Fedora 33 Moving Closer To LTO-Optimizing Packages

Going back to last year Fedora has been working to enable link-time optimizations by default for their packages. That goal wasn't achieved for Fedora 32 but for Fedora 33 this autumn they still have chances of marking that feature off their TODO list.

3 Hours Ago - Fedora - Fedora LTO-ed - 2 Comments

8 August

LLVM Clang 11 Has A Nice Build Speed Improvement With New Feature For Pre-Compiled Headers

There are many improvements in LLVM/Clang 11.0 due out in the weeks ahead though an interesting change merged prior to last month's code branching that slipped under our radar... If using the clang-cl driver for MSVC or when otherwise making use of pre-compiled headers (PCH) functionality, there is a new option that can offer significant build time speed-ups.

8 August 08:44 PM EDT - LLVM - -fpch-instantiate-templates - 1 Comment
Char/Misc Is Still Quite Busy With Linux 5.9 Still Lacking An "Accelerator" Subsystem

The "char/misc" area of the kernel continues to be quite busy for Linux 5.9 included as a sort of "catch-all" for the Linux kernel drivers not properly jiving within other areas. While there previously was talk of formally making a hardware accelerator subsystem for the Linux kernel for fitting some of the drivers currently living under char/misc, as of Linux 5.9 that still has not materialized.

8 August 12:02 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - Char/Misc For Linux 5.9 - Add A Comment

7 August

Radeon Software for Linux 20.30 Released

Just under two months since Radeon Software for Linux 20.20 that is comprised of the AMDGPU-Open and AMDGPU-PRO driver components for these packaged drivers, Radeon Software for Linux 20.30 was quietly released at the end of last week.

7 August 09:23 AM EDT - Radeon - Radeon Software 20.30 - 17 Comments

6 August

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Released With The Latest Fixes

For those that prefer waiting until the first point release of a new Ubuntu Long Term Support series before upgrading, Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS is out with the latest bug and security fixes for the "Focal Fossa" release.

6 August 02:59 PM EDT - Ubuntu - Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS - 29 Comments
GNU C Library 2.32 Released

GNU C Library 2.32 (glibc 2.32) is now available as this important library for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.

6 August 07:07 AM EDT - GNU - Glibc 2.32 - 6 Comments
Linux 5.9 Introducing A Multi-Color LED Framework

Longtime Linux kernel developer Pavel Machek has taken over as sole maintainer of the LED subsystem. For this first pull request going into Linux 5.9 is a big addition... The multi-color LED framework code has finally been merged.

6 August 04:25 AM EDT - Hardware - Multi-Color LEDs! - 7 Comments

5 August

FS-Cache Rewritten But Even Its Developers Are Hesitant About Landing It For Linux 5.9

FS-Cache provides the Linux kernel with a general purpose cache for network file-systems like NFS and AFS but also other special use-cases like ISO9660 file-systems. FS-Cache has been rewritten for better performance and reliability, among other benefits, and while it has been sent in as a pull request for Linux 5.9 even its own developers provide some caution over landing it this cycle.

5 August 03:37 PM EDT - Linux Storage - FS-CACHE - 6 Comments
Intel Workaround For Graphics Driver Regression: "The Platform Problem Going Crazy"

Sent out over the weekend was a patch series for the Intel Linux kernel graphics driver entitled "Time, where did it go?" This set of 42 patches aims to provide incremental improvements to the driver to offset a performance regression in Linux 5.7 that Intel hasn't been able to track down. This increased complication of the driver to offset the regression is now under the microscope.

5 August 09:54 AM EDT - Intel - Rejected - 20 Comments

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