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Early Work On KDE Frameworks 6 Continues

Several months have passed since there was any news to report on KDE Frameworks 6 but the coronavirus pandemic as well as Qt uncertainties have not caused KF6 development to slow down for this next-generation set of KDE add-on libraries complementing Qt.

13 July 2020 - KDE Frameworks 6 - 53 Comments
KDE Plasma 5.20 Seeing More Wayland Fixes

While KDE Plasma 5.19 is already in fairly good shape with regards to its Wayland session, Plasma 5.20 is looking to offer even better support for this native Wayland environment along with many other enhancements.

11 July 2020 - KDE Wayland - 6 Comments
KDE Seeing Fresh Improvements For HiDPI Support

It took the GNOME/Ubuntu side until Canonical developer Daniel van Vugt picked up a 4K display with Intel graphics for various 4K/Intel graphics optimizations to be discovered and continue to be addressed for the GNOME desktop. Now on the KDE side, well known contributor Nate Graham recently picked up a new laptop with HiDPI display and there he has been working to resolve a number of lingering high DPI issues on the KDE front.

9 July 2020 - KDE HiDPI In 2020 - 24 Comments
It's Looking Unlikely KDE Will See Per-Screen Scaling On X11 This Year

At the start of 2020 well known KDE developer Nate Graham who publishes the weekly status reports on their desktop environment posted a 2020 KDE roadmap of sorts. Now being half-way through the year, here is a look at how that roadmap is looking with what items have been completed, what is still being tackled, and what is looking less likely to be accomplished.

23 June 2020 - KDE 2020 Roadmap Status - 39 Comments

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