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Linux 6.10 To Merge NTSYNC Driver For Emulating Windows NT Synchronization Primitives
Linux 6.10 To Merge NTSYNC Driver For Emulating Windows NT Synchronization Primitives
14 April 10:09 AM EDT - Linux Gaming - NTSYNC QUEUED! - 32 Comments

Going through my usual scanning of all the "-next" Git subsystem branches of new code set to be introduced for the next Linux kernel merge window, a very notable addition was just queued up... Linux 6.10 is set to merge the NTSYNC driver for emulating the Microsoft Windows NT synchronization primitives within the kernel for allowing better performance with Valve's Steam Play (Proton) and Wine of Windows games and other apps on Linux.

OpenRazer 3.8 Brings Support For Newer Razer Devices On Linux
OpenRazer 3.8 Brings Support For Newer Razer Devices On Linux
14 April 06:38 AM EDT - Linux Gaming - OpenRazer 3.8 - 8 Comments

OpenRazer 3.8 is out today as the newest update to this collection of community-developed, open-source drivers for Razer devices on Linux. OpenRazer allows for Razer device customization and support under Linux to make full use of these gaming peripherals outside of Windows / macOS. Paired with the likes of the Polychromatic UI, OpenRazer allows a nice Razer hardware experience on Linux.

13 April

Fedora 41 Looks To "-O3" Optimizations For Its Python Build
Fedora 41 Looks To "-O3" Optimizations For Its Python Build
13 April 06:27 AM EDT - Fedora - -O3 Python - 24 Comments

A change proposal has been filed for building the CPython interpreter and the Python standard library using the "-O3" compiler optimization flag rather than Fedora's imposed default of the "-O2" optimization level. This is being sought in the name of greater Python performance on Fedora 41.

12 April

LPython 0.21 Released For Alpha-Stage Python AOT Compiler
LPython 0.21 Released For Alpha-Stage Python AOT Compiler
12 April 08:59 AM EDT - Programming - LPython 0.21 - 8 Comments

As the first new release since last September, LPython 0.21 has been released for this alpha-stage Python ahead-of-time compiler written in C++. LPython remains focused on providing "the best possible performance" especially for numerical use-cases, cross-platform compatibility, and hopes to be able to eventually transform Python code over to C++ and Fortran or other languages.

SDL 3.0 Will Now Prefer PipeWire Over PulseAudio
SDL 3.0 Will Now Prefer PipeWire Over PulseAudio
12 April 06:31 AM EDT - Linux Gaming - PipeWire Over PulseAudio - 50 Comments

For the widely-used SDL hardware/software abstraction layer that is commonly used by cross-platform games, the upcoming SDL 3.0 release now has the logic to be able to prefer using PipeWire directly rather than PulseAudio when successfully detecting the presence of PipeWire.

11 April

Intel's Newest Software Effort For Achieving Greater Performance: Thin Layout Optimizer
11 April 05:00 PM EDT - Intel - Thin-Layout-Optimizer - 15 Comments

Intel's software team is today sharing their newest innovation for achieving greater performance on Linux systems: the Thin Layout Optimizer. Intel's Thin Layout Optimizer is inspired by the likes of the Meta/LLVM BOLT optimizer and Google's Propeller but aims to be much easier to use while still delivering measurable performance gains for optimized binaries.

Ubuntu 24.04 Brings Some Performance Gains For AMD Threadripper 7980X / System76 Thelio Major
11 April 01:01 PM EDT - Operating Systems - 9 Comments

With Ubuntu 24.04 LTS due out later this month and the beta now available, I've been spending more time recently testing out the latest development state for this next Long Term Support installment of Ubuntu Linux. Similar to seeing some Ubuntu 24.04 performance gains on server class hardware both from Intel and AMD, testing on workstation hardware is also showing some gains over the current Ubuntu 23.10 release. Here are some comparison tests of the System76 Thelio Major with AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7980X.

GCC 14 Compiler Adds AArch64 GNU/Hurd Support
11 April 10:27 AM EDT - GNU - GNU/Hurd + AArch64 - 23 Comments

While GNU Hurd continues having a tough time on x86 support and GNU Hurd x86_64 is being worked toward, the GCC 14 compiler has been working on compiler toolchain support for GNU Hurd AArch64.

10 April

KDE's KWin Merges Wayland Explicit Sync Support
10 April 04:48 PM EDT - KDE - linux-drm-syncobj-v1 - 62 Comments

A day after explicit sync support was merged for XWayland, a week after explicit sync support for Mesa Vulkan drivers hit Mesa 24.1, and GNOME's Mutter enabling explicit sync at the end of March, KDE's KWin compositor has now merged its Wayland explicit sync support!

Turbostat Becomes Semi-Useful To Non-Root Users
10 April 12:41 PM EDT - Intel - turbostat - 6 Comments

The turbostat utility is useful on Linux systems for reporting idle/power-state statistics, temperatures, and other useful metrics for modern CPUs. It's also able to dive deeper and provide various MSR values and counters and other intriguing CPU bits. For much of these features root access is required and thus turbostat has bailed out up to this point if not running as root. But as a number of the metrics can still be obtained without root access, turbostat is finally being adapted to handle running better as a non-root user.

Intel FFmpeg Cartwheel 2024Q1 Brings New Filter To Transform Old Content
10 April 12:21 PM EDT - Intel - Intel FFmpeg Cartwheel - 1 Comment

Intel's FFmpeg Cartwheel is where they maintain their various yet-to-be-upstreamed patches for the FFmpeg multimedia library either to enhance/enable new Intel graphics hardware support or improve/add extra functionality to this widely-used open-source library. With the Intel FFmpeg Cartwheel 2024Q1 release they are shipping a new filter for dealing with older content as well as several other new features.

Gentoo Linux Now An SPI Project
10 April 11:11 AM EDT - Operating Systems - Software In The Public Interest - 12 Comments

While the Gentoo Foundation has long existed, to reduce the organizational complexity and overhead as well as becoming effectively a tax deductible non-profit at the US federal level, Gentoo Linux has become an associated project with Software in the Public Interest (SPI).

Intel Updates OpenCL Intercept Layer With New Abilities
10 April 06:35 AM EDT - Intel - OpenCL Intercept Layer 3.0.4 - Add A Comment

For several years Intel has been developing the OpenCL Intercept Layer to assist in debugging OpenCL software. It's been nearly two years since the last release of this open-source OpenCL interception layer while today brings v3.0.4 with a number of optimizations and new features.

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