New + Updated Benchmarks For May 2021 - Now At 661 Tests, ~36d19h Average Total Runtime

Written by Michael Larabel in Phoronix Test Suite on 2 June 2021 at 05:47 AM EDT. Add A Comment
On top of everything else going on in May ahead of Phoronix turning 17, there were several new benchmarks / test profiles added for the Phoronix Test Suite and and numerous updates to existing test profiles.

Phoronix Test Suite and now offer 661 distinct test profiles (benchmarks) that have seen combined 2,247 revisions and some 233 different test suites. The average run-time if wanting to run every possible test with every possible option is at roughly 36 days and 19 hours -- but fortunately most users run only the small relevant portion of tests to their own workloads.

Below are the new test profiles introduced during the month of May that are now available to open-source benchmarking users:

srsran - The srsRAN test profile is new albeit spun out of the prior srsLTE test profile. The srsLTE project renamed itself to srsRAN for this software-defined 4G/5G mobile network software stack.

quake2rtx - NVIDIA has contributed a test profile for Quake II RTX.

pjsip - This open-source multimedia communication library for SIP and other protocols now has a benchmark test profile.

chia-vdf - The Chia blockchain platform's benchmark around the Chia verifiable delay function (VDF) proof of time.

Updated test profiles for May 2021:

compress-zstd - Zstd 1.5 has some nice speed improvements with this latest Zstandard release.

dav1d - Dav1d 0.9 is now updated for this speedy AV1 decoder.

oidn - Open Image Denoise 1.4.

embree - Embree 3.13 was released last month as another updated Intel oneAPI component.

brl-cad - The latest version of this CAD package is now available.

build-ffmpeg - Moving to FFmpeg 4.4 for the timed FFmpeg compilation test.

build-gdb - Moving to GDB 10.2 for this GNU Debugger build test.

selenium - The Chrome driver has been updated for Chrome 91 compatibility.

svt-av1 - The SVT-AV1 0.8.7 video encoder was released last month.

aom-av1 - AOM-AV1 3.1 is another updated AV1 encoder for the month.

neat - Nebular Empirical Analysis Tool 2.3.

gromacs - GROMACS 2021.2.

Plus some minor updates as well to various other tests. And, as always, the prior versions of these tests remain available via with change history as well in our transparent benchmarking process.
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