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KDE's Kate Text Editor Seeing LSP Improvements For Better Code Support

With last month's release of KDE's Kate 19.12 text editor there was an initial plug-in for Language Server Protocol (LSP) support to better allow language-agnostic support for code syntax highlighting and other features. There were some issues in that initial implementation but with Kate 19.12.1 and beyond will be better support.

2 January 2020 - Kate + LSP - 7 Comments
Some Of The Features That Could Come To KDE In 2020

KDE developer Nate Graham who is well known for his weekly development summaries in the KDE space has shared his opinions on the desktop's features he expects to see materialize this year as well as some of the less likely bits.

1 January 2020 - 2020 KDE Features - 29 Comments
KDE Frameworks 6 Progresses By Porting Code Away From Deprecated Functions

Back in November was the first of several KDE Frameworks 6 developer sprints as plans begin to formulate for this evolutionary frameworks upgrade due out not until well after the Qt 6.0 tool-kit release. While Qt6 itself is still in flux, KDE Frameworks 6 efforts continue moving along by focusing on porting code away from deprecated KF5 functionality.

29 December 2019 - KDE Frameworks 6 - 15 Comments
KDE Plasma 5 + KDE Applications Matured Rather Well

Most KDE users are probably happy with the current state of the Plasma desktop and the state of the KDE applications. There's certainly less bugs in recent releases, KWin and the overall desktop is in better standing (though still improvements to be made such as showcased by the likes of KWin low-latency) with reliable Wayland support, and most would probably agree that the work out of this open-source project matured rather well in recent years with their focus on enhancing usability and other areas.

26 December 2019 - KDE 2010s - 43 Comments
The Kubuntu Focus KDE Linux Laptop Arrives

Soft-announced earlier this week was the Kubuntu Focus as a high-end Linux laptop pre-loaded with the KDE flavor of Ubuntu. The Kubuntu Focus produced in cooperation with Mindshare Management, Kubuntu itself, and German manufacturer Tuxedo Computers will officially launch in January and begin shipping shortly thereafter while a review sample arrived in our lab today.

21 December 2019 - Kubuntu Focus - 14 Comments
KDE Frameworks 5.64 Released

Sunday marked the release of KDE Frameworks 5.64 as the latest monthly update to this collection of libraries complementing Qt5.

11 November 2019 - KDE Frameworks 5.64 - 6 Comments
KDE Frameworks 6 Ideas To Be Floated At A Developer Sprint This Month

With Qt 6.0 planned for release in late 2020, KDE developers are thinking about the eventual KDE Frameworks 6.0 for when they plan to transition to the evolutionary Qt 6 tool-kit. The first of likely several developer sprints around KDE Frameworks 6 will be happening already in late November.

1 November 2019 - KDE Frameworks 6 Planning - 5 Comments

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