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Firefox 80 To Support VA-API Acceleration On X11

While recent Firefox releases have seen VA-API video acceleration working when running natively under Wayland, the Firefox 80 release later this summer will bring VA-API support by default to those running on a conventional X.Org Server.

4 July 2020 - Firefox 80 + VA-API + X11 - 83 Comments
Mozilla Releases DeepSpeech 0.7 As Their Great Speech-To-Text Engine

One of the lesser known Mozilla software efforts is DeepSpeech as a speech-to-text engine built atop TensorFlow with CPU and GPU (CUDA) acceleration. Friday marked a new release of this DeepSpeech software that is yielding great results for converting spoken audio streams to text.

25 April 2020 - DeepSpeech 0.7 - 21 Comments
Benchmarks Of Firefox 74 + Firefox 75 Beta On Linux

With the release of Firefox 74.0 yesterday and that also pushing Firefox 75.0 to beta, here are some fresh benchmarks on Ubuntu Linux of Firefox 73 vs. 74 vs. 75 Beta, both out-of-the-box and when force enabling WebRender.

11 March 2020 - Firefox Benchmarks - 23 Comments
Mozilla Releases DeepSpeech 0.6 With Better Performance, Leaner Speech-To-Text Engine

One of the side projects Mozilla continues to develop is DeepSpeech, a speech-to-text engine derived from research by Baidu and built atop TensorFlow with both CPU and NVIDIA CUDA acceleration. This week marked the release of Mozilla DeepSpeech 0.6 with performance optimizations, Windows builds, lightening up the language models, and other changes.

8 December 2019 - DeepSpeech 0.6 - 26 Comments
Firefox 71 Linux Performance Isn't Looking All That Great

With each new release of Firefox we set out to see how the performance is looking on the Linux desktop. One discovery we've made is that when using Intel's Clear Linux the Firefox performance is a lot more competitive to Google Chrome than we traditionally see on Ubuntu Linux. But with Firefox 71 we're seeing the performance trending lower compared to Firefox 69 and 70.

4 December 2019 - Firefox 71 - 31 Comments
Firefox 71 Doesn't Do Much For Performance

Following last week's release of Firefox 70 and Chrome 78 I posted some fresh Linux web browser benchmarks where the Mozilla browser continued to get beat severely by Google on Linux. But is the situation any better with Firefox 71 in beta? Not really.

28 October 2019 - Firefox 71 Benchmarks - 29 Comments
Better Flatpak Support For Firefox Appears To Be Coming

One of the best and most practical use-cases for sandboxed Linux apps via Flatpak or Snaps is certainly web browsers. There has been unofficial Firefox Flatpaks offered to this point but it's looking like better support for a Flatpak'ed Firefox could be coming down the pipe soon.

12 September 2019 - Flatpak Firefox - 36 Comments

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