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New MGLRU Linux Patches Look To Improve The Scalability Of Global Reclaim
New MGLRU Linux Patches Look To Improve The Scalability Of Global Reclaim
5 Hours Ago - Linux Kernel - memcg LRU - 2 Comments

Among the many exciting new features in Linux 6.1 is the merging of the Multi-Gen LRU "MGLRU" code as what has shaped up to be one of the best kernel innovations for 2022 for overhauling the Linux kernel's page reclamation code. The performance results already are very promising and MGLRU is being used successfully at Google and other large deployments. The work isn't over though on further advancing the kernel in this area.

AMD Zen 4 Cost Table & Tuning Patches Posted For The GCC Compiler
AMD Zen 4 Cost Table & Tuning Patches Posted For The GCC Compiler
10 Hours Ago - AMD - Znver4 Tuning - 2 Comments

Back in October AMD sent out their initial Zen 4 "znver4" enablement for the GCC compiler. That initial Zen 4 support was since merged for GCC 13 but that initial enablement carried over the cost tables from Zen 3 and didn't do much in the way of tuning but rather just flipping on the new instructions supported by the Ryzen 7000 series and EPYC 9004 series processors. Today there is finally some juicy tuning patches being sent out for GCC.

5 December

A Fresh Look At The Asahi Linux Performance On Apple's M2
A Fresh Look At The Asahi Linux Performance On Apple's M2
5 December 12:00 PM EST - Software - 13 Comments

Back during the summer once Asahi Linux introduced initial Apple M2 SoC support I ran many Apple M2 Linux benchmarks including a look at how the M2 competes with AMD and Intel laptop processors. With months having passed since then and the Apple M1/M2 Linux support has continued to advance upstream as well as more work hitting the Asahi Linux tree, here is a fresh look at where the performance of the M2 is currently at compared to that initial at-launch support.

PoCL 3.1 Released - Improved SPIR-V For CPU & CUDA Drivers, WIP Vulkan Driver
PoCL 3.1 Released - Improved SPIR-V For CPU & CUDA Drivers, WIP Vulkan Driver
5 December 08:19 AM EST - Standards - PoCL 3.1 - Add A Comment

PoCL 3.1 is out today as the newest feature update to the "Portable Computing Language" that is effectively a portable OpenCL implementation that originally began focused on being a CPU-based implementation of OpenCL and has grown to support additional back-end drivers via LLVM for targeting NVIDIA CUDA, an experimental Vulkan driver, and other accelerator targets.

Twenty Old X.Org Components See New Updates
Twenty Old X.Org Components See New Updates
5 December 05:57 AM EST - X.Org - X11 Updates - 37 Comments

While X.Org Katamari releases are no longer being organized to bundle up all of the different X11 software components behind one version number and some X.Org software pieces are seeing very seldom updates every number of years, this past week has seen twenty new X.Org software releases.

4 December

3 December

2 December

AMD Radeon With Linux 6.1 + Mesa 23.0-dev vs. NVIDIA R525 Gaming Performance
2 December 07:30 AM EST - Linux Gaming - 28 Comments

With the Linux 6.1 kernel due to be released in the next week, Mesa 23.0-devel continuing to see a lot of improvements land for RADV and RadeonSI, and the NVIDIA R525 Linux driver series being available, here is a fresh look at the AMD Radeon vs. NVIDIA GeForce Linux gaming performance with various graphics cards and an assortment of Linux games -- both native and via Valve's Steam Play.

Fedora 38 Might Ship With A Sway ISO Spin
2 December 06:12 AM EST - Fedora - Fedora 38 Sway - 22 Comments

While the Sway Wayland compositor has long been available via the Fedora package repositories, Sway fans within the Fedora space are hoping that Fedora 38 will ship with a Fedora Sway spin being available for an easy and out-of-the-box experience for running this i3-inspired Wayland compositor.

1 December

Initial - But Disabled - Support Added For Intel Meteor Lake With Mesa 23.0
1 December 01:45 PM EST - Mesa - Meteor Lake Mesa - 1 Comment

Intel engineers have been busy bringing up Meteor Lake support for Linux from the improved integrated graphics to other areas of this next-gen Core processor that will eventually succeed Raptor Lake. In addition to heavy and ongoing work with the i915 kernel graphics driver, the initial Meteor Lake support has been merged now for Mesa.

Trying Out The BSDs On The Intel Core i9 13900K "Raptor Lake"
1 December 11:45 AM EST - BSD - One Boots, The Others Fail - 35 Comments

It's been a while since trying out the BSD operating systems on bleeding-edge hardware while a Phoronix Premium recently asked about the BSDs on Raptor Lake. Well, here are my initial experiences trying to run FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and DragonflyBSD on the Intel Core i9 13900K desktop.

Fedora's FESCo Rejects The Idea Of "-fno-omit-frame-pointer" As Default Compiler Flag
1 December 07:28 AM EST - Fedora - Too Much Lost Performance - 34 Comments

The past few months there has been a change proposal discussed around adding "-fno-omit-frame-pointer" to the default compilation flags for packages being built for Fedora Linux. Adding this option would improve the profiling/debug-ability of the packages but with possible performance implications. The Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) has now rejected this contentious change proposal.

AMD EPYC Genoa, Linux 6.1 & Rust Efforts Excited Linux Users In November
1 December 06:30 AM EST - Phoronix - November Highlights - 1 Comment

With November now in the books, here is a look back at the most popular original open-source/Linux content on Phoronix from the 245 original articles written by your's truly over the past month. It was an extremely exciting month given the launch of the AMD EPYC 9004 "Genoa" processors with up to 96 cores per socket, AVX-512, and with all of the improvements meant outright insane generational improvement and currently slaughtering the competition. The Linux 6.1 kernel nearing the limelight, early development work on Linux 6.2, and the continued embracing of the Rust programming language by the open-source ecosystem all made for an interesting November.

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