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TDE R14.0.12 Released For Pushing The KDE 3.5 Experience In 2022

The Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) on Sunday released version 14.0.12 as the newest version of this open-source, cross-platform desktop that started out as a fork of KDE 3.5 from a decade ago and continues seeing advancements from its small but dedicated developer crew.

2 May 2022 - Trinity Desktop - 13 Comments
KDE Activity Lower This Week As Impact From The Russia-Ukraine War

Unfortunately this week the KDE project saw "overall activity was lower than usual" that in part at least seems to be fallout from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Sadly some Ukranian KDE contributors have been impacted by the ongoing situation and some KDE Russia contributors have also been impacted by their Internet restrictions.

5 March 2022 - KDE Activity This Week - 62 Comments
KDE's 15-Minute Bug Initiative Gets Underway

KDE developer Nate Graham has sorted through plans for the 15-minute bug initiative for focusing on correcting many low-hanging bugs affecting the KDE desktop that should be able to be quickly discovered by users.

19 January 2022 - KDE 15 Minute Bugs - 36 Comments
KDE's Plasma Wayland Session Achieves Better Battery Life Than With X.Org

Last week I posted some benchmarks looking at the laptop battery life implications of GNOME's Wayland vs. X.Org sessions. From that testing with a Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen2 with AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U laptop, the GNOME Wayland session led to around 3 Watt lower power consumption than with the same software stack while logging into the X.Org-based session. For those curious about the KDE Wayland vs. X.Org power impact, here is the same set of tests carried out in the KDE space.

27 December 2021 - KDE Plasma Wayland - 46 Comments

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