17 September

The D Language Front-End Is Trying Now To Get Into GCC 9

Going on for a while now have been D language front-end patches for GCC to allow this programming language to be supported by the GNU Compiler Collection. It's been a long battle getting to this state but it looks like it soon might be mainlined.

17 September 08:49 PM EDT - GNU - D Language - 12 Comments
The Current Linux Performance With 16 ARM Boards

Last week I provided a fresh look at the latest Linux performance on 22 Intel/AMD systems while for kicking off the benchmarking this week is a look at the current Linux performance on sixteen different ARM single board computers / developer boards from low-end to high-end.

17 September 09:00 AM EDT - Computers - 26 Comments
LLVM 7.0 Is Ready For Release

The LLVM/Clang 7.0 release had been running a bit behind schedule and warranted a third release candidate, but this week LLVM 7.0.0 is now ready to ship.

17 September 07:51 AM EDT - LLVM - Clang 7.0 Too... - 4 Comments
Valve Prepares Open-Source Moondust Repository

Back in June, Valve announced "Moondust" as a new VR technical demo to showcase their hardware efforts (primarily with the Knuckles EV2 VR controllers) and consists of some mini games. It looks like this tech demo might be soon open-sourced.

17 September 07:11 AM EDT - Valve - Valve Moondust - 6 Comments

16 September

Wine-Staging 3.16 Released With ~880 Patches Still Atop Wine

Busy since Friday's release of Wine 3.16, the volunteers maintaining the Wine-Staging tree with the various experimental/testing patches atop upstream Wine are out with their adjoining update that continues with just under 900 patches being re-based.

16 September 06:26 AM EDT - WINE - Wine-Staging - 6 Comments

15 September

KDE's Elisa Music Player 0.3 Enters Beta

Elisa is one of several options when it comes to music players for the KDE desktop. Elisa 0.3 entered beta this week as another step forward for this relatively young project.

15 September 03:56 AM EDT - KDE - KDE Elisa 0.3 Beta - 7 Comments

14 September

NVIDIA Publishes An In-Depth Look At Turing

Next week is when the GeForce RTX 2080 "Turing" graphics cards will begin to ship while today is when NVIDIA lifted the embargo on "unboxing" videos/pictures and talking more about this new GPU microarchitecture.

14 September 10:30 AM EDT - NVIDIA - GeForce RTX 2080 - 8 Comments
VKMS Driver Getting Cursor Support In The Next Kernel Cycle

One of the notable additions to the Linux 4.19 kernel is the initial VKMS driver for "virtual kernel mode-setting" that in the long run should be significant for headless Wayland/X.Org systems. The driver is still in its early stages but continuing to be improved.

14 September 06:30 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Virtual Kernel Mode-Setting - 1 Comment

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