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SteamOS 3.5 Delivering Some Decent Performance Gains For The Steam Deck   Operating Systems   2023-09-18
Linux 5.12 Features Intel Xe VRR, Nintendo 64 Port + Clang LTO + Much More   Software   2021-02-28

VRR Linux & Open-Source News

KDE Plasma 6.1 Beta Released With Wayland Explicit Sync, Input Capture Portal & More   KDE   2024-05-24
GNOME 47 Aims For Release On 18 September   GNOME   2024-05-16
KDE Making Good Progress On HDR, Better Gamescope Integration   KDE   2024-05-11
Ubuntu Isn't Yet Recommending GNOME's VRR Option   Ubuntu   2024-04-29
Niri 0.1.5 Scrollable-Tiling Wayland Compositor Adds New Animations   Wayland   2024-04-20
GNOME 46 Released With Improved Search, Experimental VRR & More Polish   GNOME   2024-03-20
Awesome Changes Coming With Linux 6.9: Lots From Intel/AMD, FUSE Passthrough & More Rust   Linux Kernel   2024-03-10
GNOME 46 Release Candidate Rolls Out Last Minute Fixes, VRR & Other Refinements   GNOME   2024-03-09
GNOME Shell & Mutter 46 RC Brings Modifier-Aware Screencasting, VRR & X.Org Sync Fix   GNOME   2024-03-03
Mutter Merges Experimental Variable Refresh Rate For GNOME 46   GNOME   2024-03-02
AMD FreeSync Video Facing Retirement In Linux 6.9   Radeon   2024-03-02
Experimental VRR Support Might Still Land For GNOME 46   GNOME   2024-03-01
GNOME Makes Progress On GPU-Accelerated Screencasting, systemd-homed Home Encryption   GNOME   2024-02-25
Intel Linux Graphics Driver Wrapping Up Adaptive Sync SDP Support   Intel   2024-02-19
Linux Developers To Meet Again To Work On HDR, Color Management & VRR   Hardware   2024-02-18
New GNOME Mutter Code Prepares Fractional Scaling For XWayland   GNOME   2024-02-16
GNOME Mutter 46 Beta A Win For Gamers & VM Users, Other Last Minute Changes Too   GNOME   2024-02-11
Variable Refresh Rate "VRR" Support Comes Down To The Wire For GNOME 46   GNOME   2024-02-10
GNOME Sees Progress On Variable Refresh Rate Setting, Adding Battery Charge Control   GNOME   2024-01-28
GNOME's Variable Refresh Rate "VRR" Support Continues Coming Together   GNOME   2024-01-06
Nobara 39 Released - Customized Version Of Fedora Catering To Gamers/Enthusiasts   Fedora   2023-12-26
SteamOS 3.5.5 Released To Stable With Steam Deck OLED Support & Many Other Changes   Valve   2023-11-16
Intel Lunar Lake Graphics Introducing "CMRR" Adaptive VRR Feature   Intel   2023-11-15
NVIDIA 545.29.02 Linux Driver Released With Much Better Wayland Support   NVIDIA   2023-10-31
NVIDIA R545 Linux Beta Driver Brings HDMI Deep Color, Night Color & FB Consoles   NVIDIA   2023-10-17
Raspberry Pi 5, Steam Deck & New AMD CPUs Dominated Q3   Phoronix   2023-09-30
Linux 6.7 To Support New Intel DG2-G12 Stepping, More Raptor Lake IDs   Intel   2023-09-29
SteamOS 3.5 Rolls Out In Preview On The Steam Deck With Many New Features   Valve   2023-09-15
NVIDIA 535.98 Linux Driver Released With Several Fixes   NVIDIA   2023-08-08
NVIDIA 535.86.05 Linux Driver Fixes Excessive Memory Use, Kernel Panic On Full vRAM   NVIDIA   2023-07-18
Many Intel & AMD Graphics Driver Updates For Linux 6.5: Intel VRR, More MTL, RDNA3 Overclocking   Linux Kernel   2023-06-29
Linux 6.5 Features Expected: Parallel CPU Bring-Up, Intel Shadow Stack, MIDI 2.0 & More   Linux Kernel   2023-06-25
GNOME Lands Nice Optimization For Wayland Gaming   GNOME   2023-06-23
Linux 6.5 To Add HuC Loading Support For Intel Meteor Lake   Intel   2023-06-09
Intel Continues Prepping Meteor Lake Graphics On Linux, Adds VRR eDP Support   Intel   2023-06-05
Red Hat's HDR Hackfest Sounds Like It Was A Success   Desktop   2023-05-01
Linux Fix On The Way For A Scheduler Imbalance Overflow Issue   Linux Kernel   2023-04-16
Red Hat's Display/HDR Hackfest Scheduled For April   Red Hat   2023-02-03
Red Hat Planning A Hackfest To Further Advance HDR Support On The Linux Desktop   Desktop   2023-01-04
GNOME's Mutter Variable Rate Refresh Support Closer To Being Merged   GNOME   2022-06-07
VESA Launches Compliance Test Specification For AdaptiveSync, MediaSync Displays   Standards   2022-05-02
The Most Interesting New Features Of Linux 5.17 - Intel & AMD Continue With Big Changes   Linux Kernel   2022-03-10
Mesa 22.0 Released With Vulkan 1.3, Many Open-Source Intel & AMD Driver Improvements   Mesa   2022-03-09
AMD Enabling FreeSync Video Mode By Default With Linux 5.18, Merging AMDKFD CRIU   Radeon   2022-02-13
Mesa 22.0-rc1 Released With Many Radeon & Intel Linux GPU Driver Features, Vulkan 1.3   Mesa   2022-02-02
Intel's Many Improvements In Linux 5.17 From Starting Raptor Lake Enablement To PFRUT   Intel   2022-01-30
Linux 5.17 To Bring AMD P-State, Many AMD & Intel Improvements, New Optimizations   Linux Kernel   2022-01-08
Linux 5.17 GPU Updates: Raptor Lake, ADL-P Stable, Raspberry Pi 4K@60, AMD Seamless Boot   Linux Kernel   2022-01-07
Mesa 22.0 Intel OpenGL/Vulkan Drivers Enable Adaptive-Sync/VRR   Intel   2022-01-02
Recapping Intel's Open-Source/Linux Achievements For 2021   Intel   2021-12-30
Intel Prepares More DG2 + XeHP Bits For Linux 5.17   Intel   2021-12-24
Latest Linux 5.17 Graphics Drivers: "Every Single Patchset In This PR Is Awesome"   Linux Kernel   2021-12-16
Intel Raptor Lake S Graphics Ready For Linux 5.17, Alder Lake P Now Considered Stable   Intel   2021-12-15
Linux 5.17 Intel Graphics Driver Update Fixes Hangs, More Discrete vRAM Preparations   Intel   2021-12-10
AMD Readies New Radeon Driver Code For Linux 5.17: STB, Seamless Boot For Van Gogh   Radeon   2021-12-02
Linux 5.17 To Finally Enable Variable Rate Refresh For Intel Ice Lake   Intel   2021-12-01
Arcan 0.6.1 Released With More Features Added To This Open-Source Display Stack   Desktop   2021-11-23
NVIDIA 470.86 Linux Driver Released With VRR/G-SYNC Fix   NVIDIA   2021-11-10
X.Org Server 21.1 Released With Variable Rate Refresh In Modesetting Driver, Other Work   X.Org   2021-10-27
X.Org Server 21.1 RC2 Brings Fix For Mixed VRR/Non-VRR Multi-Monitor Setups   X.Org   2021-10-14
X.Org Modesetting Driver Will Now Better Handle Multi-Montior Mixed-VRR Setups   X.Org   2021-10-08
X.Org Server 21.1 RC1 Released With VRR Support For Modesetting Driver, Other Features   X.Org   2021-09-21
The Most Popular Intel Linux/Open-Source News From H1'2021   Intel   2021-07-08
KDE Plasma 5.22 Released With Much Better Wayland Support, Usability Enhancements   KDE   2021-06-08
Wayland-Protocols 1.21 Released With XDG_Activation, Staging Replaces Unstable   Wayland   2021-05-03
Linux 5.12 Released With Intel Xe Variable Rate Refresh, Clang LTO, KFENCE + More   Linux Kernel   2021-04-25
The 12 Most Interesting Changes Of Linux 5.12 - PS5, N64, Intel VRR, RDNA2 OverDrive   Linux Kernel   2021-04-15
AMD Sends In Aldebaran, FreeSync HDMI, Other Graphics Changes For Linux 5.13   Radeon   2021-03-20
Intel Sends Out New Linux Driver Patches For "XE_LPD" v13 Display Hardware   Intel   2021-03-11
More Open-Source Adreno 500 Series Support, A6xx Speedbin Sent In For Linux 5.12   Linux Kernel   2021-02-26
VRR, Lower Latency Likely Coming For KDE's KWin Wayland Compositor   KDE   2021-02-22
VRR For Intel Xe Graphics, Radeon RX 6000 Series Overclocking With Linux 5.12   Linux Kernel   2021-02-19
There Are Big Changes On The Horizon With Linux 5.12   Linux Kernel   2021-02-14
AMD FreeSync HDMI Patch Appearing For Their Open-Source Linux Driver   Radeon   2021-01-30
Linux 5.12 Bringing VRR / Adaptive-Sync For Intel TIger Lake / Xe Graphics   Intel   2021-01-27
Panfrost Gallium3D Flips On AFBC For Bifrost GPUs   Mesa   2021-01-06
Intel Sends Linux Kernel Patches For VRR / Adaptive-Sync Enablement   Intel   2020-10-22
Intel Lands Adaptive-Sync/VRR Into Modesetting X.Org Driver   Intel   2020-09-08
Radeon's AMDVLK Driver Does Support FreeSync/VRR But The Option Isn't Widely Known   Radeon   2020-08-20
Open-Source GPU Driver Updates Sent In For Linux 5.9 From Sienna Cichlid To Rocket Lake   Linux Kernel   2020-08-06
Sway 1.5 Wayland Compositor Released With Adaptive-Sync/VRR, New Protocols   Wayland   2020-07-16
DRM Scheduler Improvement, New Epoch Counter, Other DRM Work For Linux 5.9   Linux Kernel   2020-07-05
Linux 5.9 To Expose Adaptive-Sync / VRR Range Via DebugFS   X.Org   2020-06-26
Sway 1.5-RC1 Wayland Compositor Brings VRR / Adaptive-Sync, New Protocol Support   Wayland   2020-06-25
Intel Developer Posts Latest Patch For Variable Refresh Rate Within X.Org Modesetting   X.Org   2020-06-11
Adaptive-Sync/VRR Seeing Port To xf86-video-modesetting Driver   X.Org   2020-05-25
GNOME's Mutter Working On Variable Refresh Rate Support (VRR / Adaptive-Sync / FreeSync)   GNOME   2020-03-31
Intel Tiger Lake VRR Support Being Worked On For Linux, More PCI IDs Introduced   Intel   2020-03-20
Sway Wayland Compositor Seeing Adaptive-Sync/VRR Support   Wayland   2020-03-04
Virtual KMS Driver To Work On Virtual Refresh Rate Support (FreeSync)   X.Org   2019-11-10
NVIDIA 440.31 Linux Driver Adds HDMI 2.1 VRR Support, VP9 Decode, DXVK Fixes   NVIDIA   2019-11-04
NVIDIA 440.26 Beta Linux Driver Brings HDMI 2.1 VRR, VP9 VDPAU Decode + Much More   NVIDIA   2019-10-17
It Looks Like HDMI FreeSync/VRR For Linux + Wayland Support Will Eventually Come For AMD   AMD   2019-10-04
Valve's ACO Compiler, Zink, FreeSync & Other Topics To Be Talked About At XDC 2019   X.Org   2019-08-06
Arm's Komeda Driver Adding Variable Refresh Rate Support   Arm   2019-07-05
AMD's FreeSync Linux Code Continues To Be Improved Upon For Low Frame-Rate Scenarios   Radeon   2019-04-26
Mesa 19.1 Likely To See Radeon "RADV" Vulkan FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync Support   Mesa   2019-04-17
AMDGPU Has FreeSync Improvements & PowerPlay Fixes For Linux 5.2   Radeon   2019-04-11
FreeSync Support For RADV Vulkan Driver Blocked By Lack Of Config System   Radeon   2019-04-08
More AMD FreeSync Patches Likely Coming To Linux 5.2   Radeon   2019-03-23
Interested In FreeSync With The RADV Vulkan Driver? Testing Help Is Needed   Radeon   2019-03-18
xf86-video-amdgpu 19.0 Brings FreeSync VRR Bit, TearFree Fixes   Radeon   2019-03-06
Enabling AMD Radeon FreeSync On Linux 5.0   Radeon   2019-03-04
AMDGPU FreeSync Has A Last Minute Fix To Help Prevent Stuttering For Linux 5.0   Radeon   2019-02-27
The Most Interesting Highlights To The Linux 5.0 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2019-02-22
AMDGPU Has Late Fixes For Linux 5.0: Golden Register Update For Vega 20, Display Fixes   Radeon   2019-02-21
No Surprise But Intel Linux Developers Are Working Towards Adaptive-Sync Support   Intel   2019-02-14
Linux 5.0-rc6 Released - Still On Track For A Normal Release   Linux Kernel   2019-02-10
AMDGPU Fixes For Linux 5.0 Include FreeSync/VRR Properties For eDP Displays   Radeon   2019-02-06
Mesa 19.0-RC1 Released With FreeSync Bits, Soft FP64, Many Vulkan Improvements   Mesa   2019-01-30
AMDGPU Kernel Driver Is Working Out Well On Linux 5.0   Radeon   2019-01-22
AMDGPU Changes Begin Queuing Ahead Of Linux 5.1 Kernel Cycle   Radeon   2019-01-16
Intel Developer Working On Adding HDR Display Support To Wayland / Weston   Wayland   2019-01-10
Mesa RadeonSI Lands FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync Support That Pair With Linux 4.21   Radeon   2018-12-28
The Most Popular AMD/Radeon Linux News Of 2018   AMD   2018-12-26
FreeSync Support Lands In Linux 4.21 With Other DRM Updates In Christmas Day Merge   Linux Kernel   2018-12-26
Linux Is Already In Good Shape For The New Features Of Intel Gen11 Graphics & Icelake   Intel   2018-12-12
Linux 4.21 Is Sure To Be Another Exciting Kernel Upgrade: FreeSync, Adiantum & More   Linux Kernel   2018-12-02
AMDGPU Linux 4.21 Changes Queued With FreeSync, DC ABM, KFD Compute For Vega12/Polaris12   Radeon   2018-12-01
AMDGPU FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync Is Set To Land For Linux 4.21   Radeon   2018-11-30
Mesa 18.3 Gets A Release Date Towards The End Of November   Mesa   2018-10-23
AMD FreeSync 2 HDR Coming To The Linux Kernel In 2019   Radeon   2018-10-21
A Look At The Many Features On The Table For The Upcoming Linux 4.20~5.0 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2018-10-20
AMD Posts Latest Open-Source Linux Patches For FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync / VRR   Radeon   2018-10-11
The Great Work In DRM-Next: More Icelake, Vega 20, xGMI & Other Additions   Linux Kernel   2018-10-07
Vega 20 Compute Driver Support, Picasso DPG Added To Linux 4.20~5.0 Queue   Radeon   2018-09-28
AMD Posts Updated Mesa Patches For Variable Refresh Rate (FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync)   Radeon   2018-09-24
AMD Sends Out Initial Open-Source Linux Graphics Support For "Picasso" APUs   Radeon   2018-09-12
AMD Finally Rolls Out New Linux Patches For Adaptive-Sync / VRR (FreeSync)   Radeon   2018-09-11
Features That Didn't Make It For The Mainline Linux 4.18 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2018-06-17
Finally A Discussion Is Back Concerning FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync / VRR DRM Support   Radeon   2018-04-10
HDMI 2.1 Specification Brings 4K@120Hz / 8K@60Hz   Hardware   2017-11-28
Fedora's Yum Could Soon See Retirement   Fedora   2017-09-02
HDMI 2.1 Announced: Looking Ahead To Dynamic HDR, 8K@60Hz, Variable Refresh Rate   Standards   2017-01-04
Intel's Braswell NUC Trips On Fedora 22 But Runs Fine On Ubuntu 15.04   Intel   2015-07-15
The Intel NUC5CPYH / Braswell Is Finally Shipping   Intel   2015-07-12