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KDE To Support Matrix Decentralized Instant Messaging

The GNOME project has been working on integration with the Matrix federated real-time communication protocol for a while, which can bridge to other platforms like IRC, WhatsApp, XMPP, and Telegram. KDE is also now backing Matrix and will be supporting it by its instant messaging framework.

20 February 2019 - KDE + Matrix - 34 Comments
KDE Now Has Virtual Desktop Support On Wayland

Thanks to a new dedicated protocol for KWayland/KWin around virtual desktops, that support is finally in place. This stems from a two and a half year old bug report for said support.

20 January 2019 - KDE Wayland Closer To Parity - 100 Comments
KDE Had A Darn Exciting Year With Better Wayland Support, Improved Kdenlive, Krita 4.0

This year was filled with accomplishments from the KDE camp ranging from the KWin/Plasma Wayland support maturing a lot, Krita 4.0 being released, the refactored Kdenlive video editor being in much better shape, a ton of polishing and bug fixing going into all of the different KDE components, continued work on Kirigami and Plasma Mobile, and also NVIDIA starting work on an EGLStreams back-end for KWin.

30 December 2018 - KDE 2018 - 3 Comments
KDE Gets Konsole Improvements & Other Polishing For Christmas

It's been a lighter week of KDE development due to many developers taking time off for the holidays, but there still was a fair amount of new activity going into KDE around polishing it up and the never-ending process of usability improvements.

23 December 2018 - Latest KDE Changes - 13 Comments

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