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PipeWire Is In Increasingly Great Shape - Ready For More User Testing

PipeWire as the Red Hat led project for better audio/video stream management server on the Linux desktop is getting into increasingly great shape. This forward-looking solution that handles PulseAudio/JACK use-cases as well as pleasant integration with the likes of Wayland and Flatpak is ready to take on more user testing.

4 September 2020 - PipeWire - 46 Comments
LibVNCServer 0.9.13 Released With Better Cross-Platform Coverage

LibVNCServer is the cross-platform library allowing the accelerated development of VNC server / Remote Framebuffer Protocol functionality into applications. LibVNCServer 0.9.13 is out as the first update to this library in more than one year and now comes with better cross-platform support.

14 June 2020 - LibVNCServer 0.9.13 - 18 Comments
Enlightenment 0.24 Released

Carsten Haitzler has released Enlightenment 0.24 as the latest significant update to this X11 window manager and Wayland compositor.

17 May 2020 - Enlightenment E24 - 72 Comments
FreeRDP 2.1 Released Due To Multiple Security Issues

Last month marked the release of FreeRDP 2.0 for implementing the Microsoft Remote Assistant Protocol v2. FreeRDP 2.0 also brought RDP proxy support, font smoothing by default, Flatpak packaging support, better scaling for Wayland, and other improvements. Today now marks the release of FreeRDP 2.1.

8 May 2020 - FreeRDP 2.1 - 1 Comment
Chrome 80 Against Firefox 74/75 Performance On Linux

Complementing the Firefox 73 vs. 74 vs. 75 Beta benchmarks on Ubuntu Linux from AMD Ryzen this week, here are those numbers side-by-side with the Google Chrome 80 web-browser for putting the performance into more perspective.

15 March 2020 - Chrome vs. Firefox Benchmarks - 54 Comments
GIMP 2.10.18 Released With Many Improvements Before GIMP 3.0

While GIMP 3.0 remains elusive as the long overdue GTK3 port of this leading open-source image manipulation program, the GIMP 2.10 stable series continues seeing a lot of decent improvements in their subsequent point releases. GIMP 2.10.18 is out today following a botched GIMP 2.10.16 release.

24 February 2020 - GIMP 2.10.18 - 24 Comments
GIMP 2.99.x Development Releases Likely Starting Soon For GIMP 3.0

It's 2020 and GIMP remains one of the last holdouts for a major software application still relying upon the GTK2 tool-kit even with GTK4 potentially coming around the end of the calendar year. Fortunately, at least, the GIMP 2.99.x development releases on the path to the GTK3-based GIMP 3.0 should be starting up soon.

4 January 2020 - GIMP 3.0 - 41 Comments
Firefox 71 + WebRender vs. Chrome 79 Browser Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux

On Friday I published two years worth of Mozilla Firefox benchmarks in re-testing every browser release from Firefox 57 through Firefox 71 stable as well as the latest beta/alpha releases. One of the questions that came out of that was seeing the current Chrome performance on Linux against Firefox, so here are some fresh numbers there.

15 December 2019 - Firefox vs. Chrome - 25 Comments

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