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OpenSUSE Developers Continue Discussing x86_64 Microarchitecture Feature Levels
OpenSUSE Developers Continue Discussing x86_64 Microarchitecture Feature Levels
39 Minutes Ago - Operating Systems - Newer CPU Requirements - Add A Comment

Ahead of the upcoming openSUSE/SUSE Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP), whether to raise the x86_64 micro-architecture feature level required by the Linux OS continues to be evaluated and what options there are for making use of newer x86_64 instruction set extensions without necessarily forcing tightened CPU requirements / eliminating old hardware support.

Lenovo Yoga C630 Snapdragon Laptop Seeing Fresh Linux Improvements
Lenovo Yoga C630 Snapdragon Laptop Seeing Fresh Linux Improvements
66 Minutes Ago - Arm - Snapdragon 850 Laptop - Add A Comment

When it comes to Linux on Arm laptops the recent excitement has been around the Asahi Linux porting work for the Apple M2 MacBooks and Linux 6.0 supporting the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen3 and the flagship Lenovo ThinkPad X13s Arm laptop. Launched a few years ago though was the Lenovo Yoga C630 powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 and thanks now to the work of Linaro that older Arm laptop is seeing Linux support improvements.

15 August

Qualcomm Posts "QAIC" DRM Accelerator Driver For Linux
Qualcomm Posts "QAIC" DRM Accelerator Driver For Linux
15 August 03:00 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - Qualcomm Cloud AI Accelerator - Add A Comment

After Qualcomm announced their Cloud AI 100 Accelerator back in 2019, in 2020 during the early days of the pandemic they posted a Linux driver for this accelerator. That driver didn't get picked up for the mainline Linux kernel and two years later there still is little fanfare around the Qualcomm AI Cloud Accelerator hardware. However, now they have posted a new Linux driver that goes the DRM driver route.

Android 13 Sources Released To AOSP
Android 13 Sources Released To AOSP
15 August 01:36 PM EDT - Google - Android 13 AOSP - 13 Comments

Google announced today that the Android 13 sources have been published to the Android Open-Source Project as part of officially releasing this newest version of Android.

Greg KH Recommends Avoiding Alder Lake Laptops - Intel Webcam Linux Driver Long Ways Out
Greg KH Recommends Avoiding Alder Lake Laptops - Intel Webcam Linux Driver Long Ways Out
15 August 06:50 AM EDT - Intel - New Webcamera Needs Lots Of Work - 36 Comments

Greg Kroah-Hartman as the Linux kernel's stable maintainer and effectively Linus Torvalds' second-in-command has suggested avoiding Intel Alder Lake laptops. While much of the Alder Lake laptop support for Linux is in good shape, the exception is around web cameras. These newer laptops with Intel's latest web-camera tech are not currently supported by the mainline kernel and require proprietary software for use. Some platforms like Ubuntu and ChromeOS are picking up these blobs for now while a proper open-source, upstream solution is likely months -- or likely about one year -- away.

MGLRU v14 Released For Improving Linux Low-Memory Performance
15 August 05:28 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - MGLRU v14 - 9 Comments

While Linux 6.0 will bring a lot of shiny new features, Multi-Gen LRU (MGLRU) is one of the anticipated changes that isn't going to land now until Linux 6.1. But in the interim, MGLRU v14 was posted today that re-bases the code against 6.0-rc1 to help facilitate more testing of this kernel change that primarily helps Linux systems under memory pressure.

14 August

Intel Xeon Platinum 8380 Performance Is Looking Great For Linux 6.0
Intel Xeon Platinum 8380 Performance Is Looking Great For Linux 6.0
14 August 06:16 AM EDT - Intel - Linux 6.0 + Xeon Platinum 8380 Ice Lake - 5 Comments

Not only is the AMD EPYC performance looking real good for Linux 6.0, but many of the scheduler changes and common kernel improvements also carry over well for Intel's Xeon Platinum 8380 "Ice Lake" server processors too. For your viewing pleasure this weekend are some initial benchmarks looking at Linux 5.19 stable compared to Linux 6.0 Git as we approach the end of the merge window.

13 August

Glibc 2.36 Dropping DT_HASH Has Been Breaking Easy Anti Cheat Games With Steam Play
Glibc 2.36 Dropping DT_HASH Has Been Breaking Easy Anti Cheat Games With Steam Play
13 August 08:00 PM EDT - Linux Gaming - EAC Games Borked With Glibc 2.36 - 55 Comments

Those on rolling-release Linux distributions that are quick to adapt to new toolchain updates are finding Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) enabled games breaking when running on the recently released Glibc 2.36. The breakage stems from the DT_HASH section being dropped in GNU C Library but EAC being among the few software still expecting that section rather than DT_GNU_HASH.

Wine 7.15 Adds RSA Encryption, Direct2D Command Lists
13 August 04:10 PM EDT - WINE - Wine 7.15 - 1 Comment

Wine 7.15 is out a day late as the newest development snapshot of this open-source software for enjoying Windows games and applications on Linux and other platforms. Wine is also what serves as the base for Valve's Proton that powers Steam Play.

AMD Radeon 680M Graphics Benchmarks Across Various Linux Kernel, Mesa Versions
AMD Radeon 680M Graphics Benchmarks Across Various Linux Kernel, Mesa Versions
13 August 01:20 PM EDT - Radeon - Radeon 680M - 1 Comment

With the Ryzen 6000 "Rembrandt" mobile processors most exciting about these Zen 3+ SoCs has been the energy efficiency improvements and moving from Vega to RDNA2 graphics as with the Radeon 680M found on the Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U that I have been running many Linux benchmarks on over the past several weeks. For those wondering if it pays off moving to a newer Linux kernel or Mesa version with Radeon 680M integrated graphics, here are some reference benchmarks I recently conducted.

RISC-V Lands New Extensions In Linux 6.0
RISC-V Lands New Extensions In Linux 6.0
13 August 05:32 AM EDT - RISC-V - Linux 6.0 RISC-V - 3 Comments

Last week was the main set of RISC-V updates for Linux 6.0 that included improving Svpbmt support, a more robust default kernel configuration, and other improvements. A secondary set of RISC-V CPU architecture updates has now been merged for Linux 6.0.

12 August

Intel Preps HWMON Support For Linux Driver To Expose Power / Voltage / Energy Reporting
12 August 02:21 PM EDT - Intel - Linux i915 HWMON - 2 Comments

While much of the Intel Arc Graphics "Alchemist" (DG2) support appears squared away for Linux 6.0 besides the support still being hidden behind the flag requiring i915.force_probe= to actually enable the experimental support, there still are various DG2 discrete GPU features being tackled by the open-source Intel kernel graphics drivers. One of those "extras" still working its way to the kernel is HWMON subsystem integration to be able to expose power / voltage / energy reporting.

Radeon Pro Software For Enterprise 22.Q2 For Linux Released
12 August 12:45 PM EDT - Radeon - Radeon Pro Linux Driver - Add A Comment

Released in June was the Radeon PRO Software for Enterprise 21.Q2 to deliver AMD's enterprise-vetted graphics driver stack to Windows users. Meanwhile recently debuting is the long-awaited adjacent Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise for Linux driver update.

AMD Posts Linux Audio Driver For The "Pink Sardine"
12 August 09:00 AM EDT - AMD - Audio Co-Processor - 13 Comments

The colorful fishy codenames are not over for AMD's Linux driver crew! While on the GPU side they have moved to IP block-by-block enablement strategy for their future GPUs, over on the audio co-processor side AMD posted a series of patches today under the "Pink Sardine" codename.

Mesa 22.2 Gaming Performance With Radeon RX 6700/6800 XT Graphics Cards On Linux
12 August 06:47 AM EDT - Display Drivers - 12 Comments

With Mesa 22.2 bringing many new features, you may be curious about how the performance of this next Mesa3D release is looking. For your viewing pleasure today are benchmarks of Mesa 22.2 back from the day it was branched against that of the stock Mesa 22.0 on Ubuntu 22.04 if you have been wondering whether it's worthwhile upgrading... Benchmarks for this article from the current-generation Radeon RX 6700 XT and RX 6800 XT graphics cards.

Intel's Clear Linux Taps -O3 For Its Kernel Builds
12 August 05:50 AM EDT - Clear Linux - Clear Linux -O3 Kernel - 49 Comments

While Intel's performance-optimized Clear Linux rolling-release distribution is known for its aggressive performance optimizations, their kernel build had been going with the default "-O2" optimization but last week did switch over to rolling their kernel with -O3.

LoongArch Enables PCI & Other Features For Linux 6.0
12 August 05:26 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - LoongArch With Linux 6.0 - Add A Comment

While support for the loongArch Chinese CPU architecture was merged in Linux 5.19, it wasn't actually enough to yield a booting system due to some driver code not yet being finished and ready for merging in time. LoongArch was allowed to merge that preliminary code in v5.19 so the Glibc support could land and now for Linux 6.0 more of the CPU port is ready to hit the kernel.

11 August

Asahi Linux May Pursue Writing Apple Silicon GPU Driver In Rust
11 August 01:55 PM EDT - Apple - Linux DRM Driver In Rust? - 77 Comments

When it comes to the Apple M1 and M2 support on Linux, one of the biggest obstacles to suitable daily use for end-users is the current lack of GPU acceleration. Reverse engineering has been happening for the Apple Silicon graphics processor, early experiments being carried out under macOS and Asahi's m1n1 environment, and the next step will be to start writing a Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) kernel driver. To some surprise, the feasibility of writing this DRM kernel GPU driver in the Rust programming language is being explored.

Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS Released
11 August 09:10 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS - 34 Comments

Following a one week delay due to a last minute blocker bug being discovered, Canonical today has shipped Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS as the first point release to this current long-term support series.

Loongson Adds LoongArch Support To LibreOffice
11 August 06:40 AM EDT - LibreOffice - Chinese MIPS64-Derived CPU ISA - 19 Comments

Following GCC 12 introducing LoongArch support earlier this year, Linux 5.19 adding the initial LoongArch port, and Glibc 2.36 adding LoongArch, LibreOffice is now the latest high-profile open-source project adding support for this Chinese processor ISA that started out derived from MIPS64.

GNOME Mutter & Shell 43 Beta Bring Several Very Exciting Changes
11 August 05:58 AM EDT - GNOME - GNOME 43 Beta - 42 Comments

GNOME's Shell and Mutter components have released their beta versions for this GNOME 43 milestone. Particularly on the Mutter side are some very exciting changes from improvements to direct scan-out, high resolution scroll wheel support being completed and merged, various Wayland improvements, and more performance optimizations.

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