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GCC 13 Linux & Open-Source News

Fedora 38 Cleared To Ship With Its Bleeding Edge Compiler Toolchain   Fedora   2023-01-30
FreeBSD Ends 2022 Short Of Fundraising Goal But Continues Driving New Features   BSD   2023-01-26
LLVM 16.0 Feature Development Ends - Aiming For Early March Compiler Release   LLVM   2023-01-25
Arm Cortex-M85 Enablement Makes It Into GCC 13 With PACBTI Support   Arm   2023-01-23
IBM Looks To Squeeze Support For Future Power "Dense Math" CPUs Into GCC 13   Hardware   2023-01-21
More AMD Zen 4 Compiler Tuning Work Lands In GCC 13   AMD   2023-01-17
GCC 13 Progresses To Stage 4 "Regression Fixes Only" Development   GNU   2023-01-16
More AMD Zen 4 Tuning Ongoing For GCC 13 Compiler   AMD   2023-01-10
LLVM Lands Support For Intel's Emerald Rapids   Intel   2023-01-05
More AMD Zen 4 Compiler Code Merged For GCC 13   AMD   2023-01-05
Intel Adds "Emerald Rapids" Support To The GCC 13 Compiler   Intel   2023-01-04
Radeon RX 7900 XT/XTX, EPYC Genoa & Linux 6.2 Developments Made For An Exciting Month   Phoronix   2023-01-01
AMD Continued Its Great Linux Embrace In 2022 With Better Launch-Day Support + Optimizations   AMD   2022-12-31
Fedora 38 Plans For GCC 13, Binutils 2.39 & Glibc 2.37 Toolchain   Fedora   2022-12-31
AMD Zen 4 Tuning Patches Begin Landing In GCC 13   AMD   2022-12-22
Initial AMD Zen 4 Enablement Lands In LLVM Clang 16.0   AMD   2022-12-17
Modula-2 Language Frontend Merged Into GCC 13   GNU   2022-12-14
GCC Rust "gccrs" Code Merged Into Mainline GCC 13   GNU   2022-12-13
Initial AMD Zen 4 Support Patch Under Review For LLVM/Clang   AMD   2022-12-07
Modula-2 Language Frontend Patches Ready For Merging Into GCC 13   GNU   2022-12-06
AMD Zen 4 Cost Table & Tuning Patches Posted For The GCC Compiler   AMD   2022-12-06
GCC Rust Front-End v4 Posted - Now Cleared For Merging In GCC 13   Programming   2022-12-06
AMD Zen 4 "znver4" Support Lands In GNU Binutils   AMD   2022-11-16
AMD Sends Out Follow-Up Zen 4 Patch For The GCC Compiler   AMD   2022-11-15
GCC 13 Ends Stage 1 Development, Moves To Bug Fixing Phase   GNU   2022-11-15
Ampere-1A CPU Support Added To GCC 13   Arm   2022-11-14
GCC 13 "-O2" Performance Being Sped Up With Enabling Small Loop Unrolling   GNU   2022-11-14
Intel RAO-INT Added To GCC 13, Grand Ridge & Granite Rapids CPU Targets Ready   Intel   2022-11-07
Intel MIC Offloading For Xeon Phi Dropped With GCC 13 Compiler   Intel   2022-11-04
Intel Granite Rapids Support Submitted For The GCC Compiler   Intel   2022-11-04
Rust UEFI Firmware Targets Promoted To Tier-2 Status   Programming   2022-11-03
GCC 13 Compiler Merges Support For Intel AVX-NE-CONVERT   Intel   2022-10-31
GCC Rust Patches Updated Ahead Of Hopeful Landing In GCC 13   GNU   2022-10-26
Initial AMD Zen 4 "znver4" Support Merged Into GCC 13   AMD   2022-10-21
AVX-VNNI-INT8 & AVX-IFMA Land In GCC 13   Intel   2022-10-21
Intel Meteor Lake "-march=meteorlake" Support Lands In GCC 13   Intel   2022-10-17
AMD Sends Out Basic Zen 4 "Znver4" Enablement For The GCC Compiler   AMD   2022-10-16
Intel Sends Out Meteor Lake & Sierra Forest Patches For The GCC Compiler   Intel   2022-10-14
GCC 13 Lands Support For Zstd-Compressed Debug Sections   GNU   2022-09-29
GCC Progressing On OpenMP 5.x, OpenACC 2.7+ GPU Offloading & More AMD Improvements   GNU   2022-09-21
LPC 2022: Rust Linux Drivers Capable Of Achieving Performance Comparable To C Code   Programming   2022-09-12
GCC 13 Seeing Work On OpenMP 5.0 Reverse Offload Functionality   GNU   2022-08-27
GCC Prepares To Drop Support For CompactRISC CR16   GNU   2022-08-25
GCC 12.2 Compiler Released With 70+ Bug Fixes   GNU   2022-08-19
GCC & LLVM Ready With x86 __bf16 Type Support   Programming   2022-08-18
Systemd Creator At Microsoft, Retbleed, Rust's Continued Growth & Other July Highlights   Phoronix   2022-08-01
GCC 12.2 Compiler Being Prepared For An August Release   GNU   2022-07-29
Initial GCC Rust Front-End Compiler Patches Submitted For Review   GNU   2022-07-28
GCC Rust Approved By Steering Committee, Likely To Land For GCC 13   GNU   2022-07-11
GCC-Rust Feedback Sought - Possibly Aiming For Upstream In GCC 13   GNU   2022-06-27
GCC 9.5 Released As A Last Hoorah For The GCC9 Compiler   GNU   2022-05-27
GCC 13 Compiler Finally Adds Support For AMD GFX90A "Aldebaran"   Radeon   2022-05-25
Zhaoxin Tries Again To Upstream Their "LuJiaZui" CPU Support Within GCC   GNU   2022-05-22
GCC 12's Shiny New C++ Features - More Of C++23 Implemented   GNU   2022-05-01
GCC 12 Branched, Possible GCC 12.1 Stable Release Next Week   GNU   2022-04-28
GCC 12's Static Analyzer Adds Taint Mode, Begins Assembly Support   GNU   2022-04-13
GCC 12 Compiler Lands A Last Minute AMD Zen 3 Tuning Tweak   GNU   2022-04-01
Loongson Posts Patch Series For Bringing Up LoongArch In GCC Compiler   GNU   2021-11-27
GCC Patches Pending For RISC-V's Scalar Cryptography Extension   GNU   2021-11-15