X.Org Could Use More Help Improving & Addressing Its Security

Those reading Phoronix over the years likely know the X.Org Server has had an increasing number of vulnerabilities come to light in recent times and statements by security researchers like the security being even worse than it looks. Given the age of the X.Org/X11 codebase and many components being rather unmaintained these days, the security situation isn't that great combined with a lack of manpower. The security topic was under the spotlight today at the XDC2021 conference.

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OpenZFS 2.1.1 Arrives As A Big Point Release

Following the big OpenZFS 2.1 release from July that brought Distributed SPARE RAID, a compatibility property for pools, and other new features, OpenZFS 2.1.1 is available today as a follow-up release for this open-source ZFS file-system implementation for Linux and FreeBSD systems.

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Running Linux 5.15-rc1 Causing A New Slowdown... Here's A Look

As usual when the Linux 5.15 merge window began wrapping up, I set out to dive into its performance to see what is in store for this next version of the kernel and whether there was any regressions or other performance changes worth noting. Linux 5.15 overall has been in good shape for the "-rc1" state except noticing that code compilation workloads were taking longer on multiple Linux 5.15-rc1-running systems than Linux 5.14 or prior. Seeing it across multiple systems and a very real-world regression, it was worth bisecting and looking closer so here are the details.

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Google Is Successfully Using The Open-Source Qualcomm GL/VLK Drivers On Chromebooks

It's been known that Google has been using the open-source "MSM" DRM/KMS driver on Qualcomm-powered devices that originally started out as a reverse-engineered driver project separate from the company. Now it's also been confirmed how Google is successfully using the open-source Mesa Freedreno OpenGL and TURNIP Vulkan drivers on Qualcomm-powered Chromebooks too.

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15 September

New Intel Tremont Optimizations Heading To The GCC Compiler

The GNU Compiler Collection has already supported Intel's Tremont cores as used by the low-power Jasper Lake platform. Now though coming to GCC are some optimizations to further enhance the performance when targeting the Tremont micro-architecture.

15 September 05:45 AM EDT - GNU - Faster Tremont / Jasper Lake - 2 Comments

14 September

NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Resizable BAR Support Continues Helping Performance On Linux

While NVIDIA has been supporting Resizable BAR for a while now with their GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards, for those exclusively using Linux it remains more of a challenge due to AIB partners generally not releasing any vBIOS updates for ReBAR support that can be easily applied under Linux. But if you do carry out an update -- such as under Windows -- the performance uplift can be worthwhile if using a game that can benefit from the support.

14 September 09:09 AM EDT - Display Drivers - 9 Comments

13 September

FUTEX2 System Call Updated To Work On ARM

While Linux 5.15 has many new features and improvements, one of the patch series we have been eager to see land is the work introducing the new FUTEX2 system call. FUTEX2 can help improve the performance of newer Windows games running on Linux via Wine / Steam Play's Proton by better matching the Windows kernel behavior, but while it didn't land for Linux 5.15, at least a new version of the patches were posted.

13 September 02:45 PM EDT - Linux Gaming - FUTEX2 For ARM - 9 Comments
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Tackling Support For More Games

After last month landing the Zink sub-allocator code for improved performance and also enabling OpenGL ES 3.2 support for Zink, lead developer Mike Blumenkrantz at Valve has been spending time this month working to get more games running on this OpenGL-over-Vulkan Mesa driver.

13 September 01:54 PM EDT - Mesa - Getting More Games Working - 8 Comments
Still-Pending AMD PSF Control Patch To Be Retailored For KVM

Of all the great stuff for AMD in Linux 5.15, one of the patches still not having yet been mainlined is the control support around Predictive Store Forwarding (PSF) with Zen 3 processors. It's been six months since AMD published their security whitepaper around PSF while the Linux patch has yet to be mainlined while now it seems will be updated for a reduced focus on KVM usage.

13 September 08:40 AM EDT - AMD - Predictive Store Forwarding - Add A Comment
Linux Developers Talk Again About An Accelerator Subsystem - Or Moving Them Into The GPU/DRM Area

On and off for years has been talk of an accelerator subsystem for the Linux kernel considering that for now most AI training/inference accelerator drivers end up lodged within the "char/misc" area of the kernel. That accelerator subsystem discussion has been restarted with talks of having such a subsystem or moving those drivers within the GPU/DRM subsystem space.

13 September 05:57 AM EDT - Linux Kernel - drivers/accel - 5 Comments

12 September

Linux 5.15 Is A Very Exciting Kernel For AMD

While working on my usual Linux kernel feature overview that summarizes the many articles over the past two weeks outlining all of the new features and changes merged, one area that particularly stands out for Linux 5.15 are all of AMD's upstream contributions that happened to make it in this kernel. There is a lot of new enablement on the AMD side -- both for CPUs and Radeon graphics -- but also improving existing hardware support.

12 September 02:00 PM EDT - AMD - Lots Of AMD Enablement - 39 Comments

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