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AMD Software: PRO Edition 22.Q4 for Linux Released28 Nov 2022
AMD "Mayan Morgana" Reference Motherboard Added To Coreboot28 Nov 2022
Linux 6.1-rc7 Makes It Easier To Manage The AMD P-State Driver27 Nov 2022
AMD Releases Brotli-G For GPU-Accelerated Brotli Compression22 Nov 2022
New Patches Allow More Easily Managing The AMD P-State Linux Driver20 Nov 2022
AMD Zen 4 "znver4" Support Lands In GNU Binutils16 Nov 2022
Patches Revised For AMD PerfMonV2 PMU Guest Support16 Nov 2022
AMD Sends Out Follow-Up Zen 4 Patch For The GCC Compiler15 Nov 2022
AMD Releases AOMP 16.0-2 For Its Radeon OpenMP Offloading Compiler13 Nov 2022
AMD P-State EPP Driver Updated For More Power/Performance Control On Linux11 Nov 2022

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Apple SoC CPUFreq Linux Driver Moves Closer To Mainline29 Nov 2022
Asahi Linux Project Makes Progress On USB3, Toward Speaker Support, Keyboard Backlight22 Nov 2022
Linux 6.2 Picking Up Mainline Support For Apple M1 Pro/Max/Ultra Hardware29 Oct 2022
Early-Stage Apple Mesa Vulkan Driver Now Runs VKCube Demo24 Oct 2022
Apple M1 Linux GPU DRM Driver Now Running GNOME, Various Apps29 Sep 2022
The Work-In-Progress Rust-Written Apple DRM Driver Manages To Start Wayland's Weston28 Sep 2022
Rust-Written Apple DRM Linux Kernel Driver Renders First Cube24 Sep 2022
Apple M1 Pro/Max/Ultra Device Trees Under Review For Linux11 Sep 2022
Latest Mesa AGX Work Points To More Apple M1/M2 Similarities With PowerVR Graphics07 Sep 2022
Asahi Linux May Pursue Writing Apple Silicon GPU Driver In Rust11 Aug 2022

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Arch Linux
Archinstall 2.5.1 Released With A Number Of Fixes For The Arch Linux Installer25 Sep 2022
Archinstall 2.5-rc1 For Easily Installing Arch Linux31 Aug 2022
EndeavourOS 22.6 "Artemis" Released With Improved Arm Support, WirePlumber In Use25 Jun 2022
The Bizarre Case Of Zstd's Very Slow Performance On Arch Linux18 Jun 2022
Arch-Based Manjaro Linux 21.3 Released18 Jun 2022
Arch Linux's Archinstall 2.5 Released With FIDO2 Support, Other Improvements29 May 2022
Arch Linux Installer Preparing FIDO2 Support For Handling Disk Encryption18 May 2022
Arch Linux Temporarily Steps Back From WirePlumber After Snafu13 May 2022
Arch-Based EndeavourOS "Apollo" Released11 Apr 2022
Improved Arch Linux Installer Experience Being Readied With Archinstall 2.4-RC128 Mar 2022

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Ampere-1A CPU Support Added To GCC 1314 Nov 2022
Linux 6.2 Implementing Dynamic Shadow Call Stack Support For AArch6414 Nov 2022
AmpereOne Getting Mitigated Against Spectre-BHB With Linux 6.206 Nov 2022
Linux 6.1 Drops BF16 Support For Cortex-A510 Due To Hardware Bug12 Oct 2022
More Arm SoCs, Smartphones & NVIDIA Control Backbone Bus Enabled With Linux 6.106 Oct 2022
Linux 6.1 Adding Option To Disable Spectre-BHB On Arm Due To "Great Impact" On Performance11 Sep 2022
Lenovo Yoga C630 Snapdragon Laptop Seeing Fresh Linux Improvements16 Aug 2022
ARM64 With Linux 5.20 Improves Its Meltdown Mitigation KPTI Code30 Jul 2022
Linux 5.20 To Enable THP SWAP On 64-bit Arm For Better Swapping Performance26 Jul 2022
Arm Releases ASTC Encoder 4.0 With Even Faster Performance22 Jul 2022

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FreeBSD Re-Introduces WireGuard Support Into Its Kernel29 Oct 2022
FreeBSD 12.4-BETA1 Released, Q3-2022 Status Report Issued22 Oct 2022
OpenBSD 7.2 Released With Support For Ampere Altra, Apple M220 Oct 2022
FreeBSD 14.0 Planned For Release Next July25 Aug 2022
3mdeb Eyes Fwupd Support For DragonFlyBSD To Handle UEFI Firmware Updates24 Aug 2022
FreeBSD In Q2-2022: More Than 30k Ports, Driver Improvements, Better Linux Compatibility09 Aug 2022
NetBSD 9.3 Released With Better Support For Newer Intel & AMD Chipsets06 Aug 2022
GhostBSD 22.06.15 Brings Improved NVIDIA Driver Handling, Better Broadcom WiFi Detection19 Jun 2022
FreeBSD Developers Continue Work On Shortening Boot Time, Improving WiFi Driver Support16 Jun 2022
DragonFlyBSD 6.2.2 Released With Fixes For HAMMER2, Kernel Bugs11 Jun 2022

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Clear Linux
Intel's Clear Linux Taps -O3 For Its Kernel Builds12 Aug 2022
Clear Linux Container Performance Continues Showing Sizable Gains30 Jan 2022
Using Distrobox To Augment The Package Selection On Clear Linux, Other Distributions09 Jan 2022
Clear Linux Preparing To Move To GNOME 3.36, Dropping Their Desktop Customizations26 Apr 2020
Intel's Clear Linux To Divest From The Desktop, Focus On Server + Cloud Workloads23 Apr 2020
Chrome, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, VSCode Now Unofficially Available For Clear Linux03 Apr 2020
Is Clear Linux Just A Toy Distribution By Intel?18 Mar 2020
Intel's Clear Linux Has Code In Place To Begin Handling Proprietary Packages Like Chrome & Steam13 Mar 2020
F2FS Root File-System Support For Clear Linux Appears To Be Coming14 Feb 2020
Benchmarks Of Clear Linux's Native Kernel Against Current/Mainline/Preempt-RT Kernels08 Jan 2020

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92 Articles
Coreboot Joins The Open-Source Firmware Foundation28 Nov 2022
New Dasharo v1.1 Firmware For The MSI Z690 Board - DDR5 Variant Now Supported, ME Disable22 Nov 2022
Coreboot/Dasharo Being Ported To The MSI PRO Z690-A DDR5 Motherboard20 Oct 2022
Coreboot 4.18 Released With AMD Morgana & Intel Meteor Lake SoC Support18 Oct 2022
Libreboot 20220710 Released As Coreboot Downstream Focused On Boot Firmware Freedom10 Jul 2022
MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 WiFi Support Begins Landing In Upstream Coreboot08 Jul 2022
Dasharo 1.0 Open-Source Firmware Released For MSI Alder Lake Motherboard15 Jun 2022
Coreboot 4.17 Brings New Motherboards, AMD PSB, Doom Game Ported To Run As A Payload02 Jun 2022
An Open-Source Firmware Virtual Beer Event Is Happening Next Week21 May 2022
Open-Source Coreboot Port Working On A Retail Intel Alder Lake MSI Motherboard12 Apr 2022

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239 Articles
Debian 14 Codenamed "Forky"13 Oct 2022
Debian To Carry Patches For GNOME Dynamic Triple Buffering03 Oct 2022
Debian Chooses A Reasonable, Common Sense Solution To Dealing With Non-Free Firmware02 Oct 2022
Debian 12 Switches To PipeWire & WirePlumber By Default With The GNOME Desktop01 Oct 2022
Debian 12 "Bookworm" Installer Alpha 1 Released22 Sep 2022
Debian 11.5 Released With NVIDIA Driver Security Fixes, Linux Retbleed Mitigation, Other10 Sep 2022
Debian Begins A General Resolution To Decide What To Do With Non-Free Firmware27 Aug 2022
Lenovo Expects 30+ Platforms With Linux Support This Year, Both AMD & Intel Systems31 Jul 2022
Debian's DebConf22 Kicks Off In Kosovo17 Jul 2022
Debian 11.4 Released With Dozens Of Bug & Security Fixes09 Jul 2022

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LXQt 1.2 Released With Preliminary Wayland Session Support05 Nov 2022
Arcan Project Announces The Modern & Radically Different Cat9 Shell17 Oct 2022
System76's Pop!_OS COSMIC Desktop To Make Use Of Iced Rust Toolkit Rather Than GTK01 Oct 2022
Linux's Display Brightness/Backlight Interface Is Finally Being Overhauled17 Sep 2022
Compiz Released After Two Years24 Aug 2022
NsCDE 2.2 Released As Retro Desktop Inspired By Unix's CDE25 Jul 2022
LightDM 1.32 Released With Various Fixes, Qt4 Support Finally Removed19 Jul 2022
Arcan 0.6.2 Display Server Continues Working On Network Transparency16 Jul 2022
LXQt 1.1 Released With XDG Desktop Portal Integration, Other New Features16 Apr 2022
FreeType 2.12 Released With Support For OT-SVG Fonts01 Apr 2022

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417 Articles
Fedora Installer Looks To Change Its BIOS/Fake RAID Handling25 Nov 2022
Fedora Linux Cleared To Pursue Its Modern C Porting16 Nov 2022
Fedora 37 Now Available With GNOME 43 Desktop, Official Raspberry Pi 4 Support15 Nov 2022
Fedora Workstation Bringing Early Support For Blender On Wayland10 Nov 2022
Fedora 38 To Modernize Its Live Media Creation09 Nov 2022
Fedora 38 Looking At A Phosh Image For Mobile Devices08 Nov 2022
Fedora 37 Release Delayed To Mid-November Over Critical OpenSSL Vulnerability27 Oct 2022
Fedora 40 Looking At Tightening C Language Legacy Support Ahead Of GCC 1426 Oct 2022
PHP 8.2 Cleared For Introduction In Fedora 3817 Oct 2022
Fedora 38 Cleared To Accelerate GnuTLS With Kernel TLS29 Sep 2022

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Free Software
U-Boot Finally Lands HTTP & TCP Support For Downloading Images29 Nov 2022
ClamAV Anti-Virus Reaches Version 1.0 With New LTS Release29 Nov 2022
Libinput 1.22 Brings More Input Hardware Quirks, New Flat Acceleration Profile20 Nov 2022
GIMP 2.99.14 Released As Another Step Toward GIMP 3.019 Nov 2022
Amazon/AWS Makes "Krakatoa" Volumetric Renderer Open-Source18 Nov 2022
OBS Studio 28.1 Released With Various Fixes, Updated NVENC Presets01 Nov 2022
Sigstore Reaches GA For Working To Secure The Open-Source Software Supply Chain30 Oct 2022
Flatpak 1.15 Released With Initial Meson Build System Support25 Oct 2022
libcamera Celebrates Its First Release As Camera Support Library For Linux17 Oct 2022
PostgreSQL 15 Released With Better Sort Performance, Supports LZ4 & Zstd Compression13 Oct 2022

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1800 Articles
GNOME 43.1 To Support Wayland On The AMD-Xilinx Kria KR26025 Sep 2022
GNOME 43 Released With More Apps Ported To GTK4, Wayland Enhancements21 Sep 2022
GNOME Shell & Mutter 43 Release Candidates Bring Last Minute Changes04 Sep 2022
GNOME 43's Mutter Lands Max BPC Property Support To Deal With Monitor Issues22 Aug 2022
GTK4's Broadway HTML5 Backend Coming Back To Ubuntu, Debian22 Aug 2022
GNOME 43 Beta Released With More GTK 4 Porting, Other Desktop Improvements15 Aug 2022
GNOME Mutter & Shell 43 Beta Bring Several Very Exciting Changes11 Aug 2022
Renewed Work Around GNOME 30-bit Deep Color Frame-Buffer Support09 Aug 2022
GNOME To Warn Users If Secure Boot Disabled, Preparing Other Firmware Security Help29 Jul 2022
GNOME 43 Alpha Released With Browser Improvements, More GTK 4 Porting20 Jul 2022

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1188 Articles
GNU Binutils Lands New "SFrame" Format Support For Simple Stack Unwinding17 Nov 2022
GCC 13 Ends Stage 1 Development, Moves To Bug Fixing Phase15 Nov 2022
GCC 13 "-O2" Performance Being Sped Up With Enabling Small Loop Unrolling14 Nov 2022
GNU Texinfo 7.0 Released With LaTeX & EPUB 3 Output Support07 Nov 2022
GNU Make 4.4 Released With Numerous Improvements, Deprecates Amiga OS31 Oct 2022
Glibc Preparing Another Round Of Optimizations To Benefit AVX-512 CPUs28 Oct 2022
GCC Rust Patches Updated Ahead Of Hopeful Landing In GCC 1326 Oct 2022
Glibc Picks Up More AVX-512 Optimizations - ~30% Less Cycles For Some String Functions20 Oct 2022
GNU Toolchain Leaders Support Moving Their Infrastructure Under The Linux Foundation14 Oct 2022
Modula-2 GCC Compiler Front-End Patches Sent Out For Review11 Oct 2022

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986 Articles
Google Moves Ahead With Providing No-Cost Open-Source Silicon Manufacturing From GlobalFoundries12 Nov 2022
Google Releases Lyra 1.3 For Advancing This Very Low Bitrate Audio Codec11 Nov 2022
Google Outlines Why They Are Removing JPEG-XL Support From Chrome31 Oct 2022
Google Chrome Is Already Preparing To Deprecate JPEG-XL29 Oct 2022
Chrome 107 Released With HEVC Hardware Decoding, Other Additions25 Oct 2022
Google Announces KataOS As Security-Focused OS, Leveraging Rust & seL4 Microkernel16 Oct 2022
Google Announces Lyra V2 Low Bit-Rate Voice Codec30 Sep 2022
Google Shutting Down Its Stadia Game Streaming Service29 Sep 2022
Google Releases Chrome 106 With SerialPort BYOB, Security Fixes27 Sep 2022
Framework Laptop Launches Chromebook Edition With Google21 Sep 2022

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529 Articles
OneXPlayer Sensor/Fan Support Extended To More Models With Its Linux 6.2 Introduction28 Nov 2022
OpenRGB 0.8 Comes As Big Update To This Open-Source, Cross-Vendor RGB Lighting Software28 Nov 2022
Samsung's Latest Linux Upstreaming Work For The Tesla FSD SoC Is PCIe Support26 Nov 2022
Linux 6.1 Adds Support For The Microsoft Surface Pro 917 Nov 2022
Several More ASUS Motherboards Will Enjoy Sensor Monitoring With Linux 6.216 Nov 2022
Innovative HID-BPF Expected To Land In Linux 6.215 Nov 2022
Ampere Computing Introducing New SMpro Co-Processor Drivers With Linux 6.215 Nov 2022
Linux Adding Wake-On-Connect/Disconnect For USB4 Ports15 Nov 2022
Sony Adds DualShock 4 Controller Support To Their Newer Linux PlayStation Driver14 Nov 2022
Linux Laptop Backlight Fixes On The Way For v6.1, More Testing Encouraged06 Nov 2022

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1903 Articles
Intel Advances Linux "IPC Classes" Design To Improve Load Balancing For Hybrid CPUs29 Nov 2022
Intel Habana Labs SynapseAI Core Updated With Gaudi2 Support27 Nov 2022
Intel's IPU6 Webcam Linux Driver Still A Mess, But Some Patches To Help27 Nov 2022
Intel Mesa Driver Changes Land For Building On Non-x86 CPUs23 Nov 2022
Intel Posts Reworked Linux Patches To Improve Hybrid CPU + HT/SMT Kernel Behavior23 Nov 2022
Intel Details The Accelerators & Security Features For On Demand / Software Defined Silicon23 Nov 2022
oneVPL 2023.1 Released For Intel's Open-Source Video Processing Library22 Nov 2022
Intel TDX Guest Driver Ready Ahead Of Linux 6.221 Nov 2022
Fixed Intel IFS Driver Ready To Go With Linux 6.220 Nov 2022
Linux 6.2 Will No Longer Treat Intel Arc Graphics As Experimental19 Nov 2022

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2509 Articles
KDE Improving File Access For Apple iOS Devices With New KIO AFC28 Nov 2022
KDE Ending Out November With UI Improvements, More Plasma Wayland Fixes26 Nov 2022
KDE Adds NVIDIA GPU Power Reporting, Plasma Wayland Crash Fix19 Nov 2022
KDE Prepares Push For Its New Goals: Accessibility, Environmentally Sustainable, Automate16 Nov 2022
KDE Makes It Easier To Set Environment Variables, Fixes Vertically-Arranged Displays12 Nov 2022
KDE Prepares Smarter KRunner, Steam Scaling Better Under Plasma Wayland05 Nov 2022
KDE Ends Out October With More Plasma 6.0 Planning, Plasma Wayland Fixes29 Oct 2022
KDE Starts More Feature Work On Plasma 5.27, Fixes For Plasma 5.2622 Oct 2022
Prominent KDE Developer Nate Graham Joins The KDE e.V. Board - Pitches More Fundraising17 Oct 2022
KDE Plasma Wayland Now Supports High Resolution Scrolling15 Oct 2022

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1181 Articles
LibreOffice's Little-Used OpenCL Support Enjoys Some Code Cleaning01 Sep 2022
LibreOffice Working On New Gestures Support26 Aug 2022
LibreOffice 7.4 Released With Support For WebP, Many Other Improvements18 Aug 2022
Loongson Adds LoongArch Support To LibreOffice11 Aug 2022
LibreOffice 7.4 RC1 Available For Testing This Latest Open-Source Office Suite12 Jul 2022
LibreOffice 7.4 Beta Now Available With Performance Improvements, WebP Support15 Jun 2022
LibreOffice Working On Advanced Diagram SmartArt Support23 Feb 2022
AVX/AVX-512 Tuning Doesn't Payoff For LibreOffice's Calc Spreadsheets11 Feb 2022
LibreOffice Finally Adding Support For The WebP Image Format04 Feb 2022
LibreOffice 7.3 Released With Better Interoperability For Microsoft Office Files02 Feb 2022

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Linux Events
Open-Source Firmware Conference 2022 Slides & Videos Online05 Oct 2022
Linux Plumbers Conference 2022 Livestream12 Sep 2022
FOSDEM 2022 Is Happening Online This Weekend05 Feb 2022
RISC-V Summit 2021 - High Performance Processors, Other Interesting Talks09 Dec 2021
Linux Foundation Expects Revenues Of $177 Million This Year07 Dec 2021
DebConf21 Kicks Off Online For Annual Debian Conference24 Aug 2021
IWOCL + SYCLcon 2021 Slides/Videos Published For Lots Of OpenCL, SYCL Technical Talks29 Apr 2021
FOSDEM Online 2021 Is Happening This Weekend06 Feb 2021
Linux App Summit 2020 Videos Now Available From Steam/Valve To GNOME Circle14 Nov 2020
OpenPOWER Summit 2020 Was This Week With Many Interesting Hardware/Software Talks20 Sep 2020

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82 Articles
Linux Gaming
Godot 4.0 Moves Closer To Release, Early Plans For Post-4.029 Nov 2022
SDL3 Begins Dumping A Lot Of Old Code: GLES1, OS/2, DirectFB, WinRT, NaCl & More23 Nov 2022
SDL 2.26 Released, SDL3 Development Now Underway22 Nov 2022
OpenRazer 3.5 Brings Support For Newer Razer Devices On Linux20 Nov 2022
SDL 2.26 RC1 Released While SDL3 Development Soon To Get Underway17 Nov 2022
Box64 0.2 Gets DXVK 2.0 Running, Many Other Improvements For Emulating x86_64 On Arm17 Nov 2022
Godot 4.0 Beta 5 Brings Renderer Improvements, OpenGL To OpenXR16 Nov 2022
Godot 4.0 Engine Adds Movie Maker Mode14 Nov 2022
OneXPlayer AMD Sensor Driver Coming For Linux 6.213 Nov 2022
DXVK 2.0 Released With Many Improvements For Direct3D Over Vulkan10 Nov 2022

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1894 Articles
Linux Kernel
Linux 6.1-rc7 Released Following A Busy Thanksgiving Week27 Nov 2022
Linux getrandom vDSO Implementation Updated, Glibc Patch In Testing27 Nov 2022
Open-Source DRM Driver Sent Out For The "Good Old" Atari ST/TT/Falcon Systems26 Nov 2022
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Patches Already Surfacing For The Linux Kernel24 Nov 2022
Linux 6.1-rc6 Released - Still Coming In Larger Than Torvalds Would Like20 Nov 2022
Compute Accelerator Subsystem Hopes To Be Ready For Linux 6.220 Nov 2022
Dell Data Vault WMI Driver On Deck For Linux 6.219 Nov 2022
Intel Readies More Meteor Lake Graphics Driver Code For Linux 6.218 Nov 2022
FBDEV Drivers Will Honor "nomodeset" With Linux 6.217 Nov 2022
Patches Posted For GCC LTO Optimizing The Linux Kernel14 Nov 2022

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3148 Articles
Linux Networking
Intel's IWD 2.0 Released For Modern Linux Wireless Daemon20 Nov 2022
MotorComm YT8521 Gigabit Ethernet Support Coming For Linux 6.201 Nov 2022
TCP Protective Load Balancing "PLB" Support Heading To Linux29 Oct 2022
Linux 6.2 Begins Making Preparations For 800 Gbps Networking27 Oct 2022
cURL 7.86 Released With Experimental WebSocket API26 Oct 2022
Linux TUN Network Driver May See A "1000x Speedup" With New, One-Line Patch21 Oct 2022
Linux Gets Patched For WiFi Vulnerabilities That Can Be Exploited By Malicious Packets13 Oct 2022
Linux 6.1 Networking Brings WiFi EHT & MLO Preparations, New ASICs Enabled06 Oct 2022
Cloudflare Ditches Nginx For In-House, Rust-Written Pingora15 Sep 2022
Linux 6.1 Thunderbolt Networking To Support USB4 End-To-End Flow Control01 Sep 2022

More Linux Networking News

228 Articles
Linux Security
Linux Moving Ahead With Enabling Kernel IBT By Default05 Nov 2022
Linux Still Eyes Better Security By Default Enabling Indirect Branch Tracking (IBT)01 Nov 2022
OpenSSL Outlines Two High Severity Vulnerabilities01 Nov 2022
FineIBT Updated For Linux As Alternative Control Flow Integrity (CFI) Approach20 Oct 2022
Call Depth Tracking Aligning For Linux 6.2 To Lessen Mitigation Performance Hit For Intel Skylake19 Oct 2022
Git 2.38.1 Released For Two New Security Vulnerabilities18 Oct 2022
Linux 6.0.2, 5.19.16 & Other Point Releases Arrive For Fixing WiFi Stack Vulnerabilities15 Oct 2022
Linux 6.1 Lands Code To Warn About W+X Mappings By Default11 Oct 2022
Linux 6.1 Hardening Retpolines With Ensuring An INT3 After Every Unconditional Jump05 Oct 2022
SELinux Continues Path Of Deprecating Run-Time Disabling05 Oct 2022

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250 Articles
Linux Storage
Cryptsetup 2.6 Released With Support For Apple FileVault229 Nov 2022
Red Hat Developers Announce Work On New "Composefs" File-System28 Nov 2022
Readfile System Call Patches Revisited For Efficiently Reading Small Files27 Nov 2022
Stratis 3.4 Released As The Latest Open-Source Linux Storage Work From Red Hat24 Nov 2022
Micron Releases HSE 3.0 Open-Source Storage Engine19 Nov 2022
Btrfs "Reserve Flush Emergency" Feature Heading To Linux 6.206 Nov 2022
BlkSnap Kernel Patches Posted For Creating Snapshots Of Linux Block Devices03 Nov 2022
UFS File-Based Optimization Patches For Linux: Shot Down As "Complete & Utter Madness"02 Nov 2022
Bcachefs Rolling Out New Allocator, Performance Continues Improving29 Oct 2022
Linux exFAT Programs v1.2 Allows Repairing Corrupted Filesystems28 Oct 2022

More Linux Storage News

786 Articles
LLVM's BOLT Flipped On By Default For Linux x86/AArch64 Test Releases04 Nov 2022
LLVM Clang 15 Delivers Some Small x86_64 Performance Improvements But Mostly Flat11 Oct 2022
Apple M2 Support Added To Upstream LLVM Along With The A15, A1623 Sep 2022
LLVM 15.0.1 Released With Nearly Three Dozen Fixes20 Sep 2022
LLVM Begins Landing Support For Zstd Compressed ELF Debug Sections (ELFCOMPRESS_ZSTD)10 Sep 2022
LLVM Clang 16 Defaulting To C++17 As The Default Standard07 Sep 2022
LLVM 15.0 Released With Security Features, Experimental DirectX Back-End, New AMD GPUs06 Sep 2022
LLVM 15.0-rc1 Brings LoongArch, AmpereOne, AMD RDNA3, AMD GFX940 & HTTP Server30 Jul 2022
LLVM 16 Enabling Scalable Vectorization By Default For RISC-V29 Jul 2022
LLVM 15 Branched, Ends Feature Work Ahead Of September Release With AMD RDNA3 + MI300 Bits27 Jul 2022

More LLVM News

698 Articles
Fwupd 1.8.7 Released With Linux Firmware Updating Support For More Hardware09 Nov 2022
Fwupd 1.8.6 Released With Smaller Package Size, New Hardware Support07 Oct 2022
Fwupd 1.8.5 Supports More USB4 Docks, New AMD SMU Firmware Version Plugin22 Sep 2022
FWUPD Explores Improvement For Easier & More Robust Firmware Updating On Linux03 Sep 2022
Fwupd 1.8.4 Supports More Hardware, Starts Allowing To Make BIOS Changes From Linux30 Aug 2022
Fwupd 1.8.3 Released With Support For More Startech & Elan Devices22 Jul 2022
Fwupd 1.8.2 Released - Supports More Corsair, PixArt, SteelSeries, System76 Hardware11 Jul 2022
Fwupd 1.7.8 To Further Improve Firmware Updating On Linux15 Jun 2022
LVFS Has Served More Than 52 Million Firmware Files To Linux Users31 May 2022
Fwupd 1.8.1 Released With Firmware Updating For More HP, Corsair, PixArt, Lenovo Devices27 May 2022

More LVFS News

62 Articles
Valve Implements Opt-In VK_KHR_present_wait For Mesa Vulkan Drivers24 Nov 2022
Mesa 22.3-rc4 Brings Many Fixes, Official Release Now Expected Next Week24 Nov 2022
RADV Wires Up VK_EXT_descriptor_buffer, VKD3D-Proton Usage Pending21 Nov 2022
Virgl Adds Accelerated Video Encoding To Guest VMs18 Nov 2022
Mesa 22.3 Will Hopefully Be Released Next Week With Improved Vulkan Drivers, Rusticl17 Nov 2022
Mesa's Asahi/AGX Gallium3D Driver Makes Early Prep Changes For WIP Kernel Driver17 Nov 2022
Mesa's Rusticl Achieves Official OpenCL 3.0 Conformance14 Nov 2022
Mesa 22.3-rc2 Released With A Few AMD RDNA3 Fixes, V3DV Fixes For Raspberry Pi09 Nov 2022
Mesa Developers Eye Removing Clover Once Rusticl OpenCL Code Hits Parity08 Nov 2022
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Wires Up Mesa Shader Disk Cache Support03 Nov 2022

More Mesa News

2210 Articles
Microsoft Promotes Windows Subsystem For Linux "WSL" To GA Status22 Nov 2022
Microsoft .NET 7 Released With Better Linux Support, Improved Performance09 Nov 2022
Microsoft Issues Big CBL-Mariner 2.0 Linux Distribution Update04 Nov 2022
Microsoft Adding Nested MSHV Hypervisor Support To Linux03 Nov 2022
Microsoft Adds Mesa Support For Building Against The DirectX 12 Agility SDK21 Oct 2022
Linux Getting Rumble Support For Latest Microsoft Xbox Controllers21 Oct 2022
Microsoft Promotes Its Open-Source Terminal To The Default For Windows 11 CLI Apps18 Oct 2022
Microsoft Releases Its Linux Distribution Update For October 202218 Oct 2022
Microsoft Adds AV1 Decode Support To Their Mesa D3D12 Driver30 Sep 2022
Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller Support Being Worked On For Linux17 Aug 2022

More Microsoft News

297 Articles
Firefox 107 Released With Power Profiling Support On Linux15 Nov 2022
Firefox 106 Brings Improved WebRTC - Better Screen Sharing On Wayland17 Oct 2022
Firefox 105 Now Available - Better Linux Performance Under Memory Pressure20 Sep 2022
Firefox 104 Now Available With Minor Improvements23 Aug 2022
Firefox 103 Better Handles High Refresh Displays, WebGL Performance Fix On NVIDIA Driver26 Jul 2022
Thunderbird 102 Released With Big Improvements To This Leading Open-Source Mail Client28 Jun 2022
Firefox 102 Available With Transform Streams, Geoclue On Linux27 Jun 2022
Firefox Nightly Tries For VA-API Video Acceleration For Mesa Users02 Jun 2022
Firefox 101 Released With Few Notable Changes31 May 2022
Mozilla Firefox 100 Now Available With Various Improvements03 May 2022

More Mozilla News

381 Articles
Sound Open Firmware 2.2.3 Released With Backported ADL-N, Raptor Lake Updates25 Nov 2022
OBS Studio 29 Beta Brings AV1 Encode For AMD & Intel GPUs23 Nov 2022
MPV 0.35 Media Player Released With PipeWire Backend, Wayland DMA-BUF Support12 Nov 2022
Intel Engineers Release SVT-AV1 1.3 With More Optimizations, Tuning For Better AV1 Encode20 Oct 2022
Ardour 7.0 Digital Audio Workstation Released15 Oct 2022
VA-API Library 2.16 Released With Various Improvements08 Oct 2022
Linux 6.1 Media Gets New Drivers, Two Existing Drivers Promoted Out Of Staging07 Oct 2022
Linux 6.1 Brings New Sound Drivers For AMD & Apple06 Oct 2022
Google Releases AOM-AV1 3.5 With More Speedups & Memory Optimizations22 Sep 2022
GStreamer Now Able To Ship Rust-Written Plugins18 Sep 2022

More Multimedia News

524 Articles
Mesa Adds Initial Support For Open-Source OpenGL On NVIDIA RTX 30 "Ampere"10 Nov 2022
Big Nouveau Driver Update For Linux 6.2 To Improve Open-Source NVIDIA Support08 Nov 2022
NVK Vulkan Driver Starting Work On New Compiler08 Nov 2022
Nouveau Linux DRM Driver Making Progress On NVIDIA GSP Support26 Oct 2022
Open-Source NVIDIA Outlook Brighter Due To GSP Firmware, But Major Challenges Remain13 Sep 2022
NVIDIA Ampere GA103 Support For Nouveau Being Sent In For Linux 6.016 Aug 2022
NVIDIA GA103 Support Posted For Open-Source Nouveau Linux Driver03 Aug 2022
Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" Driver Refactors Some Display Code For Linux 5.2027 Jul 2022
Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" Driver Sees Few Changes For Linux 5.2013 Jul 2022
Red Hat Experimenting With "NVK" Nouveau Open-Source Vulkan Driver02 Jun 2022

More Nouveau News

456 Articles
NVIDIA 525.60.11 Linux Driver Released With Many Fixes, Vulkan Improvements28 Nov 2022
NVIDIA Open GPU Kernel Driver Improves Firmware Handling, IBT Support11 Nov 2022
NVIDIA 525.53 Linux Driver Brings Dynamic Boost For AMD Laptops, Installer Enhancements10 Nov 2022
NVIDIA Proposing New Linux API For Dynamic Mux Switching With Modern Dual-GPU Laptops09 Nov 2022
NVIDIA Makes The PhysX 5.1 SDK Open-Source08 Nov 2022
FFmpeg Lands NVIDIA NVENC AV1 Encoding Support06 Nov 2022
NVIDIA-VAAPI-Driver 0.0.7 Released For Enjoying VA-API With NVIDIA's Proprietary Driver14 Oct 2022
NVIDIA 520.56.06 Linux Driver Released With OTA Updates For Proton/Wine NVIDIA NGX Build12 Oct 2022
NVIDIA R520 Linux Driver Being Prepped For Release With New GPU Support10 Oct 2022
Open-Source NVIDIA Vulkan "NVK" Driver Continues Progressing04 Oct 2022

More NVIDIA News

1026 Articles
Operating Systems
Rust-Written Redox OS 0.8 Released With i686 Support, Audio & Multi-Display Working23 Nov 2022
Alpine Linux 3.17 Released With OpenSSL 3.0, Better Rust Support22 Nov 2022
Serpent OS Infrastructure & Tooling Almost Completed19 Nov 2022
Mageia 9 Alpha 1 Released With A Smaller Footprint, Many Updates12 Nov 2022
Linux Mint Makes Improvements Around Flatpaks With Update Manager Integration01 Nov 2022
Genode's Sculpt OS 22.10 Brings Performance Optimizations, Better USB Hotplug14 Oct 2022
CentOS Hyperscale SIG Continues Adapting CentOS Stream For Large Scale Deployments07 Oct 2022
OpenMandriva's Rolling Release Reaches "Gold", Continues With AMD Zen Optimized Version03 Oct 2022
Linux Mint Improving Its Driver Manager30 Sep 2022
OpenMandriva Speeding Up Their AArch64 Linux Development With Ampere Altra20 Sep 2022

More Operating Systems News

899 Articles
Oracle Releases GraalVM 22.3, GraalVM CE Java Code Going To OpenJDK25 Oct 2022
Oracle Linux 9 Reaches GA With Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R706 Jul 2022
RHEL9-Derived Oracle Linux 9 Developer Preview Released With 5.15-Based UEK Kernel14 Jun 2022
GraalVM CE 22.1 Released With Performance Improvements, Apple Silicon Support26 Apr 2022
Oracle Releases Solaris 11.4 "CBE" Free For Open-Source Developers / Non-Production Use12 Apr 2022
Oracle Linux 8 Now Available From The Microsoft Store06 Feb 2022
Oracle Releases GraalVM 22.0 With New Features25 Jan 2022
Oracle Releases GraalVM 21.3 With Java 17 Support, Other Enhancements19 Oct 2021
Java 17 / OpenJDK 17 Hits GA With Maturing Vector API, Removal Planned For Applet API14 Sep 2021
Maple Tree v2 Patches For The Linux Kernel - 13~840% Faster For Malloc Threads Test Case17 Aug 2021

More Oracle News

278 Articles
2022 Black Friday Reminders25 Nov 2022
Arc Graphics, Google KataOS, Python 3.11 & Linux 6.1 Excited Open-Source Enthusiasts01 Nov 2022
AMD Ryzen 7000 Series, Linux 6.0, MGLRU, Rust & IO_uring Made For An Exciting September01 Oct 2022
Phoronix Oktoberfest Special Begins, Premium Now Accept Stripe & Corporate Subscriptions Available18 Sep 2022
Open-Source Arc Graphics, Apple M2, Mesa GPU Drivers & Linux 6.0 Excited Readers In August31 Aug 2022
Systemd Creator At Microsoft, Retbleed, Rust's Continued Growth & Other July Highlights01 Aug 2022
Rust For Linux, -O3'ing The Kernel & Other Highlights From June01 Jul 2022
It's Last Call For The Phoronix 18th Birthday Premium Special10 Jun 2022
Phoronix Turns 18 Years Old For Covering Linux Hardware05 Jun 2022
Premium Special To Celebrate Phoronix's 18th Birthday03 Jun 2022

More Phoronix News

640 Articles
Phoronix Test Suite In 2021 By The Numbers01 Jan 2022
Phoronix Test Suite 10.8 Released With Many Improvements For Open-Source Benchmarking26 Dec 2021
Phoronix Test Suite 10.6 Released With Various Improvements For Linux Benchmarking10 Oct 2021
New/Updated Benchmarks For June From GravityMark To L4D2 Vulkan, Updated Neural Networks03 Jul 2021
New + Updated Benchmarks For May 2021 - Now At 661 Tests, ~36d19h Average Total Runtime02 Jun 2021
New, Updated Benchmarks For April From WRF To Chia + Xmrig02 May 2021
Many New/Updated Benchmarks For March With New SDR/Radio Tests, More Code Compilation28 Mar 2021
Vulkan Ray-Tracing Along With Other New/Updated Benchmarks For February28 Feb 2021
Phoronix Test Suite 10.2.2 Released For Automated Open-Source Benchmarking17 Feb 2021
Phoronix Test Suite 10.2.1 Released For Open-Source Automated Benchmarking02 Feb 2021

More Phoronix Test Suite News

210 Articles
PipeWire 0.3.60 Released With Many Fixes, Improvements10 Nov 2022
PipeWire 0.3.57 Adds AAC Decoder, Opus For Bluetooth03 Sep 2022
PipeWire 0.3.52 Released To Continue Enhancing Linux Audio/Video Streams09 Jun 2022
PipeWire 0.3.46 Released With Critical Bug Fixes, Better Sound Sharing With Zoom17 Feb 2022
PipeWire 0.3.44 Released With Latency Improvements, Minimal PW Server Support27 Jan 2022
WirePlumber 0.4.6 Released For Managing PipeWire06 Jan 2022
PipeWire 0.3.43 Released With Many Fixes05 Jan 2022
PipeWire 0.3.41 Offers Improved Flatpak & JACK Compatibility, Apple AirPlay Streaming13 Dec 2021
PipeWire 0.3.40 Released With Better JACK Compatibility11 Nov 2021
PipeWire 0.3.39 Brings Libcamera Plugin Improvements, Better Compatibility For JACK Apps22 Oct 2021

More PipeWire News

26 Articles
Phoronix Premium Black Friday Deal To Support Open-Source News, Linux Hardware Testing22 Nov 2022
It's The Last Call For The 2022 Phoronix Premium Oktoberfest/Autumn Special29 Sep 2022
Reminder: The Phoronix Premium Autumn Sale Is On24 Sep 2022
Phoronix Premium Valentine Offer To Show Your Love For Linux News & Benchmarking12 Feb 2022
The Phoronix Premium Thanksgiving / Black Friday 2021 Special26 Nov 2021
Phoronix Ad-Free/Premium Special For Oktoberfest 202120 Sep 2021
Phoronix 2020 Black Friday Reminders27 Nov 2020
The 2020 US Thanksgiving / Black Friday Phoronix Premium Special24 Nov 2020
Showing Your Support During COVID-1924 Apr 2020
Showing Your Love For Open-Source + Linux Benchmarking This Valentine's Day14 Feb 2020

More Premium News

43 Articles
PoCL 3.1-RC1 Released With Improved SPIR-V Support For CPU & CUDA Drivers, Vulkan WIP23 Nov 2022
Wasmer 3.0 Released As The Latest "Universal WebAssembly Runtime"21 Nov 2022
SQLite 3.40 Released With WASM Support For Web Browsers, Recovery Extension16 Nov 2022
IBM Sends Out Initial Patches For "Dense Math" Support With Future Power CPUs15 Nov 2022
Mold 1.7 Released But May Need To Change Software License If Funding Not Secured13 Nov 2022
Meson 0.64 Build System Released With Intel oneAPI Compiler Support, Incremental ThinLTO07 Nov 2022
Rust UEFI Firmware Targets Promoted To Tier-2 Status03 Nov 2022
Eclipse OpenJ9 v0.35 Brings Many Fixes29 Oct 2022
Python 3.11 Released With Big Performance Improvements, Task Groups For Async I/O24 Oct 2022
Mold 1.6 High Speed Linker Adds PPC64 and s390x, Smaller Output Files19 Oct 2022

More Programming News

493 Articles
Proprietary Software
SPEC Finally Updates SPECViewPerf For Linux With SPECViewPerf 2020 v3.003 Mar 2022
DaVinci Resolve 16 Beta Video Editor Employing Deep Learning, GPU Accelerated Tools08 Apr 2019
Lightworks Video Editor Plans For A Busy 2019 But No Signs Of The Open-Source Version10 Jan 2019
Adobe Customer Care: There Hasn't Been Enough Demand For Linux10 Dec 2018
Lightworks 14.5 Video Editor Released With Same-Day Linux Support But Still No Source17 Oct 2018
DaVinci Resolve 15 Video/Effects Editor Released With Linux Support13 Aug 2018
A VR Developer's Thoughts On The Current Mess Of APIs & Hardware27 May 2018
Keeper Password Manager Launches New Linux Version26 Apr 2018
Vivaldi Web Browser Now Available For Linux ARM / Raspberry Pi05 Dec 2017
TeamViewer 13 Now Available For Linux As A Native 64-bit Port04 Dec 2017

More Proprietary Software News

131 Articles
Qt Creator 9 Released With Experimental Squish Support24 Nov 2022
Qt 6.4 Released With WebAssembly Promotion, Qt HTTP Server29 Sep 2022
Qt 6.4 Release Candidate Arrives With Added Modules For 3D Physics, HTTP Server16 Sep 2022
Qt 5.15.6 LTS Open-Source Version Released08 Sep 2022
Qt Group Expanding Beyond Just The Toolkit Into More QA Software With New Acquisition18 Aug 2022
Qt 6.4 Beta Released With HTTP Server & 3D Physics Modules17 Jun 2022
Lars Knoll Announces His Successor For Qt Chief Maintainer17 Jun 2022
Lars Knoll Leaving The Qt Company, Starting New Chapter Outside Qt18 May 2022
Qt 5.15.4 LTS Release Now Available As Open-Source11 May 2022
Qt 6.3 Released With Improved Wayland Support, Qt Language Server Module12 Apr 2022

More Qt News

498 Articles
RADV Mesa Driver Lands Several NGG Stream-Out Fixes26 Nov 2022
AMD Finally Opens Up Its Radeon Raytracing Analyzer "RRA" Source Code18 Nov 2022
AMD Releases Radeon ROCm 5.3.318 Nov 2022
AMD Makes More Updates Around New Radeon GPU Driver Code In Linux 6.212 Nov 2022
AMDVLK 2022.Q4.2 Brings More Performance Tuning10 Nov 2022
Radeon ROCm 5.3.2 Released With A Few Fixes10 Nov 2022
Annoying AMD Linux Graphics Driver Crashes With "Timed Out Fences" Has A Fix Coming08 Nov 2022
Some AMD RDNA3 Fixes Land In Mesa Git Ahead Of December's Radeon RX 7900 Series Launch07 Nov 2022
Linux 6.2 AMDGPU Driver Gets Newer GPUs Working On Arm, SR-IOV Fixes For RDNA3/GFX1105 Nov 2022
Mesa 22.3 RADV Driver Now Allows Enabling NGG Stream-Out Functionality01 Nov 2022

More Radeon News

1633 Articles
Raspberry Pi
Mesa's Raspberry Pi V3DV Vulkan Driver Lands New Occlusion Queries Implementation25 Nov 2022
Running The Open-Source Upstream V3D Driver On The Raspberry Pi 4 & Newer13 Nov 2022
Linux 6.2 To Put The Raspberry Pi In Good Shape For 4K @ 60Hz Displays03 Nov 2022
Raspberry Pi OS Updated With Desktop Improvements, NetworkManager, Picamera207 Sep 2022
Fedora 37 To Offer Official Support On Raspberry Pi 4 Devices02 Aug 2022
Raspberry Pi V3DV Driver Now Exposes Vulkan 1.229 Jul 2022
Igalia Working Towards Faster 2D Rendering For Older Raspberry Pi Boards16 Jul 2022
Fedora May Finally Provide Official Support For The Raspberry Pi 406 Jul 2022
Raspberry Pi Pico W Launches For $630 Jun 2022
Raspberry Pi 4 V3D Open-Source Kernel Driver Support Slated For Linux 5.2017 Jun 2022

More Raspberry Pi News

125 Articles
Red Hat
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.1 Released, AlmaLinux 9.1 Out Too16 Nov 2022
Stratis Storage 3.3 Released - Easily Make Use Of Expanded RAID Arrays21 Oct 2022
IBM Does A "Quasi-Acquisition" Of Red Hat Storage04 Oct 2022
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 10 Is Eliminating GTK 2 Support26 Aug 2022
Rocky Linux 9.0 Released As Free RHEL 9.0 Alternative14 Jul 2022
CentOS Hyperscale SIG Continues Adapting CentOS Stream For Large Scale Infrastructure07 Jul 2022
Stratis 3.1 Released For Red Hat's Linux Storage Management Solution25 May 2022
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0 GA Now Officially Available18 May 2022
RHEL9 Reaching GA Shortly, RHIVOS Woos GM For Software-Defined Vehicles10 May 2022
CentOS Hyperscale SIG Updates systemd & Linux Build, Eyeing Btrfs Transactional Updates04 Apr 2022

More Red Hat News

267 Articles
LibreOffice Enables RISC-V 64-bit Support11 Nov 2022
LLVM/Clang 16 Adds Support For -mcpu=native & -mtune=native On RISC-V09 Nov 2022
RISC-V Adds Support For CD-ROM Images To Its Default Linux 6.1 Kernel Configuration12 Oct 2022
RISC-V Lands New Extensions In Linux 6.013 Aug 2022
RISC-V With Linux 6.0 Improves Svpbmt, More Useful Default Kernel Configuration07 Aug 2022
RISC-V Default Linux Kernel Configuration Tweaked So It's Easier Running Docker, Snaps25 Jul 2022
The First RISC-V Laptop Announced With Quad-Core CPU, 16GB RAM, Linux Support01 Jul 2022
RISC-V Announces Initial Batch Of 2022 Specifications: SBI, UEFI, Zmmul, E-Trace21 Jun 2022
Think Silicon Shows Off First RISC-V 3D GPU21 Jun 2022
Linux 5.19 Adding Support For The PolarBerry RISC-V FPGA Board03 Jun 2022

More RISC-V News

94 Articles
The Khronos Group Announces "Kamaros" As Their Newest Forthcoming API09 Nov 2022
USB4 v2.0 Specification Published For Doubling The Performance19 Oct 2022
DisplayPort 2.1 Spec Published - All DP 2.0 Devices Compatible17 Oct 2022
OpenCL 3.0.12 Published With Command Buffers Mutable Dispatch Extension16 Sep 2022
CXL 3.0 Specification Released - Doubles The Data Rate Of CXL 2.002 Aug 2022
OpenGL Celebrates Its 30th Birthday30 Jun 2022
PCI Express 7.0 Specification Announced - Hitting 128 GT/s In 202521 Jun 2022
PoCL 3.0 Released With Minimal OpenCL 3.0 Implementation For CPUs10 Jun 2022
Fragment Shading Rate Extension Comes To OpenGL ES02 Jun 2022
POCL 3.0-RC1 Released For OpenCL 3.0 Implemented On CPUs19 May 2022

More Standards News

274 Articles
openSUSE Tumbleweed Begins Transitioning To x86-64-v2 CPU Requirements28 Nov 2022
openSUSE Leap Micro 5.3 Released For Modern, Lightweight Linux OS17 Nov 2022
openSUSE Leap Micro 5.3 RC Available For Testing13 Nov 2022
openSUSE Looking For Help Testing Its New Installer, New Name For "D-Installer"27 Oct 2022
SUSE Publishes First Prototype Of Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP)04 Oct 2022
openSUSE ALP Prototype "Les Droites" Releasing This Week26 Sep 2022
openSUSE Leap Micro 5.3 Beta Released For Lightweight, Immutable OS09 Sep 2022
OpenSUSE Tumblewed Planning To Finally End ReiserFS Support07 Aug 2022
SUSE's D-Installer Taking Shape As New Web-Based Linux Distro Installer21 Jul 2022
openSUSE Announces "First Class" Support For The Nim Programming Language15 Jul 2022

More SUSE News

268 Articles
systemd 252 Released With systemd-measure, Other Improvements31 Oct 2022
Lennart Poettering Talks Up A "Brave New Trusted Boot World" For Linux25 Oct 2022
systemd 252-rc2 Released With More Changes To This Key Linux Component19 Oct 2022
systemd 252-rc1 Introduces New systemd-measure Tool, Other New Features07 Oct 2022
Microsoft & Canonical Bring systemd To WSL21 Sep 2022
systemd's mkosi-initrd Talked Up As Better Alternative To Current Initrd Handling14 Sep 2022
Systemd OOMD Will Now Honor "ManagedOOMPreference" For All cgroups02 Sep 2022
Lennart Poettering - systemd + PulseAudio Creator - Departed Red Hat05 Jul 2022
Systemd 251 Released With systemd-sysupdate Introduced, Many Other Additions21 May 2022
systemd 251 Nears Release With Last Planned Test14 May 2022

More systemd News

223 Articles
Ubuntu Touch OTA-24 Released - Still Powered By Ubuntu 16.0425 Nov 2022
Ubuntu Bring-Up Happening For The StarFive VisionFive 2 RISC-V Board21 Nov 2022
Canonical & Intel Announce "Enterprise Grade" Ubuntu Images For Next-Gen Intel IoT15 Nov 2022
Ubuntu 23.04 Development Gets Started As The "Lunar Lobster"28 Oct 2022
Ubuntu's Mir 2.10 Released With Modernized Touch Events, New Window Move Gesture26 Oct 2022
Ubuntu 22.10 Up And Running On The LicheeRV ~$19 RISC-V Board25 Oct 2022
Ubuntu 22.10 Released With GNOME 43 Desktop, Raspberry Pi Improvements, PipeWire Audio20 Oct 2022
GNOME-Network-Displays Available With Ubuntu 22.10 For Miracast Wireless Displays09 Oct 2022
Canonical Now Providing Free Ubuntu Pro Subscriptions For Up To 5 Systems05 Oct 2022
Ubuntu 22.10 Beta Released For Linux 5.19 + GNOME 43 Powered Linux Desktop30 Sep 2022

More Ubuntu News

1552 Articles
Proton 7.0-5 Gets More Games Running On Linux & The Steam Deck23 Nov 2022
Steam For Chromebooks Reaches Beta With Initial DX12 Games, AMD C-Series Support03 Nov 2022
Steam Linux Use Tips Up In October Thanks To The Steam Deck02 Nov 2022
Improved Big Picture Mode Now Available For Testing In Latest Steam Beta27 Oct 2022
Proton 7.0-5 RC Gets More Windows Games Running On Linux17 Oct 2022
Steam Deck Now Available For Immediate Ordering, Steam Deck Dock Also In-Stock06 Oct 2022
Steam On Linux Usage Receded Slightly In September01 Oct 2022
Steam On Linux Marketshare Crawls Up To 1.27% For August 202201 Sep 2022
Atomic Async Page Flips Proposed, Valve's Gamescope Compositor Has Support Pending25 Aug 2022
Proton 7.0-4 Released For Steam Play With Many Game Fixes, More Playable Titles16 Aug 2022

More Valve News

601 Articles
Cloud Hypervisor 28 Released As The Project's First LTS Version18 Nov 2022
QEMU 7.2-rc1 Released - TCG For AVX/AVX2, Massive 9pfs Performance Improvement16 Nov 2022
Anbox Cloud 1.16 Released With Intel & AMD Vulkan GPU Support16 Nov 2022
Linux 6.1 Xen Supports Grant-Based VirtIO For x86_6416 Oct 2022
Linux 6.1 Brings VirtIO Block "Secure Erase", vDPA Feature Provisioning15 Oct 2022
Linux 6.1 To Allow Faster File Sharing Between Host & Guests With 9P VirtIO Optimization14 Oct 2022
VirtGPU DRM Native Contexts Show Potential For Good VM Gaming Performance11 Oct 2022
VirtualBox 7.0 Released - Full VM Encryption Support, Direct3D Acceleration Using DXVK10 Oct 2022
Intel, Microsoft & Arm Continue Advancing The Cloud-Hypervisor With v27 Released30 Sep 2022
QEMU 7.1 Released With LoongArch Support, Zero-Copy-Send Migration31 Aug 2022

More Virtualization News

515 Articles
Vulkan 1.3.235 Released With New VK_EXT_descriptor_buffer Extension17 Nov 2022
More Development Activity Ticking Up Around Vulkan For Blender07 Nov 2022
Vulkan 1.3.233 Released With Three New NVIDIA Extensions03 Nov 2022
VKD3D-Proton 2.7 Released With Eight Months Worth Of Changes27 Oct 2022
MoltenVK Updated For Vulkan 1.2 Support On Apple macOS/iOS18 Oct 2022
VirtIO-GPU Venus Driver Now Exposes Vulkan 1.313 Oct 2022
Unigine 2.16 Released With Experimental Vulkan Support12 Oct 2022
Vulkan 1.3.230 Published With Six New Extensions29 Sep 2022
VKD3D 1.5 Lands In Wine For Updated Direct3D 12 Over Vulkan27 Sep 2022
Vulkan 1.3.228 Promotes One Of Valve's Extensions Used For Efficient D3D12 Emulation15 Sep 2022

More Vulkan News

605 Articles
Wayland Protocols 1.31 Released With Fractional Scaling Support29 Nov 2022
Sway 1.8-rc1 Wayland Compositor Brings More Secure Screen Lockers, Improved Vulkan Code26 Nov 2022
Wayland Protocol Finally Ready For Fractional Scaling25 Nov 2022
Wayland Screen Sharing For Chrome/Chromium Improving - Enabled By Default Soon?22 Nov 2022
Wayland Protocols 1.30 Introduces New Protocol To Allow Screen Tearing21 Nov 2022
wlroots 0.16 Released With More Stable Vulkan Renderer, High Resolution Scrolling12 Nov 2022
Blender 3.4 Aims To Ship Wayland Support Enabled11 Oct 2022
Wayland Protocols 1.27 Brings Content Type Hinting, Idle Notification10 Oct 2022
AMD Continues Working Toward HDR Display Support For The Linux Desktop06 Oct 2022
OpenJDK Java's Native Wayland Support Progressing24 Sep 2022

More Wayland News

821 Articles
Wine 7.22 Released As The Freeze Nears For Wine 8.026 Nov 2022
Wine 7.21 Released With Continued PE Work, Prepping For Vulkan 32-bit On 64-bit12 Nov 2022
Wine 7.20 Released With Updated Mono, Font Linking Improvements31 Oct 2022
Wine 7.19 Released With VKD3D 1.5, MPEG-4 Audio Support14 Oct 2022
WineConf 2022 Talked Up Vulkan, PE Conversion Progress, Wine 8.0 Early Next Year08 Oct 2022
Wine 7.18 Released With Unicode 15.0 Support, 20 Bug Fixes23 Sep 2022
Wine 7.17 Released As A Small Update For Running Windows Games/Apps On Linux09 Sep 2022
Wine 7.16 Released With WoW64 X11 Driver Support, 20 Bug Fixes28 Aug 2022
Wine-Based CrossOver 22 Released For Enjoying Windows Apps & Games On Linux23 Aug 2022
Wine-Staging 7.15 Released - Currently At 536 Patches Atop Upstream Wine14 Aug 2022

More WINE News

841 Articles
AMD Introduces New Hotplug Driver Option For The X.Org Server17 Nov 2022
IceWM 3.1 Released For This Fast & Simple X11 Window Manager24 Oct 2022
Open-Source VIA Linux Driver Still Wants To Be Merged, But Pursuing Acceleration First08 Oct 2022
IceWM 3.0 Released For This Speedy & Simplicity-Minded X11 Window Manager03 Oct 2022
"xisxwayland" Version Two Released For This Simple X.Org Program24 Aug 2022
X.Org Protocols 2022.2 Released With XWAYLAND Extension, DRI3 v1.311 Aug 2022
Linux VKMS Driver Patches Making It Easier To Build Your Own Virtual Graphics Devices25 Jul 2022
X.Org Server Hit By New Local Privilege Escalation, Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities12 Jul 2022
Many Old X.Org Components Saw New Releases This Weekend11 Jul 2022
XWayland "Rootfull" Changes Merged For Running A Complete Desktop Environment01 Jul 2022

More X.Org News

1160 Articles