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Steam Deck Articles & Reviews

Intel Core Ultra 7 Meteor Lake vs. AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme Performance   Linux Gaming   2024-01-07
The Performance & Power Improvement Of Steam Deck OLED's 6nm APU   Linux Gaming   2023-12-05
Tweaking SteamOS For Better Steam Deck Performance   Linux Gaming   2023-10-02
SteamOS 3.5 Delivering Some Decent Performance Gains For The Steam Deck   Operating Systems   2023-09-18
Ryzen 9 7950X Performance With The New AMD P-State Default Of Linux 6.5   Software   2023-08-24
AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme Proves Very Versatile For Power/Performance - Benchmarks Against The Ryzen 7 7840U   Processors   2023-07-11
Steam Deck vs. ASUS ROG Ally Arch Linux Gaming Performance   Computers   2023-07-05
Running Linux On The ASUS ROG Ally Gaming Handheld   Computers   2023-06-15
Linux 6.3 Features: AMD Auto IBRS To Steam Deck Controller Interface, IPv4 BIG TCP & More   Software   2023-03-06
Radeon Gaming/Graphics Performance: Windows 11 vs. Linux GPU Benchmarks   Display Drivers   2022-12-29
Trying Out JSAUX's Assortment Of Steam Deck Accessories   Peripherals   2022-11-29
Valve Steam Deck Docking Station Hands-On   Peripherals   2022-10-11
Steam Deck AMD APU Performance For Non-Gaming CPU Workloads   Linux Gaming   2022-03-09
For Linux Enthusiasts Especially, The Steam Deck Is An Incredible & Fun Device   Computers   2022-02-25
An Early Look At The AMD P-State CPPC Driver Performance vs. ACPI CPUFreq   Software   2021-09-22

Steam Deck Linux & Open-Source News

Steam Deck Motion Sensors Being Worked On For Linux's HID-Steam Driver   Valve   2024-04-22
Rust-Written LAVD Kernel Scheduler Shows Promising Results For Linux Gaming   Linux Gaming   2024-04-18
Steam On Linux Use Increases - Moves Closer To 2%, AMD CPU Linux Use Hits 72%   Linux Gaming   2024-04-01
Drop-In CUDA On AMD, Kernel Discussions, NGINX Fork & Other Q1 Highlights   Phoronix   2024-04-01
Intel Continued Upstreaming A Lot Of Great Linux/Open-Source Code This Quarter   Intel   2024-03-31
SDL3 Preview Release Aims To Help Test The New SDL 3.0 API   Linux Gaming   2024-03-24
VKD3D-Proton 2.12 Released With Initial Support For NVIDIA Reflex   Valve   2024-03-15
Steam's February Survey: AMD CPUs & GPUs Continue To Dominate For Linux Gamers   Valve   2024-03-01
Distrobox 1.7 Improves NVIDIA GPU Support, Better Wolfi Containers   Operating Systems   2024-02-29
Proton 9.0 Beta Makes More Games Playable Under Steam Play, Updates VKD3D-Proton & DXVK   Linux Gaming   2024-02-23
Linux Developers To Meet Again To Work On HDR, Color Management & VRR   Hardware   2024-02-18
Intel Posts Patches For Plane Color Pipeline Support On Linux - Jiving With AMD's Design   Intel   2024-02-15
Another Optimization Comes For Radeon RADV Ray-Tracing In Mesa 24.1   Mesa   2024-02-05
Initial Support For The Lenovo Legion Go Controllers Added To Linux 6.8   Hardware   2024-02-02
Steam On Linux Falls Short Of 2% For January, AMD CPU Adoption On Linux Hits 70.5%   Valve   2024-02-01
Framework 16, New AMD Launches & More Made For An Exciting January   Phoronix   2024-02-01
SDL 3.0 Adds Colorspace Concept, More Code Coming From Valve Around HDR   Linux Gaming   2024-01-29
Valve Releases Proton 8.0-5 With Many Fixes, More Windows Games Now Playable   Valve   2024-01-22
Linux 6.8 Brings More Sound Hardware Support For Intel & AMD, Including The Steam Deck   Linux Kernel   2024-01-15
Valve Lands A Last Minute AMD ACO Improvement For Mesa 24.0   Mesa   2024-01-11
Intel's New "Xe" Driver Submitted For Linux 6.8 Along With Imagination's PowerVR Driver   Linux Kernel   2024-01-11
Linux 6.8 HID: Steam Controller Driver Fixes From SteamOS, Nintendo NSO Controller Support   Hardware   2024-01-09
MSI Launches Claw A1M Handheld Gaming Device With Core Ultra 7 CPU, Starts At $699   Intel   2024-01-08
Steam On Linux At Nearly 2% For Ending Out 2023   Valve   2024-01-02
SDL Lands Rumble Support For Valve's Steam Deck   Valve   2024-01-02
AMD CPU Use By Linux Gamers At ~70%, AMD openSIL, & AMD Laptops Topped 2023   AMD   2024-01-01
Intel Meteor Lake, Emerald Rapids & Other Popular Topics For December   Phoronix   2024-01-01
Valve's Linux Contributions, Wayland & Open-Source NVIDIA Milestones Topped 2023   Phoronix   2023-12-28
Nobara 39 Released - Customized Version Of Fedora Catering To Gamers/Enthusiasts   Fedora   2023-12-26
It's Looking Like 2024 Could Be The Year Of HDR On The Linux Desktop   KDE   2023-12-18
AMD Stages The Radeon Graphics Color Management Code For Linux 6.8   Radeon   2023-12-16
Improved Sound Open Firmware On The Way For Valve's Steam Deck OLED   Valve   2023-12-10
Mainline Linux Support Is Being Worked On For A $100~200 ARM Handheld Gaming Console   Hardware   2023-12-04
Steam Linux Marketshare Surges To Nearly 2% In November   Valve   2023-12-01
Mesh/Task Shader Queries Land For RADV With RDNA2, RDNA3 Support On The Way   Mesa   2023-11-27
Atomic Async Page Flips Expected To Land For Linux 6.8   Linux Kernel   2023-11-24
Open-Source Graphics DevRoom Returning For FOSDEM 2024   X.Org   2023-11-19
Valve Updates Half-Life For 25th Anniversary - Adds Official Steam Deck Support   Linux Gaming   2023-11-17
SteamOS 3.5.5 Released To Stable With Steam Deck OLED Support & Many Other Changes   Valve   2023-11-16
RADV Adds Knobs To Force Shader Re-Compilation - Helping Games On The Steam Deck   Valve   2023-11-13
Valve Announces The Steam Deck OLED With Upgraded Display, 6nm APU & Larger Battery   Valve   2023-11-09
ReactOS "Open-Source Windows" Improving UEFI Boot, DirectX Work & NT6+ API Prep   Operating Systems   2023-11-05
Steam Linux Usage Dropped Lower In October But With More Questionable Data   Valve   2023-11-01
Wayland Progress, Ryzen AI & Linux Benchmarks That Made For An Exciting October   Phoronix   2023-11-01
Btrfs Picks Up New Features For Linux 6.7   Linux Storage   2023-10-30
Some Of The Features You Can Expect With Linux 6.7   Linux Kernel   2023-10-28
SteamVR 2.0 Officially Released With Many Improvements   Valve   2023-10-25
The Ongoing Work For Native Wine Wayland Support   WINE   2023-10-25
Mesa's Radeon Vulkan Driver Has Become Much More Capable At Ray-Tracing, Thanks To Valve   Radeon   2023-10-18
The State Of HDR On The Steam Deck With Valve's Gamescope Compositor   Valve   2023-10-18
Valve Releases Proton 8.0-4 As A Big Improvement For Windows Gaming On Linux   Valve   2023-10-05
Steam On Linux Percentage Dips Further In September, AMD Powers 70% Of Linux Gamers   Linux Gaming   2023-10-01
Raspberry Pi 5, Steam Deck & New AMD CPUs Dominated Q3   Phoronix   2023-09-30
Sound Open Firmware 2.7 Released With AMD Van Gogh Support   Multimedia   2023-09-29
Linux 6.7 Adding New Feature To Btrfs For The Steam Deck   Linux Storage   2023-09-25
Valve Is A Wonderful Upstream Contributor To Linux & The Open-Source Community   Valve   2023-09-22
XDC 2023 To Provide Update On AMD HDR For The Steam Deck, Rusticl & Wine Wayland   X.Org   2023-09-20
SteamOS 3.5 Rolls Out In Preview On The Steam Deck With Many New Features   Valve   2023-09-15
AMD To Enable Seamless Boot Across Modern Radeon Graphics Hardware   Radeon   2023-09-14
ReactOS "Open-Source Windows" Shown Running On Valve's Steam Deck   Operating Systems   2023-09-14
Linux 6.6 Adds New Sound Support For AMD Van Gogh, Valve Galileo   Hardware   2023-09-05
Steam Survey Results For August Show A Linux Dip After A Very Exciting July   Valve   2023-09-01
Inception & Downfall, Linux 6.6 Development Kicking Off & Other August Highlights   Phoronix   2023-09-01
AMD Color Management Improvements For Linux & The Steam Deck Continue   Radeon   2023-08-21
Linux 6.5-rc6 Released With Latest CPU Security Mitigations & Bug Fixes   Linux Kernel   2023-08-13
Linux Kernel Updated To Add Zenbleed Fix For Valve's Steam Deck   Linux Kernel   2023-08-12
Steam On Linux Usage Spikes To Nearly 2% In July, Larger Marketshare Than Apple macOS   Valve   2023-08-01
AMD Linux CPU Benchmarks Dominated July From The Z1 Extreme To EPYC Genoa-X & Bergamo   Phoronix   2023-08-01
Proton 8.0-3 Released With More Windows Games Running On Linux, Fixes   Valve   2023-07-21
Mesa RADV Driver Re-Enables Ray-Tracing Pipelines For AMD VanGogh APUs / Steam Deck   Radeon   2023-07-08
AMD Begins Sending "Family 26" Linux Patches For Apparent Zen 5 CPUs   AMD   2023-07-06
AMD CPU Use Among Linux Gamers Approaching 70% Marketshare   AMD   2023-07-02
Steam On Linux Use Steady For June, ~40% Of Linux Gamers Are Using The Steam Deck   Valve   2023-07-02
Valve Contracts Another Prominent Open-Source Linux Graphics Driver Developer   Valve   2023-06-26
Linux 6.4 Bringing Great Improvements From AMD G.A.M. To Early Apple M2 Code, More Rust   Linux Kernel   2023-06-24
Sound Quirks For The ASUS ROG Ally Queued For Linux 6.5   Linux Gaming   2023-06-22
Valves Roll Out Big Steam Update With UI Refresh, Redesigned In-Game Overlay & Notes   Valve   2023-06-14 Turns 19 Years Old For Covering Linux Hardware, Open-Source News   Phoronix   2023-06-05
Steam On Linux Use Ticked Higher In May, 25% Of Linux Gamers Are Using The Steam Deck   Valve   2023-06-01
Updated AMD Linux Graphics Driver Patches For Color Management   Radeon   2023-05-24
RadeonSI Can Begin Using Valve's ACO Compiler For Certain Shaders   Radeon   2023-05-15
ASUS Details ROG Ally Specs - $699 Gaming Handheld With AMD Z1 Extreme   AMD   2023-05-11
Mesa 23.1 Released With RadeonSI Rusticl-OpenCL, RADV GPL   Mesa   2023-05-10
AMD Is Hiring For Another Open-Source Linux/Mesa Developer   Radeon   2023-05-08
Proton 8.0-2 Brings More Fixes For Windows Games On Steam Play   Valve   2023-05-02
After A Strange March, Valve's April Numbers Show Steam Linux Numbers Appearing Inline   Valve   2023-05-01
Valve Issues A Big Steam Beta Update With Better Overlay, Linux Hardware Acceleration   Valve   2023-04-27
Fedora 39 Looks To Boost vm.max_map_count To Help Windows Games With Steam Play   Fedora   2023-04-24
Improved AMD Color Management Being Worked On For The Steam Deck   Valve   2023-04-24
Linux 6.3 Features Have A Lot For AMD & Intel, Steam Deck, ASUS Motherboards & More   Linux Kernel   2023-04-23
Proton 8.0-1 Published With More Games Now Running On Steam Play   Valve   2023-04-17
AMD Squeezes In AMDGPU Fixes, FPO/FAMS Display Power Savings For Linux 6.4   Radeon   2023-04-16
An Early Look At Linux 6.4 Features: AMD CDX, AMD GAM, Intel LAM, Apple M2 & More   Linux Kernel   2023-04-14
Mesa 23.1 RADV Change Leads To ~60% Smaller Single File Disk Cache   Mesa   2023-04-11
Intel Linux Improvements, AMD openSIL, Zen 4 3D V-Cache & Other March Highlights   Phoronix   2023-04-02
Valve Shows A Huge Drop In Linux Gamers For March, But The Numbers Are Questionable   Valve   2023-04-01
Valve Officially Announces Counter-Strike 2   Valve   2023-03-22
Linux 6.4 AMD Graphics Driver Picking Up New Power Features For The Steam Deck   Radeon   2023-03-18
Steam Deck Goes On Sale For Steam's Spring Sale   Valve   2023-03-16
LibreELEC 11 Released With GBM/V4L2 HDR Support On x86_64, More ARM Hardware   Multimedia   2023-03-06
Steam On Linux Marketshare Percentage Dipped In February   Valve   2023-03-01
HP Dev One Production Ends For One Of The Most Interesting Linux Developer Laptops   Hardware   2023-02-28
HID-BPF Ready For Linux 6.3 Along With Steam Deck Controller Interface   Linux Kernel   2023-02-22
AMD Has Many New CPU/GPU Features Ready For Linux 6.3   AMD   2023-02-18
Steam Deck Controller Interface Seeing Initial Support With Linux 6.3   Valve   2023-02-07
Steam Survey Results Start 2023 With Linux Marketshare Flat   Valve   2023-02-01
Linux 6.3 Features, Intel Sapphire Rapids & More Made For An Exciting January   Phoronix   2023-01-31
Kodi 20 Released With VA-API AV1 Support, Steam Deck Controls Support   Multimedia   2023-01-15
A Prominent Linux Kernel Developer Re-Joins AMD   Linux Kernel   2023-01-05
Valve Revises Steam Survey Results For December - Still Pointing Down For Linux   Valve   2023-01-02
Steam On Linux Metrics End Out 2022 With Some Odd Numbers   Valve   2023-01-02
Radeon RX 7900 XT/XTX, EPYC Genoa & Linux 6.2 Developments Made For An Exciting Month   Phoronix   2023-01-01
AMD Continued Its Great Linux Embrace In 2022 With Better Launch-Day Support + Optimizations   AMD   2022-12-31
VKD3D-Proton 2.8 Brings Many Improvements For Direct3D 12 On Vulkan   Valve   2022-12-15
Steam On Linux Usage Climbs Higher Thanks To The Steam Deck   Valve   2022-12-01
AMD EPYC Genoa, Linux 6.1 & Rust Efforts Excited Linux Users In November   Phoronix   2022-12-01
RADV Mesa Driver Lands Several NGG Stream-Out Fixes   Radeon   2022-11-26
Valve Implements Opt-In VK_KHR_present_wait For Mesa Vulkan Drivers   Mesa   2022-11-24
Proton 7.0-5 Gets More Games Running On Linux & The Steam Deck   Valve   2022-11-23
OneXPlayer AMD Sensor Driver Coming For Linux 6.2   Linux Gaming   2022-11-13
DXVK 2.0 Released With Many Improvements For Direct3D Over Vulkan   Linux Gaming   2022-11-10
Steam Linux Use Tips Up In October Thanks To The Steam Deck   Valve   2022-11-02
Improved Big Picture Mode Now Available For Testing In Latest Steam Beta   Valve   2022-10-27
VKD3D-Proton 2.7 Released With Eight Months Worth Of Changes   Vulkan   2022-10-27
Mesa Adds "Block On Depleted Buffers" Option To Reduce Latency   Mesa   2022-10-25
Steam Deck Now Available For Immediate Ordering, Steam Deck Dock Also In-Stock   Valve   2022-10-06
Steam On Linux Usage Receded Slightly In September   Valve   2022-10-01
Open-Source Radeon Vulkan Driver Lands APU Fix For Red Dead Redemption 2   Radeon   2022-10-01
AMD Engineers Held Several Interesting Talks At This Week's Linux Conferences   AMD   2022-09-15
Distrobox 1.4 Released - Easier Container Upgrades, Local Podman Install For Steam Deck   Operating Systems   2022-09-08
Steam On Linux Marketshare Crawls Up To 1.27% For August 2022   Valve   2022-09-01
Open-Source Arc Graphics, Apple M2, Mesa GPU Drivers & Linux 6.0 Excited Readers In August   Phoronix   2022-08-31
Atomic Async Page Flips Proposed, Valve's Gamescope Compositor Has Support Pending   Valve   2022-08-25
Proton 7.0-4 Released For Steam Play With Many Game Fixes, More Playable Titles   Valve   2022-08-16
AMD Developing "PMF" Linux Driver For Better Desktop/Laptop User Experience   AMD   2022-08-04
Valve Expanding Steam Deck Availability To Asian Markets   Valve   2022-08-03
SteamOS 3.3 Now Available With Many Improvements For The Steam Deck   Valve   2022-08-02
Steam For Linux In July Shows A 1.23% Marketshare, AMD CPUs Now More Common Than Intel On Linux   Valve   2022-08-01
AMD Hiring For Another Open-Source GPU Driver Developer With Multimedia Expertise   AMD   2022-07-06
Steam On Linux Marketshare Ticks Up To 1.18% For June   Valve   2022-07-01
SteamOS 3.3 Beta Released With Updated Drivers, Many Fixes   Valve   2022-06-30
Proton 7.0-3 With More Games Running Well On Linux, Experimental Preps More Changes   Valve   2022-06-14
Phoronix Turns 18 Years Old For Covering Linux Hardware   Phoronix   2022-06-05
Wine 7.10 Brings 56 Fixes, Proton 7.0-3 RC Prepared With Support For More Games   WINE   2022-06-04
Arch Linux Hits Top Linux Spot Over Ubuntu In May's Steam Survey   Valve   2022-06-01
NVIDIA's Open-Source Kernel Driver, Graviton3 & Fedora 36 Made For An Exciting May   Phoronix   2022-05-31
SteamOS 3.2 Released With More Improvements For The Steam Deck   Valve   2022-05-26
XWayland Adds New Option To Expose Dummy Modes For Gamescope / Steam Deck   Wayland   2022-05-20
Mesa 22.1 Released With Many Vulkan Improvements, Kopper For Zink, Imagination Driver   Mesa   2022-05-18
Steam On Linux Gaming Usage Grew In April   Valve   2022-05-02