FOSDEM is the Free Open-Source Developers' European Meeting that happens every February in Belgium for open-source and Linux/BSD enthusiasts.

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FOSDEM Articles & Reviews

An Open-Source, Reverse-Engineered Mali GPU Driver   Display Drivers   2012-01-21
Cleaning Up The Linux Graphics Driver Stack   Display Drivers   2010-02-07
How To Reverse Engineer A Motherboard BIOS   Motherboards   2010-02-06
Nouveau Companion 43   Display Drivers   2009-03-19
Embedding A Code Compiler With GPU Drivers   Display Drivers   2009-02-14
Intel On Rebuilding The X.Org Linux Desktop   Display Drivers   2009-02-09
RandR 1.3 Explained, Demonstrated   Display Drivers   2009-02-08
Keith Packard Talks X.Org At OSCON 2008   Events   2008-07-23
AMD Releases R300 3D Register Guide   Display Drivers   2008-03-14
Nouveau Companion 36   Display Drivers   2008-03-05
Extending Ubuntu's Battery Life   Operating Systems   2008-02-29
Gallium3D Status Update Q1'08   Display Drivers   2008-02-24
ATI/AMD's Open-Source Plans   Display Drivers   2008-02-23
Nouveau Companion 35   Display Drivers   2008-02-14

FOSDEM Linux & Open-Source News

Ubuntu 22.10 Adds Debuginfod Integration   Ubuntu   2022-09-12
LLVM Adds An HTTP Server For Debuginfod   LLVM   2022-07-11
Steam Deck, GNOME 42 Advancements & AMD Linux Updates Excited Readers In February   Phoronix   2022-03-01
Raspberry Pi's Vulkan Driver Likely To See Better Performance This Year   Mesa   2022-02-14
Researcher Talks Of Possible CPU Security Mitigations With No Performance Cost   Linux Security   2022-02-11
DirectFB2 Is Modernizing DirectFB With Meson, Modularizing The Sources   Desktop   2022-02-10
GRUB 2.12 Planned For Release This Year, Continues Improving Boot Security   Free Software   2022-02-10
Europe's AMD-Powered LUMI Supercomputer Continues With Code Porting, Open-Source Tuning   AMD   2022-02-09
Qualcomm Open-Source Vulkan Driver Aims To Run More Windows Games Via Wine / Proton   Mesa   2022-02-09
Chimera Linux Pushes Ahead For FreeBSD User-Space Atop Linux, Built Using LLVM   Operating Systems   2022-02-08
OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 Released With Completed Arm 64-bit Port, Sticks To Using LLVM   Operating Systems   2022-02-07
FEX-Emu Is Working On Speedy x86/x86_64 Games Support On AArch64, Including Proton   Linux Gaming   2022-02-06
GNU/Hurd Continues Effort To Use NetBSD's Drivers For Better Hardware Support   GNU   2022-02-06
The Less Than Ideal State Of AMD Open-Source Firmware Support In 2022   AMD   2022-02-05
FOSDEM 2022 Is Happening Online This Weekend   Linux Events   2022-02-05
Arch Linux Now Provides Debug Packages, Debuginfod Integration   Arch Linux   2022-02-03
DirectFB2 Aims To Resurrect DirectFB For Embedded Systems   Free Software   2022-01-27
Btrfs Set To Land Support For IDMAPPED Mounts In Linux 5.15   Linux Storage   2021-08-12
Fedora 35 Looking To Make Use Of Debuginfod By Default   Fedora   2021-04-08
Box86 Continues Quest For Running x86 Linux Programs On ARM, Other Archs   Free Software   2021-03-28
helloSystem, System76 Keyboard + Linux 5.11/5.12 Captivated Users In February   Phoronix   2021-03-01
Void Linux Has Been Working To Deliver Great POWER Support   Operating Systems   2021-02-27
Compute Express Link 2.0 Support Sent In For Linux 5.12, Enabling CXL 2.0 Memory Devices   Hardware   2021-02-24
Ampere Making Progress On Open-Source Firmware For Their CPUs/Platform   Free Software   2021-02-24
Debian Launches A Debuginfod Server For Smoother Debugging Experience   Debian   2021-02-24
The State Of ROCm For HPC In Early 2021 With CUDA Porting Via HIP, Rewriting With OpenMP   AMD   2021-02-21
Facebook's Linux Desktop Choice Is Fedora But Ramping Up CentOS Stream   Fedora   2021-02-14
helloSystem Releases New ISOs For This macOS-Inspired BSD Desktop OS   BSD   2021-02-14
Mercurial Revision Control System Continues Rust'ing For Better Performance   Programming   2021-02-11
GRUB 2.06 Should Be Released This Year, Cooperation Increasing With Distro Vendors   GNU   2021-02-10
Developers Continue New Push With LibreOffice In The Web Browser Via WebAssembly   LibreOffice   2021-02-10
CentOS Hyperscaler Is Sounding Quite Promising For The Modern Enterprise   Red Hat   2021-02-09
helloSystem Wants To Be The "macOS of BSDs" With A Polished Desktop Experience   BSD   2021-02-09
The State of Apache OpenOffice As Of Early 2021   Free Software   2021-02-08
The Latest Open-Source AMD Firmware / Coreboot Happenings In Early 2021   AMD   2021-02-07
FWUPD Is Being Ported To The BSDs To Handle Firmware Updating   LVFS   2021-02-07
LibreSOC Still Striving To Produce An Open-Source Hybrid CPU/GPU Built On OpenPOWER   Hardware   2021-02-06
VoltPillager: Researchers Compromise Intel SGX With Hardware-Based Undervolting Attack   Linux Security   2021-02-06
seL4 Micro-Kernel Working Towards A General-Purpose, Multi-Server OS   Operating Systems   2021-02-06
FOSDEM Online 2021 Is Happening This Weekend   Linux Events   2021-02-06
Raspberry Pi's V3DV Vulkan Driver Has Been Picking Up More Extensions, Wayland WSI   Mesa   2021-02-03
Systemd Had A Pretty Big 2020 With Homed, OOMD Components Merged   systemd   2020-12-29
GNOME Foundation Planning For More Initiatives In 2021   GNOME   2020-11-17
Linux 5.6, Threadripper 3990X, $199 AMD Laptop Topped Reader Interest In February   Phoronix   2020-03-01
GDB Debugger Adds Support For Debuginfod Web Server   GNU   2020-02-27
Address Space Isolation For The Linux Kernel Is Still A Big Challenge In 2020   Linux Security   2020-02-10
Zink In Mesa For OpenGL Over Vulkan Should Be Back To Supporting OpenGL 3.0 Soon   Mesa   2020-02-08
Learn More About Systemd-Homed For How Linux Home Directories Are Being Reinvented   systemd   2020-02-07
Mozilla Developer Talks Up WGPU As Their WebGPU Implementation In Rust   Mozilla   2020-02-06
VirtIO-FS Is Looking Quite Good For Shared File-System With VMs   Virtualization   2020-02-06
Oreboot Continues Advancing For Open-Source, Rust-Based Booting On RISC-V   Coreboot   2020-02-05
Red Hat Talks Up debuginfod As The New Debug Info Web Server   Programming   2020-02-05
SpecFuzz Emerges To Test Code For Spectre-Style Vulnerabilities   Linux Security   2020-02-04
The Meteoric Rise Of Fwupd+LVFS For Linux Firmware Updates   LVFS   2020-02-04
Rav1e 0.3 Is Releasing Soon For Faster Rust-Based AV1 Encoding   Multimedia   2020-02-04
Could JPEG2000 Finally Take Off In 2020? It's A Possibility With High Throughput HTJ2K   Multimedia   2020-02-04
seL4 Microkernel Being Ported To RISC-V   Operating Systems   2020-02-04
The Modern Flang "f18" Compiler Is The Most Exciting Fortran Compiler Of Recent Times   LLVM   2020-02-04
The Current State of AMD Zen Coreboot Support: Basically Limited To Chromebooks   AMD   2020-02-03
Intel's Linux Graphics Stack Is Close To Landing A Code-Generator Generator   Intel   2020-02-03
GRUB 2.06 Planning For Release This Year - Possibly With Intel TXT + AMD SKINIT Support   Oracle   2020-02-03
Hikari Is A FreeBSD-Focused X11 Window Manager + Wayland Compositor   BSD   2020-02-03
Haiku R1 Beta 2 Is Hopefully Not Too Far Away   Operating Systems   2020-02-03
Intel Quietly Released A Redistributable, Lightweight ME "Ignition Firmware" Binary   Intel   2020-02-02
OpenMandriva 4.1 Released With Clang'ed LTO+PGO Packages, Linux 5.5 + More   Operating Systems   2020-02-01
Nouveau Still Pushing Forward In 2020 Thanks To Red Hat But Community Developers Leaving   Nouveau   2020-02-01
Wayland's Wild Decade From v1.0 Release To Usable GNOME/KDE Desktop Support   Wayland   2019-12-29
The Hardware FOSDEM Uses To Carry Out Linux Video Recordings Of Their Event   Linux Events   2019-09-22
Linux 5.0, Radeon VII, Intel Iris Driver & Other Exciting Milestones In February   Phoronix   2019-02-28
FOSS-North Is Coming Up In Two Months As A Leading Scandinavian Linux/Open-Source Event   Linux Events   2019-02-10
The State Of Debian & Fedora On The RISC-V Architecture   RISC-V   2019-02-09
Electron Apps Are Bad, So Now You Can Create Desktop Apps With HTML5 + Golang   Desktop   2019-02-09
GTK+ No More - It's Just GTK As Developers Prepare For This Year's GTK 4.0   GNOME   2019-02-08
IGT Is Helping Keep Intel's Display Driver & Other DRM/KMS Drivers In Good Shape   Intel   2019-02-08
KiCad Open-Source PCB Design Software Keeps Working Towards Its Next Big Release   Free Software   2019-02-08
ZFS Boot Environments Are Helping To Improve The Resilience Of FreeBSD Upgrades   BSD   2019-02-08
GRUB 2.04 Is On The Way This Year Along With Other New Bootloader Features   GNU   2019-02-07
A Detailed Look At The Speed Advantages To LLVM's LLD Linker   LLVM   2019-02-06
At Just Over One Year Old, LinuxBoot Continues Making Inroads At Facebook & Elsewhere   Coreboot   2019-02-06
Zink Is Moving Ahead In 2019 As Mesa-Based OpenGL-Over-Vulkan   Mesa   2019-02-06
Mesa 19.0-RC2 Released With Intel Transform Feedback Fix, Freedreno & VC4/V3D Fixes   Mesa   2019-02-05
RustPython Is Implementing Python 3 Within Rust   Free Software   2019-02-05
VLC 4.0 Media Player Eyeing New User Interface, Better Wayland Support & VR/3D   Multimedia   2019-02-05
GStreamer Has An Exciting 2019 Planned With Some Big Features   Free Software   2019-02-05
Using LLVM Clang To Compile The Linux Kernel Is Heating Up Again Thanks To Google   LLVM   2019-02-04
LXD For Linux Containers Had A Very Fruitful 2018   Virtualization   2019-02-04
Waffle Is Still Cooking For X11/Wayland Agnostic OpenGL/GLES Apps   X.Org   2019-02-04
NetBSD 9.0 Will Have Performance & Security Improvements   BSD   2019-02-04
Greenfield Is Still Progressing As An HTML5 In-Browser Wayland Compositor   Wayland   2019-02-03
GNU Hurd Can Build Around 75% Of The Debian Packages, But No 64-bit Or SMP Yet   GNU   2019-02-03
PipeWire Should Be One Of The Exciting Linux Desktop Technologies For 2019   PipeWire   2019-02-03
Netflix Continues Experiencing Great Performance In Using FreeBSD For Their CDN   BSD   2019-02-02
Igalia's VkRunner Is Helping To Check The Quality Of Vulkan Drivers   Vulkan   2019-02-02
VIRTIO 1.1 Standard Moving Closer To Release With GPU Device, Better Performance   Virtualization   2019-01-26
FOSDEM 19 Is Happening In Just Three Weeks, There Will Once Again Be A Graphics Room   Linux Events   2019-01-13
Fedora Had A Killer 2018, But It Will Be Interesting To See What Comes Next Year   Fedora   2018-12-31
GNU Highlights Of 2018 From Hurd To GCC   GNU   2018-12-27
Mageia 7 Beta Finally Rolls Along For Testing   Operating Systems   2018-12-07
It Looks Like We Won't See An Open-Source NVIDIA Vulkan Driver This Year (Nouveau)   Nouveau   2018-12-06
There's A New Libre GPU Effort Building On RISC-V, Rust, LLVM & Vulkan   RISC-V   2018-09-28
Compute Support Is Moving Along For Nouveau   Nouveau   2018-03-08
Nouveau's NIR Support Inches Closer To TGSI Quality   Nouveau   2018-02-21
Clear Linux Is The Latest Distribution Figuring Out What To Do With Python 2   Clear Linux   2018-02-21
A Recap Of The Many Interesting Presentations At FOSDEM 2018   Linux Events   2018-02-13
Oracle Still Working On DTrace For Linux In 2018   Oracle   2018-02-12
A Look Back At Python 3.0 After 10 Years   Free Software   2018-02-12
Remember The EOMA68 Computer Card Project? It Hopes To Ship This Year   Hardware   2018-02-11
Mir 0.30 Is Getting Buttoned Up For Release   Ubuntu   2018-02-10
The State of OpenJDK In Early 2018   Oracle   2018-02-08
GStreamer 1.14 Working On AV1 & RTSP 2.0 Support, Promote MP3 Encoder/Decoder   Multimedia   2018-02-07
Developers Start Getting Excited For MySQL 8.0, Several Talks From FOSDEM   Oracle   2018-02-07
Fedora's Power Tweaks Dropped The Power Use On A ThinkPad By ~30%   Fedora   2018-02-06
LizardFS Had A Busy 2017 But This Year They Will Be Even Busier With A Big Rework   Linux Storage   2018-02-06
A 2018 Status Update On The Royalty-Free AV1 Video Codec   Multimedia   2018-02-05
GNU's Ring Continues Trying To Be Like Skype/WhatsApp For FLOSS/Privacy-Minded Fans   GNU   2018-02-05
The State of RISC-V Hardware & Software In Early 2018   RISC-V   2018-02-05
~80 Patches Are Left For Having Intel i965 SPIR-V Support   Mesa   2018-02-05
Jon Masters On Understanding Spectre & Meltdown CPU Vulnerabilities   Linux Events   2018-02-05
GTK4 Ejects The Mir Backend & Drops The Big GDK Lock   GNOME   2018-02-05
Genode Is Developing A GPU Multiplexer For Intel Graphics Hardware   Operating Systems   2018-02-05
GNU Hurd Hardware Support Remains In Very Rough Shape For 2018   GNU   2018-02-04
GFX-RS Continues Advancing For High-Performance, Portable Graphics In Rust   Mozilla   2018-02-04
Kodi 18 Is Coming But They Are Already Thinking About Kodi 19   Multimedia   2018-02-04
A Cloud/Hosting Provider Is Using Coreboot On Thousands Of Servers   Coreboot   2018-02-04
Igalia's Battle Getting Chromium Running Nicely On Wayland   Wayland   2018-02-04
GRUB 2.04 Should Be Released Later This Year   GNU   2018-02-04
Radeon Linux Graphics Stack, RadeonSI Shaders Update From FOSDEM 2018   Radeon   2018-02-03
Nouveau Hopes For Basic Vulkan Driver This Year, NVIDIA To Release Some New Docs Soon   Nouveau   2018-02-03
GTK+ 4.0 Targeted For Its Initial Release This Fall, GTK+ 5.0 Development To Follow   GNOME   2018-02-03
FOSDEM 2018 Is This Weekend In Brussels   Linux Events   2018-02-02
FOSDEM 2018 Will Be Hosting A Wayland / Mesa / Mir / X.Org Developer Room   Linux Events   2017-11-19
WireGuard Could Soon Be On Its Way To The Linux Kernel   Linux Networking   2017-11-02
Connor Abbott Is Valve's Latest Linux Graphics Driver Developer   Valve   2017-06-08
Qt Wayland Is Next Appearing On Tractors & Farm Equipment   Qt   2017-03-22
Ryzen, Linux 4.11, Windows 10 & Kabylake Were Among The Popular Topics In February   Phoronix   2017-03-01
GNOME Maps 3.24 To Support Transit Routing   GNOME   2017-02-15
Futhark: A Pure, Functional Language For GPU Computing   Programming   2017-02-15
WireGuard Is Still Looking Good As A Linux VPN Tunnel   Linux Networking   2017-02-13
Redox OS, MINIX, Hurd & Genode Had Their Time At FOSDEM Too   Operating Systems   2017-02-06
Gentoo Developer: Is The Linux Desktop Less Secure Than Windows 10?   Desktop   2017-02-05
AV1 Is Making Progress As A Royalty-Free Video Codec Based Off VP9   Multimedia   2017-02-05
Polymorph: A Libre Game Engine Making Use Of OGRE   Linux Gaming   2017-02-05
Corrode Is Still Advancing For Auto-Translating C Code To Rust   Programming   2017-02-05
BSD @ FOSDEM 2017: Encrypted Disks, Go, CloudABI   BSD   2017-02-05
There's One Week Until FOSDEM 2017   Linux Events   2017-01-28
The Development Pace Of Systemd Fell Sharply This Year   systemd   2016-12-30
The Top GNU News Of 2016: Hurd, Libreboot, GCC, GRUB   GNU   2016-12-29
The Wayland Highlights Of 2016   Wayland   2016-12-28
Intel Graphics Driver SVM Support Back To Being Worked On   Intel   2016-08-15
GNU Hurd 0.8 & Mach 1.7 Released   GNU   2016-05-18