AArch64 is the official name of the 64-bit ARM architecture.

AArch64 Articles & Reviews

GCC vs. LLVM Clang Compilers For The Apple M2 On Linux   Software   2022-09-01
Amazon Graviton3 Benchmarks - Nice Performance Uplift With AWS EC2 C7g   Processors   2022-05-24
Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit vs. 64-bit Performance   Operating Systems   2022-02-07
Ubuntu 21.10 Performance Continues In The Right Direction For AArch64   Operating Systems   2021-10-28
LLVM Clang 12 Leading Over GCC 11 Compiler Performance On Intel Xeon Scalable Ice Lake   Software   2021-06-04
AMD/Intel Benchmarks: Building The Mainline Linux x86_64 Kernel With LLVM Clang   Software   2019-09-12
Extensive Benchmarks Looking At AMD Znver1 GCC 9 Performance, EPYC Compiler Tuning   Software   2019-02-20
GCC 8/9 vs. LLVM Clang 7/8 Compiler Performance On AArch64   Software   2019-02-12
Trying Out LLVM 4.0's LLD Linker On Ubuntu 17.04 vs. GNU LD, GNU Gold   Software   2017-03-16
Benchmarking The Low-Cost PINE 64+ ARM Single Board Computer   Computers   2016-03-26

AArch64 Linux & Open-Source News

Fedora 38 Cleared To Produce "Mobility Phosh" Spins   Fedora   2022-12-05
Intel oneDNN 3.0 Being Prepared With More Performance Optimizations   Intel   2022-12-03
NixOS 22.11 Released With Better AArch64 Support, NVIDIA Open GPU Kernel Driver Option   Operating Systems   2022-12-01
SVT-AV1 1.4 & Rav1e 0.6 Released For Open-Source AV1 Encoding   Multimedia   2022-12-01
Rust-Written Redox OS 0.8 Released With i686 Support, Audio & Multi-Display Working   Operating Systems   2022-11-23
Intel Mesa Driver Changes Land For Building On Non-x86 CPUs   Intel   2022-11-23
Wasmer 3.0 Released As The Latest "Universal WebAssembly Runtime"   Programming   2022-11-21
Cloud Hypervisor 28 Released As The Project's First LTS Version   Virtualization   2022-11-18
Box64 0.2 Gets DXVK 2.0 Running, Many Other Improvements For Emulating x86_64 On Arm   Linux Gaming   2022-11-17
GNU Binutils Lands New "SFrame" Format Support For Simple Stack Unwinding   GNU   2022-11-17
Ampere-1A CPU Support Added To GCC 13   Arm   2022-11-14
Linux 6.2 Implementing Dynamic Shadow Call Stack Support For AArch64   Arm   2022-11-14
AMD Joins The Cloud Hypervisor Project Started By Intel   Intel   2022-11-08
Fedora 38 Looking At A Phosh Image For Mobile Devices   Fedora   2022-11-08
Linux 6.2 AMDGPU Driver Gets Newer GPUs Working On Arm, SR-IOV Fixes For RDNA3/GFX11   Radeon   2022-11-05
Intel Clarifies HECI Usage For Arc Graphics' GSC   Intel   2022-11-04
LLVM's BOLT Flipped On By Default For Linux x86/AArch64 Test Releases   LLVM   2022-11-04
Rust UEFI Firmware Targets Promoted To Tier-2 Status   Programming   2022-11-03
FEX 2211 Emulator Gets God of War & Other Modern AAA Games Running On Linux AArch64   Linux Gaming   2022-11-03
Ampere Altra SMpro Hardware Monitoring Set For Linux 6.2   Hardware   2022-10-27
Intel Sends Out Meteor Lake & Sierra Forest Patches For The GCC Compiler   Intel   2022-10-14
FEX-Emu 2210 Eyes Emulating AVX On Arm, Various Fixes   Linux Gaming   2022-10-13
Linux 6.1 Drops BF16 Support For Cortex-A510 Due To Hardware Bug   Arm   2022-10-12
LLVM Clang 15 Delivers Some Small x86_64 Performance Improvements But Mostly Flat   LLVM   2022-10-11
GNU Linux-libre 6.0 Released After More Blob Cleaning   Linux Kernel   2022-10-03
AMD Ryzen 7000 Series, Linux 6.0, MGLRU, Rust & IO_uring Made For An Exciting September   Phoronix   2022-10-01
Intel, Microsoft & Arm Continue Advancing The Cloud-Hypervisor With v27 Released   Virtualization   2022-09-30
Intel oneDNN 2.7 Released With Sapphire Rapids & DG2 Optimizations, AMD GPU Bringup   Intel   2022-09-28
Pyston 2.3.5 Released As Speedy Alternative To CPython   Programming   2022-09-27
Generic EFI Compressed Boot Support Prepped Ahead Of Linux 6.1   Linux Kernel   2022-09-25
Apple M2 Support Added To Upstream LLVM Along With The A15, A16   LLVM   2022-09-23
OpenMandriva Speeding Up Their AArch64 Linux Development With Ampere Altra   Operating Systems   2022-09-20
Rust UEFI Firmware Targets Look For A Promotion To Tier-2   Programming   2022-09-12
FLAC 1.4 Released With AArch64 Optimizations, Faster x86_64 FMA   Multimedia   2022-09-11
Latest Mesa AGX Work Points To More Apple M1/M2 Similarities With PowerVR Graphics   Apple   2022-09-07
Mesa CI Begins Making Use Of Mold Linker For "Substantial" Performance Improvement   Mesa   2022-08-24
Experimental Patches Allow Much Faster AArch64 & RISC-V Kexec Kernel Reboots   Linux Kernel   2022-08-22
Linux 6.0 Adds EFI Mirrored Memory & ACPI PRM For 64-bit Arm   Linux Kernel   2022-08-10
GNU Linux-libre 5.19-gnu Released - Continues The Uphill Battle Against Firmware Blobs   Linux Kernel   2022-08-01
Linux 5.19 Released - Linus Torvalds Released It From An Apple Silicon MacBook   Linux Kernel   2022-07-31
ARM64 With Linux 5.20 Improves Its Meltdown Mitigation KPTI Code   Arm   2022-07-30
Linux 5.20 To Enable THP SWAP On 64-bit Arm For Better Swapping Performance   Arm   2022-07-26
GNU C Library Finally Adds arc4random Functions For Linux   GNU   2022-07-23
Arm Working On Function Multi-Versioning For GCC   Arm   2022-07-19
Rocky Linux 9.0 Released As Free RHEL 9.0 Alternative   Red Hat   2022-07-14
FEX-Emu 2207 Continues Work On Running Steam Play Games On 64-bit Arm   Free Software   2022-07-07
liburing 2.2 Released For Easier IO_uring Usage On Linux   Linux Storage   2022-06-26
RHEL-Based AlmaLinux Announces "ALBS" Access For Its Public Build System   Operating Systems   2022-06-20
BeOS-Inspired Haiku Makes Progress On Driver Porting, Plans For Usable RISC-V Images   Operating Systems   2022-06-09
Glibc Adds Arm SVE-Optimized Memory Copy - Can "Significantly" Help Performance   Arm   2022-06-08
Arm Looking To Make It Easier To Run Docker On AArch64 Linux   Arm   2022-06-07
macOS 13 Adding Ability To Use Rosetta In ARM Linux VMs For Speedy x86_64 Linux Binaries   Apple   2022-06-06
FEX-Emu 2206 Released For Enjoying x86/x86_64 Apps & Games On Arm   Linux Gaming   2022-06-05
AmpereOne Announced As Ampere's In-House AArch64 Cloud Native Processor Design   Arm   2022-05-26
AlmaLinux 9.0 Released As Community, Free Alternative To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.0   Operating Systems   2022-05-26
Nearly Half A Million Lines Of New Graphics Driver Code Sent In For Linux 5.19   Linux Kernel   2022-05-25
ARMv9 Scalable Matrix Extension Support Lands In Linux 5.19   Arm   2022-05-25
GNU Linux-Libre 5.18-gnu Continues Its Battle Against Binary Blobs   GNU   2022-05-23
PostgreSQL 15 Performance Improving With Faster Sorting, Many New Features   Programming   2022-05-22
Google Posts Latest Code For KCFI As Better Control-Flow Integrity For The Linux Kernel   Linux Security   2022-05-16
Ubuntu Core 22 Beta Released For IoT & Edge Devices   Ubuntu   2022-05-13
Microsoft Issues First Production Release Of Its CBL-Mariner 2.0 Linux Distribution   Microsoft   2022-05-09
Rust-Written Redox OS 0.7 Released With New Bootloader, RedoxFS Goes CoW   Operating Systems   2022-04-29
Intel Preps Some Big Graphics Driver Improvements For Linux 5.19   Intel   2022-04-27
Ubuntu Outlines How To Use Its Real-Time Kernel Beta - It Requires Ubuntu Advantage   Ubuntu   2022-04-27
GraalVM CE 22.1 Released With Performance Improvements, Apple Silicon Support   Oracle   2022-04-26
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Eyes More Industrial Usage By Offering Up Real-Time Kernel Beta   Ubuntu   2022-04-21
AlmaLinux 9 Beta Released For Testing As No-Cost RHEL9 Alternative   Operating Systems   2022-04-19
FEX-Emu 2204 Released With Fixes For Running x86/x86_64 Binaries On AArch64   Arm   2022-04-19
Box86 0.2.6 / Box64 0.1.8 Released With Working Steam & Steam Play On Non-x86 CPUs   Free Software   2022-04-16
Huawei Working On UEFI Mirrored Memory Support For Linux AArch64   Arm   2022-04-16
Cloud-Hypervisor 23.0 Released With Support For Intel AMX   Virtualization   2022-04-14
LLVM 14.0.1 Released To Provide Many Bug Fixes   LLVM   2022-04-13
ADLINK Launches Ampere Altra Developer Platform, Starting At $3999 USD   Arm   2022-04-07
DRM-Misc-Next Sends In First Batch Of Graphics/Display Driver Changes For Linux 5.19   Linux Kernel   2022-04-07
FreeBSD 13.1-RC1 Pulls In OpenZFS 2.1, WiFi Updates   BSD   2022-04-01
Steam Deck, Ryzen Servers, Apple M1 On Linux & Milan-X Excited Linux Users In Q1   Phoronix   2022-03-31
Linux 5.18 Hardens The Kernel For 64-bit Arm With Shadow Call Stack Support   Arm   2022-03-28
Tesla FSD Chip Added To Upstream Linux 5.18 Along With The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W   Arm   2022-03-24
Linux 5.18 Brings Many Networking Changes, New WiFi / Wired Hardware Support   Linux Networking   2022-03-24
LLVM / Clang 14.0 Prepared For Release With With Armv9, BOLT, More C++20 & C23   LLVM   2022-03-23
GNU Linux-Libre 5.17 Released For Free Software Purists   GNU   2022-03-22
Linux 5.18 Scheduler Updates Improve NUMA Balancing For AMD EPYC Servers   Linux Kernel   2022-03-21
Asahi Linux Issues First Alpha Release For Running Linux On Apple Silicon   Apple   2022-03-19
Arm Posts GCC Tuning Patches For Neoverse-N2 & New Neoverse-Demeter   Arm   2022-03-16
The 64-bit Arm Updates Submitted Ahead Of Linux 5.18   Arm   2022-03-16
AMD Posts New Linux Code For Zen 4's UAI Feature   AMD   2022-03-10
BoringTun v0.4 Released For CloudFlare's Rust-Based WireGuard   Linux Networking   2022-03-08
FEX 2203 Emulator Released With RdRand & 3DNow Support, More JIT Work   Linux Gaming   2022-03-06
Cloud-Hypervisor 22.0 Released With New Features For This Open-Source VMM   Virtualization   2022-03-04
VMware Enabling VMWGFX 3D Support For AArch64   Virtualization   2022-03-03
Steam Deck, GNOME 42 Advancements & AMD Linux Updates Excited Readers In February   Phoronix   2022-03-01
Wasmer 2.2 Released With AArch64 Improvements, SSE 4.2 Support For Singlepass   Programming   2022-03-01
Qualcomm Posts Linux Driver Patches For New "Gunyah" Hypervisor   Virtualization   2022-02-24
GCC 12 Adds Support For AArch64 Shadow Call Stack   GNU   2022-02-22
OpenBLAS 0.3.20 Adds Support For Russia's Elbrus E2000, Arm Neoverse N2/V1 CPUs   Programming   2022-02-21
Intel Sends In DG2-G12 Support For Linux 5.18 Along With Other Changes   Intel   2022-02-18
OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 Released With Completed Arm 64-bit Port, Sticks To Using LLVM   Operating Systems   2022-02-07
FEX-Emu Is Working On Speedy x86/x86_64 Games Support On AArch64, Including Proton   Linux Gaming   2022-02-06
Raspberry Pi's Raspbian OS Finally Spins 64-bit Version   Raspberry Pi   2022-02-02
LLVM/Clang 14 Ends Feature Development With Better C++20 Support, Armv9 Added   LLVM   2022-02-02
Eclipse OpenJ9 0.30 Released For Latest JVM Alternative   Programming   2022-01-29
Wasmer 2.2 Bringing Its WebAssembly "Singlepass" Compiler To AArch64   Programming   2022-01-28
PCI Changes For Linux 5.17 Bring Intel Raptor Lake IDs, Apple PCIe Clock Gating   Hardware   2022-01-15
GNU Linux-libre 5.16 Brings More Firmware Cleansing, Deblobbing   GNU   2022-01-10
Linux 5.17 To Bring AMD P-State, Many AMD & Intel Improvements, New Optimizations   Linux Kernel   2022-01-08
Wine 7.0's Many Features From Better Theming To Improved HiDPI To New Joystick Driver   WINE   2022-01-07
Linux 5.17 AArch64 Code Has SME Preparations, Adds KCSAN Support   Arm   2022-01-07
New Linux Patch Series Proposes Gating "Legacy PCI" Support   Hardware   2022-01-03
LLVM Enjoyed Record Growth In 2021, Many Exciting Compiler Advancements   LLVM   2022-01-02
QEMU 6.2 Released With Intel SGX VM Support, Apple Silicon Compatible For macOS Hosts   Virtualization   2021-12-15
BOLT Close To Merging Into LLVM For Optimizing Performance Of Binaries   LLVM   2021-12-09
Intel's oneDNN Ported To RISC-V, More Sapphire Rapids Prep   Intel   2021-12-09
Intel's Cloud-Hypervisor Moving To The Linux Foundation - Backed By Arm, Microsoft   Virtualization   2021-12-08
LLVM Now Has "Official" Support For Targeting NEC's Vector Engine (VE)   LLVM   2021-12-07
LLVM Clang 14 Lands An "Amazing" Performance Optimization   LLVM   2021-12-06
Wasmer 2.1 WebAssembly Implementation Adds Virtual Filesystem, Lisp + Crystal Support   Programming   2021-12-01
Amazon Announces C7g AWS Instances Coming Powered By Graviton3   Hardware   2021-11-30
QEMU 6.2 On The Way With SGX For VMs, Apple Silicon, More RISC-V   Virtualization   2021-11-14
Cluster-Aware Scheduling Lands In Linux 5.16   Linux Kernel   2021-11-02
"Ampere-1" GCC Patch Posted For Ampere's Upcoming AArch64 Core Design   Arm   2021-11-02
GNU Linux-libre 5.15 Released - More Deblobbing, Fixing "-Werror" Breakage   Linux Kernel   2021-11-01
Bareflank 3.0 Hypervisor Released With Microkernel Design, AMD Virtualization Support   Virtualization   2021-10-24
Eclipse OpenJ9 0.29 Released With Full AArch64 Linux Support, More Mature JITServer Tech   Programming   2021-10-20
Rust-Based Cloud-Hypervisor 19.0 Released With Improved Live Migration, Faster Boot Time   Virtualization   2021-10-16
Bareflank Hypervisor 3.0 Pre-Release Debuts With Many Changes   Virtualization   2021-10-16
Cluster Scheduler Support Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.16   Linux Kernel   2021-10-15
Ampere Computing Steps Up With Monthly Open-Source Firmware Releases   Hardware   2021-10-06
Firefox 93 Primed For Release With AVIF Image Support, Canonical Managing Official Snap   Mozilla   2021-10-05
LLVM 13.0 Released With Official Flang Binary Packages, Improved OpenCL Clang Support   LLVM   2021-10-01
Ampere Altra Max 128-Core CPU Is Priced Lower Than Flagship Xeon, EPYC CPUs   Arm   2021-09-30
Rust Lands Support For The Motorola 68000 Processors   Programming   2021-09-20
Apple Silicon / M1 Port Planned For GCC 12   GNU   2021-09-17
Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS Released To Correct Broken Install Media   Ubuntu   2021-09-17
Java 17 / OpenJDK 17 Hits GA With Maturing Vector API, Removal Planned For Applet API   Oracle   2021-09-14
Linux 5.15 Raises Its GCC Compiler Version Requirement   Linux Kernel   2021-09-14
GNU Debugger 11.1 Released With MTE Support, Core File Debugging For 64-bit Cygwin Apps   GNU   2021-09-13
RISC-V Gets Expanded Stack Randomization With Linux 5.15   Linux Kernel   2021-09-12
Intel's Cloud-Hypervisor 18.0 Brings AArch64 Improvements, VHDX Disk Image Support   Virtualization   2021-09-09
Haiku Upstreams Its GNU Binutils Support   GNU   2021-09-03
Linux 5.15 Adds Another Knob To Harden Against Side Channel Attacks   Linux Security   2021-08-31
Scheduler Changes For Linux 5.15 - Still No Sign Of Any Intel Thread Director Optimizations   Linux Kernel   2021-08-30
Haiku OS Gets TRIM Working For SSDs, Continues Bringing Up RISC-V Support   Operating Systems   2021-08-24
Intel's Cloud Hypervisor 17 Released With Continued ARM64 Work, Improved SGX   Intel   2021-07-23
GraalVM 21.2 Released With New Optimizations, Better Linux AArch64 Support   Oracle   2021-07-21
GNU Binutils 2.37 Released With Support for ARMv9's Realm Management Extension   GNU   2021-07-18
VirtIO-IOMMU Comes To x86 With Linux 5.14   Virtualization   2021-07-11
The Most Popular Intel Linux/Open-Source News From H1'2021   Intel   2021-07-08
Latest Patches Sent Out For Adding Rust Support To The Linux Kernel   Programming   2021-07-04
GNU Binutils 2.37 Is On The Way - Finally Drops ARM Symbian OS Support   GNU   2021-07-04