FFmpeg 7.0 Released With Native VVC Decoding & Multi-Threaded CLI

Written by Michael Larabel in Multimedia on 5 April 2024 at 06:57 AM EDT. 104 Comments
The very exciting FFmpeg 7.0 multimedia library has been released! FFmpeg 7.0 rolls out most notably the new native VVC decoder that is currently experimental for supporting Versatile Video Coding as well as introducing the multi-threaded FFmpeg CLI tool.

The FFmpeg multi-threading CLI support is their biggest code refactoring in many years and has been a huge undertaking for the project. It's also great news given today's increasing core count x86_64 and AArch64 processors.

FFmpeg 7.0 also has a DVD-Video demuxer, initial support for AOMedia IAMF for immersive audio model and formats, a Vulkan renderer for ffplay, and many other changes.

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FFmpeg 7.0 is quite a big release with the official change-log noting:
version 7.0:
- DXV DXT1 encoder
- LEAD MCMP decoder
- EVC decoding using external library libxevd
- EVC encoding using external library libxeve
- QOA decoder and demuxer
- aap filter
- demuxing, decoding, filtering, encoding, and muxing in the ffmpeg CLI now all run in parallel
- enable gdigrab device to grab a window using the hwnd=HANDLER syntax
- IAMF raw demuxer and muxer
- D3D12VA hardware accelerated H264, HEVC, VP9, AV1, MPEG-2 and VC1 decoding
- tiltandshift filter
- qrencode filter and qrencodesrc source
- quirc filter
- lavu/eval: introduce randomi() function in expressions
- VVC decoder (experimental)
- fsync filter
- Raw Captions with Time (RCWT) closed caption muxer
- ffmpeg CLI -bsf option may now be used for input as well as output
- ffmpeg CLI options may now be used as -/opt , which is equivalent to -opt >
- showinfo bitstream filter
- a C11-compliant compiler is now required; note that this requirement will be bumped to C17 in the near future, so consider updating your build environment if it lacks C17 support
- Change the default bitrate control method from VBR to CQP for QSV encoders.
- removed deprecated ffmpeg CLI options -psnr and -map_channel
- DVD-Video demuxer, powered by libdvdnav and libdvdread
- ffprobe -show_stream_groups option
- ffprobe (with -export_side_data film_grain) now prints film grain metadata
- AEA muxer
- ffmpeg CLI loopback decoders
- Support PacketTypeMetadata of PacketType in enhanced flv format
- ffplay with hwaccel decoding support (depends on vulkan renderer via libplacebo)
- dnn filter libtorch backend
- Android content URIs protocol
- AOMedia Film Grain Synthesis 1 (AFGS1)
- RISC-V optimizations for AAC, FLAC, JPEG-2000, LPC, RV4.0, SVQ, VC1, VP8, and more
- Loongarch optimizations for HEVC decoding
- Important AArch64 optimizations for HEVC
- IAMF support inside MP4/ISOBMFF
- Support for HEIF/AVIF still images and tiled still images
- Dolby Vision profile 10 support in AV1
- Support for Ambient Viewing Environment metadata in MP4/ISOBMFF
- HDR10 metadata passthrough when encoding with libx264, libx265, and libsvtav1

FFmpeg 7.0 can be downloaded from FFmpeg.org. I'll have new FFmpeg benchmarks soon with this CLI multi-threading support as well as FFmpeg compilation speed benchmarks.
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