Intel M.2 Modem Driver "IOSM" Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.14

As part of Intel's new M.2 modem push for EVO laptops and Chromebooks, open-source Intel engineers have been working on "IOSM" as their new M.2 modem driver and this code which has been in the works for months is set to see its debut with the Linux 5.14 cycle.

7 Hours Ago - Intel - Intel M.2 Modem - 1 Comment
Google + Canonical Bring Ubuntu Pro To Google Cloud

At the end of 2019 "Ubuntu Pro" was announced as Ubuntu for Amazon's EC2 cloud with ten years of package updates/security, kernel livepatching, Canonical Landscape integration, and more. Google and Canonical are announcing today that Ubuntu Pro is now coming to Google Cloud.

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GCC 11 Compiler Performance Benchmarks With Various Optimization Levels, LTO

Given the recent forum discussion stemming from the -O3 optimization level still too unsafe for the Linux kernel (in part due to older, buggy compilers) and some users wondering about the current -O2 versus -O3 compiler optimization level impact, here is a fresh round of reference benchmarks using GCC 11.1 on Fedora Workstation 33 looking at various optimization levels and optimizations tested on dozens of different application benchmarks to see the overall impact on performance.

14 Hours Ago - Software - 17 Comments
ACPI Platform Runtime Mechanism Support Is Getting Underway For Linux

Platform Runtime Mechanism was incorporated into the ACPI 6.4 specification earlier this year and allows moving some system management interrupt (SMI) handlers out of the system management mode (SMM) "black box" and into the OS/VMM execution context. With Linux 5.14 initial work on ACPI Platform Runtime Mechanism is set to land.

15 Hours Ago - Hardware - ACPI PRM - 4 Comments
Another Intel Sandy/Ivy Bridge Motherboard Now Works For Coreboot (ASUS P8Z77-V)

While Intel engineers have been working on Alder Lake support for Coreboot as with other recent CPU generations that open-source firmware/BIOS support remains focused on their reference boards with a particular focus on meeting necessary requirements for Google Chromebook devices. Sadly, there is not much or any in the way of consumer retail motherboard support at this point. For those looking for retail desktop motherboard support for Coreboot, aside from the open-source POWER9 systems out of Raptor Computing, on the x86_64 front it largely means using aging Intel and AMD platforms.

17 Hours Ago - Coreboot - P8Z77-V - 5 Comments
Linux 5.14 Mainline Should Work With The Raspberry Pi 400

Launched last November was the Raspberry Pi 400 as a Raspberry Pi Keyboard Computer with effectively a Raspberry Pi 4 SBC embedded within the keyboard and attached to a large aluminum block for cooling. It's a great little device and beginning with Linux 5.14 looks like it should be playing fine with the mainline kernel.

17 Hours Ago - Hardware - Raspberry Pi 400 + Linux 5.14 - 5 Comments
Intel Publishes Latest TDX Support Patches For Linux

Last year Intel detailed Trust Domain Extensions (TDX) as a new means of better protecting virtual machines with hardware-assisted isolation between VMs as well as from the VMM/hypervisor. Shortly after that Intel began posting TDX enablement patches and that work has continued while is still ongoing.

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13 June

KWinFT Going Through Code Refactoring, Working On WLROOTS-Based Usage

Announced last year was KWinFT as a fork of KDE's KWin to focus on improving the Wayland support more rapidly and incorporating other modern technologies. KWinFT has been making progress on advancing its code-base while in recent months it was seemingly more quiet. However, it turns out KWinFT is alive and well and has been going through some code refactoring while preparing for the next wave of feature work.

13 June 01:30 PM EDT - KDE - KWinFT 2021 - 44 Comments
Linux 5.14 To Begin Enabling The Intel Graphics TTM Memory Management Bits for dGPUs

While a decade ago Intel's open-source Linux graphics driver engineers resisted TTM at the time and instead devised the Graphics Execution Manager (GEM) for kernel graphics memory management needs in its place, now with discrete graphics cards and dedicated video memory, Intel has been working on making use of TTM memory management for those purposes. With Linux 5.14 the initial bits are going to be there for using TTM by the Intel driver when running with discrete graphics having local memory.

13 June 07:07 AM EDT - Intel - Discrete Graphics - 3 Comments

12 June

Profile Guided Optimizations (PGO) Likely Coming To Linux 5.14 For Clang

Recently the mainline Linux kernel has seen a lot of improvements to its feature set when compiling it under LLVM's Clang rather than GCC as traditionally the only supported compiler. The most recent feature being brought to the Linux kernel when using Clang is finally allowing the use of compiler profile guided optimizations (PGO) for squeezing even greater performance out of the system by letting the compiler leverage the real-world profiles/metrics collected to make more informed code generation / optimization decisions.

12 June 01:00 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - Faster Kernel Performanc - 20 Comments
helloSystem 0.5 Released For macOS-Inspired FreeBSD Desktop

One of the most promising BSD-based desktop distributions in recent times has been helloSystem that wants to be the macOS of BSDs with a polished desktop experience. helloSystem has been making good progress towards their goals in recent months and this weekend now issued version 0.5.

12 June 07:17 AM EDT - BSD - helloSystem 0.5 - 33 Comments
Intel's ISPC Compiler Adds Alder Lake + Sapphire Rapids Support And Apple Arm Chips

On Friday afternoon Intel released a new version of their ISPC compiler, the Implicit SPMD Program Compiler, that supports a variant of the C programming language with extensions around single-program, multiple-data programming for CPU and GPU execution. Not only does this release prepare support for upcoming Intel CPUs but also adds support now for Apple's Arm processors.

12 June 07:05 AM EDT - Intel - Intel SPMD Program Compiler - 8 Comments

11 June

Intel Alder Lake Thunderbolt/USB4 Support For Linux 5.14

Intel's Linux engineers continue squaring away the next-generation Alder Lake hybrid processor support. In addition to continued graphics driver work and other platform device IDs being added for the upcoming Linux 5.14 kernel, it looks like ADL's Thunderbolt/USB4 support will be merged too.

11 June 04:21 PM EDT - Intel - Alder Lake Thunderbolt - 6 Comments
Linux Kernel Prepares For Intel Xeon CPUs With On-Package HBM Memory

Last year Intel's updated ISA extensions reference guide was updated with references to Xeon "Sapphire Rapids" having High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) given new HBM-related error codes. Now it's even more clear there are Xeon CPUs coming to market with onboard HBM memory as Intel has begun submitting Linux kernel driver changes.

11 June 01:32 PM EDT - Intel - Xeon + HBM - 26 Comments
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti / RTX 3080 Ti Compute + Renderer Performance Benchmarks

With last week's launch of the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and this week's launch of the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti there have been plenty of Linux gaming benchmarks on Phoronix. But for those interested in these new RTX 30 Ampere graphics cards for GPU compute or rendering workloads, in this article are many benchmarks on that front compared to various RTX 20 and RTX 30 series graphics cards.

11 June 09:00 AM EDT - Graphics Cards - 3 Comments
Real-Time Support "PREEMPT_RT" For Linux Held Up Due To Lack Of Funding

While there was kernel talk of merging the PREEMPT_RT code in 2020 for this real-time functionality for the Linux kernel, among other times in the past that has yet to happen. These "RT" patches have long been maintained out-of-tree but it turns out that while in the past it was seemingly close for merging, that effort has stalled for lack of funding.

11 June 07:00 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - PREEMPT_RT - 27 Comments
Old Motorola 68000 Systems Can Finally Move Away From Linux's Deprecated IDE Code

Earlier this year was talk of Linux finally removing its legacy IDE subsystem that has been deprecated for years in favor of just maintaining the still-supported libata code for IDE support. The libata path is much better supported and matured for nearly two decades, but one of the holdouts was some Motorola 68000 series hardware -- like early Macintosh computers -- not being supported outside of the legacy context. That is finally set to change with Linux 5.14 so in turn the legacy IDE code will likely be able to be removed soon.

11 June 12:00 AM EDT - Hardware - M68k Onto Libata - 21 Comments

10 June

Intel Reportedly Interested In Acquiring RISC-V Firm SiFive

Back in March during the announcement of Intel Foundry Services it was mentioned that SiFive and Intel were working together to allow RISC-V chips to be fabbed within Intel's facilities. Additionally, Intel Capital previously invested in SiFive during prior funding rounds. Now it turns out Intel is reportedly positioning to potentially acquire SiFive.

10 June 05:46 PM EDT - RISC-V - Intel Buying Out SiFive? - 48 Comments
System76 Launch - A Very Well Built, Highly Configurable, Open-Source Keyboard

Last month System76 launched their Launch Configurable Keyboard. They sent over this new open-source keyboard for some brief testing and I must say the build quality has been top notch and while this is their first keyboard they are bringing to market, with their US manufacturing expertise that began with their Thelio computer cases, it has carried forward with their Launch keyboard. This keyboard is beautifully crafted and among the most durable (and heaviest) keyboards I've used in the past two decades. It reminds me of the IBM Model M from a quality perspective but with its own unique advantages.

10 June 12:20 PM EDT - Peripherals - 45 Comments
Amazon Working On New Proactive Memory Reclamation For The Linux Kernel

For over a year Amazon engineers have been working on DAMON as a new means of monitoring data accesses under Linux. That patch series has yet to be mainlined but continues being worked on with the intention of getting it upstreamed when ready. More recently the engineers involved have been working on a DAMON-based page reclamation implementation for the Linux kernel in dealing proactively dealing with systems having high memory load.

10 June 07:00 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - DAMON-Based Page Reclamation - 9 Comments
GRUB 2.06 To Be Succeeded By... GRUB 2.11 Bootloader Next Year

Following this week's release of the big and long overdue GRUB 2.06 bootloader release, there is already development talk and action for the next release. Succeeding GRUB 2.0, GRUB 2.02, GRUB 2.04, and GRUB 2.06 is now going to be a bit of a version shakeup with GRUB 2.11 to be the next release.

10 June 05:16 AM EDT - GNU - 2.06 To 2.11 - 28 Comments
Intel Publishes A Bunch Of Code Samples For Helping To Optimize For Their Latest CPUs

Intel has maintained a lengthy "Optimization Reference Manual" for showing developers how to optimize code for their latest CPU microarchitectures, but accompanied by their latest manual update is now a lot of actual code samples for easing the process of learning about Intel's optimization techniques for taking full advantage of their latest processors.

10 June 01:00 AM EDT - Intel - Optimization Reference Manual Samples - 2 Comments

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