GCC 14.1 Compiler Released - Intel APX & AVX10.1 Support, AMD Zen 5 Target & -fhardened

Written by Michael Larabel in GNU on 7 May 2024 at 06:07 AM EDT. 14 Comments
GCC 14.1 has been released today as the first stable compiler release in the GCC 14 series. GCC 14.1 brings one year worth of improvements to this open-source compiler from new CPU support and new ISA extensions to new C/C++ language features, static analyzer improvements, new AMD GPU support, and many other additions.

GCC 14.1 is a big compiler update with a lot in store. From my daily monitoring of GCC 14 development, some of the key highlights to look forward to in this version include:

- More C23 features are implemented like bit-precise integer types. The -std=c23 and -std=gnu23 compiler flags are now supported too.

- Support for more C++26 features like unevaluated strings, user-generated static_assert messages, and other features.

- GCC's Fortran front-end now supports -std=f2023 as it works on Fortran 2023 support.

- Limited support for the Intel Advanced Performance Extensions (APX).

- Intel AVX10.1 support is also added to GCC 14.

- New Intel CPU support includes for Clearwater Forest, Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, and Panther Lake.

- AMD Zen 5 support is added with the new -march=znver5 option.

- Intel Xeon Phi CPU support has been deprecated and will be removed in GCC 15.

- GCC on AArc64 now supports the Microsoft Cobalt 100, Ampere-1B, Arm Cortex A520, Arm Cortex A720, and Arm Cortex X4 processors.

- The AMDGPU Radeon back-end now supports GCN5, RDNA2, and RDNA3 graphics processors.

- The Itanium IA64 target ports have been declared obsolete after being unmaintained for years. GCC 15 will be dropping the Itanium support.

- The NIOS2 targets have also been declared obsolete and to be removed in GCC 15.

- The new "-fhardened" helper flag that enables a set of hardening flags.

- GCC's vectorizer can now vectorize loops that contain any number of early breaks.

- OpenMP and OpenACC improvements.

- GCC's Ada compiler front-end now supports the LoongArch architecture.

- New LoongArch ISA extensions like LSX and LASX SIMD extensions.

- Support for many new RISC-V ISA extensions such as for the vector crypto work, code size reduction, and various vendor extensions.

- Continued enhancements to the static analyzer support in GCC 14 for the C language.

- Better visualizing of buffer overflows with the static analyzer.

GCC 14

Downloads and more details on today's GCC 14.1 compiler stable release via gcc.gnu.org.
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