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AMD EPYC 4004 Benchmarks: Outperforming Intel Xeon E-2400 With Performance, Efficiency & Value
AMD EPYC 4004 Benchmarks: Outperforming Intel Xeon E-2400 With Performance, Efficiency & Value
78 Minutes Ago - Processors - Add A Comment

Over the past several years we have seen AMD Ryzen processors being used for low-cost servers, budget web hosting platforms, game servers, and more. Since the Ryzen 5000 series we have seen the likes of ASRock Rack and Supermicro putting out interesting budget-friendly Ryzen servers and that has ramped up even more with AMD Ryzen 7000 series server performance being stellar thanks to AVX-512 and other improvements making it more practical for such workloads. AMD has now solidified its positioning for entry-level servers with the introduction of the EPYC 4004 series processors. The EPYC 4004 series is derived from the Ryzen 7000 series offerings to facilitate cost conscious server options and putting the Intel Xeon E-2400 series in the crosshairs. In this review is a look at the EPYC 4004 series along with benchmarks of nearly the entire EPYC 4004 product stack compared to Intel's current top-end Xeon E-2400 series processor, the Intel Xeon E-2488 Raptor Lake.

Linux 6.10 Adds eDP/DisplayPort Support For The Snapdragon X Elite
Linux 6.10 Adds eDP/DisplayPort Support For The Snapdragon X Elite
3 Hours Ago - Arm - Linux 6.10 DisplayPort - 7 Comments

Qualcomm and their partners at Linaro have been busy working on the Linux support for the Snapdragon X Elite as the high-end Arm SoC beginning to roll-out for laptops. The latest Snapdragon X Elite upstreaming is Embedded DisplayPort and DisplayPort support for the Snapdragon X Elite.

F2FS With Linux 6.10 Delivers Better Performance On Zoned Storage
F2FS With Linux 6.10 Delivers Better Performance On Zoned Storage
3 Hours Ago - Linux Storage - F2FS - Add A Comment

There's a lot of file-system activity going on for the Linux 6.10 merge window: Bcachefs safety improvements, better OCFS2 write performance, continued XFS online repair, and even a "mail-in merge request" from prison for ReiserFS. The Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) has also seen some new feature work this cycle and has now been merged.

Hangover 9.9 Adds Support For Using The NTSYNC Driver
Hangover 9.9 Adds Support For Using The NTSYNC Driver
3 Hours Ago - WINE - Hangover 9.9 - 2 Comments

André Zwing continues hacking on the Hangover project as a means of running Windows applications on AArch64 Linux by leveraging Wine and pairing it with emulators like QEMU, FEX, or Box64. Besides the initial AArch64/ARM64 focus, Hangover can be important for bring Windows game/application on Linux support eventually to other architectures like POWER and RISC-V.

20 May

RFC Patches Posted For Rust-Written NVIDIA "Nova" GPU Driver
RFC Patches Posted For Rust-Written NVIDIA "Nova" GPU Driver
20 May 03:37 PM EDT - Nouveau - Nova GPU Kernel Driver - 18 Comments

Red Hat engineers have been developing Nova as a new, Rust-written open-source NVIDIA kernel graphics driver as the eventual successor to the Nouveau kernel driver and is designed around NVIDIA's GPU System Processor (GSP) thus making the driver relevant for RTX 20 / Turing GPUs and newer. Today they posted a request for comments (RFC) patch series of the Nova driver and Rust DRM abstractions.

Many x86 Laptop Improvements In Linux 6.10 Plus Acer ARM Laptop
Many x86 Laptop Improvements In Linux 6.10 Plus Acer ARM Laptop
20 May 01:58 PM EDT - Hardware - x86 Platform Drivers - 9 Comments

The x86 platform driver updates have been merged for the ongoing Linux 6.10 merge window. The platform-drivers-x86 changes continue to primarily revolve around x86 Intel/AMD laptops but also some other desktop/platform drivers. Now in Linux 6.10 there is also a new "ARM64" sub-section of the platform drivers.

Farewell Intel Xeon Phi: Support Removed In The GCC 15 Compiler
Farewell Intel Xeon Phi: Support Removed In The GCC 15 Compiler
20 May 09:40 AM EDT - Intel - GCC 15 Drops Xeon Phi - 4 Comments

Last week I wrote about Intel aiming to remove Xeon Phi support in GCC 15 with the products being end-of-life and deprecated in GCC 14. While some openly wondered whether the open-source community would allow it given the Xeon Phi accelerators were available to buy just a few years ago and at some very low prices going back years so some potentially finding use still out of them especially during this AI boom (and still readily available to buy used for around ~$50 USD), today the Intel Xeon Phi support was indeed removed.

AMDGPU ISP Firmware Upstreamed In linux-firmware.git
AMDGPU ISP Firmware Upstreamed In linux-firmware.git
20 May 08:36 AM EDT - Radeon - Image Signal Processing - 8 Comments

It was just earlier this month that AMD Linux kernel graphics driver patches appeared for introducing a new ISP hardware block for Image Signal Processing with new AMD APUs. Already the AMDGPU ISP firmware has appeared in linux-firmware.git indicating that this "ISP" block may be coming in hardware quite soon if not already quietly found within some products.

19 May

Cloudflare Praises Golang PGO For Significant CPU Savings
Cloudflare Praises Golang PGO For Significant CPU Savings
19 May 06:47 AM EDT - Programming - Profile Guided Optimizations - 27 Comments

Released over a year ago was Golang 1.20 with support for Profile Guided Optimizations (PGO) and has since been improved with Go 1.21 for 2~7% faster Go binaries thanks to this optimization approach also found with other compilers. The engineers at Cloudflare have put out a blog post this week praising Go's PGO support and the CPU savings they are seeing as a result.

EXT4 In Linux 6.10 Adds FS_IOC_GETFSSYSFSPATH Support
EXT4 In Linux 6.10 Adds FS_IOC_GETFSSYSFSPATH Support
19 May 06:36 AM EDT - Linux Storage - EXT4 + Linux 6.10 - 1 Comment

While EROFS is seeing Zstd support and Bcachefs is seeing performance optimizations with the in-development Linux 6.10 kernel, over on the mature EXT4 file-system side the changes are mostly small. There are some minor changes, more folio conversion work, and also adding support for the FS_IOC_GETFSSYSFSPATH ioctl that has been seeing some standardization and adoption by the common Linux file-systems.

Linux 6.10 Scheduler Changes Bring More Refinements
Linux 6.10 Scheduler Changes Bring More Refinements
19 May 06:04 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Kernel Scheduler - 6 Comments

Alongside all of the other pull requests by Ingo Molnar submitted at the start of the week during the opening of the Linux 6.10 merge window were the scheduler updates. As usual, the kernel scheduler work continues to see various tweaks and refinements to enhance its behavior.

18 May

17 May

Ubuntu 24.10 To See More Polishing, NVIDIA Wayland By Default & New Welcome Wizard
17 May 10:00 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu 24.10 Features - 29 Comments

Oliver Smith who is serving as the Interim Engineering Director for the Ubuntu Desktop team at Canonical has shared some roadmap plans around Ubuntu 24.10. With this being the first post-LTS release following last month's Ubuntu 24.04 Long Term Support, they are more free to innovate this cycle and they have a lot of great plans for enhancing the Linux desktop experience.

Linux 6.10 Improves Performance For Opening Unencrypted Files
17 May 08:37 AM EDT - Linux Storage - FSCRYPT - 5 Comments

FSCRYPT is the file-system encryption framework within the Linux kernel for supporting optional encryption on file-systems like EXT4, F2FS, and others. With Linux 6.10 an optimization is coming for enhancing the performance of opening files on file-systems supporting FSCRYPT-based encryption but when the files are unencrypted.

Intel Readies Xeon Phi Removal For GCC 15
17 May 06:32 AM EDT - Intel - Dropping Xeon Phi - 24 Comments

For the GCC 14 compiler release is the deprecation of the Xeon Phi targets. With Intel Knights Landing and Knights Mill being end-of-life at Intel, they are working to do away with the GNU Compiler Collection support. A patch has been posted to drop the Xeon Phi ISAs with GCC 15.

16 May

Germany's Sovereign Tech Fund Now Supporting FFmpeg
16 May 03:29 PM EDT - Multimedia - Money For FFmpeg - 140 Comments

Following Germany's Sovereign Tech Fund providing significant funding for GNOME, Rust Coreutils, PHP, a systemd bug bounty, and numerous other free software projects, the FFmpeg multimedia library is the latest beneficiary to this funding from the Germany government.

AMD & Supermicro Collaborating On Open-Source Firmware With The OSFF
16 May 12:25 PM EDT - AMD - AMD & Supermicro - 4 Comments

As more positive indications around AMD's OpenSIL effort for open-source CPU silicon initialization to eventually replace AGESA, both AMD and Supermicro are now collaborating with the Open-Source Firmware Foundation. Supermicro has also publicly shown off a platform with OpenSIL+Coreboot and is said to be exploring OpenBMC for future hardware.

Intel Habana Labs & Xe Linux Driver Maintainer Steps Down
16 May 06:54 AM EDT - Intel - Intel Habana Labs + Xe Maintainer - 1 Comment

Coming as a surprise, longtime Linux developer Oded Gabbay announced he's left Intel / Habana Labs and is therefore stepping down from the maintainer role of the Linux kernel drivers for the Intel Xe DRM driver and more notably the Habana Labs accelerator driver that he's maintained from the start.

Intel IPU6 Driver Being Upstreamed In Linux 6.10
16 May 06:23 AM EDT - Intel - Intel Image Processing Unit IPU6 - 4 Comments

Intel's Image Processing Unit (IPU) IP has been a cause for concern in recent years as the lack of proper upstream open-source driver support has led Linux users running into troubles making use of MIPI camera sensors on modern laptops. Finally with Linux 6.10 the Intel IPU6 driver is being upstreamed into the media subsystem.

Firewire IEEE-1394 Support Continues To Be Improved With The Linux 6.10 Kernel
16 May 06:16 AM EDT - Hardware - Linux 6.10 + Firewire - 5 Comments

While most of you have not thought about or used Firewire (IEEE-1394) in years, there still are some legacy digital video cameras and some professional audio devices relying on the interface. Last year saw a new Firewire maintainer step-up for the Linux kernel after the code had fallen dormant. The plans by that new maintainer, Takashi Sakamoto, are to maintain Linux's Firewire support through 2029. He's continuing to do a good job with the upcoming Linux 6.10 kernel bringing the latest batch of Firewire enhancements.

Linus Torvalds On Dogfooding The Linux Kernel
16 May 06:02 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Yes He Does - 22 Comments

Besides Linus Torvalds examining various elements of code he's merging and build testing it on his AMD Ryzen Threadripper workstation and now also testing more on ARM64 with Ampere Altra, he does these days still believe in "dogfooding" and is in fact running the leading-edge Linux kernel code even during the merge window.

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