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Plasma 5 Articles & Reviews

Ubuntu 21.10 Radeon Gaming With KDE Plasma vs. GNOME Shell + Wayland vs. X.Org   Linux Gaming   2021-10-18
KDE vs. GNOME, X.Org vs. Wayland Radeon Linux Gaming Performance With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS   Linux Gaming   2018-05-12
Intel Graphics On Ubuntu: GNOME vs. KDE vs. Xfce vs. Unity vs. LXDE   Software   2018-01-21
Ubuntu 17.04 Gaming Performance: Budgie vs. GNOME vs. KDE Plasma vs. MATE vs. Unity vs. Xfce   Operating Systems   2017-04-14
RadeonSI Benchmarks On Budgie, GNOME Shell, KDE Plasma 5, LXDE, MATE, Unity, Xfce   Linux Gaming   2016-11-18
KDE Plasma 5.5 Has Evolved Well Beyond Where Plasma 4 Ended   Software   2016-01-08
Fedora 22 KDE Delivers A Great Plasma 5 Experience   Operating Systems   2015-06-07
Trying Out The Modern Linux Desktops With 4 Monitors + AMD/NVIDIA Graphics   Monitors   2015-03-30
Kubuntu 15.04 Is Turning Out Quite Nice, Good Way To Try Out The Latest KDE   Operating Systems   2015-02-25

Plasma 5 Linux & Open-Source News

KDE Plasma 6.0 Ready For Release Next Week, Plasma 6.1 Seeing Early Feature Work   KDE   2024-02-24
More Fixes Land Ahead Of KDE Plasma 6.0 Coming In Two Weeks   KDE   2024-02-17
Manjaro 23.1 Released With Linux 6.6 LTS, Pipewire 1.0 & Desktop Updates   Arch Linux   2023-12-16
OpenMandriva Lx 5.0 Released: Powered By Linux 6.6 LTS, Their Last Release On Plasma 5   Operating Systems   2023-11-25
TUXEDO Computers Launches Zen 4 Linux Laptop With 32GB RAM & 3K Display   Hardware   2023-11-11
SteamOS 3.5 Rolls Out In Preview On The Steam Deck With Many New Features   Valve   2023-09-15
KDE Lands More Power Management Tuning, Behaves Better On Btrfs File-Systems   KDE   2023-09-09
Manjaro 23.0 Released With GNOME 44, KDE Plasma 5.27 & Xfce 4.18 Desktop Options   Operating Systems   2023-09-05
Mageia 9 Released With SQLite-Based RPM Package Database, Zstd Compressed Images   Operating Systems   2023-08-27
OpenMandriva ROME 23.08 Brings KDE Plasma 6 TP Option, Continues With AMD Zen Spin   Operating Systems   2023-08-24
More KDE Plasma Wayland Fixes Land, Continued Improvements For Plasma 6   KDE   2023-08-05
KDE Plasma 6 Development Progressing Well, Plasma 6 Beta Possible In A Few Months   KDE   2023-08-04
Some Of The Features You Will Find Removed With KDE Plasma 6   KDE   2023-07-27
Mageia 9-rc1 Now Available For This Long-Delayed Release   Operating Systems   2023-07-21
KDE Plasma Wayland Fixes "Severe Screen Distortion" For Some Multi-GPU Systems   KDE   2023-07-08
KDE Plasma Fixes A "Major Performance Issue" Seen With Intel Graphics On Wayland   KDE   2023-07-01
Debian 12.0 Released - Powered By Linux 6.1 LTS, Easier Non-Free Firmware Handling   Debian   2023-06-10
KDE Plasma 6 X11 Session "Barely Buggier" Than Plasma 5 On X11   KDE   2023-06-10
openSUSE Leap 15.5 Released With KDE Plasma 5.27, Updated Mesa & More   SUSE   2023-06-07
Mageia 9 Beta 2 Released With Linux 6.3 Kernel, KDE Plasma 5.27 + GNOME 44 Desktops   Operating Systems   2023-05-24
KDE Plasma Wayland Session Sees More Fixes Ahead Of Plasma 6.0   KDE   2023-05-12
Alpine Linux 3.18 Released - Powered By Linux 6.1 LTS, Musl Libc 1.2.4   Operating Systems   2023-05-09
KDE Developers Focused On Tackling Many Bugs This Week   KDE   2023-04-22
Manjaro 22.1 "Talos" Released With Various Updates   Operating Systems   2023-04-21
OpenMandriva ROME 23.03 Released With Linux 6.2 + KDE Plasma 5.27 Desktop   Operating Systems   2023-03-26
KDE This Week Unveiled The XWaylandVideoBridge, Landed More Crash Fixes   KDE   2023-03-26
KDE's Konsole Now Works On Windows, More Plasma Wayland Fixes Come Too   KDE   2023-03-11
Linux 6.2, Linux 6.3 Developments, KDE Plasma 5.27 & More Made For An Exciting Month   Phoronix   2023-02-28
KDE Plasma Development Branch Switches To Qt6-Only   KDE   2023-02-28
KDE's Multi-Monitor Support Continues To Be Improved   KDE   2023-02-25
openSUSE Leap 15.5 Beta Released For Testing   SUSE   2023-02-21
Debian 12 "Bookworm" Enters Its Soft Freeze   Debian   2023-02-18
KDE Plasma 6.0 Sees More Feature Work, Improvements For Dolphin & Plasma 5.27.1 Fixes   KDE   2023-02-18
KDE Plasma 5.27 Released - Better Wayland Support, KWin Tiling, Multi-Monitor Overhaul   KDE   2023-02-14
KDE Plasma 5.27 Dubbed "The Best Plasma 5 Version Ever"   KDE   2023-02-11
More Feature Work Begins On KDE Plasma 6.0 As Plasma 5.27 Nears Release   KDE   2023-02-04
KDE Sees Many Plasma Wayland Fixes This Week - Plus Spectacle Screen Recording   KDE   2023-01-28
More Improvements Come To KDE Plasma Wayland, KF6 Development Enters Next Phase   KDE   2023-01-21
KDE Plasma 5.27 Beta Released With Tiling & Multi-Monitor Improvements   KDE   2023-01-19
KDE Kicks Off 2023 With UI Refinements, More Fixes   KDE   2023-01-07
OpenMandriva ROME 23.01 Rolling Release Arrives   Operating Systems   2023-01-07
Arch-Powered Manjaro 22.0 Released With Xfce 4.18 Desktop, Linux 6.1 Kernel   Arch Linux   2022-12-24
KDE Lands Wayland Fractional Scaling Support   KDE   2022-12-17
KDE Plasma 5.27 To Provide Better Multi-Monitor Support   KDE   2022-12-16
OpenMandriva ROME 22.12 Platinum Candidate Released For This Clang-Built Rolling Distro   Operating Systems   2022-12-12
KDE Frameworks 5.101 Released - Development Now Focuses On KDE Frameworks 6   KDE   2022-12-10
KDE's KWin Working On An Advanced Tiling System   KDE   2022-12-03
NixOS 22.11 Released With Better AArch64 Support, NVIDIA Open GPU Kernel Driver Option   Operating Systems   2022-12-01
Alpine Linux 3.17 Released With OpenSSL 3.0, Better Rust Support   Operating Systems   2022-11-22
Mageia 9 Alpha 1 Released With A Smaller Footprint, Many Updates   Operating Systems   2022-11-12
KDE Makes It Easier To Set Environment Variables, Fixes Vertically-Arranged Displays   KDE   2022-11-12
Arc Graphics, Google KataOS, Python 3.11 & Linux 6.1 Excited Open-Source Enthusiasts   Phoronix   2022-11-01
KDE Ends Out October With More Plasma 6.0 Planning, Plasma Wayland Fixes   KDE   2022-10-29
KDE Starts More Feature Work On Plasma 5.27, Fixes For Plasma 5.26   KDE   2022-10-22
KDE Plasma Wayland Now Supports High Resolution Scrolling   KDE   2022-10-15
KDE Plasma 5.26 Released With Many Great Desktop Improvements   KDE   2022-10-11
KDE Plasma 5.27 Planning To Be The Last Plasma 5 Feature Release   KDE   2022-10-08
KDE Welcomes Ghostwriter To Its Collection Of Apps   KDE   2022-10-08
OpenMandriva's Rolling Release Reaches "Gold", Continues With AMD Zen Optimized Version   Operating Systems   2022-10-03
A Lot Of Bug Fixing - Including For Wayland - Heading Into KDE Plasma 5.26   KDE   2022-09-24
KDE Plasma 5.26 Beta Week Saw More Fixes To The Plasma Wayland Session   KDE   2022-09-17
KDE Plasma 5.26 Beta Released With New "Plasma Bigscreen" Interface For TVs   KDE   2022-09-15
KDE Developers Prepare For Plasma 5.26, More Plasma Wayland Fixes Readied   KDE   2022-09-10
KDE Plasma 5.26 Sees More Features & Fixes Ahead Of Beta   KDE   2022-09-03
KDE Makes It Easy To Now Remap Extra Mouse Buttons, Discover Keeps Getting Better   KDE   2022-08-26
Plasma 5.26 Improving Widget Accessibility, Kickoff Gets Compact Mode + Wayland Fixes   KDE   2022-08-13
KDE Ends July With More Bug Fixes, Discover Improvements   KDE   2022-07-30
OpenMandriva Lx ROME Technical Preview Released For This Rolling-Release Linux Distro   Operating Systems   2022-07-26
KDE Plasma 5.25 Delayed For FreeBSD Due To Needing Additional Security Infrastructure   KDE   2022-07-26
KDE Plasma 5.26 Will Start Faster, Many Other KDE Improvements Abound   KDE   2022-07-23
KDE Plasma 5.26 Continues Preparing More Features, More Plasma Wayland Fixes Too   KDE   2022-07-16
KDE Developers Already Making Great Strides On Plasma 5.26   KDE   2022-07-10
KDE Plasma 5.26 Eyes Using C++20 Features   KDE   2022-07-09
KDE Fixed Many Bugs With Plasma 5.25.1, More Fixes On The Way   KDE   2022-06-25
Arch-Based Manjaro Linux 21.3 Released   Arch Linux   2022-06-18
KDE Plasma 5.26 To Allow Crisper XWayland Apps With New Scaling Option   KDE   2022-06-18
KDE Plasma 5.25 Released With Wayland Improvements, Improved Gestures   KDE   2022-06-14
KDE Developers Prepare More Fixes Ahead Of Plasma 5.25, Early Feature Work On 5.26   KDE   2022-06-11
openSUSE Leap 15.4 Released   SUSE   2022-06-08
KDE Fixes Many Plasma 5.25 Bugs This Week But Still Needs More Developer Help   KDE   2022-06-04
KDE Developers Land More Bug Fixes Ahead Of Plasma 5.25   KDE   2022-05-28
KDE Plasma 5.25 Preparing More Bug Fixes, Continued Wayland Fixes   KDE   2022-05-21
KDE Plasma 5.25 Beta Released With Many Improvements, Wayland Support Maturing   KDE   2022-05-19
KDE Lands More Plasma Wayland Improvements & Fixes Ahead Of Plasma 5.25   KDE   2022-05-14
KDE Plasma 5.25's Exciting Improvements For KWin, Continued Wayland Optimizations   KDE   2022-05-09
KDE Begins Shifting Focus To Fixing Bugs For Plasma 5.25   KDE   2022-05-07
Fedora Linux 36 Being Released Next Week   Fedora   2022-05-05
KDE Plasma Lands More Fixes, Theme Handling Improvements   KDE   2022-04-23
KDE Changes This Week "Overflowing With Positive Visual Changes"   KDE   2022-04-09
KDE Starts April With Many Fixes, KWrite Internally Using The Same Code As Kate   KDE   2022-04-02
Fedora Linux 36 Beta Now Available For Testing   Fedora   2022-03-29
KDE Plasma 5.25 Seeing Touch Gesture Additions, More Fixes & Other Work   KDE   2022-03-27
KDE Marching Ahead In March With More Plasma Wayland Fixes, Other Improvements   KDE   2022-03-12
KDE Activity Lower This Week As Impact From The Russia-Ukraine War   KDE   2022-03-05
openSUSE Leap 15.4 Beta Builds Now Available For Testing   SUSE   2022-03-02
Steam Deck, GNOME 42 Advancements & AMD Linux Updates Excited Readers In February   Phoronix   2022-03-01
KDE Had An Exciting Week With Plasma Available On The Steam Deck, Many Fixes   KDE   2022-02-26
KDE Developers Had A Very Busy Valentine's Week With Many Plasma Improvements   KDE   2022-02-19
KDE's Konsole Now Supports Sixel Graphics, Plasma Wayland Sees More Fixes   KDE   2022-02-12
KWinFT 5.24 Released - Continues To Advance Its Wayland Support, Expand On Wlroots   KDE   2022-02-09
KDE Plasma 5.24 Released With Wayland Support In Increasingly Great Shape   KDE   2022-02-08
KDE Kicks Off February With More Bug Fixes, 30-bit Color Support For Plasma On X11   KDE   2022-02-05
Slackware 15.0 Released After Many Years In Development   Operating Systems   2022-02-03
KDE Plasma 5.24 Getting Ready For Release, More Wayland Fixes Merged   KDE   2022-01-29
KDE Caps Off Plasma 5.24 Beta Week With More Wayland Fixes   KDE   2022-01-15
KDE Plasma 5.24 Beta Released With Better Wayland Support   KDE   2022-01-13
KDE Ends 2021 With More Plasma Wayland Fixes, Root File Operations For Dolphin   KDE   2022-01-01
KDE's Plasma Wayland Session Achieves Better Battery Life Than With X.Org   KDE   2021-12-27
Manjaro 21.2 Released With Better Btrfs Support, Linux 5.15 LTS Powered   Arch Linux   2021-12-22
GIMP 2.10.30 Released With Better Adobe PSD Support, Improved Portals Integration   Free Software   2021-12-21
KDE Starts December With Numerous Fixes, Other Desktop Refinements   KDE   2021-12-04
Alder Lake, Kernel Optimizations & Steam Deck Happenings That Excited Linux Fans   Phoronix   2021-11-30
Alpine Linux 3.15 Released - Builds Off Linux 5.15, Drops MIPS64, SimpleDRM For FB   Operating Systems   2021-11-24
KDE Plasma 5.24 Adds An Overview Effect Inspired By GNOME's Activities Overview   KDE   2021-11-20
KDE Lands More Plasma Wayland Fixes, Other Enhancements For Plasma 5.24   KDE   2021-11-13
Linux I/O Optimizations, AMD Improvements, NVIDIA GBM Excited Linux Users Last Month   Phoronix   2021-11-01
KDE Ends Out October With More Fixes, Continued Polishing To Plasma Wayland   KDE   2021-10-30
KDE Plasma Readies Its NVIDIA GBM Support, Fingerprint Authentication Added   KDE   2021-10-23
KDE's Plasma Wayland Session Continues Seeing More Crash Fixes   KDE   2021-10-16
KDE Plasma 5.23 Released In Marking 25 Years Of KDE   KDE   2021-10-14
KDE Moves To GitLab-Based CI, Lands More Plasma Wayland Fixes   KDE   2021-10-09
Plasma 5.23 Lands More Last-Minute Fixes To Avoid Wayland Crashes   KDE   2021-10-02
KDE Plasma 5.24 On Wayland To Support DRM Leasing For VR Headsets   KDE   2021-09-25
KDE Sees Another Big Batch Of Plasma Wayland Improvements   KDE   2021-09-18
KDE Plasma 5.23 Beta Released As The 25th Anniversary Edition   KDE   2021-09-16
KDE Sees More Plasma Wayland Fixes As Plasma 5.23 Hits Its Soft Feature Freeze   KDE   2021-09-11
KDE's Plasma Wayland Session Is "Finally Reaching Stability" Following Many Fixes   KDE   2021-09-04
KDE Plasma 5.23 Will Be Another Exciting Release With Many Improvements Abound   KDE   2021-08-28
KDE Plasma Introduces A New Overview Effect, Many Wayland Fixes   KDE   2021-08-21
Manjaro 21.1 Released With Better Btrfs Support, GNOME 40 Update   Arch Linux   2021-08-17
Debian 11 "Bullseye" Released   Debian   2021-08-14
Manjaro 21.1 Bringing Enhanced Support For Btrfs, Automatic Backups   Arch Linux   2021-07-29
KDE Making It Easy To Tune Your Laptop's Power Profile, Other Improvements Land   KDE   2021-07-24
KDE's KWin Reworks Its DRM Code, Many Other Improvements   KDE   2021-07-17
KDE Gets Expandable Tooltips, Larger Clipboard, More Wayland Fixes   KDE   2021-06-19
Alpine Linux 3.14 Released With Many Package Updates For This Lightweight Distro   Operating Systems   2021-06-15
Plasma 5.23 Picking Up Latest Breeze Evolution Style, SDDM Lands Native Wayland Support   KDE   2021-06-12
KDE Plasma 5.22 Released With Much Better Wayland Support, Usability Enhancements   KDE   2021-06-08
KDE Gears Up For The Plasma 5.22 Release Next Week   KDE   2021-06-05
KDE Plasma 5.22 Faster For NVIDIA + Wayland, More Crash Fixes   KDE   2021-05-29
OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 RC Released With LLVM 12 Toolchain, Linux 5.12 Kernel   Operating Systems   2021-05-24
KDE Introduces KCommandBar For HUD-Style Popups   KDE   2021-05-22
KDE Continues Pushing More Wayland Fixes Into Plasma 5.22   KDE   2021-05-15
KDE Plasma 5.22 Beta Ready For Testing With Much Better Wayland Experience   KDE   2021-05-14
KDE Developers Polish The Desktop Ahead Of Next Month's Plasma 5.22   KDE   2021-05-08
KDE Plasma 5.22 Now Supports FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync On Wayland, GPU Hot-Plugging   KDE   2021-05-01
openSUSE Leap 15.3 RC Available For Testing   SUSE   2021-04-28
KDE Sees Another Wayland Session Crash Fix, SDDM To No Longer Require Root   KDE   2021-04-24
KDE Will Now Let You Easily Disable Offline Updates, More KWin Crash Fixes   KDE   2021-04-17
openSUSE Tumbleweed Now Offering GNOME 40   SUSE   2021-04-16