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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5965WX Benchmarks Show Some Speedups With Linux 6.0 Git
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5965WX Benchmarks Show Some Speedups With Linux 6.0 Git
7 Hours Ago - AMD - Linux 5.19 vs. Linux 6.0 - 2 Comments

With AMD EPYC showing some nice gains on Linux 6.0, I've been eager to begin testing Linux 6.0 on more systems especially now that the v6.0 merge window is winding down... With now having the shiny new AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5965WX, I decided to take this high-end 24-core chip for a run with Linux 6.0 Git to see how it performs over Linux 5.19 stable.

9 August

Apple M2 vs. AMD Rembrandt vs. Intel Alder Lake Linux Benchmarks
Apple M2 vs. AMD Rembrandt vs. Intel Alder Lake Linux Benchmarks
9 August 01:30 PM EDT - Processors - 102 Comments

Given the significant interest from Phoronix readers about how well Apple M2 performs on Linux, especially after it was noted Linus Torvalds using an Apple MacBook Air M2, here are the first of many benchmark articles to come looking at how well Apple's M2 performs under Linux against Intel/AMD x86_64 competition. The new Apple MacBook Air with M2 was benchmarked for this article against the AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U "Rembrandt" Zen 3+, Intel Core i7 1280P "Alder Lake P", an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX "Cezanne H", and also for reference an Apple Mac Mini M1 model. All of these laptops were tested under Arch Linux (x86_64) and the Arch-based Asahi Linux (M1/M2).

AMD Releases AOMP 15.0-3 Compiler
AMD Releases AOMP 15.0-3 Compiler
9 August 06:38 AM EDT - AMD - AOMP 15.0-3 - Add A Comment

AMD engineers have released an updated version of AOMP, their LLVM/Clang downstream that carries the company's latest patches around OpenMP offloading to Radeon GPUs.

Renewed Work Around GNOME 30-bit Deep Color Frame-Buffer Support
Renewed Work Around GNOME 30-bit Deep Color Frame-Buffer Support
9 August 05:50 AM EDT - GNOME - Deep Color On GNOME Wayland - 24 Comments

Going back years has been an effort to get 30-bit deep color support on the GNOME desktop under Wayland. Ubuntu and others have been interested in getting 30-bit color support working nicely for the Linux desktop, but while that milestone hasn't yet been crossed, thankfully there is some renewed work in that direction.

8 August

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5965WX Performance On Linux
AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5965WX Performance On Linux
8 August 09:00 AM EDT - Processors - 16 Comments

Earlier this year AMD announced the Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000 WX series but initially was limited to Lenovo workstations. Earlier this summer it was then announced the Threadripper PRO 5000 WX series would be heading to more system integrators and then the DIY market. Well, finally, these Zen 3 Threadripper chips are heading out to the DYI market and today the review embargo lifts. AMD recently sent over a Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5965WX for my Linux testing at Phoronix and here is my initial review and performance benchmarks for this Zen 3 24-core / 48-thread HEDT chip.

Habana Labs Gaudi2 Support Leads The Linux 6.0 Char/Misc Changes
Habana Labs Gaudi2 Support Leads The Linux 6.0 Char/Misc Changes
8 August 05:31 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Gaudi2 With Linux 6.0 - 2 Comments

The "char/misc" changes were merged a few days back for the Linux 6.0 kernel with this pull being the rather "random catch-all" area of the kernel for drivers not fitting within other subsystems. Most notable with the char/misc updates for Linux 6.0 is introducing support for Intel's Habana Labs Gaudi2.

AMD's "Sabrina" SoC Is Mendocino - Coreboot Enablement Continues
AMD's "Sabrina" SoC Is Mendocino - Coreboot Enablement Continues
8 August 12:00 AM EDT - AMD - Sabrina = Mendocino - 10 Comments

You may recall the Phoronix news earlier this year around an AMD "Sabrina" SoC appearing in Coreboot for open-source system firmware support. Over the past few months we've cited a number of AMD Sabrina hits in open-source code but outside of that haven't heard much else about "Sabrina" or seen it on AMD's roadmaps.

7 August

OpenSUSE Tumblewed Planning To Finally End ReiserFS Support
OpenSUSE Tumblewed Planning To Finally End ReiserFS Support
7 August 03:38 PM EDT - SUSE - Farewell ReiserFS - 18 Comments

SUSE had been one of the big supporters of ReiserFS two decades ago when it was using the ReiserFS file-system by default but that practice ended in 2006. While SUSE/openSUSE hasn't defaulted to ReiserFS for many years, it has remained an install-time option and retained support for mounting ReiserFS file-systems, but that practice is likely soon ending.

BUS1 Working On "r-linux" - A Rust Capability-Based Linux Runtime
BUS1 Working On "r-linux" - A Rust Capability-Based Linux Runtime
7 August 06:09 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - r-linux - 25 Comments

BUS1 started out as a Linux kernel IPC module following the failure of KDBUS and while there still are occasional commits to that out-of-tree BUS1 kernel module, the involved (Red Hat) developers have been primarily working on Dbus-Broker as the high performance, user-space D-Bus implementation that delivers greater speed and reliability over the reference D-Bus code. Now also popping up under the BUS1 umbrella is "r-linux" as a Rust-written, capability-based Linux runtime.

FBDEV Updates For Linux 6.0 Bring Fixes For The Atari Graphics Chipset Driver
7 August 05:09 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Atari FBDEV - 4 Comments

Earlier this year a developer stepped up willing to maintain Linux's FBDEV subsystem for frame-buffer device drivers since it fell into an unmaintained state in 2016 but even prior to that had been on the decline in the era of more proper DRM/KMS drivers. Helge Deller continues that work overseeing the frame-buffer device "FBDEV" subsystem and this week sent in the new patches for Linux 6.0.

6 August

OpenRISC Enables PCI Support With Linux 6.0
6 August 12:00 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - OpenRISC + PCI - 3 Comments

While OpenRISC has been around a decade longer than RISC-V and its original support in the Linux kernel dates back to the v3.1 days, on the hardware side OpenRISC hasn't enjoyed nearly as much success as RISC-V and its kernel support not advancing nearly as rapidly. Now with Linux 6.0, OpenRISC is finally exposing PCI bus support.

5 August

DreamWorks Animation To Open-Source MoonRay Renderer
5 August 02:04 PM EDT - Free Software - OpenMoonRay - 22 Comments

DreamWorks Animation announced today that they intend to release their MoonRay production renderer as open-source softwate later in 2022. DreamWorks' MoonRay renderer has been used for films such as How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, The Bad Guys, Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, and other animated films.

Microsoft Continues Improving Its Internal Linux Distro With Another Update
5 August 06:13 AM EDT - Microsoft - CBL-Mariner 2.0 July 2022 Update 2 - 16 Comments

It was just over a year ago Microsoft lifted the lid further on CBL-Mariner as its internal Linux distribution used for a variety of purposes at the company from running within their Azure cloud environment to also finding use by WSL, and various other use-cases. They have continued issuing updates and expanding the capabilities of this enterprise-tasked Linux distribution.

Linux 6.0's Perf Tooling Ready For AMD Zen 4 IBS
5 August 05:52 AM EDT - AMD - Instruction Based Sampling - 1 Comment

Earlier this year AMD began posting Linux kernel patches for >a href="">Instruction Based Sampling (IBS) extensions coming with Zen 4 processors. With Linux 5.19 the Zen 4 IBS extensions landed while now with Linux 6.0 the perf tools have been updated for dealing with Zen 4 IBS.

XFS Scalability Improvement, Other File-System Enhancements Land In Linux 6.0
5 August 05:39 AM EDT - Linux Storage - XFS + EXT4 Changes For Linux 6.0 - 1 Comment

The XFS file-system may be getting up there in age but there are no signs of it slowing down but rather the opposite -- continued scalability work and performance optimizations -- as well as tacking on new features. With Linux 6.0, the mature XFS continues to age well. Separately, the EXT4 file-system updates have also landed in Linux 6.0.

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