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LunarG Rolls Out Vulkan Configurator With Updated SDK

LunarG has shipped the latest version of the Vulkan SDK that pulls in support for the many recently introduced extensions from VK_NV_ray_tracing to VK_EXT_pci_bus_info and VK_EXT_transform_feedback, among other recent vendor extensions. There is also bug fixes and improved validation coverage for this Vulkan SDK.

27 November 2018 - LunarG Vulkan SDK - Add A Comment
RLSL Continues Maturing For Compiling Rust To SPIR-V For Use With Vulkan Drivers

One of the most passionate topics by readers in the Phoronix Forums is the Rust programming language. For about one year now "RLSL" has been in the works as a Rust-based shading language that can compile into SPIR-V. While initially I held off on writing about it to see if it would be just another small toy project, RLSL has continued maturing and seeing new functionality added in.

26 November 2018 - Rust Like Shading Language - 5 Comments
Vulkan Getting Another Extension To Help With DXVK/Direct3D Performance

Last month Vulkan picked up an unofficial Vulkan transform feedback extension solely to help out efforts like DXVK that map Direct3D or other graphics APIs on top of Vulkan. Separately, another Vulkan extension is in the works to also help out DXVK and D3D-over-Vulkan-like use-cases and can assist in better performance.

6 November 2018 - VK_EXT_derivative_group_quad - 30 Comments
NVIDIA Stabilizes Its Vulkan/OpenGL Ray-Tracing Extension

It was just in mid-September that NVIDIA introduced its ray-tracing extension for Vulkan as VK_NVX_raytracing with it debuting as an "experimental" feature along with OpenGL/GLSL functionality. Already they seem happy with the design that it's being promoted to stable.

1 November 2018 - NV_ray_tracing - 9 Comments
EA SEED's Halcyon R&D Engine Experimenting With Vulkan & Linux Support

Halcyon is a research and development engine being built by Electronic Arts' SEED group (Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division). While previously they talked up Microsoft DirectX ray-tracing and have been experimenting with it, they have also begun work on a Vulkan back-end for Halcyon that also includes Linux support.

28 October 2018 - EA Halcyon - 16 Comments
VK9 Milestone 28 Reached With Improvements For Unreal Tournament (1999)

While DXVK captures much of the limelight these days when it comes to accelerating Windows gaming on Linux by mapping Direct3D 11 (and D3D10) over Vulkan, the VK9 project and its main developer continue advancing D3D9-over-Vulkan for those preferring to relive over Direct3D Windows games.

29 September 2018 - VK9 Milestone 28 - 19 Comments

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