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Mozilla Announces "Open Web Docs" Following Last Year's Layoffs

Last year during the big round of layoffs at Mozilla the entire Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) writers team was laid off. That was a particularly sad blow considering how valuable the MDN documentation has been to web developers as a very useful resource. Today the Mozilla folks are announced Open Web Docs in seemingly looking to have the community take over.

25 January 2021 - Open Web Docs - 66 Comments
Mozilla's Incredible Speech-To-Text Engine Is At Risk Following Layoffs

For a while now a Mozilla software project that's been an "unsung hero" has been DeepSpeech as their speech-to-text engine. Sadly, following the recent major layoffs at Mozilla and restructuring along with a shift to focusing more on their profitable activities, DeepSpeech for now has an uncertain future.

23 August 2020 - DeepSpeech - 80 Comments
Thunderbird 78 Rolls Out With UI Updates, New Features

There is finally a new release of the Thunderbird mail/RSS client available as the annual update to this longtime Mozilla mail client. Thunderbird 78 is the new version out and serves as an Extended-Support Release with many improvements in tow.

17 July 2020 - Thunderbird 78 - 34 Comments
Firefox 80 To Support VA-API Acceleration On X11

While recent Firefox releases have seen VA-API video acceleration working when running natively under Wayland, the Firefox 80 release later this summer will bring VA-API support by default to those running on a conventional X.Org Server.

4 July 2020 - Firefox 80 + VA-API + X11 - 83 Comments
Mozilla Releases DeepSpeech 0.7 As Their Great Speech-To-Text Engine

One of the lesser known Mozilla software efforts is DeepSpeech as a speech-to-text engine built atop TensorFlow with CPU and GPU (CUDA) acceleration. Friday marked a new release of this DeepSpeech software that is yielding great results for converting spoken audio streams to text.

25 April 2020 - DeepSpeech 0.7 - 21 Comments

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