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AV1 Articles & Reviews

Intel Releases SVT-AV1 0.9 For Quicker AV1 Video Encoding   Software   2022-01-22
Intel To Ring In 2022 With New, Faster AV1 Encoder Release   Software   2021-12-31

AV1 Linux & Open-Source News

Vulkan SDK Updated With Vulkan Video Support   Vulkan   2023-01-30
AMD Sends In More RDNA3 Graphics Driver Fixes For Linux 6.3   Radeon   2023-01-28
Intel oneVPL GPU Runtime 22.6.5 Brings AV1 & VP9 Encode Improvements   Intel   2023-01-26
GStreamer 1.22 Released With Improved AV1 Support, Better WebRTC & AMD AMF Additions   Multimedia   2023-01-23
Linux 6.3 Features Expected From AMD Auto IBRS To Pluton CRB TPM2 & Dropping Old Code   Linux Kernel   2023-01-23
VK_MESA_video_decode_av1: Early Vulkan AV1 Decoding For Open-Source Radeon Driver   Mesa   2023-01-17
Intel's FFmpeg Cartwheel 2022Q4 Released - Raptor Lake P, Better AV1 & HEVC Encode   Intel   2023-01-16
Kodi 20 Released With VA-API AV1 Support, Steam Deck Controls Support   Multimedia   2023-01-15
Updated WebKit Adds Experimental WebCodecs AV1, dav1d Decoder   Free Software   2023-01-13
Intel Media Driver 2022Q4 Adds Meteor Lake Enablement   Intel   2023-01-13
Mesa 22.3.3 Brings More Intel & Radeon Driver Fixes, KDE Plasma Hang Workaround   Mesa   2023-01-11
OBS Studio 29 Released With AV1 Encode Additions, Upward Compression Filter   Multimedia   2023-01-07
An MGLRU Performance Regression Fix Is On The Way Plus Another Optimization   Linux Kernel   2023-01-06
VP9 & AV1 Vulkan Video Extensions Expected Next Year   Vulkan   2022-12-22
Vulkan Video 1.0 Extensions Published As Part Of Vulkan 1.3.238   Vulkan   2022-12-19
NVIDIA-VAAPI-Driver 0.0.8 Introduces New Direct Backend   NVIDIA   2022-12-18
Experimental RADV Vulkan Video Gets H.264 & H.265 Decode Working   Mesa   2022-12-15
Mesa 22.3.1 Released - Led By Intel & Radeon Driver Fixes   Mesa   2022-12-15
Blender 3.4 Now Available With Wayland, Intel Open Path Guiding Integration   Free Software   2022-12-07
Intel Publishes Latest FFmpeg Patches For Better GPU Video Encode/Decode   Intel   2022-12-01
SVT-AV1 1.4 & Rav1e 0.6 Released For Open-Source AV1 Encoding   Multimedia   2022-12-01
OBS Studio 29 Beta Brings AV1 Encode For AMD & Intel GPUs   Multimedia   2022-11-23
Godot 4.0 Engine Adds Movie Maker Mode   Linux Gaming   2022-11-14
Google Releases Lyra 1.3 For Advancing This Very Low Bitrate Audio Codec   Google   2022-11-11
FFmpeg Lands NVIDIA NVENC AV1 Encoding Support   NVIDIA   2022-11-06
OBS Studio 28.1 Released With Various Fixes, Updated NVENC Presets   Free Software   2022-11-01
Intel Lands An AV1 QSV Encoder In FFmpeg   Intel   2022-10-30
Google Chrome Is Already Preparing To Deprecate JPEG-XL   Google   2022-10-29
Intel Engineers Release SVT-AV1 1.3 With More Optimizations, Tuning For Better AV1 Encode   Multimedia   2022-10-20
Intel Publishes New Media Driver, oneVPL GPU Runtime "2022Q3" Releases   Intel   2022-10-14
VA-API Library 2.16 Released With Various Improvements   Multimedia   2022-10-08
Google Announces Lyra V2 Low Bit-Rate Voice Codec   Google   2022-09-30
Microsoft Adds AV1 Decode Support To Their Mesa D3D12 Driver   Microsoft   2022-09-30
NVIDIA Beta Driver Update Revises Vulkan Video Support   NVIDIA   2022-09-28
Google Releases AOM-AV1 3.5 With More Speedups & Memory Optimizations   Multimedia   2022-09-22
NVIDIA Announces The GeForce RTX 40 Series With Much Better Ray-Tracing Performance   NVIDIA   2022-09-20
GStreamer Now Able To Ship Rust-Written Plugins   Multimedia   2022-09-18
Intel Talks Up Their oneVPL Acceleration Within FFmpeg   Intel   2022-09-11
OBS Studio 28.0 Released With 10-Bit & HDR Video Encoding, Qt 6 Ported   Multimedia   2022-09-01
NVIDIA JetPack 5.0.2 Released With Production Support For AGX Orin   NVIDIA   2022-08-17
FFmpeg Begins Integrating Intel oneVPL Support   Multimedia   2022-08-12
Intel's Open-Source SVT-AV1 v1.2 Video Encoder Released - More AVX2 Optimizations   Multimedia   2022-08-03
OBS Studio 28 Beta 1 Brings 10-bit & HDR Video Encoding, Qt6 Toolkit   Free Software   2022-08-03
FFmpeg 5.1 Released With Many Improvements To This Important Multimedia Project   Multimedia   2022-07-22
AMD Hiring For Another Open-Source GPU Driver Developer With Multimedia Expertise   AMD   2022-07-06
Intel Releases libva 2.15 Video Acceleration Library   Intel   2022-07-01
NVIDIA Lands AV1 VDPAU Hardware Acceleration In FFmpeg   NVIDIA   2022-06-26
AOM AV1 v3.4 Encoder Brings Better Performance   Multimedia   2022-06-18
Intel Arc A380 Desktop Graphics Launch In China   Intel   2022-06-15
Firefox 101 Released With Few Notable Changes   Mozilla   2022-05-31
Intel Media Driver Adding Vulkan Video Acceleration Support   Intel   2022-05-29
NVIDIA VA-API 0.0.6 Driver Works On Multi-Threaded Decode, Improved GPU Selection   NVIDIA   2022-05-25
Intel oneAPI Toolkits 2022.2 Released With ISPCRT, More Arc Graphics Preparations   Intel   2022-05-18
Intel Releases SVT-AV1 v1.1 As It Continues Advancing Open-Source AV1 Encoding   Intel   2022-05-18
FFmpeg Lands AVIF Muxer For This Image Format Based On AV1   Multimedia   2022-05-13
Initial AMD GFX11 / RDNA3 Support Lands In Mesa, RADV Prepares For Task Shaders   Mesa   2022-05-10
AOMedia's "AVM" Repository Serves As Reference Implementation For Eventual AV1 Successor   Multimedia   2022-05-06
Mozilla Firefox 100 Now Available With Various Improvements   Mozilla   2022-05-03
AMD Posts Linux Driver Patches For New "VCN 4.0" IP Block   Radeon   2022-05-02
Intel Releases SVT-AV1 1.0 For Speedy AV1 Video Encoding   Intel   2022-04-22
MediaTek Preparing Stateless AV1 Video Linux Decode Driver For Newer SoCs   Multimedia   2022-04-16
Intel Media SDK 22.3.1 Released With Raptor Lake Support, More DG2/Alchemist Features   Intel   2022-04-02
Intel Preparing For SVT-AV1 1.0 Video Encoder With More AVX2 Optimizations   Intel   2022-03-30
Dav1d 1.0 AV1 Decoder Released With Improved Threading, AVX-512 Support   Multimedia   2022-03-18
VDPAU 1.5 Video Decode Library Released With AV1 Support   NVIDIA   2022-03-07
dav1d 1.0 AV1 Video Decoder Nears Release With AVX-512 Acceleration   Multimedia   2022-02-28
Intel's SVT-AV1 0.9.1 Speedy AV1 Encoder Adds New SSE Kernels To Help Old CPUs   Intel   2022-02-24
VA-API Library 2.14 Released With AV1 Encode Interface   Multimedia   2022-02-22
Google Releases AOM-AV1 v3.3 Video Encoder Update With Performance Improvements   Multimedia   2022-02-18
Intel Updates Roadmap For Arc Graphics, Sapphire Rapids, Falcon Shores   Intel   2022-02-17
OBS Studio 27.2 Released With Flatpak Support, Experimental AV1 Encoders   Desktop   2022-02-14
NVIDIA VAAPI Driver 0.0.5 Released With AV1 Acceleration   NVIDIA   2022-02-12
GStreamer 1.20 Multimedia Framework Released With Many Improvements   GNOME   2022-02-04
NVIDIA 510.47.03 Linux Driver Released With Vulkan 1.3 Support, RTX 3050 Compatibility   NVIDIA   2022-02-01
GStreamer 1.20 RC1 Released With Many Exciting Improvements   Multimedia   2022-01-28
AMDVLK 2022.Q1.1 Released With Radeon RX 6500 XT Support   Radeon   2022-01-19
Intel Media Driver 22 Debuts With Alchemist / ATS-M Support, ADL-N   Intel   2022-01-19
Firefox Gets AV1 VA-API Acceleration Sorted Out   Mozilla   2022-01-18
FFmpeg 5.0 Released For This Popular, Open-Source Multimedia Library   Multimedia   2022-01-14
NVIDIA 510.39.01 Linux Beta Brings Vulkan Dynamic Rendering, AV1 VDPAU Decode & More   NVIDIA   2022-01-11
Experimental VA-API Implemented Over NVIDIA's NVDEC - Allows Firefox Video Acceleration   NVIDIA   2022-01-04
Recapping Intel's Open-Source/Linux Achievements For 2021   Intel   2021-12-30
OBS Studio 27.2 Beta Brings SVT-AV1 Support, Official Flatpak Support   Linux Gaming   2021-12-30
GIMP 2.10.30 Released With Better Adobe PSD Support, Improved Portals Integration   Free Software   2021-12-21
Intel Contributes A Number Of Vulkan Filters/Improvements To FFmpeg   Intel   2021-12-12
NVIDIA 470.62.12 Vulkan Beta Driver For Linux Updates Video Support   NVIDIA   2021-11-17
Mesa 21.3 Released With Radeon RADV Ray-Tracing, Much Better Zink   Mesa   2021-11-17
Vulkan Video Support Progressing For Open-Source Intel, AMD Radeon Hardware   Vulkan   2021-11-15
David Airlie Hacking On Intel Vulkan Video Decode, Crocus Gallium3D VA-API   Intel   2021-11-12
Rav1e 0.5 Brings More Speed-Ups For This Rust AV1 Encoder   Multimedia   2021-11-07
More Linux Performance Benchmark Data For Alder Lake, Comparison Data Points   Intel   2021-11-04
AV1 Codec Library libaom v3.2 Brings More Performance Optimizations   Multimedia   2021-10-15
Vulkan 1.2.196 Introduces H.265 Encode Extension   Vulkan   2021-10-13
Firefox 93 Primed For Release With AVIF Image Support, Canonical Managing Official Snap   Mozilla   2021-10-05
Vulkan Video Decoding Still In The Early Stages For Open-Source   Vulkan   2021-09-21
Dav1d 0.9.2 Released With More SSSE3, SSE4, AVX2, NEON Optimizations   Multimedia   2021-09-05
VA-API AV1 Decode Lands In Mesa 21.3 Gallium3D   Mesa   2021-08-17
AV1 VA-API Acceleration Coming For AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series Linux Users   Radeon   2021-08-13
Firefox 92 Beta Takes Flight With AVIF Image Support   Mozilla   2021-08-12
The Linux Kernel Begins Preparing For AV1 Decode Support   Multimedia   2021-08-12
Rav1e 0.5 Beta Released For This Rust-Written AV1 Encoder   Multimedia   2021-08-09
Firefox 92 To Try Again With AVIF Image Support By Default   Mozilla   2021-08-06
dav1d 0.9.1 Released With More Optimizations - Particularly For Older CPUs   Multimedia   2021-08-02
AMD's Linux Strides In H1'21 From FreeSync HDMI To PyTorch ROCm   AMD   2021-07-04
Intel Media Driver 2021Q2 Focuses On Gen12 Enhancements   Intel   2021-06-30
Google's Lyra v0.0.2 Speech Codec Gets Rid Of The Binary Blob   Google   2021-06-28
New + Updated Benchmarks For May 2021 - Now At 661 Tests, ~36d19h Average Total Runtime   Phoronix Test Suite   2021-06-02
Windows vs. Linux, 5.13 Kernel, FreeBSD 13, Other May Excitement   Free Software   2021-06-01
AVX2 Tuning Paying Off Big Time For Dav1d 10b/12b Video Decode   Multimedia   2021-05-17
Dav1d 0.9 Released With AVX2-Tuned 10b/12b Decode For Big Speed Boost   Multimedia   2021-05-16
AV1 Decoder dav1d Lands 10-bit AVX2 Assembly For Big Speed-Up, Thanks Facebook + Netflix   Multimedia   2021-05-11
Libaom, SVT-AV1 Mark New Open-Source AV1 Encoder Releases This Week   Multimedia   2021-05-09
Chrome 90 Released With AV1 Encode, New APIs   Google   2021-04-14
Vulkan Video Arrives For New Industry-Standard Video Encode/Decode   Vulkan   2021-04-13
Vulkan 1.2.175 Published With Many New Extensions   Vulkan   2021-04-13
FFmpeg 4.4 Released With AV1 VA-API Decoder, SVT-AV1 Encoding   Multimedia   2021-04-09
Google Posts Initial Code For Lyra Speech Codec   Multimedia   2021-04-06
The Most Popular AMD Linux/Open-Source News For Q1'2021   AMD   2021-03-31
Many New/Updated Benchmarks For March With New SDR/Radio Tests, More Code Compilation   Phoronix Test Suite   2021-03-28
AOMedia libaom AV1 3.0 Encoder Released With Better Compression Efficiency   Multimedia   2021-03-24
AV1 Codec Library libaom 3.0-rc1 Released   Multimedia   2021-03-18
Intel Alder Lake P Media Driver Support Published   Intel   2021-03-14
Chrome 90 Beta Released With New Origin Trials, AV1 Encode   Google   2021-03-12
Vulkan Ray-Tracing Along With Other New/Updated Benchmarks For February   Phoronix Test Suite   2021-02-28
Google's New Lyra Voice Codec + AV1 Aim For Video Chats Over 56kbps Modems In 2021   Google   2021-02-27
dav1d 0.8.2 AV1 Decoder Showing Nice Uplift On Intel, AMD CPUs   Multimedia   2021-02-23
dav1d 0.8.2 Released For Speeding Up AV1 Decode On x86, ARM   Multimedia   2021-02-22
Kodi 19 Released With Python 3 Transition Complete, AV1 Software Decode   Multimedia   2021-02-20
Android 12 Developer Preview Released   Google   2021-02-18
Many Exciting New & Updated Benchmarks For January 2021   Phoronix Test Suite   2021-02-02
Linux 5.11, Pyston, Wayland & Other January Excitement   Phoronix   2021-02-01
Chrome 89 Beta Enables WebHID By Default, Other New Web APIs   Google   2021-01-29
Alder Lake S Support Added To Intel's Open-Source Media Driver   Intel   2021-01-25
Chrome 89 Preparing To Ship With AV1 Encoder For WebRTC Usage   Google   2021-01-22
Rav1e 0.4 Released For Faster Rust AV1 Encoding - But Still Is Quite Slow   Multimedia   2021-01-14
POWER9 + ARM64 Performance For Dav1d 0.8 AV1 Decoding   Multimedia   2021-01-09
Mozilla Firefox Flips On AVIF Image Decoding By Default   Mozilla   2021-01-08
dav1d 0.8 Released With More Optimizations - More AMD Performance   Multimedia   2021-01-03
Intel Media SDK 20.5.1 Released   Intel   2020-12-30
New Intel Linux Features, Timely Hardware Support & More From Intel In 2020   Intel   2020-12-30
AMD Wowed Linux Users In 2020 With Their Fantastic Zen 3 CPUs, Timely New Open-Source GPU Support   AMD   2020-12-29
Mozilla Firefox Appears Ready To Enable AVIF Image Handling Support By Default   Mozilla   2020-12-20
KDE Sees New Features, Bug Fixes Ahead Of Christmas   KDE   2020-12-19
SVT-AV1, Dav1d Speeding Along AV1 Into 2021   Multimedia   2020-11-29
Kodi 19 Now In Beta With Python 3 Addons, AV1 Software Decoding   Multimedia   2020-11-22
Mesa 21.0 Lands More Last Minute Fixes For Radeon RX 6000 "Big Navi" GPUs   Mesa   2020-11-18
AMD Lands AV1 Decode For Radeon RX 6000 Series In Mesa   Radeon   2020-11-17
FFmpeg Lands Support For NVIDIA AV1 Video Decoding With RTX 30 + NVDEC   Multimedia   2020-11-11
FFmpeg Lands VA-API AV1 Decode Support Led By Intel   Multimedia   2020-11-04
AMD Navi "Blockchain" Card Support Being Added To Linux 5.10   Radeon   2020-10-29