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GCC 11.4 Released With 110+ Bugs Fixed
GCC 11.4 Released With 110+ Bugs Fixed
99 Minutes Ago - GNU - GCC 11.4 - Add A Comment

While GCC 13 saw its first stable release several weeks back, for those taking their time in moving to major new compiler releases and still relying on the two-year-old GCC 11 series, out today is the GCC 11.4 point release.

28 May

Linux Lands Fix For Potentially Bogus Number Of Intel Hybrid CPU HT Siblings
Linux Lands Fix For Potentially Bogus Number Of Intel Hybrid CPU HT Siblings
28 May 08:11 AM EDT - Intel - Fixed For Linux 6.4-rc4 - 2 Comments

A few days ago I wrote about a Linux kernel patch being prepared for fixing Intel hybrid CPU SMP/HT topology reporting due to the way the Linux kernel was currently counting the number of Hyper Threading siblings for each core. Fortunately, that fix which is apparently becomes more pressing for upcoming Meteor Lake processors, has now been picked up in time for today's Linux 6.4-rc4 release and is set for back-porting to stable kernel series.

Wine-Staging 8.9 Ships With The Very Latest VKD3D Code
Wine-Staging 8.9 Ships With The Very Latest VKD3D Code
28 May 06:20 AM EDT - WINE - Wine-Staging 8.9 - 20 Comments

Following the release of Wine 8.9 on Friday for enabling Windows games and applications to run on Linux, Wine-Staging 8.9 is now available for this more testing/development-focused flavor of Wine that more liberally picks up in-development patches.

27 May

Debian 12.0's Installer Reaches RC4 Status
Debian 12.0's Installer Reaches RC4 Status
27 May 07:15 PM EDT - Debian - Debian Installer Bookworm RC4 - 1 Comment

The Debian 12 "Bookworm" release is quickly approaching with an early June release date while for helping facilitate more last minute testing is a fourth release candidate of the updated Debian Installer.

26 May

Linux Preps Hybrid SMP Fix To Avoid Upcoming Laptops Appearing As 11 Socket Monsters
Linux Preps Hybrid SMP Fix To Avoid Upcoming Laptops Appearing As 11 Socket Monsters
26 May 08:17 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Hybrid SMP Topology Fix - 7 Comments

A fix is on its way to the mainline Linux 6.4 kernel and also marked for back-porting to existing stable kernel series to fix x86 topology reporting for Intel Hybrid systems. The topology bug within the kernel becomes more pronounced for Meteor Lake laptops where currently internal Intel test laptops can report the systems having 11 CPU sockets rather than the proper number of cores all contained within one CPU socket.

Big Throughput Boost & Lower Latency With New Patch For Linux Checksum Function
Big Throughput Boost & Lower Latency With New Patch For Linux Checksum Function
26 May 06:21 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - csum_partial - 12 Comments

Queued up ahead of the Linux 6.5 cycle kicking off in about one month is a new Linux x86 optimization patch for further tuning csum_partial, the function used within the kernel for calculating 32-bit checksums on blocks of data. Much lower latency and higher throughput can be observed with the newly-optimized csum_partial on the latest Intel/AMD processors.

25 May

Intel Engineers Revise Key Locker Implementation For Linux
25 May 08:03 AM EDT - Intel - Intel Key Locker v7 - 4 Comments

Going back to 2020 has been work by Intel's open-source engineers on implementing Key Locker support for Linux. Intel Key Locker allows for encrypting/decrypting data with an AES key without having access to the raw/actual key. AES keys are converted into handles with Intel Key Locker that can then be used for carrying out encryption/decryption on that system until revoked or system state changes. Intel engineers on Wednesday posted their seventh iteration of the patches for supporting Key Locker on Linux.

More Wine Wayland Code Has Been Merged
25 May 06:16 AM EDT - WINE - dynamic wl_output events - 39 Comments

Since the early bits of Wine Wayland support were merged back in March for building up a native Wayland display driver, Alexandros Frantzis has continued submitting more of the code for review and upstreaming. Wednesday marked the third chunk of Wine Wayland code to be merged.

24 May

Intel's Open Image Denoise 2.0 Brings SYCL For Xe GPUs, NVIDIA CUDA, AMD HIP
24 May 06:47 PM EDT - Intel - Open Image Denoise 2.0 - 5 Comments

Among Intel's dozens of terrific open-source components -- including the many components making up their oneAPI software suite -- is Open Image Denoise. Open Image Denoise for years has been a terrific, high-performance denoising library for ray-tracing use The software has long been CPU-based while being highly performant thanks to leveraging modern instruction set extensions. Today though Open Image Denoise 2.0 is released and brings GPU acceleration across Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA graphics processors.

Fedora's RPM Fusion Adds Experimental Intel IPU6 Web Camera Support
24 May 12:00 PM EDT - Intel - Fedora IPU6 Camera Support - 10 Comments

The Intel IPU6 web camera tech found in Alder Lake laptops and newer has unfortunately no upstream Linux driver yet and has resulted in kernel developers avoiding these laptops where web camera support is needed. Intel maintains an out-of-tree IPU6 Linux driver while they have been making progress toward ultimately getting it upstreamed. To ease the situation for Fedora Linux users, an experimental IPU6 software stack has now been added to the RPM Fusion repository.

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