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Lightworks 2020.1 Beta Video Editor Brings Linux Improvements

Lightworks 2020.1 is on the way as this professional-grade video editing system's first release of the year and a change in their versioning scheme. Out this week is the first public beta of the still-proprietary video editing system for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

2 February 2020 - Lightworks 2020.1 - 4 Comments
Bootlin Wraps Up Feature Development On The Allwinner Cedrus VPU Driver

While the Allwinner VPU "Cedrus" video decode driver is a wonderful success of open-source third-party work expanding Linux's multimedia hardware acceleration capabilities, consulting firm Bootlin who spearheaded this driver is for now at least is ending feature development on this driver.

9 January 2020 - Allwinner Cedrus - 22 Comments
Disney+ Currently Won't Work On Linux Systems Due To Tightened DRM

For those hoping that the Disney+ streaming service would work on Linux in conjunction with a modern web browser, sadly that is not set to be the case. While the likes of Netflix and Hulu can play from Linux desktop web browsers, Disney's tightened Digital Rights Management around their new service doesn't allow for Linux support with current browsers.

20 October 2019 - Disney+ - 90 Comments

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