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Lunar Lake Linux & Open-Source News

Intel's oneDNN 3.5 Begins Optimizing For Xe2, More Xeon 6 Tuning   Intel   2024-06-12
AMD's Newest Open-Source Surprise: "Peano" - An LLVM Compiler For Ryzen AI NPUs   AMD   2024-06-08
Intel's Xe Driver Preps For SR-IOV Support & More Lunar Lake With Linux 6.11   Intel   2024-06-07
Intel NPU Library v1.2 Adds Int4 Support & Performance Optimizations   Intel   2024-06-05
Intel's Open-Source Vulkan Driver Wires Up Mesh Shader Queries   Intel   2024-06-04
Intel Reveals New Lunar Lake Details At Computex   Intel   2024-06-03
AMD's Ryzen AI 300 Series Mobile APUs Should Be Interesting For Next-Gen Laptops   AMD   2024-06-02
Intel Xe2 Brings Native 64-bit Integer Arithmetic   Intel   2024-06-01
Intel Battlemage Platform Support Begins Landing In Mesa 24.2   Intel   2024-05-30
Xe2 Ray-Tracing & More Intel Lunar Lake Enabling Land In Mesa 24.2   Mesa   2024-05-28
Intel NPU Driver Being Refactored For More Versatile CPU+NPU Handling   Intel   2024-05-26
Linux 6.10 Delivers AMD & Intel P-State Driver Updates To Refine Power Management   Hardware   2024-05-23
Mesa 24.1 Released With Explicit Sync Vulkan Drivers, More Mature NVK Driver   Mesa   2024-05-22
Linux 6.10 Perf Tools Brings AMD Zen 5 Events & Intel Updates   Hardware   2024-05-22
Intel Announces Q3'2024 Arrival For Lunar Lake   Intel   2024-05-20
Many x86 Laptop Improvements In Linux 6.10 Plus Acer ARM Laptop   Hardware   2024-05-20
Turbostat Gains New Features & New Hardware Support With Linux 6.10   Hardware   2024-05-19
Arm Mali/Immortalis GPU Driver, New AMD Graphics IP & Lunar Lake Display In Linux 6.10   Linux Kernel   2024-05-15
Steam Deck IMU Support Submitted For Linux 6.10 Plus ASUS ROG Ally HID   Linux Gaming   2024-05-14
Linux 6.9 Features Many Great Improvements For Both Intel & AMD   Linux Kernel   2024-05-10
LLVM Dealing With Slower Performance On AMD CPUs When Targeting AMD Zen Optimizations   AMD   2024-05-09
GCC 14.1 Compiler Released - Intel APX & AVX10.1 Support, AMD Zen 5 Target & -fhardened   GNU   2024-05-07
ASUS ROG RAIKIRI & Lunar Lake Point M Device IDs Sent In For Linux 6.9-rc7   Hardware   2024-05-05
Mesa 24.1-rc2 Released With More Graphics Driver Fixes   Mesa   2024-05-02
Ubuntu 24.10 Is The "Oracular Oriole"   Ubuntu   2024-04-29
Rework For Intel CPU Model Handling To Land With Linux 6.10   Intel   2024-04-27
Linux 6.10 Adding Intel Low-Latency Hint To Aggressively Boost GT Frequency For GPU Compute   Intel   2024-04-26
Mesa 24.1-rc1 Released With Many OpenGL & Vulkan Driver Improvements   Mesa   2024-04-24
Intel Has Many Improvements For The Xe Graphics Driver In Linux 6.10   Intel   2024-04-23
Intel Enabling Linux Driver Display Support For Upcoming "Battlemage" GPUs   Intel   2024-04-22
Intel Media Driver 2024Q1 Brings Arrow Lake H Support   Intel   2024-04-22
Intel Preps Adaptive Sync SDP, Lunar Lake Display & More DG2 PCI IDs In Linux 6.10   Intel   2024-04-18
Linux 6.9-rc4 Brings More Bcachefs Fixes, Native BHI Mitigation   Linux Kernel   2024-04-14
Intel HID Driver Ready For Arrow Lake & Lunar Lake Laptops With Linux 6.9   Hardware   2024-04-10
Sound Open Firmware 2.9 Released With Major Performance Optimizations   Free Software   2024-04-03
Intel "Family 6" CPU Era Coming To An End Soon: Code Suggests Cooper Forest & Adams Lake   Intel   2024-03-28
Intel Xe Developers Begin Looking At Cross-Device & Cross-Driver HMM   Intel   2024-03-27
Intel VA-API 2.21 Library Adds Intel Xe Kernel Driver Support, AV1 & Windows Fixes   Multimedia   2024-03-26
Mesa 24.1 Enables Intel Xe Kernel Driver Support By Default   Intel   2024-03-13
Linux 6.9 Graphics Drivers Prepare For RDNA3 Refresh & RDNA4, More Intel Xe Driver Work   Linux Kernel   2024-03-13
Intel FRED Merged For Linux 6.9 As An Important Improvement With Future CPUs   Intel   2024-03-11
AMD P-State Preferred Core Submitted For Linux 6.9 While Intel Meteor Lake Gets Tuned   AMD   2024-03-11
Linux 6.8 Is Very Exciting With Intel Xe Driver, Raspberry Pi 5 Graphics & New Hardware   Linux Kernel   2024-03-09
Intel's oneDNN Neural Network Library Prepares For Lunar Lake Xe2, Sierra Forest & GNR   Intel   2024-03-01
Intel Enables Fastboot Across The Board With Their Graphics Driver In Linux 6.9   Intel   2024-03-01
Intel Xe Kernel GPU Driver Starts Landing SR-IOV Bits & Other Features For Linux 6.9   Intel   2024-02-28
Intel Lunar Lake "Xe2" Graphics Firmware Upstreamed For Xe Linux Driver   Intel   2024-02-19
Intel Prepares For New Adaptive Sharpening Filter Coming With Lunar Lake's Xe2 Graphics   Intel   2024-02-14
Intel Arrow Lake Graphics Support Ready For Linux 6.9   Intel   2024-02-09
Intel Arrow Lake OpenGL & Vulkan Driver Support Merged For Mesa 24.1   Intel   2024-02-06
Linux 6.8-rc2 Released & Is Now More Stable   Linux Kernel   2024-01-28
Intel's FRED Looks Like It Could Be Ready For Linux 6.9   Intel   2024-01-25
Linux 6.8-rc1 Released Following Torvalds' Bout With Nasty Weather   Linux Kernel   2024-01-21
Linux 6.8 Brings Intel Lunar Lake Thunderbolt, New Qualcomm USB AltMode Mux Driver   Hardware   2024-01-21
New AMD & Intel Laptop/Platform Support In Linux 6.8   Hardware   2024-01-16
Linux 6.8 Brings More Sound Hardware Support For Intel & AMD, Including The Steam Deck   Linux Kernel   2024-01-15
LLVM 18 Planned For Release In Early March   LLVM   2024-01-15
Intel's New "Xe" Driver Submitted For Linux 6.8 Along With Imagination's PowerVR Driver   Linux Kernel   2024-01-11
Some Intel Arrow Lake CPUs To Feature Revised Xe LPG+ Graphics IP   Intel   2024-01-08
Linux 6.8 To Introduce New Intel Xe & PowerVR Graphics Drivers, Prepare For New AMD & Intel CPUs   Linux Kernel   2024-01-07
Intel Lunar Lake Thunderbolt Support Being Prepped For Linux   Intel   2023-12-18
Intel's New "Xe" Kernel Graphics Driver Submitted Ahead Of Linux 6.8   Intel   2023-12-15
Intel VC-Intrinsics Updated With Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake & XeHPCVG Support   Intel   2023-12-15
Intel Begins Readying Kernel Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 6.8   Intel   2023-11-26
Arrow Lake Support Added To The Intel Graphics Compiler   Intel   2023-11-24
GCC 14 Shifts From Feature Development To "General Bugfixing" Mode   GNU   2023-11-20
Intel Lunar Lake Graphics Introducing "CMRR" Adaptive VRR Feature   Intel   2023-11-15
Linux 6.7-rc1 Released With NVIDIA GSP & Bcachefs While Itanium IA-64 Retired   Linux Kernel   2023-11-12
The Linux 6.7 Merge Window Is Massive With Many New Features   Linux Kernel   2023-11-12
Linux's Turbostat Adds Arrow Lake & Lunar Lake Support, Table-Based Feature Enumeration   Intel   2023-11-11
Intel Lunar Lake M Added To LPSS Driver In Linux 6.7   Intel   2023-11-08
Linux 6.7 GPU Drivers: Intel Meteor Lake Stable & AMD Works On Upcoming Hardware   Linux Kernel   2023-10-31
Six Great Features With The Upcoming Linux 6.6 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2023-10-28
Intel Video Acceleration Drivers Begin Preparing For Arrow Lake S   Intel   2023-10-24
Intel Posts GCC Compiler Patches For Clear Water Forest & Panther Lake   Intel   2023-10-16
Intel i915 Driver Prepares Finishing Touches For Meteor Lake, More Lunar Lake Enabling   Intel   2023-10-15
Linux 6.7 To Support New Intel DG2-G12 Stepping, More Raptor Lake IDs   Intel   2023-09-29
Intel Arrow Lake NPU Support Slides Into Linux 6.6 IVPU Driver   Intel   2023-09-29
More Intel Xe2 / Lunar Lake Graphics Support Readied For Open-Source Mesa Drivers   Intel   2023-09-27
Intel Arrow Lake's NPU/VPU Very Similar To Meteor Lake - Linux Driver Patch Posted   Intel   2023-09-23
LLVM 17.0 + Clang 17.0 Released With Many New Compiler Features   LLVM   2023-09-19
OpenVINO 2023.1 Released - More GenAI, Expanded LLM Support & Meteor Lake VPU   Intel   2023-09-18
Intel Starts Work On Enabling "Xe2" Graphics Within Their Open-Source Mesa Drivers   Intel   2023-09-15
USB MIDI 2.0 Gadget Function Driver Merged For Linux 6.6, Lunar Lake USB Work   Linux Kernel   2023-09-06
Linux 6.6 Adds New Sound Support For AMD Van Gogh, Valve Galileo   Hardware   2023-09-05
Linux 6.6 Graphics Drivers: NVK uAPI, New AMD GPUs, More Meteor Lake, CI Support   Linux Kernel   2023-08-31
Many Features Ahead With Linux 6.6: EEVDF Scheduler, New AMD CPU Features, NVK uAPI   Linux Kernel   2023-08-27
Linux 6.5 Ready To Ship With Initial USB4 v2, More WiFi 7, AMD P-State EPP Default & More   Linux Kernel   2023-08-26
Intel Brings Up Lunar Lake Display Support For Linux   Intel   2023-08-23
Linux 6.6 Bringing Initial Support For Intel Lunar Lake's VPU4   Intel   2023-08-14
Intel Arrow Lake & Lunar Lake Sound Support Ongoing With Linux 6.6   Intel   2023-08-04
Intel Begins Working On "Xe2" Linux Graphics Driver Support For Lunar Lake   Intel   2023-08-03
Intel Prepares Linux Driver For Next-Gen VPU With Lunar Lake   Intel   2023-07-31
LLVM 18 Lands -march=arrowlake / arrowlake-s / lunarlake   LLVM   2023-07-28
GNU Assembler Adds Support For Intel's 2024~2025 ISA Extensions   Intel   2023-07-27
Intel AVX10: Taking AVX-512 With More Features & Supporting It Across P/E Cores   Intel   2023-07-24
LLVM 17 Adds New ISA Support For Intel Arrow Lake S & Lunar Lake   LLVM   2023-07-20
New Intel Lunar Lake / Arrow Lake / Arrow Lake S Patches For GCC   Intel   2023-07-14
Intel Sends Out Initial Compiler Patches For Lunar Lake & Arrow Lake   Intel   2023-07-13
Linux 6.5-rc1 Released With Initial USB4 v2 Support, Cachestat, AMD RDNA3 Overclocking   Linux Kernel   2023-07-09
Intel Plumbs SoundWire ACE2.x Support, Premiering With Lunar Lake   Intel   2023-07-05
SOF 2.6 Released: Intel Already Preparing Sound Open Firmware For Lunar Lake   Intel   2023-06-30
MIDI 2.0 Support, Intel Lunar Lake Audio & AMD SoundWire Additions For Linux 6.5   Multimedia   2023-06-28
Intel Lunar Lake HD Audio & Other Sound Changes For Linux 6.4   Multimedia   2023-04-27
An Early Look At Linux 6.4 Features: AMD CDX, AMD GAM, Intel LAM, Apple M2 & More   Linux Kernel   2023-04-14
Intel Lunar Lake Audio Support Coming For Linux 6.4   Intel   2023-04-09
Intel Arrow Lake Enablement For Linux Looking To Get Underway   Intel   2023-04-09
Intel's Many Driver Improvements For Linux 6.3 From Meteor Lake To Granite Rapids   Intel   2023-02-19
Intel's 2022 Investor Meeting Talks Up Sierra Forst, Falcon Shores & More   Intel   2022-02-17
BPF Timers To Intel Additions Lead The Networking Changes With Linux 5.15   Linux Networking   2021-09-01
Some Of The Features Expected For Linux 5.15: DG2/Alchemist, BPF Timers, DAMON + More   Linux Kernel   2021-08-29
Networking Support For Intel's Lunar Lake Coming With Linux 5.15   Intel   2021-07-22
Features Expected For Linux 5.13 From Apple M1 To FreeSync HDMI To AMD Aldebaran   Linux Kernel   2021-04-17
Intel Already Started Working On Linux Driver Code For Lunar Lake   Intel   2021-03-08