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Radeon RX 7900 Articles & Reviews

AMD Radeon RX 7900 GRE Linux Performance   Graphics Cards   2024-02-26
AMD Radeon RX 7600 Linux Performance   Graphics Cards   2023-05-24
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 / RTX 4090 Linux Performance   Graphics Cards   2023-02-16
Blender 3.4 HIP Performance With Radeon RX 7900 Series + RDNA3 OpenCL Compute Benchmarks   Graphics Cards   2022-12-15
AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX + RX 7900 XT Linux Support & Performance   Graphics Cards   2022-12-12
AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX & RX 7900 XT Arrive For Linux Testing   Graphics Cards   2022-12-08
AMD Reveals More Details Around The Radeon RX 7900 Series / RDNA3   Graphics Cards   2022-11-14
AMD Announces Radeon RX 7900 XTX / RX 7900 XT Graphics Cards - Linux Driver Support Expectations   Graphics Cards   2022-11-03

Radeon RX 7900 Linux & Open-Source News

Radeon Software For Linux 24.10.3 With ROCm 6.1.3   Radeon   2024-06-19
AMD Publishes Micro Engine Scheduler "MES" Firmware Documentation   Radeon   2024-05-09
RADV Lands New Extension To Better Debug GPU Hangs   Mesa   2024-04-03
CUDA On ROCm, Ryzen 8000G Series & Rust Activity Made For An Exciting February   Phoronix   2024-03-01
Radeon Software for Linux 23.40.2 Adds Support For Dual RX 7900 / W7800 / W7900 GPUs   Radeon   2024-02-15
AMD Certifies PRO W7800 & RX 7900 GRE For ROCm, Officially Adds ONNX Runtime   Radeon   2024-02-15
Open-Source Radeon Vulkan Driver Improvement Scores Huge Ray-Tracing Wins   Mesa   2024-01-05
AMD CPU Use By Linux Gamers At ~70%, AMD openSIL, & AMD Laptops Topped 2023   AMD   2024-01-01
Raspberry Pi 5 & New AMD Ryzen CPUs Excited Linux Readers The Most In 2023   Phoronix   2023-12-27
ASRock Launches AI QuickSet Software For Linux   Hardware   2023-12-22
AMD ROCm 6.0 Now Available To Download With MI300 Support, PyTorch FP8 & More AI   Radeon   2023-12-15
AMD Extends PyTorch + ROCm Support To The Radeon RX 7900 XT   Radeon   2023-11-21
AMD Introduces Radeon RX 7900M Laptop Graphics   Radeon   2023-10-19
AMD ROCm + PyTorch Now Supported With The Radeon RX 7900 XTX   Radeon   2023-10-16
AMD RDNA3 Vulkan Ray-Tracing Performance Is Now Usable With Ubuntu 23.10   Radeon   2023-10-12
Mesa 23.3 Will Enable More Efficient MSAA Anti-Aliasing Use With Radeon RDNA3 GPUs   Mesa   2023-10-03
Mesa 23.3 Restores DCC With Mipmaps Performance Optimization For AMD RDNA3 GPUs   Valve   2023-10-01
AMD Linux Gaming Performance Largely Unchanged With Linux 6.6 Git   Linux Gaming   2023-09-16
Linux 6.6 Graphics Drivers: NVK uAPI, New AMD GPUs, More Meteor Lake, CI Support   Linux Kernel   2023-08-31
Firefox 117 Beta 8 vs. Google Chrome 116 Linux Browser Performance   Free Software   2023-08-18
AMD FreeSync Panel Replay Ready For Linux 6.6, Next-Gen GPU Enablement Started   Radeon   2023-08-12
AMD Linux Graphics No Longer Unusable For Blender Developers: 251 To 9 Seconds Speed-Up   Mesa   2023-07-25
What's Excited Open-Source Enthusiasts & Linux Users The Most So Far In 2023   Phoronix   2023-06-30
AMD Bringing ROCm To More RDNA3 GPUs Later This Year   Radeon   2023-06-29
AMD Wires Up OverDrive Overclocking For Newer RDNA3 GPUs On Linux   Radeon   2023-06-01
AMD RX 7600, Intel X86-S & Other Exciting Linux/Open-Source News From May   Phoronix   2023-06-01
AMD ROCm 5.5 Released With RDNA3 Improvements, Many Changes   Radeon   2023-05-02
AMD ROCm 5.5 In The Process Of Being Released   Radeon   2023-05-01
RadeonSI Change Allows For Balancing RDNA3 Video Transcoding Between Multiple Engines   Mesa   2023-04-17
AMD Squeezes In AMDGPU Fixes, FPO/FAMS Display Power Savings For Linux 6.4   Radeon   2023-04-16
New AMD Ryzen CPUs, Intel Sapphire Rapids, Rust Adoption & More In Q1   Phoronix   2023-03-31
AMD Sends Out Patches For Enabling New Graphics IP Blocks (NBIO 7.9, GMC 9.4.3)   Radeon   2023-03-25
Firmware Assisted Shadowing Code Posted For AMD RDNA3 - Needed For SR-IOV   Radeon   2023-03-17
Fedora Workstation 38 Is Shaping Up To Be Another Fantastic Release   Fedora   2023-03-15
RADV Enables Variable Rate Shading For RDNA3, RadeonSI Lands More Fixes   Radeon   2023-03-08
Linux 6.2, Linux 6.3 Developments, KDE Plasma 5.27 & More Made For An Exciting Month   Phoronix   2023-02-28
Many Radeon RX 7000 Series "RDNA3" Fixes Land In Mesa 23.1   Radeon   2023-02-25
Mesa 23.0 Released With Many Changes For Open-Source Radeon & Intel Graphics Drivers   Mesa   2023-02-23
AMDVLK 2023.Q1.2 Vulkan Driver Released With Fixes, New Extension   Radeon   2023-02-20
Many Small Updates To The Radeon RX 7000 Series / AMD RDNA3 Support Land In Mesa   Radeon   2023-02-03
Mesa 23.0-rc4 Released Due To Blocker Bugs   Mesa   2023-02-02
AMD Sends In More RDNA3 Graphics Driver Fixes For Linux 6.3   Radeon   2023-01-28
AMD Publishes New Firmware Binaries For Upcoming Hardware   AMD   2023-01-25
Mesa 23.0-rc1 Released For Testing With Many Intel & AMD Improvements   Mesa   2023-01-14
Mesa 23.0 Feature Development Ends With Many Vulkan Additions   Mesa   2023-01-12
AMD Sends In Radeon RX 7000 Series Fixes For Linux 6.2   Radeon   2023-01-12
AMD RDNA3 ISA Reference Guide Published   Radeon   2023-01-11
AMD Begins Sending In "New Stuff" For Their Graphics Driver With Linux 6.3   Radeon   2023-01-08
Radeon RX 7900 XT/XTX, EPYC Genoa & Linux 6.2 Developments Made For An Exciting Month   Phoronix   2023-01-01
AMD Continued Its Great Linux Embrace In 2022 With Better Launch-Day Support + Optimizations   AMD   2022-12-31
AMD Zen 4, Apple Silicon, Intel Arc Graphics & More Excited Linux Users This Year   Phoronix   2022-12-30
AMD Improving The Linux Experience When Running New GPUs Without Proper Driver Support   AMD   2022-12-23
Radeon ROCm 5.4.1 Released   Radeon   2022-12-15
AMDVLK 2022.Q4.4 Released With RX 7900 Series Support   Radeon   2022-12-15
AMD Radeon RX 7900 Series Firmware Upstreamed   Radeon   2022-12-14
Radeon Software For Linux 22.40 Driver Released With RX 7900 Series Support   Radeon   2022-12-13
AMDVLK 2022.Q4.3 Vulkan Driver Released With More Performance Tuning   Radeon   2022-12-09
AMD EPYC Genoa, Linux 6.1 & Rust Efforts Excited Linux Users In November   Phoronix   2022-12-01
Mesa 22.3 Released With RDNA3 Vulkan, Rusticl OpenCL, Better Intel Arc Graphics   Mesa   2022-11-30
AMD ROCm 5.4 Released With HIP Improvements   Radeon   2022-11-30
AMD Software: PRO Edition 22.Q4 for Linux Released   AMD   2022-11-28
Mesa 22.3-rc4 Brings Many Fixes, Official Release Now Expected Next Week   Mesa   2022-11-24
AMD Releases Radeon ROCm 5.3.3   Radeon   2022-11-18
AMD Makes More Updates Around New Radeon GPU Driver Code In Linux 6.2   Radeon   2022-11-12
Radeon ROCm 5.3.2 Released With A Few Fixes   Radeon   2022-11-10
Mesa 22.3-rc2 Released With A Few AMD RDNA3 Fixes, V3DV Fixes For Raspberry Pi   Mesa   2022-11-09
Some AMD RDNA3 Fixes Land In Mesa Git Ahead Of December's Radeon RX 7900 Series Launch   Radeon   2022-11-07
Linux 6.2 AMDGPU Driver Gets Newer GPUs Working On Arm, SR-IOV Fixes For RDNA3/GFX11   Radeon   2022-11-05