More AMDGPU Driver Code For Linux 6.10 Brings MES Updates, FreeSync Fixes

Written by Michael Larabel in Radeon on 28 April 2024 at 09:55 AM EDT. 3 Comments
On top of prior DRM-Next pull requests for the AMD kernel graphics driver working on next-gen GPU support along with fixes and other low-level improvements, on Friday another batch of new feature code was submitted to DRM-Next ahead of the Linux 6.10 merge window opening up in mid-May.

Given we're getting late in the Linux 6.9 cycle, most of this new feature code for Linux 6.10 is rather bug fixes. There are some fixes for some of the newer hardware IP blocks, a notice is now printed for GPUs where OverDrive overclocking is not supported to make that more clear, VPE video fixes, FreeSync fixes, GPU reset fixes, a fix for vRAM memory accounting, and more.

Also notable with this pull are several updates around the Micro-Engine Scheduler (MES) support. There are MES fixes plus initial support for being able to map kernel queues via MES. AMD's MES has been in the news recently with MES documentation followed by code expected to happen starting around late May following recent frustrations around the MES firmware being raised by Tiny Corp.

This latest pull also adds SQ watchpoint support for GFX10 with the AMDKFD compute driver as well as that "Kernel Fusion Driver" seeing an mGPU fix, vRAM accounting for SVM migrations, and more.
- Misc code cleanups and refactors
- Support setting reset method at runtime
- Report OD status
- SMU 14.0.1 fixes
- SDMA 4.4.2 fixes
- VPE fixes
- MES fixes
- Update BO eviction priorities
- UMSCH fixes
- Reset fixes
- Freesync fixes
- GFXIP 9.4.3 fixes
- SDMA 5.2 fixes
- MES UAF fix
- RAS updates
- Devcoredump updates for dumping IP state
- DSC fixes
- JPEG fix
- Fix VRAM memory accounting
- VCN 5.0 fixes
- MES fixes
- UMC 12.0 updates
- Modify contiguous flags handling
- Initial support for mapping kernel queues via MES

- Fix rescheduling of restore worker
- VRAM accounting for SVM migrations
- mGPU fix
- Enable SQ watchpoint for gfx10

See this mailing list post for the latest batch of AMD kernel graphics driver changes queuing up for Linux 6.10.
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