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25 March

24 March

Intel XeSS SDK 1.1 Released
Intel XeSS SDK 1.1 Released
24 March 01:28 PM EDT - Intel - Intel XeSS SDK 1.1 - 4 Comments

The Intel XeSS SDK 1.0 release happened last September while now has been succeeded by XeSS SDK 1.1. Though like the prior release, the XeSS SDK isn't fully open-source with just the bits around game integration being public.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 "FSR 3" Will Be Open-Source
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 "FSR 3" Will Be Open-Source
24 March 10:48 AM EDT - Radeon - MIT Open-Source - 33 Comments

AMD has been teasing FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 (FSR3) as the latest version of their game upscaling tech that will be released later in the year. AMD began showing off FSR 3 to game developers this week at GDC while also re-affirming their open-source commitment.

Intel Arc Graphics Show Good Potential For Linux Workstation OpenGL Performance
Intel Arc Graphics Show Good Potential For Linux Workstation OpenGL Performance
24 March 10:30 AM EDT - Graphics Cards - 23 Comments

Recently I provided a fresh look at the Intel Arc Graphics Linux gaming performance with the newest open-source drivers. While it was a letdown with some of the newer Steam Play games still not working due to current limitations of the Intel "ANV" open-source Vulkan driver and some Vulkan performance issues in other titles, one area that stood out was the very good Linux OpenGL performance. That made me curious to look at the workstation OpenGL performance for Intel Arc Graphics, which is the focus of today's testing.

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Begins Rolling Out GCC 13
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Begins Rolling Out GCC 13
24 March 12:00 AM EDT - GNU - GNU Compiler Collection 13 - 11 Comments

While GCC 13 is working its way toward its official GCC 13.1 stable release in the next few weeks, with this week's openSUSE Tumbleweed rolling-release updates it has already begun switching over to this major annual compiler update.

23 March

Orange Pi 5 Is A Great & Very Fast Alternative To The Raspberry Pi 4
Orange Pi 5 Is A Great & Very Fast Alternative To The Raspberry Pi 4
23 March 01:00 PM EDT - Computers - 75 Comments

With an 8-core Rockchip RK3588S SoC, the Orange Pi 5 is leaps and bounds faster than the aging Raspberry Pi 4. With up to 32GB of RAM, the Orange Pi 5 is also capable of serving for a more diverse user-base and even has enough potential for assembling a budget Arm Linux developer desktop. I've been testing out the Orange Pi 5 the past few weeks and it's quite fast and nice for its low price point.

Intel LAM Will Try Again For Linux 6.4
Intel LAM Will Try Again For Linux 6.4
23 March 08:28 AM EDT - Intel - Linear Address Masking - 2 Comments

Intel's Linear Address Masking (LAM) functionality to make use of untranslated address bits of 64-bit linear addresses for arbitrary metadata is aiming to be mainlined with the upcoming Linux 6.4 cycle.

X.Org Needs More People To Run For The Board
23 March 05:59 AM EDT - X.Org - X.Org Board of Directors - 44 Comments

The X.Org Board of Directors has delayed their election process by two weeks in hopes of having more candidates nominated to run for the board as currently they do not have enough candidates to start an election.

22 March

Google Chrome/Chromium Lands Wayland Fractional Scaling Support
22 March 06:12 PM EDT - Google - fractional-scale-v1 - 33 Comments

On top of today seeing the KDE XWaylandVideoBridge announcement, the debut of GNOME 44 with its many Wayland improvements, and XWayland 23.1 being released with multiple new features/improvements, there is more good news for Wayland fans. Google has merged to the Chrome/Chromium Ozone code support for Wayland fractional scaling via the fractional-scale-v1 protocol.

KDE XWayland Video Bridge Aims To Improve Linux Desktop Screen Sharing
22 March 10:26 AM EDT - KDE - xwaylandvideobridge - 21 Comments

KDE developers David Edmundson and Alex Poi have begun working on XWaylandVideoBridge as a new project to help improve Linux desktop screen sharing for X11-based applications that may try to share the contents of Wayland screens, such as could be the case for some software like Discord, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and others.

21 March

Linux VGEM Driver Rewritten In Rust Sent Out For Review
21 March 06:30 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Rust VGEM - 25 Comments

Besides the ongoing work around the reverse-engineered Apple Silicon graphics driver being brought up in the Rust programming language, the other notable Rust effort within the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) kernel subsystem is a rewrite of the basic VGEM driver in this increasingly-used programming language. That Rust VGEM driver has now been sent out on the mailing list for review as part of a request for comments.

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