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KDE Now Maintaining Their Own Set of Patches For Qt 5

The KDE project and the open-source Linux community has been in a sticky situation with The Qt Company having moved Qt 5.15 LTS to its commercial-only phase while most free software hasn't even been ported yet to Qt 6 let alone a number of modules and other features still missing from the Qt 6 tool-kit. So until the KDE project has fully transitioned to using the Qt 6 tool-kit, the project has taken up maintaining their own collection of Qt 5.15 patches.

6 April 2021 - Qt 5 Patch Collection - 143 Comments
KDE Rolling Out New CLI Tools, Many Crash Fixes

KDE developers have been wrapping up February with a number of new command line tools being worked on for applying various cosmetic changes to the desktop. There have also been many crash fixes addressed in recent days.

27 February 2021 - KDE Improvements - 11 Comments
KDE Sees More Crash Fixes Following Plasma 5.21 Release

Earlier this week saw the release of Plasma 5.21 while KDE developers have been busy working on fixes/improvements to that for the first point release as well as moving forward in other areas like integrating Git support into Kate.

20 February 2021 - KDE Fixes - 15 Comments
KWinFT 5.21 Beta Pushes a "Monumental Rewrite" Of The Windowing Logic

KDE developer Roman Gilg continues pushing ahead with KWinFT as a fork of the KWin window manager / compositor and other select components. He spent a lot of time last year better optimizing the X11 and Wayland handling while he's been relentlessly working this year to push it even further.

8 February 2021 - KWinFT 5.21 Beta - 53 Comments
KDE Ends Out January With A Lot Of Fixes For Plasma 5.21

KDE Plasma 5.21 Beta released last week while the official Plasma 5.21 stable release is slated for 16 February. As such, KDE developers have been very busy working on fixes for this big desktop update bringing better Wayland support and other enhancements and new features.

30 January 2021 - KDE Plasma 5.21 Fixes - 36 Comments
KDE Plasma Mobile Drops Halium Support In Favor Of Open Devices

Project Halium for the past several years has allowed various Linux distributions to build atop the likes of libhybris and other abstractions for running on hardware with Android pre-installed. This abstraction layer has been popular from KDE Plasma Mobile to UBports to Sailfish OS while now Plasma Mobile is discontinuing their support.

14 December 2020 - Plasma Mobile - 6 Comments
KDE's Development Focus Ahead Of The Holidays Has Been About Better Usability

KDE developer Nate Graham is out with his weekly development summary highlighting the desktop project's changes for the week. WebRTC support with the screencast code in Plasma now works on Wayland, but the Plasma Wayland changes are lighter than we've seen in recent weeks. Instead the emphasis this week seems to have been on enhancing KDE's usability.

12 December 2020 - KDE Enhancements - 14 Comments

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