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28 November

Coreboot 4.22 Released: Initial AMD OpenSIL Code Added, 17 New Motherboards
Coreboot 4.22 Released: Initial AMD OpenSIL Code Added, 17 New Motherboards
28 November 05:00 PM EST - Coreboot - Coreboot 4.22 - 3 Comments

A new release of Coreboot is available today as the increasingly popular open-source system firmware solution that's used by Chromebooks, increasing hyperscaler / data center industry interest due to increased code transparency and security, System76 laptops, and more. Coreboot 4.22 is the new release and brings initial AMD OpenSIL code integration, 17 new motherboard ports, and more. Coreboot 4.22 will be succeeded next year by Coreboot 24.02.

Corsair MP700 PRO 2TB PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD
Corsair MP700 PRO 2TB PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD
28 November 05:30 AM EST - Storage - 15 Comments

Corsair this month released the MP700 PRO NVMe SSD as the company's newest PCI Express Gen5 NVMe SSD. After the initial issues encountered with the Corsair MP700, I was eager to see how well this PCIe 5.0 solid-state drive would perform. Corsair rates their MP700 PRO SSD as capable of reaching up to 12,400 MB/s sequential reads and 11,800 MB/s sequential writes.

27 November

Intel Appears On The Verge Of Some Exciting Performance Optimizations For Linux Distros
Intel Appears On The Verge Of Some Exciting Performance Optimizations For Linux Distros
27 November 02:19 PM EST - Intel - BOLT-Like Optimizations - 23 Comments

One thing that has never gotten old over the past nearly twenty years of covering Linux news on Phoronix are the relentless performance optimizations made to the Linux kernel, GCC and LLVM/Clang compilers, and other key open-source projects over the years. Intel engineers have been responsible for so many exciting Linux performance optimizations over time at ensuring maximum Linux x86_64 performance as well as ensuring great performance at a macro-level as they've showcased with the likes of Clear Linux. It looks like they have some new innovation(s) in store soon for further maximizing compiler-assisted performance.

OpenZFS Is Still Battling A Data Corruption Issue
OpenZFS Is Still Battling A Data Corruption Issue
27 November 11:27 AM EST - Linux Storage - OpenZFS Data Corruption - 60 Comments

Last week OpenZFS 2.2.1 was released with a reported fix for a data corruption issue that was initially blamed as being a block cloning bug for a new feature introduced in the v2.2 release. Well, it turns out that the block cloning feature isn't the root cause and that v2.2.1 is still prone to data corruption and pre-v2.2 releases are also vulnerable to this file-system data corruption issue.

Qt 6.6.1 Fixes More Than 400 Bugs
Qt 6.6.1 Fixes More Than 400 Bugs
27 November 06:40 AM EST - Qt - Qt 6.6.1 - 9 Comments

Back in October Qt 6.6 released with Qt Graphs being introduced, more robust Wayland support, various render enhancements, and more. Out today is Qt 6.6.1 with more than four hundred bugs resolved.

26 November

Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Overhauls Its Buffer Allocation Code
Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Overhauls Its Buffer Allocation Code
26 November 06:40 AM EST - Intel - BO Allocation System - 3 Comments

While much of the modern graphics world these days is focused on the Vulkan API, there's no signs of Intel's open-source graphics driver engineers losing optimization focus with their OpenGL Linux driver by way of the Iris Gallium3D code. Merged this holiday week was a rather significant rework to its buffer object allocation system.

25 November

Debian's MIPS64EL CPU Port Is At Risk Due To Declining Hardware Access
25 November 08:30 AM EST - Debian - Debian + MIPS64EL - 22 Comments

Debian's MIPS64EL that is a 64-bit little endian port using the N64 ABI is at risk due to declining access for building the Debian 64-bit MIPS packages. MIPS64EL is now being treated as an "out of sync" architecture due to lacking sufficient build daemon resources for timely building new packages and if the situation doesn't improve, it may not be suitable as a release architecture for Debian 13 "Trixie".

24 November

LACT Is The Newest AMD Radeon GUI Control Panel For Linux
24 November 02:00 PM EST - Radeon - LACT Overclocking & Control Panel - 43 Comments

While the open-source AMD Radeon Linux graphics driver is well received by the community, one of the longest sought features has been an official GUI control panel for managing the driver settings and the like under Linux with ease. AMD for their part exposes much of the same tunables available under Windows but is left to just command-line controls or software to poke different ioctls directly. LACT is now the newest open-source option for those wanting an AMD graphics driver control panel for Linux.

Arrow Lake Support Added To The Intel Graphics Compiler
24 November 01:24 PM EST - Intel - IGC + ARL - Add A Comment

Intel on Thursday committed Arrow Lake "ARL" support to their open-source Intel Graphics Compiler (IGC) that is used by their Compute Runtime stack for OpenCL and Level Zero while on Windows IGC is additionally used as their graphics shader compiler as well.

Atomic Async Page Flips Expected To Land For Linux 6.8
24 November 06:27 AM EST - Linux Kernel - DRM_MODE_PAGE_FLIP_ASYNC - 7 Comments

Following yesterday's week drm-misc-next pull that added the new Imagination PowerVRM DRM driver, the three patches for atomic DRM_MODE_PAGE_FLIP_ASYNC were queued into drm-misc-next. Now that this atomic async page flip support is in drm-misc-next, next week it should appear in DRM-Next and in turn make it for the Linux 6.8 kernel in the new year.

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