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Oracle Releases DTrace 2.0.0-1.14 For Linux Systems
Oracle Releases DTrace 2.0.0-1.14 For Linux Systems

DTrace used to be one of the Solaris features long sought after by Linux developers but over time the Linux kernel tracing capabilities have improved and Oracle has been supporting DTrace on Linux now for years without too much fanfare. DTrace 2.0.0-1.14 was released this past week as the latest iteration of this user-space implementation that builds off the Linux kernel tracing functionality like BPF.

8 April 2024 - D-Trace - 11 Comments
Oracle Intends To Keep Trying To Make Oracle Linux Compatible With RHEL
Oracle Intends To Keep Trying To Make Oracle Linux Compatible With RHEL

Following the stunning decision last month by IBM that they would begin limiting access to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources, AlmaLinux quickly came out working on a path forward and Rocky Linux also shared some ideas how they may continue providing a RHEL-compatible Linux distribution. We've been waiting for Oracle to comment on their plans for the RHEL-compatible Oracle Linux distribution and today they finally issued a statement.

10 July 2023 - Oracle Linux - 95 Comments
Oracle Developing "bpftune" For BPF-Based, Automatic Tuning Of Linux Systems
Oracle Developing "bpftune" For BPF-Based, Automatic Tuning Of Linux Systems

Well, here is something nifty being worked on by Oracle. Oracle engineers have been developing "bpftune" as a new always-on, automatic tuning of Linux systems -- in particular, the many different Linux kernel tunables available and this tuning system leverages the kernel's Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) observability features to carry out its work.

28 June 2023 - bpftune - 5 Comments
Oracle Linux 9 Reaches GA With Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R7

Oracle Linux 9 as Oracle's offshoot of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 is now available in general availability (GA) form. Besides being based on RHEL9, Oracle Linux 9 offers up their latest "Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel" for extra kernel features while also continuing to produce a Red Hat Compatible Kernel flavor as well.

6 July 2022 - Oracle Linux 9 + UEK R7 - 2 Comments
Oracle Releases GraalVM 22.0 With New Features
Oracle Releases GraalVM 22.0 With New Features

GraalVM 22.0 has been released for this Java VM/JDK that also supports other programming languages and run-times / execution modes. GraalVM continues to be performant and showing promising results not just for Java with JIT'ing but also ahead-of-time Java compilation to Native Image as well as for its Python implementation, WebAssembly run-time, and other targets.

25 January 2022 - GraalVM 22.0 - 17 Comments
GraalVM 21.2 Released With New Optimizations, Better Linux AArch64 Support

Oracle has published a new version of GraalVM, its open-source Java JVM/JDK implemented in Java that also supports other programming languages and execution modes. GraalVM continues to be quite an interesting effort given its various languages supported and interesting technical experiments/features in the name of greater Java performance and other innovative features.

21 July 2021 - GraalVM 21.2 - 25 Comments
Oracle Releases UEK R6U2 Kernel With New Slab Memory Controller

Oracle continues advancing their "Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel" as the company's modified Linux kernel build offered to Oracle Linux users as an alternative to its Red Hat Compatible Kernel for their RHEL-based OS. Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6 Update 2 is out to end Q1'2021 with various new features.

31 March 2021 - Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel - 5 Comments
"PKRAM" Revived For Preserving Memory Pages Across Kexec'ing Kernels

Patches back in 2013 were proposed for "PRAM" as persistent over-kexec memory storage to allow saving of memory pages across kernel reboots via kexec or when hitting a new kernel via kexec. Nearly one year ago Oracle retook up the effort and sent out PKRAM as their "preserved-over-Kexec" RAM and now finally a second iteration of PKRAM has been published.

31 March 2021 - PKRAM - Add A Comment
Oracle Solaris 11.4 SRU30 Is The Biggest Update We've Seen In A While

Oracle continues maintaining Solaris 11.4 with monthly stable release updates but there still is no public sign of anything past 11.4 for this operating system that was once exciting during the Sun Microsystems days. But with this week's 11.4 SRU30 release, at least there are many package updates.

21 February 2021 - Stable Release Update 30 - 19 Comments
Oracle Releases Linux-Based Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 5 Update 5

Oracle today released their Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5 Update 5 intended for use on their RHEL-based Oracle Linux. Oracle's "Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel" tends to be a newer Linux LTS kernel with extra features compared to what is found in the current RHEL / Red Hat Compatible Kernel builds.

18 February 2021 - UEK R5 U5 - 3 Comments
GraalVM 20.3 Released With Many Small Performance Optimizations

GraalVM continues its quest as the virtual machine not only supporting Java but also additional languages and execution modes with a focus on stellar performance and speedy startups. GraalVM CE 20.3 was released on Tuesday as the latest for this open-source package supporting Java, Node.js, an LLVM runtime, and more.

18 November 2020 - GraalVM 20.3 - 18 Comments
Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R6U1 Prepares For AMD Milan, Adds WireGuard

After announcing Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6 back in March as their modified kernel based currently on the Linux 5.4 source tree while adding and back-porting extra features, UEK R6U1 was released today as their first major update to this kernel that can be found on the likes of Oracle Linux and powering the Oracle Cloud.

12 November 2020 - Enterprise Kernel 6 - 12 Comments
Oracle Continues Building DTrace For Linux Atop BPF

More than a decade ago Linux users tended to be envious of Sun Microsystems' Solaris for ZFS and DTrace as the two most interesting technical selling points of the platform. In that time OpenZFS is now extremely vibrant for offering ZFS on BSD and Linux systems while DTrace is barely brought up these days. This tracing framework originally developed for Solaris was fantastic back in the day but over the years Linux has stepped up its game with various efforts. Now as we hit the end of 2020, Oracle engineers continue working on bringing better DTrace support to Linux.

30 October 2020 - DTrace For Linux 202 - 1 Comment
Oracle Releases Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel "R5U4"

While Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6 is the latest and greatest series for Oracle's kernel spin derived from upstream Linux 5.4 as an alternative on Oracle Linux to their "Red Hat Compatible Kernel", for those still making use of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5, a new update was issued today.

3 September 2020 - Linux Kernel - 5 Comments
Oracle Talks Up Btrfs Rather Than ZFS For Their Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6

While Red Hat Enterprise Linux deprecated Btrfs and no longer supports it on RHEL8, Oracle does continue supporting this Linux file-system on their RHEL-based Oracle Linux when using the company's "Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel" alternative to their Red Hat Compatible Kernel. An Oracle engineer put out a lengthy post outlining the highlights of Btrfs in their new Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6.

21 May 2020 - Oracle + Btrfs + UEK6 - 85 Comments
OpenJDK 15 To Have Better Out-Of-The-Box Performance
OpenJDK 15 To Have Better Out-Of-The-Box Performance

It turns out our recent OpenJDK 8 through OpenJDK 14 benchmarks caught some on Oracle's Java team by surprise. But they were able to replicate the outcome and as a result OpenJDK 15 will be seeing better out-of-the-box performance.

16 April 2020 - OpenJDK 15 Performance - 36 Comments
Oracle Punts Its Twentieth Update To Solaris 11.4

With no sign of Solaris.Next either as Solaris 11.5 or Solaris 12, nor is it really expected to happen following Oracle's actions in recent years from layoffs to dismissing Solaris 12 when it was on their road-map at one point for 2017, Solaris 11.4 continues just being SRU'ed.

15 April 2020 - Oracle Solaris 11.4 - 8 Comments

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