing, travel costs when covering Linux/open-source conferences, and the many other expenses associated with running this web-site full-time over the past decade.

Phoronix Premium

By subscribing to Phoronix Premium, you are able to view Phoronix without any of these advertisements as well as receive other benefits. This premium service offers the following advantages:

- Ad-Free Browsing! By becoming a Phoronix Premium subscriber, when you log into your account and browse Phoronix or the Phoronix Forums, it will be an advertisement-free experience. These ads on Phoronix that will be removed include but not limited to Google AdSense, IDGTN and the other graphical advertisements.

- Single Page Viewing: For multi-page Phoronix articles, premium subscribers have the option of accessing a single-page version. No longer do you need to bother with paging through the article, but the entire article is displayed on a single page, similar to a print view page.

- Access to the Phoronix Premium area of the Phoronix Forums: In the premium area, anything and everything is fair game for discussion. We will also be sharing with you information on our upcoming content and you can voice which reviews you would like to see next.

- Supporting Phoronix: By becoming a Phoronix Premium subscriber, your contribution goes a long way in supporting our Linux hardware efforts. Not all hardware we review and test is provided free by the manufacturer. We also have growing server and bandwidth bills, in addition to other expenses.

- Find Out About Upcoming Content: For articles written in advance that will be published later in the date, the title and time-to-publishing is displayed so you will know in advance about exciting new content.

- Dark Mode Support: The website's dark mode theme is exclusively available to Phoronix Premium members and will automatically activate based on your web browser's CSS dark theme preference.

- Future Additions: In the future we will also be introducing other features and services for our Phoronix Premium subscribers.

To become a Phoronix Premium subscriber, you first must create an account on the Phoronix Forums. Once doing so and clicking the activation link emailed to you, the forum account can be set to a premium status. Click this link followed by agreeing to the terms and conditions and proceeding with the payment process. At this time, a Phoronix Premium subscription is as low as a few dollars per month. Subscriptions can be renewed and in the future we may offer additional options. PayPal and Stripe are the preferred means of handling these transactions. Once completing the subscription process, your forum account will be set to a Phoronix Premium Subscriber status. When browsing Phoronix or the Phoronix Forums all ads will be disabled. You must be logged into your Phoronix Forums account in order for the ads to be disabled while browsing Phoronix.

Subscribe To Phoronix Premium After Creating An Account On The Phoronix Forums.

Any questions or technical issues can be submitted to phoronix [at] You can also contact us if wishing to pay for a premium subscription via Bitcoin or other means.

Alternatives & Tips

If you wish to simply support Phoronix, we gladly accept PayPal contributions/tips and tips via Stripe to help in continuing to create new content. Contact Phoronix if interested in corporate/company-wide memberships, sponsorship proposals, or other options.