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Firefox 64.0 Released

Firefox 64.0 is available today as the last major feature update to Mozilla's web browser for 2018.

11 December 2018 - Firefox 64 - 47 Comments
WebP Image Support Appears Ready For Firefox 65

After Microsoft added support for the WebP image format to their Edge browser last month, Mozilla is finally preparing to ship the Firefox browser with support for WebP. If all goes well, Firefox 65 will support WebP!

1 November 2018 - WebP + Firefox - 21 Comments
Nebulet: A Rust Microkernel Running WebAssembly In Ring 0

You should likely be familiar with WebAssembly as the binary format for executing code within web pages that can be nearly as fast as running native machine code -- and certainly much faster than JavaScript. A new research project has been exploring running WebAssembly in the CPU's Ring 0 -- yes, the highest privileged state of the processor -- in the name of better performance.

29 August 2018 - Ring 0 WASM?!?! - 49 Comments

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