Raspberry Pi 4 Granted Official Vulkan 1.1 Conformance

Last week I mentioned how Mesa landed Vulkan 1.1 support for the V3DV driver most notably used by the Raspberry Pi 4 and newer. With those changes in Mesa Git, The Khronos Group has now officially granted this driver Vulkan 1.1 conformance for the Raspberry Pi 4.

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AMDGPU DP 2.0 MST Support Sent In For DRM-Next

AMDGPU changes already queued up in DRM-Next for Linux 5.16 brought initial code for DisplayPort 2.0 ahead of next-gen GPUs with this connectivity support. Sent out today as a separate pull request is wiring up the DisplayPort 2.0 Multi-Stream Transport (MST) capability for the AMDGPU kernel driver.

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25 October

Newest Linux Optimizations Can Achieve 10M IOPS Per-Core With IO_uring

Just one week ago Linux block subsystem maintainer Jens Axboe was optimizing the kernel to get 8 million IOPS on a single CPU core. He progressed the week hitting around ~8.9M IOPS per-core and began to think he was hitting the hardware limits and running out of possible optimizations. However, this week he is kicking things off by managing to hit 10 million IOPS!

25 October 02:27 PM EDT - Linux Storage - 10 Million IOPS - 21 Comments
Dynatron A39 - A Good Heatsink For Threadripper/EPYC 4U Systems

Quietly released earlier this year was the Dynatron A39 heatsink that is capable of up to 280 Watts heat dissipation for satisfying even the very latest, high-end AMD EPYC 7003 "Milan" processors. This Dynatron A39 TR4/sTRX4/SP3 heatsink has been working out very well for those needing to cool a Threadripper/EPYC system in a 3U or larger enclosure.

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24 October

GNU Toolchain Begins Landing LoongArch Support

In addition to Loongson working on Linux kernel support for their MIPS-derived LoongArch CPU architecture, the first bits of the GNU toolchain support for this Chinese CPU architecture have been merged.

24 October 10:53 AM EDT - Hardware - LoongArch + GNU Binutils - 3 Comments
Google Continues Work On User-Managed Concurrency Groups For Linux

Earlier this year was news that Google is finally working to open-source their Fibers user-space scheduling framework. For the better part of the past decade they have been developing this user-space scheduling framework and finally now are working on offering public, open-source code intended for upstream around their work.

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23 October

Vortex86 Processor Detection Landing For Linux 5.16

Recently I wrote about Vortex86 processors seeing detection work under Linux for improving the state of these aging x86 32-bit SoCs. That work is now slated to be introduced in the upcoming Linux 5.16 cycle for those running these aging SoCs/processors.

23 October 12:47 PM EDT - Hardware - Vortex86 - 11 Comments

22 October

Intel Posts The "Last Part" To Their AMX Bring-Up For Linux

While for many years we have been accustomed to seeing Intel land their new hardware feature enablement work in the Linux kernel and related components well ahead of products shipping, occasionally there are lapses due to various internal and external timings. The launch of Sapphire Rapids is quickly approaching and one of the major additions is Advanced Matrix Extensions with its Linux support still being in the works.

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An Early Look At The GCC 12 Compiler Performance On AMD Zen 3

GCC 12 isn't seeing its stable release until around March~April as usual, but with feature development slowly wrapping up as approaching the next stage of development next month to focus on fixes, recently I wrapped up some preliminary benchmarks for how GCC 12.0 is currently performing against GCC 11.2 on an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X (Zen 3) system.

22 October 06:07 AM EDT - GNU - GCC 12.0 + Znver3 - 9 Comments

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