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KDE Connect 1.3 Gets An Extension For GNOME's Nautilus

KDE Connect is the nifty KDE project providing allowing communication between your Linux desktop computer and your Android smartphone/tablet via a secure communication protocol. KDE Connect 1.3 is now the latest feature release.

9 April 2018 - KDE Connect 1.3 - 10 Comments
KDE Plasma 5.13 Should Be Starting Up Even Faster

One of the nice elements of KDE Plasma 5.12 is that it starts up faster, particularly when running on Wayland, but with Plasma 5.13 it's looking like it will be an even faster experience getting to the Plasma desktop.

25 February 2018 - Startup Speed - 31 Comments
KDE Plasma Had A Silly But Serious Security Bug

If you are a KDE user and haven't yet upgraded to Plasma 5.12, you may want to do so soon, or one of the recent point releases -- especially if your system is potentially accessible by others to insert rogue flash/memory devices.

9 February 2018 - Flash Drives Are Dangerous - 33 Comments
KDE's Elisa Music Player Reaches Its Second Alpha

There is no shortage of different KDE music/media player projects over the years but one of the most promising in recent times is Elisa. This week marks the second alpha release for the Elisa music player.

3 February 2018 - Elisa Alpha 2 - 5 Comments

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