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Rust For Linux, -O3'ing The Kernel & Other Highlights From June

During the past month there was a lot of exciting Linux kernel activity, the launch of the HP Dev One, never-ending open-source graphics driver advancements, and much more -- in addition to marking Phoronix turning 18 years old. Here is a look back at the June highlights.

1 July 2022 - June 2022 Recap - Add A Comment
It's Last Call For The Phoronix 18th Birthday Premium Special
It's Last Call For The Phoronix 18th Birthday Premium Special

This week turned 18 years old! In marking that milestone, a Phoronix Premium special was offered for enjoying the site ad-free, multi-page articles on a single page, and other benefits while supporting the site for hoping to help provide a successful 19th year of Phoronix Linux hardware testing and news operations. If you want to participate, that special ends this weekend.

10 June 2022 - Ends This Weekend - 8 Comments
Phoronix Turns 18 Years Old For Covering Linux Hardware
Phoronix Turns 18 Years Old For Covering Linux Hardware

It was eighteen years ago today that I started to focus on Linux hardware reviews. Back then it was difficult getting peripherals working under Linux from 56k modems to printers and other components today where Linux support can just be assumed. Open-source graphics drivers back then were also in their infancy and lacking vendor support while NVIDIA was well regarded then for their proprietary driver being at least featureful and performant. It's been quite a journey.

5 June 2022 - 18th Birthday - 38 Comments
Premium Special To Celebrate Phoronix's 18th Birthday
Premium Special To Celebrate Phoronix's 18th Birthday

This Sunday, 5 June, marks the 18th birthday for since I started this website to focus on Linux hardware reviews and performance testing. To mark the occasion, there will be a Phoronix Premium special if you wish to go ad-free on the site and enjoy multi-page articles on a single page while helping to hopefully ensure a successful 19th year for Phoronix.

3 June 2022 - Birthday Special - 23 Comments
NVIDIA's Open-Source Kernel Driver, Graviton3 & Fedora 36 Made For An Exciting May

Word of NVIDIA working on an open-source kernel driver with hopes of eventually being mainlined and being of better quality than Nouveau topped the Linux news for the past month. Plus the introduction of Amazon's new Graviton3 processors, the debut of Fedora 36 and SteamOS 3.2 among other distribution updates, and Linux 5.19 development getting underway all made for an interesting month of May.

31 May 2022 - May 2022 Highlights - 1 Comment
Linux NTFS, Ryzen 7 5800X3D, Mesa 22.1 & Other April Open-Source Excitement
Linux NTFS, Ryzen 7 5800X3D, Mesa 22.1 & Other April Open-Source Excitement

It was an exciting April in the open-source world from AMD continuing work on bringing up next-gen GPU and Zen 4 CPU support under Linux, some portions of NVIDIA kernel driver code being published on the Tegra side, Intel continuing DG2/Alchemist Arc Graphics preparations, Mesa 22.1 nearing release, the release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, and much more.

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Steam Deck, GNOME 42 Advancements & AMD Linux Updates Excited Readers In February

During the course of February on Phoronix were 236 original news articles covering the state of open-source affairs and Linux performance. While the pandemic seems to be lightening up, sadly the ad industry is still in a downward state, but in any event here is a look at the most popular Phoronix content for the past month.

1 March 2022 - February 2022 Highlights - 4 Comments
Happy New Year & A Wrap On 2021
Happy New Year & A Wrap On 2021

It's now another year in the books and in just six months and a few days will mark 18 years since starting and 14 years of developing the public, open-source Phoronix Test Suite benchmarking software.

31 December 2021 - End Of 2021 - 13 Comments
Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas From Phoronix & Preparing For 2022
Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas From Phoronix & Preparing For 2022

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and/or cheers to any end-of-year celebrations you may partake in. The daily original content on Phoronix will continue each day just as it has been for years without any single day interruption but there is also a holiday Phoronix Premium special for those wanting to help cap off 2021 and help ensure a successful 2022 for continued Linux benchmarking, performance testing, hardware reviews, and open-source news.

24 December 2021 - Holiday Special - 43 Comments
Alder Lake, Kernel Optimizations & Steam Deck Happenings That Excited Linux Fans

With another month of the pandemic in the books, here is a look back at the exciting Linux and open-source highlights that came about during the course of November. This month was particularly exciting for new Linux kernel developments, never-ending work on open-source graphics drivers, the much anticipated launch of Intel 12th Gen "Alder Lake", gamers continuing to clamor for the Steam Deck, and much more.

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Linux I/O Optimizations, AMD Improvements, NVIDIA GBM Excited Linux Users Last Month

It was an exciting October even amid the ongoing pandemic as at least Linux/open-source enthusiasts were able to enjoy the Ubuntu 21.10 debut, ongoing Linux I/O optimizations many of which are now coming to mainline in 5.16, numerous AMD driver enhancements, NVIDIA's proprietary driver stack finally introducing GBM support, X.Org Server 21.1 released, and much more.

1 November 2021 - October 2021 - 2 Comments
Linux 5.15, AMD / Radeon Advancements, Intel SDSi Dominated Discussions This Month

That's a wrap for September with 229 original news articles and another 13 featured Linux hardware reviews / multi-page benchmark articles, all written by your's truly. It was another eventful month with Linux 5.15 moving forward, a lot of driver activity by AMD and Intel, and other open-source milestones like the release of GNOME 41 and the shipping of the Ubuntu 21.10 and Fedora 35 beta releases.

1 October 2021 - September 2021 - 7 Comments
Debian 11, Valve Happenings, Linux 5.14 & More Excitement From August

For being a summer month, August was much busier than usual with a slew of exciting hardware and Linux/open-source software announcements. From releasing Linux 5.14 in marking 30 years of the Linux kernel to the debut of Debian 11 to Valve Steam Deck related work to their exciting sponsorship of Zink work, August was quite an exciting month for Linux enthusiasts.

1 September 2021 - August Highlights - 1 Comment
Phoronix Turns 17 Years Old This Week

This week on 5 June marks 17 years since starting for Linux hardware reviews and also 13 years since the release of Phoronix Test Suite 1.0 for advancing open-source/Linux benchmarking.

31 May 2021 - Premium Special Too - 36 Comments
AMD, Kernel Advancements & Tiger Lake Captivated Linux Readers In October

Another month in the books, another month closer to the end of the dreadful 2020. It was at least an eventful October with 268 original news articles and another 21 multi-page featured articles and Linux hardware reviews. The content ranged from the continuous Linux kernel advancements to exciting hardware announcements.

1 November 2020 - October 2020 - Add A Comment
2020 "Oktoberfest" Premium Special For Supporting Linux News, Benchmarking

While the wiesn (Oktoberfest) was cancelled this year, a few Phoronix readers inquired whether I was going to offer the traditional "Oktoberfest special" sale for Phoronix Premium to help support our daily Linux/open-source news, hardware reviews, and benchmarking during this turbulent year. So, yes, here is our annual Oktoberfest special if you would like to show your support during these COVID times.

5 October 2020 - Premium Special - 8 Comments
Server Infrastructure Upgrade Weekend - AMD EPYC Rome Across The Board
Server Infrastructure Upgrade Weekend - AMD EPYC Rome Across The Board

There may be some brief, intermittent downtime this weekend as all of the Phoronix Media web server infrastructure is being upgraded. This also marks the first time in Phoronix's 16+ year history that the servers are AMD powered, thanks to the incredible success of the EPYC 7002 "Rome" series.

3 July 2020 - Server Upgrades - 27 Comments
Kernel Advancements, Microsoft Linux News Kept Open-Source Fans Entertained In May

During the month of May on Phoronix were 252 original news articles and 20 featured Linux hardware reviews / benchmark specials written by your's truly. This included some surprising announcements from Microsoft, Linux 5.7 getting wrapped up and Linux 5.8 features being firmed up ahead of the now-open merge window, AMD Renoir mobile being a big success, and other milestones for open-source software.

2 June 2020 - May 2020 - 1 Comment
The Most Popular Linux Hardware Reviews / Benchmarks Of The Past Decade

Yesterday was a look at the most popular open-source/Linux news of the decade with 2019 quickly drawing to an end. That was an interesting look at more than 27,840 original news items published on Phoronix since the start of 2010. Today meanwhile is a look at the most popular Phoronix featured articles / Linux hardware reviews / extensive benchmark pieces for the decade of which there were more than 2,820 this decade.

12 December 2019 - 2010 To Present - 1 Comment
The Most Popular Linux / Open-Source News Of This Decade

With 2019 and in turn this decade quickly drawing to a close, here is a look back at the most popular open-source/Linux news on Phoronix from 2010 to present. So far this decade on Phoronix has been 27,840 original news articles pertaining to Linux/open-source/hardware.

11 December 2019 - Open-Source For 2010s - 9 Comments

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