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Google Posts Initial Code For Lyra Speech Codec

Back in February we covered Google's work on the Lyra voice/audio codec designed for fitting with very low bit-rate audio for speech compression in use-cases like WebRTC and video chatting even on the most limited Internet connections. Thanks to leveraging machine learning, Lyra can function at just 3kbps. The code to Lyra is now public.

6 April 2021 - Lyra Open-Source - 24 Comments
PulseAudio 15 Lands mSBC Codec Support To Enable Bluetooth Wideband Speech

While PipeWire is being increasingly looked at by desktop Linux distributions as the future of audio/video stream handling on the Linux desktop, aside from Fedora most Linux distributions are so far being cautious in replacing PulseAudio. In any event, PulseAudio is showing no signs of letting up and continues seeing new feature development.

6 April 2021 - PulseAudio msBC - 49 Comments
PipeWire 0.3.22 Released With Many Improvements

With Fedora 34 aiming to use PipeWire by default for audio use-cases currently handled by PulseAudio and JACK, the Red Hat developers working on PipeWire remain very busy in addressing bugs and wiring up new functionality for this audio and video framework/server.

21 February 2021 - PipeWire 0.3.22 - 42 Comments

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