RISC-V is an open-source processor ISA.

RISC-V Articles & Reviews

StarFive VisionFive 2 Quad-Core RISC-V Performance Benchmarks   Computers   2023-08-16
SiFive RISC-V Sees Some Performance Improvements On Ubuntu 22.04   Operating Systems   2022-06-03
SiFive HiFive Unmatched Hands-On, Initial RISC-V Performance Benchmarks   Computers   2021-09-24
SiFive Helping To Teach Kids Programming With RISC-V HiFive Inventor Coding Kit   Computers   2021-01-18
SiFive Is Launching The Most Compelling RISC-V Development Board Yet   Motherboards   2020-10-29
The New Features Of Linux 4.15: AMDGPU DC, RISC-V, EPYC Benefits, VR Improvements   Software   2017-11-26

RISC-V Linux & Open-Source News

Intel Will Submit New Xe Kernel Graphics Driver Soon - Likely For Linux 6.8   Intel   2023-12-07
Fwupd 1.9.10 Adds LoongArch Support & Firmware Updating For A ~$1k USD Web Camera   LVFS   2023-12-04
Threadripper 7000 Series, Wayland, Linux 6.7 & Other November Highlights   Phoronix   2023-12-01
Debian's MIPS64EL CPU Port Is At Risk Due To Declining Hardware Access   Debian   2023-11-25
SiFive Gets Newer AMD Radeon GPUs Working On RISC-V   Radeon   2023-11-22
GCC 14 Shifts From Feature Development To "General Bugfixing" Mode   GNU   2023-11-20
Intel Begins Sorting Out SR-IOV Support For The Xe Kernel Graphics Driver   Intel   2023-11-11
RISC-V With Linux 6.7 Gains Optimized TLB Flushing, Software Shadow Call Stacks   RISC-V   2023-11-10
MIPS AR7 Platform Support Removed In Linux 6.7   Linux Kernel   2023-11-09
NVIDIA Pushes 62MB Of GSP Binary Firmware Blobs Into Linux-Firmware.Git   NVIDIA   2023-11-08
Hangover 8.19 Improves Box64 Integration For Running Windows Apps On AArch64 Wine   WINE   2023-11-06
Nouveau NVIDIA GSP Firmware Support Merged For Linux 6.7   Nouveau   2023-11-05
KVM Virtualization With Linux 6.7 Adds LoongArch, Up To 4096 x86 vCPUs   Virtualization   2023-11-03
Linux 6.7 Adds A Cross-Vendor Solution For Confidential Computing Attestation Reports   Virtualization   2023-11-03
AMD-Pensando Elba SoC & A Massive RISC-V 64-Core Chip Supported In Linux 6.7   Hardware   2023-11-02
Linux Patches Speed-Up Kernel Crypto Functions With RISC-V Vector Extensions   RISC-V   2023-10-28
Linux RISC-V Preparing For Real-Time Kernel Support (PREEMPT_RT)   RISC-V   2023-10-24
Milk-V Oasis Sounds Like An Interesting RISC-V Board With 16 Cores, Up To 64GB LPDDR5   Hardware   2023-10-22
Zlib-ng 2.1.4 Brings LoongArch Port, New RISC-V & ARM Optimizations   Free Software   2023-10-22
GCC 14 Feature Development Ends Next Month   GNU   2023-10-19
Mold 2.3 Linker Allows Removing Superfluous ENDBR64 Instructions   Programming   2023-10-18
Hangover 8.17 Released With Updated Box64 & FEX Integration   WINE   2023-10-09
Intel oneDNN 3.3 Brings More Performance Optimizations For Sapphire Rapids / AMX   Intel   2023-10-07
Linux Patches Updated For 64-Core RISC-V Milk-V Pioneer mATX Board   Hardware   2023-10-05
Mobileye EyeQ 5 SoC Support Being Worked On For The Mainline Linux Kernel   Hardware   2023-10-05
Loongson Preparing LoongArch KVM Virtualization For Linux 6.7   Virtualization   2023-10-02
Raspberry Pi 5, Steam Deck & New AMD CPUs Dominated Q3   Phoronix   2023-09-30
Milk-V Duo Linux Kernel Patches Submitted For This $9 RISC-V Board   RISC-V   2023-09-30
Mold 2.2 Linker Released With More Optimizations, BLAKE3 Crypto Hashing   Programming   2023-09-24
LLVM 17.0 + Clang 17.0 Released With Many New Compiler Features   LLVM   2023-09-19
RISC-V With Linux 6.6 Offers Better Kernel Security With KASLR   RISC-V   2023-09-10
AmpereOne Core PMU Perf Events Added For Linux 6.6   Linux Kernel   2023-09-10
LoongArch With Linux 6.6 Adds KGDB/KDB, KFence, KASAN, LBT Binary Translation   Hardware   2023-09-09
Linux 6.6 KVM Brings Intel & AMD Fixes, SEV-ES DebugSwap, New RISC-V Extensions   Virtualization   2023-09-08
Hangover 8.15 Released With Box64 Integration As PE Library   WINE   2023-09-05
OpenBLAS 0.3.24 Released With Intel Sapphire Rapids Improvements, Apple M2 Detection   Programming   2023-09-03
New RISC-V Kernel Features Ready For Linux 6.6   RISC-V   2023-09-01
Inception & Downfall, Linux 6.6 Development Kicking Off & Other August Highlights   Phoronix   2023-09-01
Linux 6.6 Graphics Drivers: NVK uAPI, New AMD GPUs, More Meteor Lake, CI Support   Linux Kernel   2023-08-31
Many Features Ahead With Linux 6.6: EEVDF Scheduler, New AMD CPU Features, NVK uAPI   Linux Kernel   2023-08-27
Coreboot 4.21 Brings More System76 Laptops, Star Labs & MSI Z790-P Support   Coreboot   2023-08-25
QEMU 8.1 Released With New PipeWire Audio Backend, Many CPU Improvements   Virtualization   2023-08-22
Linux 6.6 AMDGPU Driver To Expose Current & Average Power For Capable GPUs   Radeon   2023-08-21
Box64 0.2.4 Released - Some x86-64 Games Now Playable On RISC-V   Linux Gaming   2023-08-19
LoongArch "Loong64" Added To Debian Ports   Debian   2023-08-16
Mold 2.1 Linker Brings LoongArch CPU Support   Programming   2023-08-13
AMD FreeSync Panel Replay Ready For Linux 6.6, Next-Gen GPU Enablement Started   Radeon   2023-08-12
Linux Display Driver Worked On For A Popular & Low-Cost RISC-V SoC   Linux Kernel   2023-08-01
AMD Linux CPU Benchmarks Dominated July From The Z1 Extreme To EPYC Genoa-X & Bergamo   Phoronix   2023-08-01
Building Debian For RISC-V Currently Relies Upon Nine HiFive Unmatched Boards   Debian   2023-07-31
GNU Binutils 2.41 Released With Intel FRED / LKGS / AMX-COMPLEX Support   GNU   2023-07-30
LLVM 17.0-rc1 Released With Nearly 38k Commits   LLVM   2023-07-29
AMD Readies "New Stuff" For Linux 6.6 Graphics Driver, AMDGPU DC For RISC-V   Radeon   2023-07-28
Intel's oneAPI Construction Kit 3.0 Released   Intel   2023-07-28
RISC-V Is Now An Official Debian Architecture   Debian   2023-07-23
Arm Guarded Control Stack "GCS" Patches Debut For The Linux Kernel   Arm   2023-07-18
Linux 6.5-rc2 Released With Some Early AMD Family 26 Bits, Fixing Up Some KCFI Assembly   Linux Kernel   2023-07-16
System76 Begins Publishing "Virgo" Laptop PCB Design Specs, Confirms Intel Raptor Lake   Hardware   2023-07-11
GRUB 2.12 RC Delivers Two Years Worth Of Bootloader Improvements   GNU   2023-07-11
Wine-Based Hangover 8.11 Begins Integrating FEX Emulator Support   WINE   2023-07-09
GCC 14 Adds Support For RISC-V Vector Crypto Extensions   RISC-V   2023-07-04
Linux 6.5 KVM Brings Guest Snapshots For RISC-V, AMD PerfMonV2 For VMs   Virtualization   2023-07-03
GNU Binutils 2.41 Coming With Intel AMX-COMPLEX + FRED/LKGS, New RISC-V & LoongArch Bits   GNU   2023-07-03
Alibaba T-Head TH1520 RISC-V CPU & A Few New Arm SoCs Ready For Linux 6.5   Hardware   2023-06-29
OpenCV 4.8 Released With TensorFlow Lite Model Support, AVIF Image Handling   Programming   2023-06-29
Linux 6.5 Crypto Adds New AMD CCP Hardware, StarFive RISC-V Bits   Linux Kernel   2023-06-29
Linux 6.5 Brings WiFi & Bluetooth Support For The MIPS Creator CI20   Hardware   2023-06-28
Linux 6.5 Features Expected: Parallel CPU Bring-Up, Intel Shadow Stack, MIDI 2.0 & More   Linux Kernel   2023-06-25
Oracle's GraalVM Native Image Now Defaults To x86-64-v3, IGV Open-Sourced   Oracle   2023-06-14
RISC-V KASLR Support For Linux Revised Again   RISC-V   2023-06-12
RISC-V Vector ISA Support Slated For Linux 6.5   RISC-V   2023-06-12
Debian 13 "Trixie" Aiming To Ship With RISC-V 64-Bit Support   Debian   2023-06-10
Intel's Codeplay Announces oneAPI Construction Kit For Bringing SYCL To New Hardware   Intel   2023-06-05
Hangover 0.8.9 Released For Running More Windows Games/Apps On ARM Linux   WINE   2023-06-02
AMD RX 7600, Intel X86-S & Other Exciting Linux/Open-Source News From May   Phoronix   2023-06-01
Linux Foundation Launches RISC-V Software Ecosystem Project   RISC-V   2023-05-31
LLVM's libc Gets Much Faster memcpy For RISC-V   LLVM   2023-05-21
New Maintainer Steps Up For GCC Compiler's MIPS CPU Port   GNU   2023-05-18
Loongson Begins Posting Linux Patches For 3A6000 Series CPUs   Hardware   2023-05-16
Intel Linux Graphics Driver Affected By Privilege Escalation Vulnerability   Intel   2023-05-09
PipeWire Audio Backend Comes To QEMU   Virtualization   2023-05-09
RISC-V With Linux 6.4 Adds Hibernation / Suspend-To-Disk Support   RISC-V   2023-05-06
LoongArch With Linux 6.4 Lands Optimizations, New Functionality   Linux Kernel   2023-05-05
Linux 6.4 Has Many Networking Changes From A New Performance Tunable To More WiFi 7   Linux Networking   2023-05-01
Debian Installer Bookworm RC2 Released   Debian   2023-04-29
100+ More ASUS Motherboards Enabled For Sensor Monitoring With Linux 6.4   Hardware   2023-04-26
GCC 13.1 Released With Modula-2 Language Support, More C23/C++23 Features   GNU   2023-04-26
Initial Apple M2 Support & Other 64-bit ARM Changes For Linux 6.4   Arm   2023-04-25
QEMU 8.0 Released With 32-bit x86 Host Support Deprecated   Virtualization   2023-04-19
Wasmer 3.2 Released With WebAssembly On RISC-V Support, New WCGI Feature   Programming   2023-04-18
Solus Linux Plans New Direction Built Off Serpent OS   Operating Systems   2023-04-18
Intel's OpenGL & Vulkan Linux Drivers Now Build On ARM   Intel   2023-04-17
LLVM 16.0.1 Released With Many Compiler Fixes, Backports AMD Zen 4 Scheduler Model   LLVM   2023-04-05
Intel oneDNN 3.1 Further Optimizing For Sapphire Rapids, Starts Tuning For Sierra Forest   Intel   2023-03-31
LLVM 17 Lands Initial Support For RISC-V Vector Crypto Extension ISA   LLVM   2023-03-26
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Begins Rolling Out GCC 13   GNU   2023-03-24
Proxmox VE 7.4 Released With Linux 5.15 LTS + Linux 6.2 Support, New Dark Theme   Operating Systems   2023-03-23
LLVM 16.0 Released With New Intel/AMD CPU Support, More C++20 / C2X Features   LLVM   2023-03-18
Mold 1.11 High Performance Linker Released With Initial POWER10 Support   Programming   2023-03-16
GCC 13 Adds RISC-V T-Head Vendor Extension Collection   RISC-V   2023-03-15
ASUS Unveils The Tinker V As Their First RISC-V Board   Hardware   2023-03-14
Box86 v0.3 & Box64 v0.2.2 Released For Running Linux x86/x86_64 Programs On Arm   Free Software   2023-03-10
Hangover 0.8.3 Released For Enjoying Windows x86/x86_64 Apps/Games On Linux ARM64   WINE   2023-03-09
Ubuntu Announces Official Support For The PolarFire SoC FPGA Icicle Kit RISC-V Board   Ubuntu   2023-03-08
RISC-V Auto-Vectorization Support For The GCC Compiler Started   GNU   2023-03-03
Many KVM Updates Land In Linux 6.3   Virtualization   2023-03-02
New ARM/RISC-V SoC Power Management Drivers Arrive For Linux 6.3   Linux Kernel   2023-03-02
LoongArch With Linux 6.3 Enhances Security With KASLR   Linux Kernel   2023-03-01
FFmpeg 6.0 Released With NVIDIA NVENC AV1, VA-API Improvements   Multimedia   2023-02-28
Armbian 23.02 ARM/RISC-V OS Released With Linux 6.1 LTS Kernel   Operating Systems   2023-02-27
Mesa 23.1 Gets Basic LoongArch Support   Mesa   2023-02-27
Linux 6.3 Crypto Brings ARIA AVX2/AVX-512, TRNG Driver For StarFive SoCs   Hardware   2023-02-26
RISC-V With Linux 6.3 Lands Optimized String Functions Via Zbb Extension   RISC-V   2023-02-25
Microsoft .NET Runtime Lands Initial Code For RISC-V Support   RISC-V   2023-02-22
Linux 6.3 Introduces IPv4 "BIG TCP" To Improve High Speed Network Performance   Linux Networking   2023-02-21
Plans Being Drafted To Upstream Intel's New "Xe" Linux Graphics Driver   Intel   2023-02-20
Linux Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization "KASLR" For RISC-V   RISC-V   2023-02-16
RISC-V Linux Patches Start On "zisslpcfi" Support For Control-Flow Integrity   RISC-V   2023-02-13
AOM AV1 3.6 Brings More Performance & Efficiency Optimizations   Multimedia   2023-02-08
FFmpeg 6.0 Will Be Big With AV1 Hardware Decoding, Many Other Features   Multimedia   2023-02-06
Go 1.20 Released With Preview PGO Support, CPU Architecture Feature Build Flags   Programming   2023-02-01
New Patches Wire Up ACPI Support For RISC-V On Linux   Linux Kernel   2023-01-30
Fedora 38 Cleared To Ship With Its Bleeding Edge Compiler Toolchain   Fedora   2023-01-30
LLVM 16.0-rc1 Brings New AMD & Intel CPU Support, Zstd Debug Sections, C++17 By Default   LLVM   2023-01-28
FreeBSD Ends 2022 Short Of Fundraising Goal But Continues Driving New Features   BSD   2023-01-26
LLVM 16.0 Feature Development Ends - Aiming For Early March Compiler Release   LLVM   2023-01-25
GCC 13 Progresses To Stage 4 "Regression Fixes Only" Development   GNU   2023-01-16
GNU Binutils 2.40 Released With AMD Zen 4 & Upcoming Intel Instructions, Zstd Support   GNU   2023-01-14
RISC-V Hibernation Support / Suspend-To-Disk Nears The Linux Kernel   RISC-V   2023-01-09
Mold 1.9 Released With Support For More CPU Architectures   Programming   2023-01-06
Kalray Posts Initial Patches For Bringing Up Linux On Their KV3-1 "Coolidge" DPU SoC   Hardware   2023-01-03
GNU Binutils 2.40 Branched With Zstd Support, Zen 4, New Intel Instructions   GNU   2023-01-02
Allwinner D1/D1s Platform Support Moves Closer To Mainline Linux   Hardware   2023-01-01
Linux 6.1.2 Closed Out 2022 With Many Backported Fixes   Linux Kernel   2023-01-01
RISC-V Adds Support For Persistent Memory Devices In Linux 6.2   RISC-V   2022-12-17
QEMU 7.2 Released With TCG AVX/AVX2, Better 9pfs Performance   Virtualization   2022-12-15
Armbian 22.11 Released With RISC-V 64-bit UEFI Build Support, New Arm Boards   Operating Systems   2022-12-05
Intel Hosting oneAPI AI/HPC Developer Summit Next Week   Intel   2022-11-29
Intel Mesa Driver Changes Land For Building On Non-x86 CPUs   Intel   2022-11-23
Wasmer 3.0 Released As The Latest "Universal WebAssembly Runtime"   Programming   2022-11-21
Ubuntu Bring-Up Happening For The StarFive VisionFive 2 RISC-V Board   Ubuntu   2022-11-21
Box64 0.2 Gets DXVK 2.0 Running, Many Other Improvements For Emulating x86_64 On Arm   Linux Gaming   2022-11-17
QEMU 7.2-rc1 Released - TCG For AVX/AVX2, Massive 9pfs Performance Improvement   Virtualization   2022-11-16
LibreOffice Enables RISC-V 64-bit Support   RISC-V   2022-11-11
Linux 6.2 To Introduce Allwinner A100 & D1 Display Support   Linux Kernel   2022-11-10
LLVM/Clang 16 Adds Support For -mcpu=native & -mtune=native On RISC-V   RISC-V   2022-11-09
Intel Clarifies HECI Usage For Arc Graphics' GSC   Intel   2022-11-04
Intel's Open-Source Arc Graphics Driver Not Yet Working On POWER Hardware   Intel   2022-11-03
MotorComm YT8521 Gigabit Ethernet Support Coming For Linux 6.2   Linux Networking   2022-11-01
systemd 252 Released With systemd-measure, Other Improvements   systemd   2022-10-31