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Kalray Updates Patches For Their Linux Kernel Port To The KV3-1 "Coolidge" SoC
Kalray Updates Patches For Their Linux Kernel Port To The KV3-1 "Coolidge" SoC
7 Hours Ago - Hardware - KVX Linux Kernel Port - Add A Comment

Way back at the start of 2023, French fabless semiconductor company Kalray posted Linux kernel patches for a "KVX" Linux kernel port to get Linux up and running on their MPPA3-80 "Coolidge" DPU SoC with the KV3-1 CPU architecture. A year and a half later this work still is outside the Linux kernel but finally a third iteration of the KVX Linux kernel port has been posted for review.

21 July

XZ Patches For The Linux Kernel Updated, Drops "Jia Tan" As A Maintainer
XZ Patches For The Linux Kernel Updated, Drops "Jia Tan" As A Maintainer
21 July 03:11 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - XZ For The Linux Kernel - 30 Comments

Back in March were a set of patches to the Linux kernel's XZ embedded compression implementation with the project having switched from public domain to the BSD Zero Clause License along with other changes to update that in-tree code. Since then the notorious XZ backdoor situation was discovered in the upstream XZ project. With those major issues behind, Lasse Collin today sent out an updated set of patches for updating the in-tree XZ code for the Linux kernel.

20 July

New Linux Patches Enable The Snapdragon X1 Elite Powered Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6
New Linux Patches Enable The Snapdragon X1 Elite Powered Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6
20 July 06:34 AM EDT - Hardware - Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6 - 22 Comments

With Linux 6.11 support for the Lenovo Yoga Slim7x and ASUS Vivobook S15 are upstreamed for some of the first Qualcomm Snapdragon X1 Elite powered laptops. But for follow-on kernel cycles you can expect yet more Snapdragon X1 Elite/Plus powered laptop support to appear with new DeviceTree additions. On Friday, Linaro engineer Konrad Dybcio sent out the patches for enabling the X1 Elite powered Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6 laptop.

19 July

AMD XDNA Ryzen AI Linux Kernel Driver Posted For Review
AMD XDNA Ryzen AI Linux Kernel Driver Posted For Review
19 July 02:30 PM EDT - AMD - AMD XDNA Linux Driver - 19 Comments

Back in January AMD quietly posted an XDNA Linux kernel driver for enabling the Ryzen AI NPUs. The driver has been maintained within that GitHub repository since but without any clear effort for getting this accelerator driver reviewed and merged into the upstream Linux kernel. Today that first step is finally being taken with the Ryzen AI XDNA Linux kernel driver patches posted to the Linux kernel mailing list and dri-devel to begin facilitating the upstream review process for getting this AI accelerator driver in the mainline kernel.

18 July

AWS Graviton4 96-Core Performance vs. AMD EPYC & Intel Xeon CPUs
18 July 12:00 PM EDT - Processors - 21 Comments

Last week I published some initial benchmarks of the Amazon/AWS Graviton4 processors now available within the EC2 cloud using the new "R8g" instances. That initial comparison was a 64 vCPU comparison of Graviton4 against AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon 64 vCPU AWS instances. In today's article is a look at the 96-core Graviton4 bare metal performance using the "r8g.metal-24xl" AWS instance type. The Graviton4 r8g.metal-24xl performance was then compared in today's article against various bare metal AMD EPYC, Ampere Altra Max, and Intel Xeon processors in the lab at Phoronix.

EXT4 Has A Very Nice Performance Optimization For Linux 6.11
18 July 07:45 AM EDT - Linux Storage - Faster Performance - 47 Comments

With the maturity of the EXT4 file-system it's not too often seeing any huge feature additions for this commonly used Linux file-system but there's still the occasional wild performance optimization to uncover... With Linux 6.11 the EXT4 file-system can see upwards of a 20% performance boost in some scenarios.

GCC On AArch64 Handles Rewriting "-march=native" To "-mcpu=native"
18 July 06:56 AM EDT - GNU - -march=native On ARM - 2 Comments

Toward the end of 2022 a GCC AArch64 compiler change was quietly made by Arm that allows "-march=native" to be handled on 64-bit ARM by treating it as the equivalent "-mcpu=native" option. The change happened to fly under my radar at that time and didn't draw much attention at large while now it's finally being officially documented in hopes of similar behavior being adopted by other compilers for AArch64.

Fedora 41 Looks To Ship Upcoming AMD ROCm 6.2 For Latest AI Capabilities
18 July 06:22 AM EDT - Fedora - AMD ROCm 6.2 - 9 Comments

The ROCm 6.1 series is the latest stable version currently of AMD's open-source GPU compute stack with an increasing large focus on AI. AMD has confirmed to Red Hat that ROCm 6.2 will debut before the release of Fedora 41, so the developers are now hoping to be shipping ROCm 6.2 packages with this upcoming Fedora Linux release.

17 July

Rust Safety Standard Proposed For The Linux Kernel
17 July 08:24 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - Rust Safety Standard - 63 Comments

While Rust is viewed as a memory safe and robust programming language, there is the "unsafe" keyword within Rust that can be used for unsafe code that grants "unsafe superpowers" for the language. As dealing with Rust at low-levels as the Linux kernel can lead to needing to use "unsafe" Rust at times, a documentation standard has been proposed for dealing with such code inside the kernel.

NVIDIA Promotes Their Open-Source GPU Kernel Driver Support
17 July 03:23 PM EDT - NVIDIA - Open-Source GPU Kernel Drivers - 62 Comments

It's been a wild two years since NVIDIA began publishing an open-source Linux GPU kernel driver for Turing GPUs and newer. With the latest NVIDIA 555 Linux driver series that open-source kernel driver support is in great shape and NVIDIA today is out with a lengthy blog post promoting it.

Linux 6.11 EFI Will Fake That It's Booting Apple macOS To Fix Some Dual-GPU Macs
17 July 06:40 AM EDT - Apple - Linux 6.11 EFI Identifies As Mac OS X - 35 Comments

The EFI changes have been merged for the in-development Linux 6.11 kernel. Notable this cycle on the EFI side is removing support for EFI fake memory maps and then a workaround to get dual GPU support working for some of the older x86-based Apple MacBook Pros by pretending that Apple macOS is booting rather than Linux.

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