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KDE Usability & Productivity Initiative Coming To An End

The KDE Usability and Productivity Initiative to solve various problems in the KDE software stack to make it easier to use to more individuals and to do so more efficient will be coming to an end. But other KDE goals are being envisioned and the usability and productivity elements will continue to be worked on outside of this initiative.

18 August 2019 - KDE Improvements - 28 Comments
KDE's kstart5 Now Works On Wayland, No More HiDPI Screen Flickering At Start-Up

There is less than two months to go until KDE's annual Akademy conference, which this year is being hosted in Milan, Italy. But even with summer activities, KDE development remains quite busy. KDE developer Nate Graham has written another one of his weekly blog posts highlighting the interesting development work going into this open-source desktop environment.

14 July 2019 - KDE Enhancements - 18 Comments
KDE Ends Out June With More Bug Fixes & UI Refinements

KDE developer Nate Graham has posted another one of his usability/productivity summaries of the KDE improvements over the past week. There's been another busy week of work on KDE Plasma 5.17, KDE Applications 19.08, and KDE Frameworks 5.60.

30 June 2019 - KDE Changes - 7 Comments
KDE Frameworks 5.60 Bringing More Baloo Optimizations

Making KDE's Baloo file indexing/searching framework really efficient appears to be a never-ending task. Baloo is already much less bloated recently than it's been hungry for resources in the past and with KDE Frameworks 5.60 will be slightly more fit.

16 June 2019 - KDE Frameworks 5.60 - 23 Comments
KDE Is Looking For Ideas On New Goals

Following KDE's 2017 goals, they are now looking to revise their goals or double-down on their current goals, so they could use your help in determining their road-map moving forward.

9 June 2019 - KDE Goals - 109 Comments

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