17 January

Platform Firmware Runtime Update & Telemetry Feature Submitted For Linux 5.17
Platform Firmware Runtime Update & Telemetry Feature Submitted For Linux 5.17
17 January 02:17 PM EST - Hardware - PFRUT - 6 Comments

Last September I was the first to call attention to Intel working on a new feature to allow updating some system firmware components without needing to reboot such as for mission critical servers that try to avoid downtime at all costs. That Intel "Seamless Update" feature also known as Platform Firmware Runtime Update and Telemetry (PFRUT) has now been sent in for mainlining with Linux 5.17.

FFmpeg 5.0 Aims To Be An LTS Release
FFmpeg 5.0 Aims To Be An LTS Release
17 January 01:54 PM EST - Multimedia - FFmpeg 5.0 - 1 Comment

FFmpeg 5.0 has now been formally christened as for what is aiming to be a Long-Term Support (LTS) release for this widely-used, cross-platform and open-source multimedia library.

Lenovo USB-C 7-in-1 Hub On Linux
Lenovo USB-C 7-in-1 Hub On Linux
17 January 08:00 AM EST - Peripherals - 28 Comments

For those considering the Lenovo USB-C 7-in-1 Hub for connecting to your Lenovo laptop for enjoying USB-C power charging, HDMI output, and additional USB ports, it does work out on Linux. While there have been some users running into seemingly firmware-related issues, at least with my testing over the past month this $50~60 (USD) USB-C hub has been working out well under Linux.

16 January

Developer Steps Up Wanting To Maintain Linux's FBDEV Subsystem
Developer Steps Up Wanting To Maintain Linux's FBDEV Subsystem
16 January 07:22 PM EST - Hardware - Frame-Buffer Devices - 8 Comments

The Linux kernel's frame-buffer device "FBDEV" subsystem has thankfully been on the decline over the past number of years thanks to the success of the more useful DRM/KMS drivers and having FBDEV compatibility emulation support. While not actively maintained, the FBDEV subsystem and some drivers remain within the Linux kernel and are used with some interest primarily in some legacy/embedded environments. The subsystem was orphaned while now a Linux kernel developer has stepped up to serve as its maintainer.

GCC 12 Ready To Help Fend Off Trojan Source Attacks
GCC 12 Ready To Help Fend Off Trojan Source Attacks
16 January 08:00 AM EST - GNU - -Wbidi-chars - 12 Comments

Disclosed a few months back were "Trojan Source" attacks against compilers where specially crafted code could be rogue but not appear so due to exploiting Unicode issues. Unicode control characters could be used to reorder tokens in source code that could alter the behavior when compiled. With the upcoming GCC 12 compiler release there is a new warning to help point out possible Trojan Source attacks.

15 January

Intel ISPC 1.17 Compiler Released With Xe HPG, PS5 & AMD Zen Support
Intel ISPC 1.17 Compiler Released With Xe HPG, PS5 & AMD Zen Support
15 January 08:08 AM EST - Intel - Intel SPMD Program Compiler - 5 Comments

Intel ended out the week with a huge update to ISPC, the Intel Implicit SPMD Program Compiler. ISPC is Intel's LLVM-based compiler focused on its C variant with extensions for single program, multiple data (SPMD) programming. Interestingly with this release is the introduction of AMD Zen 1/2/3 targeting and even the PlayStation 5 while also adding support for forthcoming Intel Arc "Alchemist" (Xe HPG) hardware.

14 January

Open-Source Raspberry Pi Graphics Drivers Add Double Buffer Mode
14 January 02:03 PM EST - Mesa - V3D + V3DV - 41 Comments

Mesa's V3D and V3DV drivers providing open-source OpenGL and Vulkan driver support, respectively, for newer Broadcom VideoCore hardware now has a double buffer mode implemented. This is a win for numerous workloads for these drivers most notably used by modern Raspberry Pi single board computers.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Planning To Stick With Linux 5.15 By Default
14 January 06:20 AM EST - Ubuntu - Linux 5.15 Kernel - 56 Comments

It turns out Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is planning to use the Linux 5.15 kernel as its default kernel. It makes sense in that Linux 5.15 is also a long-term support kernel, but unfortunate in that Ubuntu LTS releases haven't always used LTS kernel versions and v5.15 will be a half-year old already by the time the "Jammy Jellyfish" ships in April. This is a choice particularly unfortunate for those with recent hardware but at least there is the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel PPA and other non-default options available.

Intel's Linux Graphics Driver Continues With Multi-Tile Preparations
14 January 05:45 AM EST - Intel - Multi-Tile Patches - 9 Comments

In addition to Intel's open-source Linux graphics driver developers being quite busy preparing for upcoming Intel Arc "Alchemist" (DG2) graphics cards on the consumer side, they have concurrently been preparing for Xe HP "Ponte Vecchio" hardware too. One of the big undertakings on that side from the driver perspective is bringing up multiple tiles.

Linux 5.17 Mainlines Support For More Obsolete MIPS-Based Wireless Routers
14 January 05:23 AM EST - Hardware - Linux 5.17 MIPS - 6 Comments

While the MIPS CPU architecture itself is at the end of the road, kernel developers still are busy with MIPS considering the Loongson hardware that is popular in China and lots of older MIPS hardware out there lacking mainline Linux kernel support. For Linux 5.17 several more older, consumer-grade network routers are seeing mainline support.

13 January

Microsoft Reworks The "DXGKRNL" Driver It Wants To Get Into The Linux Kernel
13 January 05:38 AM EST - Microsoft - DXGKRNL - 127 Comments

Back in 2020 Microsoft announced the DXGKRNL driver as the kernel driver component for supporting GPU accelerated use-cases within Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2). That original DXGKRNL driver was quickly shot down by upstream kernel developers and various issues raised while now for the past year Microsoft has been reworking this kernel driver and on Wednesday published the new version.

Mesa 22.0 Pushed Back By Three Weeks
13 January 03:00 AM EST - Mesa - Mesa 22.0 Delay - 13 Comments

While a lot of open-source OpenGL and Vulkan driver improvements have been landing in recent days in anticipation of the Mesa 22.0 code branching and feature freeze for Wednesday, that deadline has now been extended by three weeks.

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