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PipeWire 0.3.60 Released With Many Fixes, Improvements
PipeWire 0.3.60 Released With Many Fixes, Improvements

PipeWire 0.3.60 is out today as the newest update to this software used for managing audio and video streams on Linux. With modern Linux distributions PipeWire is increasingly used now as the replacement to PulseAudio in addition to its video capabilities.

10 November 2022 - PipeWire 0.3.60 - 33 Comments
PipeWire 0.3.44 Released With Latency Improvements, Minimal PW Server Support
PipeWire 0.3.44 Released With Latency Improvements, Minimal PW Server Support

This will hopefully be the year that PipeWire becomes commonplace on the Linux desktop across all major distributions for audio/video stream management. But for as good as PipeWire is already, frequent point releases continue evolving the functionality and ironing out compatibility improvements for existing JACK and PulseAudio integration. PipeWire 0.3.44 is out today as another step in the right direction.

27 January 2022 - PipeWire 0.3.44 - 34 Comments
WirePlumber 0.4.6 Released For Managing PipeWire

Helping make PipeWire suitable for the Linux desktop so quickly has been WirePlumber as a more featureful alternative to PipeWire's default session manager. Out today is WirePlumber 0.4.6 as the latest step forward on that front.

6 January 2022 - WirePlumber Session Manager - 19 Comments
PipeWire 0.3.43 Released With Many Fixes
PipeWire 0.3.43 Released With Many Fixes

2022 will hopefully be the year that PipeWire becomes commonplace on desktop Linux distributions for managing both audio/video streams. New PipeWire releases come quick in working to address remaining gaps in this Red Hat led solution and ensuring it can fulfill the use-cases previously handled by the likes of PulseAudio and JACK.

5 January 2022 - PipeWire 0.3.43 - 71 Comments
Red Hat / Fedora To Focus On Driving New Linux Video Improvements Around PipeWire

PipeWire from the start was designed around handling the needs of both audio and video streams on Linux. While PipeWire is already in use for screencasting/recording under Wayland and working with Flatpak'ed applications, recently much of PipeWire's focus has been on addressing the use-cases of JACK and PulseAudio on the sound side. Now that the audio support is in quite good shape, Red Hat engineers are back to focusing on improvements to the video support.

1 October 2021 - Better Video Support - 52 Comments
PipeWire 0.3.22 Released With Many Improvements

With Fedora 34 aiming to use PipeWire by default for audio use-cases currently handled by PulseAudio and JACK, the Red Hat developers working on PipeWire remain very busy in addressing bugs and wiring up new functionality for this audio and video framework/server.

21 February 2021 - PipeWire 0.3.22 - 42 Comments
PipeWire Is In Increasingly Great Shape - Ready For More User Testing

PipeWire as the Red Hat led project for better audio/video stream management server on the Linux desktop is getting into increasingly great shape. This forward-looking solution that handles PulseAudio/JACK use-cases as well as pleasant integration with the likes of Wayland and Flatpak is ready to take on more user testing.

4 September 2020 - PipeWire - 46 Comments
PipeWire Gets A Session Manager With WirePlumber

PipeWire, the Red Hat backed solution for providing modern management of audio and video streams that supports a Wayland-minded environment and also sandboxed applications with Flatpak while fulfilling use-cases set by JACK and PulseAudio, has a new session manager option.

7 May 2020 - WirePlumber - 39 Comments
PipeWire Is Making Progress But Still Needs More Time To Mature

PipeWire was announced last year as a new Red Hat projects with aspirations to be to video as PulseAudio is to audio on the Linux desktop. Other PipeWire goals include professional audio support equal to or better than JACK, full Wayland/Flatpak support, and more. Red Hat is making a lot of progress on PipeWire, but it's not yet ready to be the default on the Linux desktop.

26 January 2018 - PipeWire 2018 - 33 Comments

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