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Steam On Linux Ticks Lower For October 2020

Valve has published their latest Steam Survey results. For October 2020 the Linux gaming marketshare pulled back or at least not keeping up with the pace of Steam's growing user-base.

2 November 2020 - Further Back From 1.0% - 62 Comments
Valve's Steam July 2020 Numbers Point To A Small Dip For Linux

While some platforms like Netmarketshare have reported increases month-over-month for Linux desktop usage, that doesn't appear to be translating similarly to the Linux gaming market-share, or at least not at the rate Steam is growing on Windows and macOS. Valve has just published their July 2020 numbers that are part of the Steam Survey.

1 August 2020 - July 2020 On Steam - 32 Comments
Futex2 Proposed In Latest Effort For Linux Kernel Optimization That Can Benefit Gamers

Last year Valve in cooperation with consulting firm Collabora published their work on extending the futex system call for more optimal thread pool synchronization with a means of waiting on any of several futexes. This kernel-level work paired with patched user-space for Wine/Proton allows better matching behavior on Windows. It's been months since hearing anything on Valve's futex effort while today a futex2 system call was published for discussion.

12 June 2020 - Futex2 System Call - 63 Comments
Steam Ironing Out Shader Pre-Caching For Helping Game Load Times, Stuttering

Valve developers have been working on Vulkan shader pre-caching with their latest Steam client betas to help in allowing Vulkan/SPIR-V shaders to compile ahead of time, letting them be pre-cached on disk to allow for quicker game load times and any stuttering for games that otherwise would be compiling the shaders on-demand during gameplay, especially under Steam Play.

30 May 2020 - Vulkan Shader Pre-Caching - 16 Comments
Steam Audio SDK 2.0 Beta 18 Released

Valve has released a new beta version of Steam Audio, their featureful spatial audio solution for game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine. This new release brings expanded Android support and a number of new audio features.

22 April 2020 - Steam Audio SDK 2.0 Beta 18 - Add A Comment

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