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Linux 5.19 Adds Support For XSAVEC When Running As A VM Guest
Linux 5.19 Adds Support For XSAVEC When Running As A VM Guest

Various hypervisors expose support for the XSAVEC instruction as an XSAVE with compaction as an efficiency optimization. However, the Linux kernel doesn't currently make use of XSAVEC as an alternative to XSAVES (supervisor mode) but that is now changing with Linux 5.19.

1 June 2022 - XSAVEC - 3 Comments
Intel-Led Cloud-Hypervisor 24 Released For Rust-Written VMM
Intel-Led Cloud-Hypervisor 24 Released For Rust-Written VMM

Cloud-Hypervisor as the open-source, Rust-based virtual machine monitor with a focus on security is out with its latest feature release. Cloud-Hypervisor started as one of many Intel open-source projects that last year shifted to under the Linux Foundation umbrella but still sees contributions from Intel as well as other industry leaders like Microsoft and Arm. Cloud-Hypervisor 24.0 is the newest version of this Rust VMM

26 May 2022 - Cloud-Hypervisor 24.0 - Add A Comment
VirtIO-Crypto Seeing A Big Performance Speedup

The "virtio-crypto" kernel driver for supporting the VirtIO-spec'ed virtual crypto hardware accelerator for virtual machines is about to offer significantly better performance.

18 April 2022 - VirtIO-Crypto Performance - 1 Comment
Cloud-Hypervisor 23.0 Released With Support For Intel AMX

Cloud-Hypervisor is the Rust-written, KVM-leveraging VMM started by Intel that is now developed under the Linux Foundation umbrella with Arm, Microsoft, and others also contributing to this project focused on cloud virtualization needs. Cloud-Hypervisor 23.0 is out today with the latest features for this increasingly capable open-source virtual machine monitor.

14 April 2022 - Cloud-Hypervisor 23 - Add A Comment
VMware Enabling VMWGFX 3D Support For AArch64

VMware engineers are in the process of enabling 3D acceleration within their VMWGFX driver on AArch64 so those making use of VMware virtualization software on 64-bit Arm will be able to enjoy accelerated 3D guest virtual machines.

3 March 2022 - 3D OpenGL On 64-bit Arm - 7 Comments
Mesa's Virgl Preparing To Transition To Using NIR Over TGSI

Mesa's Virgl code as part of the Virgil 3D GPU project allows for OpenGL/3D acceleration within QEMU virtual machines with the driver calls then being passed onto the host GPU. Mesa's Virgl code to this stage has relied upon the Gallium3D TGSI intermediate representation while they are working on moving it to the modern and superior NIR.

20 February 2022 - NIR-ed Virgl - 5 Comments
Linux Kernel Preparing Support For A More Practical Virtual M68k Machine
Linux Kernel Preparing Support For A More Practical Virtual M68k Machine

When it comes to the Motorola 68000 "m68k" virtual machine targets, the most powerful option under Linux right now is the Quadra 800. That though for virtualization purposes isn't too useful by today's standards with being limited to 1GB of RAM and limited interface support. But a new Virtual M68k Machine aims to provide a more useful target and support has already landed in QEMU while the Linux kernel support is pending.

27 December 2021 - Motorola 68000 Virtualization - 5 Comments
Xen pvUSB Front-End Driver Coming For Linux 5.17

After being more than ten years in the making after being started by Fujitsu engineers in 2008 but never going through all the steps for upstreaming, thanks to a SUSE engineer the Linux 5.17 kernel will finally have the Xen USB virtual host driver.

17 December 2021 - Generic Access To USB Devices - 1 Comment
Intel's Cloud-Hypervisor 20 Released With CPU Pinning, Replacing Unsafe Rust Code

The Intel-led open-source Cloud-Hypervisor project that provides a VMM focused on cloud workloads and supports interfacing with Linux's KVM and Windows' MSHV is out with a big feature update. Cloud-Hypervisor is also the project that is known for its use of the Rust programming language and built in part off Rust-VMM.

3 December 2021 - Cloud-Hypervisor 20.0 - 2 Comments
Google Working On Making VirtIO-GPU More Extensible

Google Chrome OS engineers are working on making Linux's VirtIO-GPU driver more extensible. The VirtIO-GPU driver has been modeled around the Virgl protocol for handling 3D within guest virtual machines but with a new context type addition they aim to support additional protocols.

26 August 2021 - VirtIO Context Type - 12 Comments
RISC-V Developers Continue Working On KVM Support

Going on for more than one year now is the effort for supporting KVM virtualization with the RISC-V architecture, which is very much important for RISC-V processors to be able to eventually take lift in the server space. The KVM RISC-V enablement work is now up to its nineteenth revision but not yet clear if it's ready for mainlining.

27 July 2021 - KVM RISC-V - 8 Comments

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