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KDE's Leaner Experience On openSUSE Tumbleweed vs. Ubuntu 17.04

With the Power Use, RAM + Boot Times With Unity, Xfce, GNOME, LXDE, Budgie and KDE Plasma tests this week, many expressed frustration over the heavy KDE packaging on Ubuntu leading to the inflated results for the Plasma 5 desktop tests. For some additional reference, here is how KDE Plasma (and GNOME Shell) compare when running on Ubuntu 17.04 vs. openSUSE Tumbleweed.

1 September 2017 - Overweight KDE On Ubuntu - 47 Comments
QupZilla Web Browser Becomes KDE Falkon

The QupZilla open-source web-browser built using Qt WebEngine and in development for the past seven years is now part of the KDE project and has renamed itself to Falkon.

25 August 2017 - QupZilla - 32 Comments
KDE Brooklyn Chat Bridge Declared Production-Ready

The GSoC student developer working on "Brooklyn", the protocol-independent chat bridge for KDE systems and written in Java, has declared his project a success. In ending out the GSoC summer work, he has released Brooklyn v0.2 and has deemed it ready for production use.

8 August 2017 - Brooklyn v0.2 - 37 Comments
The State Of KDE Plasma For Summer 2017

Last week was KDE's annual Akademy conference where developers and enthusiasts came together to recap the past year of KDE software development as well as some of what's ahead.

2 August 2017 - Akademy 2017 - 33 Comments
KWin Now Requires C++14; Perhaps More Of KDE Will Make Use Of Newer C++?

KDE's KWin window manager previously made optional use of C++14 when a supported compiler was now available but is now explicitly requiring a C++14 compiler. With this being a core component for the KDE Plasma desktop, hopefully we'll soon be seeing more of KDE make use of more modern C++ features?

17 July 2017 - KWin Compiler - 24 Comments
The KDE Components Not Yet Ported To KDE Frameworks 5

With the beta of KDE Applications 17.08 due next week, which is the last cycle where Qt4/kdelibs4-dependent components are still permitted, KDE developer Christoph Feck has generated a list of KDE software not yet ported over to Qt5/KF5.

14 July 2017 - Qt4/KDE4 Code Still Around - 22 Comments

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