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CS:GO Trust Factor Fixed For Linux Gamers With Mesa Drivers

A few weeks ago we wrote about Mesa 21.x drivers with OpenGL threading causing issues for the "Trust Factor" within the popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Thanks to possible intervention by Gabe Newell, this trust factor issue seems now resolved for allowing these Linux gamers with open-source graphics drivers to play on the more competitive CS:GO servers.

20 May 2021 - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - 29 Comments
Steam Adds Support For The Single-File Mesa Shader Cache

It was less than one month ago that Valve developers added a new "single file" cache option for Mesa as an alternative to its existing multi-file cache. Valve now with their latest Steam for Linux beta is supporting this new single-file cache for faster performance.

17 March 2021 - Single File Cache - 19 Comments
Steam On Linux Ticks Lower For October 2020

Valve has published their latest Steam Survey results. For October 2020 the Linux gaming marketshare pulled back or at least not keeping up with the pace of Steam's growing user-base.

2 November 2020 - Further Back From 1.0% - 62 Comments

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