SteamOS is Valve's Linux distribution intended for gamers and the Steam Machines game consoles for living room gaming. SteamOS was announced in 2013 after earlier exclusive reports on Phoronix about Valve's Linux intentions. SteamOS is based upon Debian Linux.

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SteamOS Articles & Reviews

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SteamOS Linux & Open-Source News

Steam's February Survey: AMD CPUs & GPUs Continue To Dominate For Linux Gamers   Valve   2024-03-01
Proton 9.0 Beta Makes More Games Playable Under Steam Play, Updates VKD3D-Proton & DXVK   Linux Gaming   2024-02-23
Steam On Linux Falls Short Of 2% For January, AMD CPU Adoption On Linux Hits 70.5%   Valve   2024-02-01
Intel's New "Xe" Driver Submitted For Linux 6.8 Along With Imagination's PowerVR Driver   Linux Kernel   2024-01-11
Linux 6.8 HID: Steam Controller Driver Fixes From SteamOS, Nintendo NSO Controller Support   Hardware   2024-01-09
Steam On Linux At Nearly 2% For Ending Out 2023   Valve   2024-01-02
Valve's Linux Contributions, Wayland & Open-Source NVIDIA Milestones Topped 2023   Phoronix   2023-12-28
Steam Linux Marketshare Surges To Nearly 2% In November   Valve   2023-12-01
SteamOS 3.5.5 Released To Stable With Steam Deck OLED Support & Many Other Changes   Valve   2023-11-16
RADV Adds Knobs To Force Shader Re-Compilation - Helping Games On The Steam Deck   Valve   2023-11-13
Steam Linux Usage Dropped Lower In October But With More Questionable Data   Valve   2023-11-01
Wayland Progress, Ryzen AI & Linux Benchmarks That Made For An Exciting October   Phoronix   2023-11-01
Steam On Linux Percentage Dips Further In September, AMD Powers 70% Of Linux Gamers   Linux Gaming   2023-10-01
Raspberry Pi 5, Steam Deck & New AMD CPUs Dominated Q3   Phoronix   2023-09-30
Sound Open Firmware 2.7 Released With AMD Van Gogh Support   Multimedia   2023-09-29
Counter-Strike 2 Now Available With An Initial Linux Build   Valve   2023-09-27
Linux 6.7 Adding New Feature To Btrfs For The Steam Deck   Linux Storage   2023-09-25
Valve Is A Wonderful Upstream Contributor To Linux & The Open-Source Community   Valve   2023-09-22
XDC 2023 To Provide Update On AMD HDR For The Steam Deck, Rusticl & Wine Wayland   X.Org   2023-09-20
SteamOS 3.5 Rolls Out In Preview On The Steam Deck With Many New Features   Valve   2023-09-15
Steam Survey Results For August Show A Linux Dip After A Very Exciting July   Valve   2023-09-01
Steam On Linux Usage Spikes To Nearly 2% In July, Larger Marketshare Than Apple macOS   Valve   2023-08-01
Steam On Linux Use Steady For June, ~40% Of Linux Gamers Are Using The Steam Deck   Valve   2023-07-02
Steam On Linux Use Ticked Higher In May, 25% Of Linux Gamers Are Using The Steam Deck   Valve   2023-06-01
Fedora 39 To Raise Its vm.max_map_count To Satisfy Some Steam Play Games   Fedora   2023-05-31
Updated AMD Linux Graphics Driver Patches For Color Management   Radeon   2023-05-24
Fedora 39 Looks To Boost vm.max_map_count To Help Windows Games With Steam Play   Fedora   2023-04-24
Improved AMD Color Management Being Worked On For The Steam Deck   Valve   2023-04-24
Valve Shows A Huge Drop In Linux Gamers For March, But The Numbers Are Questionable   Valve   2023-04-01
Linux 6.4 AMD Graphics Driver Picking Up New Power Features For The Steam Deck   Radeon   2023-03-18
Steam On Linux Marketshare Percentage Dipped In February   Valve   2023-03-01
Linux 6.3 Bringing Proper Support For The 8BitDo Pro 2 Wired Controller   Hardware   2023-02-24
Steam Survey Results Start 2023 With Linux Marketshare Flat   Valve   2023-02-01
Valve Revises Steam Survey Results For December - Still Pointing Down For Linux   Valve   2023-01-02
Steam On Linux Metrics End Out 2022 With Some Odd Numbers   Valve   2023-01-02
KDE Lands Wayland Fractional Scaling Support   KDE   2022-12-17
Linux Adding New Control Since Its Splitlock Detector Is Wrecking Some Steam Play Games   Linux Kernel   2022-12-13
Steam On Linux Usage Climbs Higher Thanks To The Steam Deck   Valve   2022-12-01
OneXPlayer Sensor/Fan Support Extended To More Models With Its Linux 6.2 Introduction   Hardware   2022-11-28
OneXPlayer AMD Sensor Driver Coming For Linux 6.2   Linux Gaming   2022-11-13
Steam Linux Use Tips Up In October Thanks To The Steam Deck   Valve   2022-11-02
OneXPlayer Linux Platform Driver Sent Out For AMD-Powered Gaming Handheld   Linux Gaming   2022-10-30
Mesa Adds "Block On Depleted Buffers" Option To Reduce Latency   Mesa   2022-10-25
Steam On Linux Usage Receded Slightly In September   Valve   2022-10-01
Distrobox 1.4 Released - Easier Container Upgrades, Local Podman Install For Steam Deck   Operating Systems   2022-09-08
Steam On Linux Marketshare Crawls Up To 1.27% For August 2022   Valve   2022-09-01
Atomic Async Page Flips Proposed, Valve's Gamescope Compositor Has Support Pending   Valve   2022-08-25
Proton 7.0-4 Released For Steam Play With Many Game Fixes, More Playable Titles   Valve   2022-08-16
Valve Expanding Steam Deck Availability To Asian Markets   Valve   2022-08-03
SteamOS 3.3 Now Available With Many Improvements For The Steam Deck   Valve   2022-08-02
Steam On Linux Marketshare Ticks Up To 1.18% For June   Valve   2022-07-01
SteamOS 3.3 Beta Released With Updated Drivers, Many Fixes   Valve   2022-06-30
Wine 7.10 Brings 56 Fixes, Proton 7.0-3 RC Prepared With Support For More Games   WINE   2022-06-04
Arch Linux Hits Top Linux Spot Over Ubuntu In May's Steam Survey   Valve   2022-06-01
NVIDIA's Open-Source Kernel Driver, Graviton3 & Fedora 36 Made For An Exciting May   Phoronix   2022-05-31
SteamOS 3.2 Released With More Improvements For The Steam Deck   Valve   2022-05-26
XWayland Adds New Option To Expose Dummy Modes For Gamescope / Steam Deck   Wayland   2022-05-20
Steam On Linux Gaming Usage Grew In April   Valve   2022-05-02
SteamOS 3.2 Beta Brings Improved Fan Control, Experimental Refresh Rate Switching   Valve   2022-04-28
Proton 7.0-2 Released For Getting More Windows Games Running On Steam Play   Valve   2022-04-21
Lutris 0.5.10 Released With Steam Deck Support   Linux Gaming   2022-04-01
Steam Survey Results For February 2022 Put Linux Right Above 1.0%   Valve   2022-03-07
KDE Had An Exciting Week With Plasma Available On The Steam Deck, Many Fixes   KDE   2022-02-26
Radeon Vulkan Driver Lands Dynamic VRS To Help With Power Savings - Helps The Steam Deck   Radeon   2022-02-16
Steam Deck CAD Files Published Under Creative Commons   Valve   2022-02-11
AMD Is Hiring Again For Their Linux - Client - Effort   AMD   2022-02-07
Steam Deck Platform Driver Posted For The Linux Kernel   Valve   2022-02-06
Valve's Gamescope Compositor Adds AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Support   Valve   2022-02-01
2021 Brought A Convenient Installer For Arch Linux, Powering The Steam Deck   Arch Linux   2021-12-31
The Most Exciting AMD Linux / Open-Source News Of 2021   AMD   2021-12-29
Ubisoft Is Hiring A Linux Developer For An "Unannounced Project" But Don't Get Too Excited   Linux Gaming   2021-12-13
More BattlEye-Protected Games Now Working With Steam Play On Linux   Linux Gaming   2021-12-03
Valve Posts Updated Steam Deck FAQs To Address More Community Questions   Valve   2021-11-29
Valve Shares New Steam Deck Details, Proton Update Available For Testing   Valve   2021-11-12
LE9, Canonical's Profits, Steam Deck, & Loongson 3A5000 Made For An Exciting July   Phoronix   2021-08-01
Valve Announces Steam Deck As Portable SteamOS + AMD Powered Portable PC   Valve   2021-07-15
Steam On Linux Ends Q1'2021 Still Below 1% Marketshare   Valve   2021-04-02
Valve Continued Doing A Lot For Linux Gaming & Open-Source Radeon Drivers In 2020   Valve   2020-12-30
Gamescope Continues Advancing As Wayland/Vulkan Compositor Backed By Valve   Valve   2020-09-16
Debian GNU/Linux Turns 27 Years Old   Debian   2020-08-16
Debian's Excitement In The 2010s From Big Releases To Systemd Usage To Powering SteamOS   Operating Systems   2019-12-27
2010 Through 2019 NVIDIA Linux News Topped By Linus Torvald's Criticism + Overclocking   NVIDIA   2019-12-19
The Most Popular Linux / Open-Source News Of This Decade   Phoronix   2019-12-11
Valve's SteamOS Compositor Has Begun Seeing Some Activity Recently   Valve   2019-10-23
Valve Will Not Be Officially Supporting Ubuntu 19.10+   Valve   2019-06-22
Valve Reveals Specifications For Their Index VR Headset, Controllers & Base Stations   Valve   2019-04-30
SteamOS/Linux Requirements For Valve's Artifact Is Just A Vulkan Intel/AMD/NVIDIA GPU   Valve   2018-11-11
It's Now Been Six Years Since Valve Began Rolling Out Steam For Linux   Linux Gaming   2018-11-06
Linux Lands Xbox One S Controller Rumbling, Logitech High Resolution, Apple Trackpad 2   Hardware   2018-10-23
Xbox One S Controller Rumbling On Linux, Valve Working On Upstreaming SteamOS Changes   Linux Kernel   2018-08-10
It Looks Like A Steam 64-Bit Client Could Finally Be Near   Valve   2018-08-08
Steam Linux Use Dips Back Below 0.5%   Valve   2018-08-01
DebConf18 Kicks Off This Weekend As The First Official Debian Conference In Asia   Debian   2018-07-27
SteamOS 2.154 Released As Valve Preps Kernel & Driver Upgrades   Linux Gaming   2018-07-24
Apple, Ryzen, Valve & The Evolving Linux Kernel Dominated Conversations In Q2   Free Software   2018-07-04
Steam Linux Use For June 2018 Comes In At 0.52%   Linux Gaming   2018-07-01
Steam's Linux Gaming Marketshare For April Comes In At Just Above 0.5%   Valve   2018-05-01
Linux 4.17, Ryzen, Valve & Apple Looking For Kernel Devs Topped April   Phoronix   2018-05-01
Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass Is Coming With Linux Support   Linux Gaming   2018-04-19
Valve Reaffirms Commitment To Linux, SteamOS   Valve   2018-04-03
Some Of The Grandest Open-Source / Linux Letdowns Over The Years   Free Software   2018-04-01
Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Now Available For Linux   Linux Gaming   2018-03-22
Steam On Linux Starts 2018 With A Slight Increase In Gamers   Valve   2018-02-01
SteamOS Beta Switches To Linux 4.14.13 For KPTI To Mitigate Meltdown   Valve   2018-01-16
Valve Ships Its First SteamOS Brewmaster Beta Of 2018   Valve   2018-01-05
The Most Popular Linux Gaming News For 2017   Linux Gaming   2017-12-30
It's Been Four Years Since SteamOS Began Shipping With Not Much To Show   Valve   2017-12-14
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Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE Provides More Steam VR Linux Gaming Fun   Linux Gaming   2017-11-10
Valve Rolls Out A Rare Update To SteamOS Brewmaster   Valve   2017-11-09
The Talos Principle VR Launches With Linux Support   Linux Gaming   2017-10-17
It's Been Five Years That Ubuntu Has Tried To Improve For Linux Gaming   Ubuntu   2017-10-14
Outlast Gets ~10%+ Performance Boost From Mesa GL Threading   Mesa   2017-09-30
Sudden Strike 4 Launching Today With Linux Support   Linux Gaming   2017-08-11
SteamOS 2.121 Adds Flatpak Support   Valve   2017-07-25
Phoronix Turns 13, Phoronix Test Suite Is Now 9: Happy Birthday   Phoronix   2017-06-05
SteamVR Home Now Works Under Linux   Valve   2017-05-25
SteamOS 2.115 Switches From AMDGPU-PRO To AMDGPU+RadeonSI   Valve   2017-05-22
It's Been Five Years Since That Interesting Message From Gabe Newell   Valve   2017-03-30
Day of Infamy Released For Linux Gamers   Linux Gaming   2017-03-23
Valve & Microsoft Are Among The Sponsors For Debian's DebConf 17   Valve   2017-03-20
Day of Infamy Officially Launching Later This Month, Official Linux Support   Linux Gaming   2017-03-10
Mesa RFC Changes To Help Worms WMD, Tropico 5 & Crookz   Mesa   2017-02-10
Valve Planning To Carry Mesa GL Thread Feature On SteamOS, Per-Game Features   Mesa   2017-02-10
Croteam Bringing Vulkan & Linux Support To More Of Their Games   Linux Gaming   2017-02-08
Gabe Newell's 2017 Reddit AMA: VR, Source 2 Engine, No Linux Answers   Linux Gaming   2017-01-17
Steam's Linux Marketshare Ended Slightly Lower For 2016   Valve   2017-01-01
The Open-Source / Linux Letdowns Of 2016   Free Software   2017-01-01
Linux Gaming Was Great In 2016, But 2017 Should Be Even Better   Linux Gaming   2016-12-27
Steam's 2016 Winter Sale Has Begun: Good Deals On Linux / SteamOS Games   Valve   2016-12-22
Total War: WARHAMMER Linux Requirements Announced - AMD & NVIDIA GPUs   Linux Gaming   2016-11-21
Football Manager 2017 Released For Linux   Linux Gaming   2016-11-04
Steam Dev Days 2016 Videos Published: SteamOS/Linux & Vulkan Talks   Valve   2016-11-03
Black Mesa Is Now Available For Linux Gamers   Linux Gaming   2016-10-29
Valve Uses Kubuntu For Demonstrating Linux VR With The HTC Vive   Valve   2016-10-13
Steam Dev Days: VR, VR, VR; Valve Looking To Contract Mesa Developers For AMD Work   Valve   2016-10-13
Valve Expected To Show Off Linux VR Demo Today   Valve   2016-10-12
It's Been Three Years Since Valve Announced SteamOS, Steam Machines   Valve   2016-09-30
Valve's Steam Controller With SteamOS/Linux Support Is Now Listed For Just $35   Valve   2016-09-28
Steam Dev Days Are In 2 Weeks; SteamOS/Linux Will Be Talked About   Valve   2016-09-26
Rocket League Finally Released For Linux   Linux Gaming   2016-09-08
Here Are The Steam Survey Results For Linux During August 2016   Valve   2016-09-01
Steam Survey For July 2016: Linux +0.02%   Valve   2016-08-01
SteamOS Brewmaster 2.87 Released With NVIDIA Pascal Support   Valve   2016-07-29
Feral Releases "Life Is Strange" For Linux   Linux Gaming   2016-07-21
Steam's Survey Reports Another Drop For Linux Gamers In June 2016   Valve   2016-07-01
New SteamOS Beta Bundles Interesting AMDGPU-PRO Driver   Valve   2016-06-29
Steam Client Now Stable With Better AMD Vulkan Performance   Valve   2016-06-11
The Most Popular Linux News Over The Past 12 Years   Phoronix   2016-06-04
At Just $35, Now Is A Great Time To Try Out Valve's ARM-Linux-Powered Steam Link   Valve   2016-06-02