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Latte Dock 0.10 Released

It's been two years already since Latte Dock 0.9 was released while finally Latte Dock 0.10 is ready to officially meet the world this weekend.

7 August 2021 - Latte Dock 0.10 - 19 Comments
KWinFT Going Through Code Refactoring, Working On WLROOTS-Based Usage

Announced last year was KWinFT as a fork of KDE's KWin to focus on improving the Wayland support more rapidly and incorporating other modern technologies. KWinFT has been making progress on advancing its code-base while in recent months it was seemingly more quiet. However, it turns out KWinFT is alive and well and has been going through some code refactoring while preparing for the next wave of feature work.

13 June 2021 - KWinFT 2021 - 56 Comments
KDE Gears Up For The Plasma 5.22 Release Next Week

Next week will mark the release of the Plasma 5.22 desktop with its Wayland support now much more mature alongside various performance improvements and a variety of other enhancements. Plasma 5.22 is a big step forward while already some feature work is going into Plasma 5.23 and the next round of KDE application updates.

5 June 2021 - Plasma 5.22 Next Week - 19 Comments

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