Canonical Is Using Mir To Bring Flutter To Wayland

This week Canonical and Google announced they were working together to bring the Flutter application toolkit to Ubuntu/Linux. Flutter is the cross-platform, open-source UI toolkit developed by Google for use from Android to Linux and iOS and Fuschia as well as for web interfaces.

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11 July

KDE Plasma 5.20 Seeing More Wayland Fixes

While KDE Plasma 5.19 is already in fairly good shape with regards to its Wayland session, Plasma 5.20 is looking to offer even better support for this native Wayland environment along with many other enhancements.

11 July 07:01 AM EDT - KDE - KDE Wayland - 4 Comments
Cling C++ Interpreter Looking To Upstream More Code Into LLVM

Not to be confused with Clang as the well known C/C++ compiler front-end for the LLVM compiler, Cling is a separate project as an interactive, JIT-based C++ interpreter. Cling has been in development for years and at least partially is looking to upstream where possible back into LLVM.

11 July 12:01 AM EDT - LLVM - CLING - 3 Comments

10 July

Linux Might Pursue x86_64 Micro-Architecture Feature Levels

Stemming from the recent GNU glibc work on better handling modern CPU optimizations with newer instruction set extensions across Intel and AMD product families, the concept of x86-64 micro-architecture feature levels is being talked about by open-source/Linux developers.

10 July 04:16 PM EDT - Hardware - x86-64 Feature Levels - 33 Comments
Wayland-Info Spun From Weston Code For Offering Wayland Helper Tool

Wayland's Weston compositor has provided a weston-info utility to display information on supported Wayland extensions and versioning along with other details of the Wayland compositor environment. That utility is now being spun out as wayland-info as a Wayland compositor-agnostic utility for displaying this information.

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9 July

KDE Seeing Fresh Improvements For HiDPI Support

It took the GNOME/Ubuntu side until Canonical developer Daniel van Vugt picked up a 4K display with Intel graphics for various 4K/Intel graphics optimizations to be discovered and continue to be addressed for the GNOME desktop. Now on the KDE side, well known contributor Nate Graham recently picked up a new laptop with HiDPI display and there he has been working to resolve a number of lingering high DPI issues on the KDE front.

9 July 09:18 AM EDT - KDE - KDE HiDPI In 2020 - 23 Comments

8 July

Intel Architectural LBR Support Going Into Linux 5.9

Intel CPUs have long supported LBR for last branch records as a means of recording the branches to which software has taken along with exposing other control flow information. This has relied upon model-specific registers while with future Intel CPUs this is being folded into a more universal CPU architectural feature. Support for Intel "Arch LBR" is set to come later this year with the Linux 5.9 kernel.

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