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KDE Had A Very Successful Google Summer of Code 2018

Google Summer of Code 2018 is quickly reaching an end. We'll be featuring some of the interesting and successful work accomplished this summer by these students engaging in hundreds of different open-source projects. One of the open-source projects slotted with a lot of participants this year was KDE.

8 August 2018 - GSoC 2018 + KDE - Add A Comment
Kdenlive's Significantly Refactored Video Editor Is Now Ready For Testing

Developers working hard on the Kdenlive open-source video editor are preparing to unveil their significantly refactored code-base in the upcoming KDE Applications 18.08 release. But for helping weed out the bugs, you can now test an AppImage for this big release that is nearly two years in the making.

4 July 2018 - Kdenlive 2018 - 40 Comments

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