Many New/Updated Benchmarks For March With New SDR/Radio Tests, More Code Compilation

Written by Michael Larabel in Phoronix Test Suite on 28 March 2021 at 12:54 PM EDT. 1 Comment
This month saw many new and updated test profiles for the Phoronix Test Suite and for carrying out fully-automated, reproducible cross-platform benchmarking.

Ending out March there are 646 unique test profiles (software packages available for testing) via the Phoronix Test Suite with 2,191 revisions to those test profiles. There are 179 different test suites available as collections of tests. For anyone crazy enough to want to run every single test and option of those 646 unique test profiles, the average run-time is now over 35 days... Thankfully, most users are interested in just the number of tests/suites of relevance to their particular workload(s).

New tests added to the Phoronix Test Suite / this month included:

openscad - The OpenSCAD scripted CAD benchmark can now be run via the Phoronix Test Suite.

gnuradio - The GNU Radio software-defined radio toolkit can now be benchmarked via the Phoronix Test Suite.

luaradio - The Lua Radio software-defined radio framework written in Lua can also be benchmarked.

srsLTE - The srsLTE open-source LTE software radio implementation is another SDR benchmark added this month for modern CPUs.

liquid-dsp - Rounding out the SDR radio benchmarks added this month was added the Liquid-DSP digital signal processing library.

f12020 - F1 2020 is the latest F1 title adapted now to work well for benchmarking under Steam Play / Proton on Linux.

build-mesa - Alongside the many other existing timed code compilation tests, a basic Mesa compilation test was added.

build-nodejs - Similarly, timed compilation of Node.js is another build test added.

build-wasmer - For increasing Rust language coverage is also a compilation test of the Wasmer WebAssembly implementation.

build-erlang - Timed Erlang/OTP compilation per reader and PTS user requests.

Updated tests included:

aom-av1 - Moving to the new upstream AOMedia AV1 3.0 video encoder over the prior 2.x series.

build-linux-kernel - The popular timed Linux kernel compile test re-based from tracking Linux 5.4 LTS to Linux 5.10 LTS.

compress-zstd - Upgrading to the new Zstd 1.4.9 and its performance improvements.

oneDNN - The newest upstream release of Intel's oneDNN deep learning library.

mnn - The newest upstream for the Mobile Neural Network (MNN).

basis - The new Basis 1.13 with improvements for texture compression speed.

botan - Updating against the latest upstream for this C++ crypto library.

viennacl - Updating against the latest upstream for the ViennaCL benchmarks.

svt-vp9 - The latest upstream for Intel's SVT-VP9 video encoder.

svt-hevc - The latest upstream for Intel's SVT-HEVC video encoder.

Other updates were also made for dirt-rally2, gmpbench for GNU GMP, stockfish, incompact3d, sysbench, jpegxl, astcenc, simdjson, qmlbench, nwchem, etlegacy, and more.

Stop by to see all of the tests as well as for reference/composite data and plenty of community benchmark results.
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