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PulseAudio 14.0 Released With Better USB Gaming Headset Support

While in 2021 we might begin to see PipeWire replacing PulseAudio by default at least on bleeding-edge distributions like Fedora, for now PulseAudio still is the dominant sound server used by desktop Linux distributions. Rolling out today is PulseAudio 14.0.

23 November 2020 - PulseAudio 14 - 13 Comments
Linux's Stateless H.264 Decode Interface Ready To Be Deemed Stable

The Linux kernel's stateless video decoder interface is used for video decoding where no state needs to be kept between processed video frames and allows for independently decoding each video frame. The H.264 stateless decode interface for the Linux kernel has been in the works for a few years and is now deemed ready and stable for dealing with modern stateless codecs.

17 November 2020 - Stateless H.264 - 17 Comments
FFmpeg Lands VA-API AV1 Decode Support Led By Intel

With Intel Gen12 Xe-LP / Tiger Lake supporting AV1 accelerated decoding, Intel has provided this support via their open-source media stack on Linux that is then exposed via the Video Acceleration API (VA-API). Intel has now landed their patches for supporting VA-API AV1 decode with FFmpeg.

4 November 2020 - VA-API AV1 - 18 Comments
FFmpeg Now Supports GPU Inference With Intel's OpenVINO

Earlier this summer Intel engineers added an OpenVINO back-end to the FFmpeg multimedia framework. OpenVINO as a toolkit for optimized neural network performance on Intel hardware was added to FFmpeg for the same reasons there is TensorFlow and others also supported -- support for DNN-based video filters and other deep learning processing.

20 September 2020 - OpenVINO GPU - 2 Comments
Lightworks Software Now Independent Of EditShare

For just over a decade the Lightworks high-end, cross-platform video editing software has been owned by EditShare after it was acquired from Gee Broadcast. Now though LWKS Software Ltd has been established and acquired this video editing software from EditShare.

15 September 2020 - LWKS Software - 9 Comments
AOM AV1 Encoder Sees Big Boost With Additional AVX2 Optimization

It should come as little surprise in general but making use of Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) for multimedia encode/decode is a big deal for performance. While one could hope that by 2020 most open-source encoders were already extensively utilizing AVX(2), that isn't yet the case with the latest being AOM-AV1 picking up another optimization.

9 September 2020 - AOM AV1 - 7 Comments
Zrythm Approaching Beta As An Easy-To-Use, Open-Source Digital Audio Workstation

When it comes to open-source audio software, the Ardour digital audio workstation and Audacity audio editor are the two flagship offerings. But Zrythm continues advancing as another promising open-source digital audio workstation project. Zrythm is currently in a late alpha stage with its newest release this weekend but a beta appears to be on the horizon.

19 July 2020 - Zrythm 0.8.694 - 24 Comments
High-End Lightworks Video Editor Finally Says Why They Didn't Go Open-Source Yet

Way back in 2010 it was announced that Lightworks would be going open-source as this high-end, non-linear and cross-platform video editor solution. This video editing system has been used by many films over the years from The Wolf of Wall Street to Bruce Almighty to Moulin Rouge to Pulp Fiction as well as many other movies and television shows while also being approachable enough that it's used by less advanced video editing enthusiasts. Lightworks going open-source would be a big win, but ten years after their failed plans were announced they finally have shed some light on why such move away from being a proprietary application never materialized.

18 July 2020 - Lightworks - 45 Comments
VideoLAN Now Developing "libndi" For NDI Video Stream Handling

If the VideoLAN project wasn't already busy enough developing the VLC media player, dav1d AV1 decoder, libbluray, x264 and numerous other open-source multimedia projects, libndi is a new library being developed for dealing with NDI (Network Device Interface) video streams.

18 June 2020 - libndi - 3 Comments

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