21 April

Mesa 21.0.3 + Mesa 21.1-rc2 Released

Whether you are a stable Mesa user or living more on the bleeding-edge with Git or development snapshots, there are new updates out today for this collection of open-source Linux GPU drivers.

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Ubuntu 21.04 Server Performance Offering Nice Gains For AMD EPYC 7003 Series

Tomorrow's release of Ubuntu 21.04 is exciting on the desktop for Wayland by default in supported configurations and many other package updates and enhancements. But even for being a non-LTS release if you are interested in running Ubuntu Server there are some performance improvements to enjoy with newer platforms. Here is a look at the AMD EPYC 7003 "Milan" performance across Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, 20.10, and 21.04 with an AMD EPYC 7763 Supermicro server.

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GRVK 0.4 Released For Running AMD's Mantle API Over Vulkan

While AMD's Mantle graphics API development has been suspended for more than a half-decade already with the Vulkan API successfully taking off, the open-source GRVK project continues to let Mantle unofficially live on by re-implementing its interfaces over Vulkan.

21 April 05:24 AM EDT - Vulkan - GRVK 0.4.0 - 10 Comments

20 April

Initial Radeon vs. GeForce Vulkan Ray-Tracing Performance On Linux

With today's Radeon Software for Linux 21.10 packaged driver release is the first time Vulkan ray-tracing is being exposed on Linux for AMD Radeon graphics cards with any of the multiple driver options. Here are some initial benchmarks looking at how the Radeon RX 6000 series Vulkan ray-tracing performance is on Linux compared to NVIDIA's Vulkan ray-tracing support with the existing RTX 20/30 series hardware.

20 April 02:00 PM EDT - Display Drivers - 39 Comments
GCC 11.1 RC Released, GCC 12 In Development On Trunk

The release candidate to GCC 11.1 as the first stable release of GCC 11 is now available for testing. If all goes well GCC 11.1.0 will officially debut next week while GCC 12 is now in development with their latest Git code.

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Khronos Ratifies KTX 2.0

Just one week after having published the provisional Vulkan Video extensions, The Khronos Group has another exciting announcement today in the form of ratifying KTX 2.0.

20 April 09:00 AM EDT - Standards - KTX 2.0 - 16 Comments
IBM To Kernel Maintainer: "You Are An IBM Employee 100% Of The Time"

It's fairly common that many longtime Linux kernel developers use their personal email addresses for signing off on kernel patches or dealing with other patch work, especially when they are engaging with kernel development in their personal time too and occasionally jumping between employers over time while still sticking to interacting with the upstream kernel community, etc. There are also understandably some companies that mandate the use of their corporate email addresses for their official work/patches while now IBM seems to be taking things one step to the extreme.

20 April 05:50 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - IBM Employee - 111 Comments
DragonFlyBSD 6.0 To Be Released Soon

It's been over one year already since the debut of DragonFlyBSD 5.8 while fortunately DragonFlyBSD 6.0 will be here soon for this popular BSD operating system.

20 April 05:32 AM EDT - BSD - DragonFlyBSD 6.0 - 10 Comments

19 April

KFence Memory Safety Error Checking Is Looking Good For Minimal Overhead On Linux 5.12

Of the many new features coming with Linux 5.12 is KFence, short for the Kernel Electric Fence. KFence is a low-overhead memory safety error detector/validator for the kernel with lower expected overhead costs than say the Kernel Address Sanitizer. I just wrapped up some benchmarks looking out for any overhead impact of KFence on Linux 5.12 in its near-final state.

19 April 04:16 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - KFence Benchmark - 1 Comment
AMD EPYC 7003 Series Performance In The Cloud With Microsoft Azure HBv3 HPC VMs

One of the exciting elements of last month's AMD EPYC 7003 "Milan" series launch was having same-day availability in public clouds. Microsoft as one of AMD's cloud partners worked closely to deliver launch-day availability in their public cloud using EPYC 7003 series processors with the new "HBv3" instances focused on high performance computing (HPC) virtual machines. Here are some benchmarks of the Azure HPv3 instances compared to prior generation Microsoft Azure HPC instances available on-demand in their cloud.

19 April 12:00 PM EDT - Processors - 4 Comments
POCL 1.7-RC1 Up For Testing, Now Exposes OpenCL 3.0

The first release candidate is up for version 1.7 of the Portable Computing Language, the portable OpenCL implementation that can run on CPUs and other accelerators. With POCL 1.7, OpenCL 3.0 is now being exposed and there is also improved support for SPIR-V binaries on CPUs.

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18 April

More Progress Is Made Understanding Apple's M1 GPU, Working Towards An Open Driver

Alyssa Rosenzweig, known for her work on the Panfrost open-source driver for Arm Mali graphics, has published the latest findings around the Apple M1 graphics processor. In fact, enough understanding to get a shaded, spinning cube rendering on the Apple M1 using a simple demo so far while the open-source driver support is still the goal.

18 April 08:28 PM EDT - Mesa - Apple M1 GPU Bring-Up - 28 Comments
LuxCoreRender 2.5 OptiX Performance Tested With 19 NVIDIA GPUs

Released last week was the LuxCoreRender 2.5 open-source physically based renderer. Significant with this v2.5 update is OptiX/RTX acceleration support in addition to its existing CUDA, OpenCL, and CPU render paths. Given that, here are some fresh benchmarks of LuxCoreRender 2.5 across an assortment of NVIDIA graphics cards.

18 April 06:20 AM EDT - Software - 8 Comments

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