Wine-Staging 5.12 Comes In Much Lighter With Many Patches Upstreamed

Wine-Staging at one point was traditionally 800+ testing/experimental patches on top of the upstream Wine code-base, even as recently as March when it was 850+ patches. Thanks to more work being upstreamed, last month it hit just over 700 patches and now with today's release of Wine-Staging 5.12 it represents a delta of just 665 patches.

12 Hours Ago - WINE - Wine-Staging - 2 Comments
Firefox 80 To Support VA-API Acceleration On X11

While recent Firefox releases have seen VA-API video acceleration working when running natively under Wayland, the Firefox 80 release later this summer will bring VA-API support by default to those running on a conventional X.Org Server.

20 Hours Ago - Mozilla - Firefox 80 + VA-API + X11 - 43 Comments

3 July

XFS / EXT4 / Btrfs / F2FS / NILFS2 Performance On Linux 5.8

Given the reignited discussions this week over Btrfs file-system performance stemming from a proposal to switch Fedora on the desktop to using Btrfs, here are some fresh benchmarks of not only Btrfs but alongside XFS, EXT4, F2FS, and for kicks NILFS2 was also tossed into the mix for these mainline file-system tests off the in-development Linux 5.8 kernel.

3 July 10:00 AM EDT - Storage - 52 Comments
Mesa CI Optimization Could Provide Big Bandwidth Savings

You may recall that earlier this year X.Org/ may have to cut CI services for developers over the cloud expenses associated with that continuous integration service for the likes of Mesa, the X.Org Server, and other components. CI usage was leading to a lot of bandwidth consumption so much so that the X.Org Foundation is facing potential ~70k USD cloud costs this year largely from their continuous integration setup.

3 July 07:16 AM EDT - Mesa - Mesa Cost Savings - 18 Comments
Ubuntu 20.10 Moving Ahead In Restricting Access To dmesg

Following the discussions last month over restricting access to dmesg / kernel logs on Ubuntu in matching the behavior of other Linux distributions for better security practices, Ubuntu 20.10 indeed is moving forward with these plans where dmesg access would require root privileges.

3 July 01:18 AM EDT - Ubuntu - dmesg Needs Root - 21 Comments

2 July

Intel AMX Support Begins Landing In LLVM

Following Intel publishing the initial Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX) documentation at the end of June, the open-source/Linux bring-up has continued for these new CPU instruction set extensions set to premiere with Sapphire Rapids next year.

2 July 11:49 AM EDT - Intel - Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions - Add A Comment
LLVMpipe Gallium3D Driver Now Exposes OpenGL 4.0

The LLVMpipe Gallium3D driver that provides a software/CPU-based OpenGL implementation for running on systems as a fallback path when no GPU / hardware OpenGL driver is available, a vendor-neutral path for debug purposes, and similar use-cases, now has OpenGL 4.0 support.

2 July 07:16 AM EDT - Mesa - OpenGL 4.0 For LLVMpipe - 21 Comments

1 July

The Dark Mod 2.08 Released As One Of The Few Games Powered By Open-Source id Tech 4

There is finally a new release out of The Dark Mod, the original total conversion mod for Doom 3 that transformed into its own standalone game powered by the open-source id Tech 4 engine. This remains the lone flagship example of the open-source id Tech 4 game engine in action by the community (besides the DHEWM3 / RBDOOM-3-BFG engine work) with ioDoom3 having never taken off like ioquake3.

1 July 11:31 AM EDT - Linux Gaming - The Dark Mod 2.08 - 5 Comments

30 June

Fedora Looks To Introduce The Storage Instantiation Daemon

As one of the last minute change proposals for Fedora 33 is to introduce the Red Hat backed Storage Instantiation Daemon "SID" though at least for this first release would be off by default. The Storage Instantiation Daemon is one of the latest storage efforts being worked on by Red Hat engineers.

30 June 04:09 PM EDT - Fedora - Fedora SID - 4 Comments
Fedora Looking To Offer Better Upstream Solution For Hiding/Showing GRUB Menu

Fedora for the past few releases doesn't show the GRUB boot-loader menu by default when only Fedora is installed on the system as there is little purpose for most users and it just interrupts the boot flow. But for those wanting to access the GRUB bootloader menu on reboot, they offer integration in GNOME to easily reboot into this menu. The other exception is the menu will be shown if the previous boot failed. This functionality has relied on downstream patches but now they are working towards a better upstream solution.

30 June 12:01 AM EDT - Fedora - Boot Menu Toggling - 46 Comments

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