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Intel NPU Acceleration Library 1.1 Adds New Model Support & Optimizations
Intel NPU Acceleration Library 1.1 Adds New Model Support & Optimizations
14 Hours Ago - Intel - Intel NPU Accel Library 1.1 - 1 Comment

Intel software engineers did a late Friday night release of the Intel NPU Acceleration Library v1.1, their Python library for tapping into the Intel Neural Processing Unit (NPU) found on the new Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) processors. This Python library makes it easier to interface with the Intel VPU/NPU kernel driver and in turn enjoying accelerated operations for AI.

KDE Landed Many Last Minute Features Ahead Of The Plasma 6.1 Beta
KDE Landed Many Last Minute Features Ahead Of The Plasma 6.1 Beta
14 Hours Ago - KDE - KDE Plasma 6.1 Features - 15 Comments

It was a busy week for KDE developers ahead of yesterday's Plasma 6.1 Beta release. KDE developer Nate Graham in his weekly development summary outlined all of the interesting changes to make it into the Plasma 6.1 desktop ahead of the feature freeze that went into effect with the beta release.

24 May

Intel Core Ultra 7 165U "Meteor Lake" Linux Performance
Intel Core Ultra 7 165U "Meteor Lake" Linux Performance
24 May 02:00 PM EDT - Computers - 17 Comments

For those considering an Intel Core Ultra 7 165U "Meteor Lake" powered laptop, here are some benchmarks of the 165U using a Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 5 compared against the Acer Swift 14 with the Core Ultra 7 155H (Meteor Lake), the AMD Ryzen 7 7840U (Zen 4) within the Framework 13, and the AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS (Zen 4) within the Framework 16 under Linux.

Framework 13 & 16 Added To ChromeOS Platform Driver In Linux 6.10
Framework 13 & 16 Added To ChromeOS Platform Driver In Linux 6.10
24 May 06:43 AM EDT - Hardware - cros_ec_lpc - 5 Comments

The Framework 13 and Framework 16 AMD Ryzen powered laptops make use of an NPCX embedded controller that rely on the ChromeOS open-source embedded controller (EC) firmware. With the Linux 6.10 kernel the Chrome OS "cros_ec_lpc" driver is being extended to support these latest Framework upgradeable laptops.

Linux 6.10 Adds Support For The Machenike G5 Pro Controller
Linux 6.10 Adds Support For The Machenike G5 Pro Controller
24 May 06:17 AM EDT - Hardware - Linux 6.10 Input - Add A Comment

Following the HID changes last week that brought Steam Deck IMU and ASUS ROG Ally support along with other Human Interface Device additions, on Thursday the input subsystem updates were submitted for this new kernel. The Machenike G5 Pro gaming controller is now supported along with other input additions.

23 May

GNOME Publishes Draft Of Five-Year Strategic Plan
GNOME Publishes Draft Of Five-Year Strategic Plan
23 May 02:10 PM EDT - GNOME - GNOME's Five Year Plan - 124 Comments

The GNOME Foundation has published a draft copy of their five-year strategic plan that calls for more around the community, DEI, services, a more streamlined and inclusive annual event, and strengthening the foundation.

Ubuntu 24.04 + Linux 6.9 Intel & AMD Server Performance
Ubuntu 24.04 + Linux 6.9 Intel & AMD Server Performance
23 May 12:30 PM EDT - Processors - 5 Comments

While earlier this week was looking at the AMD EPYC 4004 vs. Intel Xeon E-2488 performance for entry-level server performance, in today's benchmarking showdown is a fresh look higher up the stack at the current generation server performance out of Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids / Emerald Rapids and AMD EPYC Genoa(X) / Bergamo / Siena with a leading-edge open-source software stack of using Ubuntu 24.04 LTS while also jumping from Linux 6.8 to Linux 6.9 for the very latest x86_64 Linux server performance.

Linux 6.10 Staging Drops Broken & Unused Drivers To Remove 19k L.O.C.
Linux 6.10 Staging Drops Broken & Unused Drivers To Remove 19k L.O.C.
23 May 06:58 AM EDT - Hardware - 19k Lines Of Code Removed - 8 Comments

In addition to the Linux 6.10 USB changes and char/misc with the new NTSYNC driver, Greg Kroah-Hartman on Wednesday also sent out the staging updates for Linux 6.10. There isn't much in the way of new code but some 19k lines of code removed thanks to removing an unused driver as well as a broken driver.

GNOME Shell & Mutter Broke Their Good Faith With Ubuntu
GNOME Shell & Mutter Broke Their Good Faith With Ubuntu
23 May 06:09 AM EDT - GNOME - GNOME MicroRelease Exception - 73 Comments

GNOME Shell and Mutter had been covered by Ubuntu's GNOME MicroReleaseException "MRE" policy that allows for new point releases to ship rather easily as stable updates to existing Ubuntu Linux releases. But breaking the camel's back is GNOME 46.1 shipping explicit sync support. Due to landing a "significant new feature" into a point release, the GNOME Shell and Mutter are no longer covered by this exception.

22 May

Initial Windows NT Sync Driver Merged Into Linux 6.10 But Not Yet Complete
Initial Windows NT Sync Driver Merged Into Linux 6.10 But Not Yet Complete
22 May 08:07 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - NTSYNC Driver - 1 Comment

Greg Kroah-Hartman today sent in the char/misc updates for Linux 6.10 alongside the other areas of the kernel he oversees. Among the char/misc changes is adding the NTSYNC driver that exposes the /dev/ntsync character device for use by the likes of Wine and Valve's Steam Play (Proton). But for Linux 6.10 the driver is effectively "broken" as most of the feature patches have yet to be included.

Alpine Linux 3.20 Released With Initial 64-bit RISC-V Support
Alpine Linux 3.20 Released With Initial 64-bit RISC-V Support
22 May 09:02 AM EDT - Operating Systems - Alpine Linux 3.20 - 7 Comments

Alpine Linux 3.20 has been released as the newest feature release to this security-minded, lightweight Linux distribution that is popular for embedded and container use. Alpine Linux continues to set itself apart from others by making use of musl libc, Busybox, and other modifications in the name of security and small footprint.

21 May

ASRock Rack Releases BIOS Update For EPYC 4004 Support With AM5 Ryzen Boards
21 May 01:30 PM EDT - AMD - ASRock Rack EPYC 4004 - 10 Comments

As a follow-up to this morning's AMD EPYC 4004 review and benchmarks, Supermicro, ASRock Rack, Giga Computing, Tyan, and others have announced new motherboards/servers for these entry-level EPYC servers. In addition with the likes of ASRock Rack they have already published BIOS updates enabling existing AM5 Ryzen server boards to officially support the EPYC 4004 series processors.

AMD EPYC 4004 Benchmarks: Outperforming Intel Xeon E-2400 With Performance, Efficiency & Value
21 May 09:00 AM EDT - Processors - 20 Comments

Over the past several years we have seen AMD Ryzen processors being used for low-cost servers, budget web hosting platforms, game servers, and more. Since the Ryzen 5000 series we have seen the likes of ASRock Rack and Supermicro putting out interesting budget-friendly Ryzen servers and that has ramped up even more with AMD Ryzen 7000 series server performance being stellar thanks to AVX-512 and other improvements making it more practical for such workloads. AMD has now solidified its positioning for entry-level servers with the introduction of the EPYC 4004 series processors. The EPYC 4004 series is derived from the Ryzen 7000 series offerings to facilitate cost conscious server options and putting the Intel Xeon E-2400 series in the crosshairs. In this review is a look at the EPYC 4004 series along with benchmarks of nearly the entire EPYC 4004 product stack compared to Intel's current top-end Xeon E-2400 series processor, the Intel Xeon E-2488 Raptor Lake.

Linux 6.10 Adds eDP/DisplayPort Support For The Snapdragon X Elite
21 May 07:12 AM EDT - Arm - Linux 6.10 DisplayPort - 16 Comments

Qualcomm and their partners at Linaro have been busy working on the Linux support for the Snapdragon X Elite as the high-end Arm SoC beginning to roll-out for laptops. The latest Snapdragon X Elite upstreaming is Embedded DisplayPort and DisplayPort support for the Snapdragon X Elite.

F2FS With Linux 6.10 Delivers Better Performance On Zoned Storage
21 May 06:58 AM EDT - Linux Storage - F2FS - 1 Comment

There's a lot of file-system activity going on for the Linux 6.10 merge window: Bcachefs safety improvements, better OCFS2 write performance, continued XFS online repair, and even a "mail-in merge request" from prison for ReiserFS. The Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) has also seen some new feature work this cycle and has now been merged.

Hangover 9.9 Adds Support For Using The NTSYNC Driver
21 May 06:51 AM EDT - WINE - Hangover 9.9 - 7 Comments

André Zwing continues hacking on the Hangover project as a means of running Windows applications on AArch64 Linux by leveraging Wine and pairing it with emulators like QEMU, FEX, or Box64. Besides the initial AArch64/ARM64 focus, Hangover can be important for bring Windows game/application on Linux support eventually to other architectures like POWER and RISC-V.

20 May

RFC Patches Posted For Rust-Written NVIDIA "Nova" GPU Driver
20 May 03:37 PM EDT - Nouveau - Nova GPU Kernel Driver - 34 Comments

Red Hat engineers have been developing Nova as a new, Rust-written open-source NVIDIA kernel graphics driver as the eventual successor to the Nouveau kernel driver and is designed around NVIDIA's GPU System Processor (GSP) thus making the driver relevant for RTX 20 / Turing GPUs and newer. Today they posted a request for comments (RFC) patch series of the Nova driver and Rust DRM abstractions.

Many x86 Laptop Improvements In Linux 6.10 Plus Acer ARM Laptop
20 May 01:58 PM EDT - Hardware - x86 Platform Drivers - 11 Comments

The x86 platform driver updates have been merged for the ongoing Linux 6.10 merge window. The platform-drivers-x86 changes continue to primarily revolve around x86 Intel/AMD laptops but also some other desktop/platform drivers. Now in Linux 6.10 there is also a new "ARM64" sub-section of the platform drivers.

Farewell Intel Xeon Phi: Support Removed In The GCC 15 Compiler
20 May 09:40 AM EDT - Intel - GCC 15 Drops Xeon Phi - 4 Comments

Last week I wrote about Intel aiming to remove Xeon Phi support in GCC 15 with the products being end-of-life and deprecated in GCC 14. While some openly wondered whether the open-source community would allow it given the Xeon Phi accelerators were available to buy just a few years ago and at some very low prices going back years so some potentially finding use still out of them especially during this AI boom (and still readily available to buy used for around ~$50 USD), today the Intel Xeon Phi support was indeed removed.

AMDGPU ISP Firmware Upstreamed In linux-firmware.git
20 May 08:36 AM EDT - Radeon - Image Signal Processing - 11 Comments

It was just earlier this month that AMD Linux kernel graphics driver patches appeared for introducing a new ISP hardware block for Image Signal Processing with new AMD APUs. Already the AMDGPU ISP firmware has appeared in linux-firmware.git indicating that this "ISP" block may be coming in hardware quite soon if not already quietly found within some products.

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