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Ubuntu 24.04 Articles & Reviews

Ubuntu 24.04 + Linux 6.9 Intel & AMD Server Performance   Processors   2024-05-23
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS & Fedora 40 Continue To Trail Intel's Linux Performance Optimizations   Operating Systems   2024-05-09
RISC-V Performance On Ubuntu 24.04 LTS With Scaleway's EM-RV1   Operating Systems   2024-05-08
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X & Intel Core i9 14900K: Ubuntu 22.04 vs. 23.10 vs. 24.04 Linux Performance   Operating Systems   2024-04-25
Kioxia KCD8XPUG1T92 CD8P-R & KCMYXVUG3T20 CM7-V PCIe 5.0 SSDs   Storage   2024-04-22
Ubuntu 24.04 Boosts Performance, Outperforming Windows 11 On The AMD Ryzen Framework 16 Laptop   Operating Systems   2024-04-18
Ubuntu 24.04 Brings Some Performance Gains For AMD Threadripper 7980X / System76 Thelio Major   Operating Systems   2024-04-11
Ampere Altra Max Performance For Ubuntu Linux 22.04 vs. 23.10 vs. 24.04   Operating Systems   2024-03-19
Ubuntu 24.04 Helping Achieve Greater Performance On Intel Xeon Scalable Emerald Rapids   Operating Systems   2024-03-08
Benchmarking The Experimental Ubuntu x86-64-v3 Build For Greater Performance On Modern CPUs   Operating Systems   2023-12-27
Ubuntu 23.10 Showing Nice Performance Improvements On Ampere Altra Max   Operating Systems   2023-11-30
AMD EPYC Genoa/Genoa-X & Bergamo vs. Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids On Ubuntu 23.10   Processors   2023-11-22
Intel Xeon Max / Sapphire Rapids Riding Higher On Ubuntu 23.10   Operating Systems   2023-10-16

Ubuntu 24.04 Linux & Open-Source News

Ubuntu Talks Up A RISC-V Octa-Core Laptop   RISC-V   2024-06-13
Red Hat Developing "eu-stacktrace" For Profiling Without Frame Pointers   Red Hat   2024-06-11
NVIDIA Open Kernel Driver News, AMD EPYC 4004 & Linux 6.10 Made For A Fun May   Phoronix   2024-06-01
Real-Time Kernel Now Available On Ubuntu 24.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2024-05-30
Ubuntu 24.04 Now Available For The Milk-V Mars RISC-V Single Board Computer   Ubuntu   2024-05-28
GNOME Shell & Mutter Broke Their Good Faith With Ubuntu   GNOME   2024-05-23
Ubuntu 24.10 To See More Polishing, NVIDIA Wayland By Default & New Welcome Wizard   Ubuntu   2024-05-17
AMD ROCm 6.1.1 Brings Fixes, Preps For Upcoming Changes & cuDNN 9.0 Support   Radeon   2024-05-08
OpenZFS 2.2.4 Released With Linux 6.8 Support   Linux Storage   2024-05-03
AMD 3rd Gen EPYC "Milan" Sees Some Performance Benefits To Ubuntu 24.04 LTS   AMD   2024-05-02
Valve Publishes Steam Survey Numbers For April 2024   Valve   2024-05-01
Canonical Releases Landscape 24.04 LTS With New Snap Management, New Web Portal   Ubuntu   2024-05-01
XZ Backdoor, Nova Driver, Linux 6.9 Features & Ubuntu 24.04 Made For An Exciting April   Phoronix   2024-05-01
Ubuntu Support Ongoing For The Arm-Based Lenovo ThinkPad X13s Laptop   Ubuntu   2024-04-30
Ubuntu Isn't Yet Recommending GNOME's VRR Option   Ubuntu   2024-04-29
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Downloads Now Available   Ubuntu   2024-04-25
Fedora Linux 40 Cleared For Release Next Week   Fedora   2024-04-18
Ubuntu 24.04 Supports Easy Installation Of OpenZFS Root File-System With Encryption   Ubuntu   2024-04-16
Ubuntu 24.04 Beta Now Available For Testing   Ubuntu   2024-04-11
Arch Linux Increasing Its vm.max_map_count To Help Steam Play Games & Other Software   Arch Linux   2024-04-07
Netplan 1.0 Is Ready To Go For Ubuntu 24.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2024-04-04
Ubuntu 24.04 Beta Delayed Due To XZ Nightmare   Ubuntu   2024-04-03
Nova Driver, Linux 6.9 Features & Other Linux News From March   Phoronix   2024-04-01
Linux Mint 22 Will Use The PipeWire Sound Server, Support JPEG-XL Images   Operating Systems   2024-04-01
Drop-In CUDA On AMD, Kernel Discussions, NGINX Fork & Other Q1 Highlights   Phoronix   2024-04-01
Canonical Continues Exploring Ubuntu x86-64-v3 Images - Now In Microsoft's Cloud   Ubuntu   2024-03-27
GNOME 46 Released With Improved Search, Experimental VRR & More Polish   GNOME   2024-03-20
LXD 5.21 LTS Released With UI By Default, AMD SEV Memory Encryption For VMs   Virtualization   2024-03-15
System76 Now Planning For COSMIC Desktop Alpha Release In Late May   Desktop   2024-03-13
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS To Help Further Boost AMD EPYC 9004 Series Performance   AMD   2024-03-12
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS To Support Installs With NVMe-Over-TCP Drives   Ubuntu   2024-03-11
Linux 6.8 Released As Stable With New Intel Xe Graphics Driver   Linux Kernel   2024-03-10
Linux 6.8 Is Very Exciting With Intel Xe Driver, Raspberry Pi 5 Graphics & New Hardware   Linux Kernel   2024-03-09
Canonical Looking At Including Performance Tools In Ubuntu 24.04 By Default   Ubuntu   2024-03-07
Linux 6.8-rc7 Released With The Stable Kernel Potentially Coming Next Week   Linux Kernel   2024-03-03
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Won't Support JPEG-XL Out-Of-The-Box   Ubuntu   2024-03-01
CUDA On ROCm, Ryzen 8000G Series & Rust Activity Made For An Exciting February   Phoronix   2024-03-01
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Enters Its Feature Freeze   Ubuntu   2024-03-01
Ubuntu Blog Talks Up Rust Schedulers, Potential For Micro-Kernel Design Future   Ubuntu   2024-02-26
Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS Released With Linux 6.5 HWE Kernel   Ubuntu   2024-02-22
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Desktop Installer Adds New Accessibility Options   Ubuntu   2024-02-17
System76's COSMIC Desktop Nearing Alpha Release   Desktop   2024-02-14
AMD Zen 5 Compiler Support Posted For GCC - Confirms New AVX Features & More   AMD   2024-02-10
Canonical Improving The Thunderbird Snap For Ubuntu 24.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2024-02-08
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Leaning Toward Low-Latency Kernel Optimizations By Default   Ubuntu   2024-02-06
Linux 6.8-rc3 Released - Slightly Larger But Not Too Worrying   Linux Kernel   2024-02-04
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Aims For A Nice Desktop Provisioning Experience   Ubuntu   2024-02-04
Framework 16, New AMD Launches & More Made For An Exciting January   Phoronix   2024-02-01
Mesa 24.0 Released With Faster Radeon RADV Ray-Tracing & Initial PowerVR Vulkan Driver   Mesa   2024-01-31
Ubuntu Generic vs. Low-Latency Linux Kernel Benchmarks For HPC & Desktop   Ubuntu   2024-01-30
Ubuntu Looking At Applying Low-Latency Optimizations To Its Generic Kernel   Ubuntu   2024-01-29
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Will Aim To Ship With The Linux 6.8 Kernel   Ubuntu   2024-01-27
Mesa 24.0-rc3 Up For Testing, Mesa 23.3.4 Out As Stable   Mesa   2024-01-24
GNOME's Dynamic Triple Buffering Now Latency Optimized For Raspberry Pi & X.Org   GNOME   2024-01-22
Ubuntu Linux Working On Installer Support For NVMe-over-TCP   Ubuntu   2024-01-16
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS To Ship With Some Extra GNOME Performance Optimizations   Ubuntu   2024-01-15
System76's COSMIC Desktop Working Toward Its Alpha Release   Desktop   2024-01-11
Linux 6.7 Set For Release With Bcachefs File-System, Intel Meteor Lake Graphics In Good Shape   Linux Kernel   2024-01-07
GNOME Shell & Mutter 46 Alpha Released   GNOME   2024-01-07
Open-Source Radeon Vulkan Driver Improvement Scores Huge Ray-Tracing Wins   Mesa   2024-01-05
Canonical To Work On Improving Snap Support Across Linux Distributions   Ubuntu   2024-01-05
Ubuntu Looking At Discontinuing Its Source ISOs   Ubuntu   2024-01-04
Intel Meteor Lake, Emerald Rapids & Other Popular Topics For December   Phoronix   2024-01-01
openSUSE Tumbleweed Trying Out systemd-boot & systemd Full Disk Encryption   SUSE   2023-12-21
Canonical Details Ubuntu 24.04 Desktop Plans + Ongoing X11 Sunsetting Discussions   Ubuntu   2023-12-15
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS To Enable Frame Pointers By Default For Better Profiling/Debugging   Ubuntu   2023-12-13
Ubuntu Linux Evaluating x86-64-v3 Based Build - AVX & Newer Intel/AMD CPUs   Ubuntu   2023-12-12
Lubuntu 24.04 LTS Aiming For Optional Wayland Session, Default in 24.10   Ubuntu   2023-12-10
Threadripper 7000 Series, Wayland, Linux 6.7 & Other November Highlights   Phoronix   2023-12-01
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Committing Fully To Netplan For Network Configuration   Ubuntu   2023-11-14
Canonical Brings Intel TDX Tech Preview To Ubuntu 23.10   Ubuntu   2023-11-07
Ubuntu 24.04 "Noble Numbat" Opens For Development   Ubuntu   2023-10-26
Linux Mint Starts Working On Wayland For Cinnamon, Likely Not Fully Ready Until 2026   Operating Systems   2023-10-26
Canonical To Stick With 10 Year Support Cycle For Ubuntu LTS Releases   Ubuntu   2023-10-24
Ubuntu 23.10 Desktop ISOs Re-Released Following Translation Snafu   Ubuntu   2023-10-16
Ubuntu 23.10 Now Available With ZFS Desktop Install Option, Linux 6.5 Kernel   Ubuntu   2023-10-12
System76's COSMIC Desktop Adds New Window-Swapping Mode, Dynamic Settings   Desktop   2023-09-28
Ubuntu 23.10 Beta Released - Powered By Linux 6.5, GNOME 45 & Other Updates   Ubuntu   2023-09-22
Ubuntu 23.10 Restores ZFS File-System Support In Its Installer   Ubuntu   2023-09-13
Inception & Downfall, Linux 6.6 Development Kicking Off & Other August Highlights   Phoronix   2023-09-01
Ubuntu Desktop "Charting A Course For The Future" With Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Next Year   Ubuntu   2023-08-25
Ubuntu Delays Transition To Snap'ed CUPS Print Server   Ubuntu   2023-08-25
Ubuntu 23.10 Won't Be Shipping A GIMP 3.0 Snapshot   Ubuntu   2023-08-23
Ubuntu 23.10 Aiming To Ship A GIMP 3.0 Snapshot   Ubuntu   2023-07-11
Ubuntu Revisiting Its Initramfs Compression Approach   Ubuntu   2023-07-10
Ubuntu Details Initial Plans For Immutable Linux Desktop With Ubuntu Core & Snaps   Ubuntu   2023-05-31
Ubuntu 23.10 Looks To dhcpcd5 For Replacing ISC DHCP Client   Ubuntu   2023-05-11
Ubuntu 23.10 "Mantic Minotaur" Opens For Development   Ubuntu   2023-05-03
Ubuntu 23.10 Looks Like It Will Switch To Using Dbus-Broker   Ubuntu   2023-05-02
Ubuntu Cinnamon Becomes An Official Flavor For Ubuntu 23.04   Ubuntu   2023-03-28
Ubuntu's New Desktop Installer Working On Auto-Install, Active Directory Integration   Ubuntu   2023-02-20