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FreeBSD 14.0 Planned For Release Next July
FreeBSD 14.0 Planned For Release Next July

The FreeBSD release engineering team has published their initial release plans for FreeBSD 14.0 as well as follow-on FreeBSD 13.2 and 12.4 releases for the current stable series of this BSD operating system.

25 August 2022 - FreeBSD 14.0 Release Schedule - 7 Comments
3mdeb Eyes Fwupd Support For DragonFlyBSD To Handle UEFI Firmware Updates
3mdeb Eyes Fwupd Support For DragonFlyBSD To Handle UEFI Firmware Updates

Open-source firmware consulting firm 3mdeb last year worked on Fwupd support for FreeBSD so system firmware updates can be more easily handled on that popular BSD operating system and leveraging the Fwupd/LVFS infrastructure that's been happening for years in the Linux space. Their most recent target is now DragonFlyBSD for handling of UEFI firmware updates with Fwupd.

24 August 2022 - Fwupd On DragonFlyBSD - Add A Comment
DragonFlyBSD 6.2.2 Released With Fixes For HAMMER2, Kernel Bugs

DragonFlyBSD 6.2 was introduced back in January with the AMDGPU Linux kernel driver port, HAMMER2 improvements, and the NVMM hypervisor port, among other improvements. Out this weekend is DragonFlyBSD 6.2.2 with various bug-fixes atop that stable code-base.

11 June 2022 - DragonFlyBSD 6.2.2 - 5 Comments
FreeBSD 13.1-RC2 Released With More Fixes

Building off last week's FreeBSD 13.1 release candidate, a second release candidate has been issued ahead of this incremental FreeBSD operating system update due to be formally released before month's end.

8 April 2022 - FreeBSD 13.1 - 5 Comments
Tachyum Gets FreeBSD Running On Their Prodigy ISA Emulation Platform For AI / HPC
Tachyum Gets FreeBSD Running On Their Prodigy ISA Emulation Platform For AI / HPC

Tachyum is a startup working on "the world's first universal processor" that can be used from AI to HPC to hyperscale computing needs. The Tachyum processor aims to replace the needs of discrete TPUs / GPUs / XPUs into a single homogeneous processor architecture. While still running as an emulated platform, Tachyum has announced that in addition to Linux they have managed to boot and run FreeBSD on their ISA.

6 April 2022 - Tachyum + FreeBSD - 50 Comments
NetBSD Continues Long Overdue Push To Modernize Their WiFi Drivers

Started back in 2018 was an effort by the NetBSD project to update their operating system WiFi drivers by re-syncing more code from FreeBSD and making various improvements. Three years later the work has yet to be merged but after stalling for some time is back to being worked on by interested developers.

26 August 2021 - Updated WiFi - 12 Comments
helloSystem 0.5 Released For macOS-Inspired FreeBSD Desktop
helloSystem 0.5 Released For macOS-Inspired FreeBSD Desktop

One of the most promising BSD-based desktop distributions in recent times has been helloSystem that wants to be the macOS of BSDs with a polished desktop experience. helloSystem has been making good progress towards their goals in recent months and this weekend now issued version 0.5.

12 June 2021 - helloSystem 0.5 - 43 Comments
DragonFlyBSD 6.0 To Be Released Soon

It's been over one year already since the debut of DragonFlyBSD 5.8 while fortunately DragonFlyBSD 6.0 will be here soon for this popular BSD operating system.

20 April 2021 - DragonFlyBSD 6.0 - 10 Comments
Running Steam's Linux Build On FreeBSD Is Becoming Increasingly Capable For Gaming

For many years it's been possible to run Linux games on FreeBSD along with other Linux applications thanks to FreeBSD's "Linuxulator" Linux binary compatibility layer. With that more recently it's becoming possible to run even more recent games thanks to improvements to FreeBSD's graphics drivers, the Linux binary compatibility code, and other FreeBSD improvements -- Steam is even working out for more titles.

7 April 2021 - Steam On Linux On FreeBSD - 9 Comments
FreeBSD 13.0-RC5 Released Due To Lingering Bugs

FreeBSD 13.0 was supposed to be out by the end of March but a bumpy past few weeks has led to extra release candidates. Out this weekend is FreeBSD 13.0-RC5 for what might now be the final test release.

3 April 2021 - FreeBSD 13.0 - 10 Comments

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