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KDE Developers Are Busy Polishing Plasma 5.19

The Plasma 5.19 beta was released this week but that's not the finish line yet and KDE developers have remained very busy polishing it up for ensuring this open-source desktop has a stellar release coming up.

16 May 2020 - Last Minute Work - 19 Comments
KDE Saw More Wayland Improvements This Week, Other Enhancements

In addition to this week seeing the slew of KDE Apps updates, developers working on the applications, Plasma, and other areas of the KDE ecosystem have remained as busy as ever during the COVID-19 crisis for continuing to improve this open-source desktop.

25 April 2020 - KDE Getting Better - 41 Comments
KDE Frameworks 5.68 Release Brought Many Fixes

Flying under our radar until now was that KDE Frameworks 5.68 was released last week as the monthly update to this collection of KDE-minded libraries complementing the Qt tool-kit.

15 March 2020 - KDE Frameworks 5.68 - 1 Comment
KDE Developers Fixed Many Bugs This Week

Not only have GNOME developers been fixing many bugs this week ahead of the 3.36 stable desktop release next week, but coincidentally KDE developers were also going heavy on the bug fixes this week.

8 March 2020 - KDE Bug Fixing - 15 Comments

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