Clang is the C/C++ compiler front-end to LLVM.

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Clang Articles & Reviews

GCC vs. LLVM Clang Compilers For The Apple M2 On Linux   Software   2022-09-01
GCC vs. Clang On The Apple M1 Under Arch-Based Asahi Linux   Software   2022-04-19
AMD AOCC Performance On EPYC 7773X Milan-X Against GCC, Clang Compilers   Software   2022-04-12
AMD AOCC 3.2 vs. GCC vs. Clang Compiler Performance On Zen 3   Software   2021-12-29
AMD AOCC 3.2 Helps Squeeze A Bit More Out Of Zen 3   Software   2021-12-22
LLVM Clang 13 Performance Is In Great Shape For Intel Xeon "Ice Lake"   Software   2021-08-26
An Early Look At LLVM Clang 13 Performance On AMD Zen 3   Software   2021-08-12
AOCC 3.1 Compiler Performance Against Clang 12, GCC 11 On AMD EPYC   Software   2021-07-29
AMD AOCC 3.1 Compiler Performance On EPYC 7003 / Zen 3   Software   2021-07-27
Squeezing More Performance Out Of The Linux Kernel With Clang + LTO   Software   2021-07-21
LLVM Clang 12 Benchmarks At Varying Optimization Levels, LTO   Software   2021-06-25
LLVM Clang 12 Leading Over GCC 11 Compiler Performance On Intel Xeon Scalable Ice Lake   Software   2021-06-04
DragonFlyBSD 6.0 Is Performing Very Well Against Ubuntu Linux, FreeBSD 13.0   Operating Systems   2021-05-25
LLVM Clang 12 Compiler Is Performing Very Well For AMD Ryzen 9 5950X / Zen 3   Software   2021-05-20
GCC 11 vs. LLVM Clang 12 Performance On The Intel Core i9 11900K Is A Heated Race   Software   2021-05-18
GCC 11 vs. LLVM Clang 12 Compilers On The AMD EPYC 7763   Software   2021-05-04
AMD AOCC 3.0 Compiler Performance With The EPYC 75F3 - Making Fast Even Faster   Software   2021-03-25
AMD AOCC 3.0 Is Here To Help Squeeze A Bit Extra Performance Out Of Zen 3   Software   2021-03-18
Linux 5.12 Features Intel Xe VRR, Nintendo 64 Port + Clang LTO + Much More   Software   2021-02-28
GCC 10 vs. GCC 11 Compiler Performance On AMD Zen 3   Software   2021-02-24
LLVM Clang 12 Performance Benchmarks On AMD Ryzen 9 5950X   Software   2021-02-19
Running BSDs On The AMD Ryzen 5000 Series - FreeBSD vs. Linux Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2020-12-21
AMD AOCC 2.3 Squeezing Out Extra Performance For EPYC Over GCC 10, Clang 11   Software   2020-12-17
AMD AOCC 2.2 Helping Squeeze Extra Performance Out Of AMD EPYC 7002 "Rome" CPUs   Software   2020-08-28
GCC 10 vs. Clang 10 Compiler Performance On AMD Zen 2 + Intel Cascade Lake   Software   2020-05-19
Looking At The LVI Mitigation Impact On Intel Cascade Lake Refresh   Software   2020-04-05
LLVM Clang 10.0 Compiler Performance On Intel + AMD CPUs Under Linux   Software   2020-03-31
Intel Core i9 10980XE: FreeBSD 12.1 vs. GhostBSD 12.02 vs. DragonFlyBSD vs. Ubuntu Linux Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2020-03-26
Ringing In 2020 By Clang'ing The Linux 5.5 Kernel - Benchmarks Of GCC vs. Clang Built Kernels   Software   2019-12-31
LLVM Clang Performance Matching The GCC Compiler On AMD Threadripper 3960X   Software   2019-12-29
AMD/Intel Benchmarks: Building The Mainline Linux x86_64 Kernel With LLVM Clang   Software   2019-09-12
GCC vs. LLVM Clang vs. AOCC Compiler Benchmarks On The AMD EPYC 7742   Software   2019-08-09
GCC vs. Clang Compiler Benchmarks On POWER9 With Raptor's Blackbird   Software   2019-07-23
Intel Xeon Cascade Lake Compiler Performance - GCC 9/10 vs. LLVM Clang 8/9   Software   2019-06-27
Benchmarks Of OpenMandriva's AMD Zen Optimized Linux Distribution Against Ubuntu, openSUSE, Clear Linux   Operating Systems   2019-06-19
GCC 9 vs. Clang 8 C/C++ Compiler Performance On AMD Threadripper, Intel Core i9   Software   2019-05-14
Extensive Benchmarks Looking At AMD Znver1 GCC 9 Performance, EPYC Compiler Tuning   Software   2019-02-20
GCC 8/9 vs. LLVM Clang 7/8 Compiler Performance On AArch64   Software   2019-02-12
GCC 8/9 vs. LLVM Clang 7/8 Compiler Performance On POWER9 With The Raptor Talos II   Software   2019-02-08
62 Benchmarks, 12 Systems, 4 Compilers: Our Most Extensive Benchmarks Yet Of GCC vs. Clang Performance   Software   2019-02-05
GCC vs. Clang Compiler Performance On NVIDIA Xavier's Carmel ARMv8 Cores   Software   2019-01-13
FreeBSD 12.0 Performance Against Windows & Linux On An Intel Xeon Server   Operating Systems   2018-12-31
PGI 18.10 Compiler Benchmarks Against GCC 8.2, LLVM Clang 7.0   Software   2018-12-20
AMD AOCC 1.3 Compiler Benchmarks vs. GCC 8.2 vs. LLVM Clang 7.0   Software   2018-11-20
A Look At The GCC 9 Performance On Intel Skylake Against GCC 8, LLVM Clang 7/8   Software   2018-11-13
GCC vs. LLVM Clang Compiler Performance On The AMD Threadripper 2990WX Benchmarks   Software   2018-09-03
GCC 8/9 vs. LLVM Clang 6/7 Compiler Benchmarks On AMD EPYC   Software   2018-07-27
GCC vs. LLVM Clang vs. AOCC Compilers On AMD Threadripper   Software   2018-05-23
AMD AOCC 1.2 Code Compiler Offers Some Performance Benefits For EPYC   Software   2018-05-20
LLVM Clang 6.0 vs. 5.0 Compiler Performance On Intel/AMD Linux   Software   2018-03-14
AMD AOCC 1.1 Shows Compiler Improvements vs. GCC vs. Clang   Software   2018-01-30
GCC 8.0 vs. LLVM Clang 6.0 On AMD EPYC   Software   2018-01-13
LLVM Clang 6.0 Benchmarks On AMD's EPYC Yield Some Performance Benefits   Software   2018-01-02
GCC 8 vs. LLVM Clang 6 Performance At End Of Year 2017   Software   2017-12-28
GCC 8 & LLVM Clang 6.0 Compiler Performance On AMD EPYC - November 2017   Software   2017-11-08
GCC & LLVM Clang Compiler Benchmarks On AMD's EPYC 7601   Software   2017-09-26
Ryzen Compiler Performance: Clang 4/5 vs. GCC 6/7/8 Benchmarks   Software   2017-07-23
Benchmarking LLVM/Clang's New AMD Zen Scheduler Model   Software   2017-07-20
AMD Ryzen AOCC 1.0 Compiler Tuning Benchmarks   Software   2017-05-21
Benchmarking AMD's New AOCC Compiler For Ryzen   Software   2017-05-19
LLVM Clang 3.9.1, Clang 4.0 & GCC 6.3 With Intel's Clear Linux   Software   2017-04-18
GCC vs. LLVM Clang Compiler Performance On AMD's Ryzen   Software   2017-03-08
GCC 7.0 vs. LLVM Clang 4.0 Performance (January 2017)   Software   2017-01-28
GCC 6.2/7.0 vs. LLVM Clang 3.9/4.0 SVN Compiler Performance   Software   2016-12-10
GCC 6.2 vs. Clang 3.9 Compiler Performance On Clear Linux With Intel Kaby Lake   Software   2016-11-17
LLVM Clang 3.9 Mostly Trails GCC In Compiler Performance   Software   2016-09-13
LLVM Clang vs. GCC Compiler Benchmarks On FreeBSD 11.0   Software   2016-08-27
GCC 6.1 vs. LLVM Clang 3.9 Compiler Performance   Software   2016-05-10
GCC vs. Clang Benchmark Comparison At Varying Optimization Levels   Software   2016-03-03
LLVM Clang vs. GCC Compiler Comparison On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS   Software   2016-02-26
GCC vs. Clang On POWER8 Is A Competitive Compiler Match   Software   2016-02-21
LLVM Clang 3.8 Compiler Performance Benchmarks   Software   2016-02-15
Intel Xeon Skylake Compilers: Clang Showing Strong Performance Against GCC   Software   2015-12-21
GCC vs. Clang Compiler Benchmarking On Intel's Skylake CPU   Software   2015-09-04
Clang OpenMP Benchmarks On Linux 64-bit Against GCC   Software   2015-09-03
LLVM Clang 3.7 vs. GCC Compiler Benchmarks On Linux   Software   2015-08-31
Opening The Gates To Our Daily Open-Source Linux Benchmark Results   Software   2015-05-25
Intel Broadwell: GCC 4.9 vs. LLVM Clang 3.5 Compiler Benchmarks   Software   2015-01-30
Linux Compiler Benchmarks Of LLVM Clang 3.5 vs. LLVM Clang 3.6-rc1   Software   2015-01-25
PC-BSD 10.1 vs. Ubuntu 14.10 vs. Fedora 21 Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2015-01-14
A Walkthrough Of The New 32 System Open-Source Linux Benchmarking Test Farm   Computers   2014-12-13
Apple OS X 10.10 vs. Ubuntu 14.10 Performance   Operating Systems   2014-11-25
GCC 5.0 Outruns LLVM 3.5 Compiler By A Bit On Core-AVX2   Software   2014-09-03
LLVM Clang 3.5 Brings Some Compiler Performance Improvements   Software   2014-09-03
Testing LLVM Clang 3.5's Code Generation Optimizations   Software   2014-06-28
Building The Linux Kernel With LLVM's Clang Yields Comparable Performance   Software   2014-05-30
Benchmarking LLVM's Clang OpenMP Support Against GCC   Software   2014-05-29
GCC vs. LLVM Clang On NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Quad-Core Cortex-A15   Software   2014-05-15
Clang Fights GCC On AMD's Athlon AM1 APU With Jaguar Cores   Software   2014-04-22
A Quick Look At GCC 4.9 vs. LLVM Clang 3.5   Software   2014-04-16
Clang's Competition For GCC On Intel Haswell   Software   2014-02-06
LLVM Clang 3.4 Is Running Very Well On AMD's High-End APU   Software   2014-02-01
Clang 3.4 Performance Very Strong Against GCC 4.9   Software   2013-12-30
GCC 4.9 Compiler Benchmarks On A Dual-Core Haswell   Software   2013-12-24
LLVM Clang 3.4 Compiler Performance Is Doing Good   Software   2013-12-21
GCC vs. LLVM Clang Is Mixed On The Ivy Bridge Extreme   Software   2013-10-13
LLVM Clang 3.4 SVN Compiler Optimization Level Tests   Software   2013-07-30
GCC vs. LLVM/Clang On The AMD Richland APU   Software   2013-07-06
LLVM Clang 3.4 Already Has Some Performance Changes   Software   2013-06-27
GCC 4.8 vs. LLVM/Clang 3.3 On Intel's Core i7 4770K   Software   2013-06-21
GCC 4.8.0 vs. LLVM Clang 3.3 Compiler Performance   Software   2013-05-25
GCC vs. LLVM/Clang On AMD's FX-8350 Vishera   Software   2013-04-27
LLVM/Clang 3.3 Performing Against GCC For Old Intel CPU   Software   2013-04-23
LLVM/Clang 3.3 Delivers Speed Improvements   Software   2013-04-19
LLVM/Clang 3.3 Very Competitive To GCC 4.8   Software   2013-04-07
FreeBSD 9.1: LLVM/Clang Battling GCC   Operating Systems   2013-02-07
LLVM/Clang 3.2 Compiler Competing With GCC   Software   2012-12-27
LLVM/Clang vs. GCC On The ARM Cortex-A15 Preview   Software   2012-12-01
Benchmarking LLVM/Clang 3.2, GCC 4.8, DragonEgg Compilers   Software   2012-11-09
LLVM/Clang 3.2 SVN On Intel Core i7   Software   2012-11-05
LLVM/Clang 3.2 SVN Compiler Performance   Software   2012-10-13
Intel Ivy Bridge: GCC 4.8 vs. LLVM/Clang 3.2 SVN   Software   2012-08-18
11-Way Intel Ivy Bridge Compiler Comparison   Software   2012-05-30
Preview: EKOPath Benchmarks On AMD's Bulldozer   Software   2012-04-28
AMD's FX-8150 Bulldozer Benefits From New Compilers, Tuning   Software   2012-04-18
There's Interest In Building The Linux Kernel With Clang   Software   2012-04-05
Apple's LLVM 3.1 Clanging On Intel Sandy Bridge   Software   2012-04-02
Compilers Mature For Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge, Prep For Haswell   Software   2012-01-27
LLVM/Clang On The ARMv7 PandaBoard ES   Software   2011-12-29
DragonEgg-ing Mesa & Banging It With Clang   Display Drivers   2011-12-08
DragonEgg 3.0 Puts GCC & LLVM In One Bed   Software   2011-12-05
GCC 4.6, LLVM/Clang 3.0, Open64 Benchmarks   Software   2011-11-07
Open64 Compiler Tuning On AMD Bulldozer FX-8150   Software   2011-11-02
AMD Bulldozer With GCC, Open64, LLVM/Clang Compilers   Processors   2011-11-02
AMD Llano Compiler Performance   Computers   2011-08-19
PathScale Open-Sources The EKOPath 4 Compiler Suite   Software   2011-06-13
GCC 4.6, LLVM/Clang 2.9, DragonEgg Five-System Benchmarks   Software   2011-03-28
Gallium3D's LLVMpipe Under LLVM 2.9   Software   2011-03-26
LLVM 2.9 Clang Performance On Intel's Sandy Bridge   Software   2011-02-18
A Linux Compiler Deathmatch   Software   2011-01-31
GCC & LLVM Clang Performance On The Intel Atom   Software   2010-12-01
Compiler Benchmarks Of GCC, LLVM-GCC, DragonEgg, Clang   Software   2010-11-08
Benchmarking LLVM & Clang Against GCC 4.5   Software   2010-04-21

Clang Linux & Open-Source News

Experimental Patch Gets The ARM64 Linux Kernel Compiling Under macOS   Linux Kernel   2022-09-26
Linux 6.0-rc7 Released - Linux 6.0 Will Hopefully Release Next Sunday   Linux Kernel   2022-09-25
AMDGPU Gang Submit Sent In For Linux 6.1   Radeon   2022-09-24
Apple M2 Support Added To Upstream LLVM Along With The A15, A16   LLVM   2022-09-23
OpenMandriva Speeding Up Their AArch64 Linux Development With Ampere Altra   Operating Systems   2022-09-20
AMD Releases AOMP 16.0-0 As Their Radeon GPU OpenMP Offloading Compiler   Radeon   2022-09-20
LLVM 15.0.1 Released With Nearly Three Dozen Fixes   LLVM   2022-09-20
Linux Kernel Live Patching Working Fairly Well For Millions Of Meta Servers   Linux Kernel   2022-09-14
LLVM Clang 16 Defaulting To C++17 As The Default Standard   LLVM   2022-09-07
LLVM 15.0 Released With Security Features, Experimental DirectX Back-End, New AMD GPUs   LLVM   2022-09-06
Linux May Flip On Indirect Branch Tracking By Default (IBT)   Intel   2022-09-05
OpenMandriva Lx 5.0 ROME "Silver Candidate" Released   Operating Systems   2022-09-05
LLVM Compiler Finally Gets A Tuned Scheduler Model For Intel Alder Lake P   Intel   2022-08-18
AMD Releases AOMP 15.0-3 Compiler   AMD   2022-08-09
LLVM 15.0-rc1 Brings LoongArch, AmpereOne, AMD RDNA3, AMD GFX940 & HTTP Server   LLVM   2022-07-30
LLVM 15 Branched, Ends Feature Work Ahead Of September Release With AMD RDNA3 + MI300 Bits   LLVM   2022-07-27
OpenMandriva Lx ROME Technical Preview Released For This Rolling-Release Linux Distro   Operating Systems   2022-07-26
KDE Plasma 5.26 Eyes Using C++20 Features   KDE   2022-07-09
LLVM Clang 15.0 Adds Arm Cortex-M85 Support   Arm   2022-07-05
KernelMemorySanitizer v4 Published While Already Having Found 300+ Kernel Bugs   Linux Kernel   2022-07-04
AMD ROCm 5.2 Released With New rocWMMA Library   Radeon   2022-06-29
LLVM 15.0 Planning For Early September Release - Important For RDNA3 Graphics Support   LLVM   2022-06-29
Experimental -O3 Optimizing The Linux Kernel For Better Performance Brought Up Again   Linux Kernel   2022-06-23
Meta Developing A New IR For LLVM's Clang C/C++ Compiler With Better Speed, Security   LLVM   2022-06-21
PoCL 3.0 Released With Minimal OpenCL 3.0 Implementation For CPUs   Standards   2022-06-10
AMD Talks Up Zen 4 AVX-512, Genoa, Siena & More At Financial Analyst Day   AMD   2022-06-09
Clang RandStruct Lands As Part Of Kernel Hardening For Linux 5.19   Linux Kernel   2022-05-31
AmpereOne Announced As Ampere's In-House AArch64 Cloud Native Processor Design   Arm   2022-05-26
AOMP 15.0-2 Released For Radeon OpenMP Compiler   Radeon   2022-05-20
Intel Announces SYCLomatic For Open-Source Conversion Of CUDA Code To C++ SYCL   Intel   2022-05-19
POCL 3.0-RC1 Released For OpenCL 3.0 Implemented On CPUs   Standards   2022-05-19
Google Posts Latest Code For KCFI As Better Control-Flow Integrity For The Linux Kernel   Linux Security   2022-05-16
NVIDIA CUDA 11.7 Brings Lazy Loading, Open GPU Kernel Driver Compatibility   NVIDIA   2022-05-12
Mesa 22.1-rc5 Released With Dozens Of Fixes For Zink, RADV & Intel Vulkan Drivers   Mesa   2022-05-11
Ampere Adds "Ampere1" CPU Core Support To LLVM   Arm   2022-05-03
Intel Tool Aims To Help Developers Move From OpenACC To OpenMP   Intel   2022-05-02
Linux NTFS, Ryzen 7 5800X3D, Mesa 22.1 & Other April Open-Source Excitement   Phoronix   2022-05-01
KMSAN Patches For The Linux Kernel Updated For Catching Uninitialized Memory Problems   Linux Kernel   2022-04-26
Experimental "FineIBT" Series Published For Linux - Building Atop Intel CET/IBT   Linux Security   2022-04-20
Sony Begins Landing PlayStation 5 Support In The Upstream LLVM/Clang Compiler   LLVM   2022-04-18
Clang 15 Lands Support To Randomize Structure Layout, Linux Prepares To Use It   LLVM   2022-04-18
LLVM 14.0.1 Released To Provide Many Bug Fixes   LLVM   2022-04-13
LLVM Begins Process For Allowing C++17 In Codebase   LLVM   2022-04-04
Clang'ing The Kernel With Different LLVM Setups Will Be Easier With Linux 5.18   LLVM   2022-04-03
GCC 12 Compiler Lands A Last Minute AMD Zen 3 Tuning Tweak   GNU   2022-04-01
Steam Deck, Ryzen Servers, Apple M1 On Linux & Milan-X Excited Linux Users In Q1   Phoronix   2022-03-31
LLVM Begins Landing The Initial DirectX / HLSL Target Code   LLVM   2022-03-28
Linux 5.18 Power Management Brings Improvements For Both Intel & AMD   Linux Kernel   2022-03-28
LLVM Clang Adds "-march=native" Support For The Apple M1   LLVM   2022-03-28
Linux 5.18 Hardens The Kernel For 64-bit Arm With Shadow Call Stack Support   Arm   2022-03-28
Intel CET Indirect Branch Tracking Submitted For Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-03-26
GNOME 42 Released With Many Improvements From Wayland To GTK4 Porting   GNOME   2022-03-23
LLVM / Clang 14.0 Prepared For Release With With Armv9, BOLT, More C++20 & C23   LLVM   2022-03-23
Arm Posts GCC Tuning Patches For Neoverse-N2 & New Neoverse-Demeter   Arm   2022-03-16
Microsoft Wants To Add DirectX + HLSL Support To The Upstream LLVM/Clang Compiler   Microsoft   2022-03-09
Indirect Branch Tracking Ready Ahead Of Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-03-09
Steam Deck, GNOME 42 Advancements & AMD Linux Updates Excited Readers In February   Phoronix   2022-03-01
D-Bus 1.14 Released With Various Changes Built Up Over Four Years   Free Software   2022-02-28
GCC 12 Adds Support For AArch64 Shadow Call Stack   GNU   2022-02-22
Intel IBT Patches For Linux Back On Track   Intel   2022-02-20
Intel's Compute-Runtime Adds GPU Hang Detection   Intel   2022-02-14
Radeon AOMP 14.0-2 Compiler Released For OpenMP GPU Offloading   Radeon   2022-02-12
Chimera Linux Pushes Ahead For FreeBSD User-Space Atop Linux, Built Using LLVM   Operating Systems   2022-02-08
OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 Released With Completed Arm 64-bit Port, Sticks To Using LLVM   Operating Systems   2022-02-07
LLVM Clang 15 Enables Faster Square Root Instructions For AMD Zen   AMD   2022-02-04
LLVM 13.0.1 Compiler Released With Fixes   LLVM   2022-02-03
LLVM/Clang 14 Ends Feature Development With Better C++20 Support, Armv9 Added   LLVM   2022-02-02
Intel Alder Lake & Linux Kernel Advancements Made For An Exciting January   Phoronix   2022-02-01
LLVM Clang Now Defaulting To The DWARFv5 Debug Format   LLVM   2022-01-24
Radeon AOMP 14.0-1 Released Along WIth New GPUOpen Tool Updates   Radeon   2022-01-20
GNOME 42 Alpha Released With A Lot Of GTK4 Porting, Other Improvements   GNOME   2022-01-17
x86 Straight Line Speculation CPU Mitigation Appears For Linux 5.17   Linux Security   2022-01-12
GCC 12 Shifting To Stage 4 Development - No Sign Of AMD Zen 4 Support   GNU   2022-01-12
BOLT Merged Into LLVM To Optimize Binaries For Faster Performance   LLVM   2022-01-11
Fast Kernel Headers v2 Posted - Speeds Up Clang-Built Linux Kernel Build By ~88%   Linux Kernel   2022-01-08
Linux 5.17 AArch64 Code Has SME Preparations, Adds KCSAN Support   Arm   2022-01-07
Linux 5.16's Great Features Include FUTEX2, Folios, AMD Rembrandt, Intel AMX & Much More   Linux Kernel   2022-01-06
LLVM/Clang Adds Support For ARMv9.3-A   Arm   2022-01-03
LLVM Enjoyed Record Growth In 2021, Many Exciting Compiler Advancements   LLVM   2022-01-02
LLVM Clang Lands Initial SPIR-V Toolchain Support   LLVM   2021-12-23
Intel CM Compiler Updated For New Platforms, Including Ponte Vecchio "XT"   Intel   2021-12-15
AMD AOCC 3.2 Compiler Released Along With AOCL 3.1 CPU Libraries   AMD   2021-12-13
x86 Straight-Line Speculation Mitigation On Track For Linux 5.17   Linux Security   2021-12-11
BOLT Close To Merging Into LLVM For Optimizing Performance Of Binaries   LLVM   2021-12-09
Intel, Arm & Khronos Feel Ready to Land SPIR-V Backend Within LLVM   LLVM   2021-12-08
LLVM Clang 14 Lands An "Amazing" Performance Optimization   LLVM   2021-12-06
x86 Straight-Line Speculation Mitigation Patches Updated For Linux   Linux Security   2021-12-05
FGKASLR Appears Closer To Mainline For Improving Linux Security   Linux Security   2021-12-03
Qt Creator 6 Released For This C++ Focused IDE, Clangd Now Fully-Supported   Qt   2021-12-02
AMD-Pstate Driver Updated A 5th Time For Improving Ryzen Power Efficiency On Linux   AMD   2021-11-30
Linux Kernel Patches Updated for x86/x86_64 SLS Mitigation   Linux Kernel   2021-11-20
Linux Prepares Straight Line Speculation "SLS" Mitigation For x86/x86_64 CPUs   GNU   2021-11-18
AMD Releases ROCm AOMP 14.0 Compiler - Switches To New "amd-stg-open" Branch   AMD   2021-11-16
LWJGL 3.3 Released For This Popular Java Library - OpenCL 3.0 Added, New Bindings   Programming   2021-11-15
PipeWire 0.3.40 Released With Better JACK Compatibility   PipeWire   2021-11-11
GCC 12 Lands Support For -march=armv9-a   Arm   2021-11-09
"Ampere-1" GCC Patch Posted For Ampere's Upcoming AArch64 Core Design   Arm   2021-11-02
GCC & LLVM Patches Pending To Fend Off Trojan Source Attacks   Linux Security   2021-11-01
Linux + GCC/Clang Patches Coming For Straight-Line Speculation Mitigation On x86/x86_64   Linux Security   2021-10-28
Intel AMX Support Appears Ready For Linux 5.16   Intel   2021-10-26
OpenBSD 7.0 Released With RISC-V 64-bit Port, Better Apple Silicon Support   BSD   2021-10-14
Qt Creator 6 Beta Released With Updated C++ Code Model, Binaries Built Against Qt 6.2   Qt   2021-10-14
Portable Computing Language 1.8 Released For OpenCL On CPUs, Other Accelerators   Programming   2021-10-12
Red Hat Is Making It Easy To Run Bleeding-Edge LLVM/Clang On Fedora   Fedora   2021-10-10
Intel C For Metal Compiler Updated With Support For XeHP & DG1   Intel   2021-10-07
GCC 12 Compiler Squaring Away Its AVX-512 FP16 Support   GNU   2021-10-04
Intel Sends Out 11th Revision Of Linux Kernel Patches For AMX   Intel   2021-10-03
LLVM 13.0 Released With Official Flang Binary Packages, Improved OpenCL Clang Support   LLVM   2021-10-01
PoCL 1.8 OpenCL Implementation Coming With LLVM 13 Support, Better SPIR-V On CUDA   Standards   2021-10-01
GCC 12 Adds Stack Variable Auto-Initialization, Other Security Improvements Forthcoming   GNU   2021-09-23
Rust Lands Support For The Motorola 68000 Processors   Programming   2021-09-20
Apple Silicon / M1 Port Planned For GCC 12   GNU   2021-09-17
Linux 5.15's New "-Werror" Behavior Is Causing A Lot Of Pain   Linux Kernel   2021-09-07
Linux 5.15 Working Towards Comprehensive Compile-Time & Run-Time Detection Of Buffer Overflows   Linux Security   2021-09-03
Debian 11, Valve Happenings, Linux 5.14 & More Excitement From August   Phoronix   2021-09-01
Qt Creator 5.0 Released With Experimental Clangd Backend, Experimental Docker Builds   Qt   2021-08-26
Intel AMX Patches For The Kernel Posted A 10th Time, But To Miss Out On Linux 5.15   Intel   2021-08-26
Clang CFI Patches For The Linux Kernel Updated To Beef Up Security   Linux Kernel   2021-08-25
Proposed: Allow Building The Linux Kernel With x86-64 Microarchitecture Feature Levels   Linux Kernel   2021-08-18
LLVM Clang 14 Begins Landing Intel AVX-512 FP16 Support   LLVM   2021-08-16
Debian 11 Is Releasing This Weekend With Many Improvements   Debian   2021-08-14
Arm Working On Clang C++ For OpenCL 2021 (OpenCL 3.0 Compatible)   LLVM   2021-08-13
Qt Creator 5.0 Nears With New Features   Qt   2021-08-12
Intel Working To Combine The Best Of CET + CFI Into "FineIBT"   Intel   2021-08-06
Oracle Working On BPF CO-RE Support For GCC To Easily Run BPF Programs On Any Kernel   Linux Kernel   2021-08-04
LLVM 13 Feature Development Is Over, LLVM 14 Enters Development   LLVM   2021-08-03
LE9, Canonical's Profits, Steam Deck, & Loongson 3A5000 Made For An Exciting July   Phoronix   2021-08-01
AMD Releases AOMP 13.0-5 Radeon OpenMP Compiler   Radeon   2021-07-30
AMD AOCC 3.1 Compiler Released - Rebased On LLVM 12.0   AMD   2021-07-21
Qt Creator 5.0 Beta Brings Experimental Support For Clangd, Building Code In Docker   Qt   2021-07-08
The Most Popular Intel Linux/Open-Source News From H1'2021   Intel   2021-07-08
AMD's Linux Strides In H1'21 From FreeSync HDMI To PyTorch ROCm   AMD   2021-07-04
Intel Posts Big Set of Patches For AVX-512 FP16 Compiler Support For Sapphire Rapids   Intel   2021-07-01
Clang PGO Shot Down For Now From The Linux Kernel   LLVM   2021-07-01
Intel Crocus, Linux 5.13, Other Vendor Happenings Made For An Exciting June   Phoronix   2021-06-30
Intel Confirms Q2'22 Ramp For Xeon Sapphire Rapids As Good News For Their Linux Bring-Up   Intel   2021-06-29
Clang Profile Guided Optimizations Support Sent In For Linux 5.14   LLVM   2021-06-29
Linux 5.13 Released With Apple M1 Bringup, Landlock, FreeSync HDMI + Much More   Linux Kernel   2021-06-27
Linux 5.14 Set To See Many New Features, New GPU Support, Other Exciting Changes   Linux Kernel   2021-06-26
The 13 Most Interesting Changes Of Linux 5.13 From Apple M1 To Security Enhancements   Linux Kernel   2021-06-25
SUSE Linux Enterprise / openSUSE Leap Pursuing x86_64-v2 Optimized Libraries   SUSE   2021-06-16
Profile Guided Optimizations (PGO) Likely Coming To Linux 5.14 For Clang   Linux Kernel   2021-06-12
AMD Releases AOMP 13.0-3 For Their Latest Radeon OpenMP Offload Compiler   Radeon   2021-06-09
GRUB 2.06 Released With BootHole Fixes, LUKS2 Encrypted Volume Support   GNU   2021-06-08
-O3 Compiler Optimization Level Still Deemed Too Unsafe For The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2021-06-05
WASM3 v0.5 Released With Claims To Be The Fastest WebAssembly Interpreter   Programming   2021-06-03
Windows vs. Linux, 5.13 Kernel, FreeBSD 13, Other May Excitement   Free Software   2021-06-01
OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 RC Released With LLVM 12 Toolchain, Linux 5.12 Kernel   Operating Systems   2021-05-24
POCL 1.7 Released With Better Support For SPIR-V Binaries On CPUs   Standards   2021-05-19
GCC 12 Adds Support For New #elifdef #elifndef Directives   GNU   2021-05-12