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AMX Linux News

11 Features That Didn't Make It In 2020 For Linux 5.11   Linux Kernel   02 Jan 2021
Intel Sends Out Latest AMX Support For The Linux...   Intel   28 Dec 2020
Intel AMX Programming Model Lands In LLVM Compiler   Intel   10 Dec 2020
LLVM Clang 12 Adds Support For AVX-VNNI   LLVM   31 Oct 2020
GCC 11 Ending Feature Development In One Month   GNU   16 Oct 2020
Easier CPU/GPU Comparisons On,...   Phoronix Test Suite   04 Oct 2020
Intel Discloses New CPU Instructions, Enhanced...   Intel   03 Oct 2020
Intel Prepares Linux Kernel Support For Advanced...   Intel   02 Oct 2020
LLVM 11.0-RC3 Released For This Big LLVM/Clang Update   LLVM   22 Sep 2020
Intel Sapphire Rapids Target Added To LLVM/Clang 12.0   LLVM   01 Sep 2020
Intel Continues Readying Linux/Open-Source For AMX,...   Intel   16 Aug 2020
LLVM 11 Feature Development Is Over With Many Changes   LLVM   15 Jul 2020
Intel AMX Support Lands In The GNU Assembler   Intel   12 Jul 2020
GCC 11 Compiler Lands Intel Sapphire Rapids + Alder...   Intel   10 Jul 2020
GCC Compiler Support Posted For Intel AMX   Intel   06 Jul 2020
Intel AMX Support Begins Landing In LLVM   Intel   02 Jul 2020
Intel Begins Volleying Open-Source Patches Around...   Intel   27 Jun 2020
OpenSUSE On ARM Hits Release Candidate Stage   SUSE   01 Oct 2012
Google To Go After Go-One In GCC 4.7 Compiler   Google   14 Jan 2012