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Vulkan To Better Handle Variable Rate Displays / Adaptive-Sync In The Future

While longtime X11 developer Keith Packard is now working for SiFive on RISC-V processors by day, he's still involved in the Linux graphics world through his contract work for Valve. At the XDC2019 conference earlier this month he presented on display timing, the current Linux plumbing for it, and also bringing up Vulkan will better support variable rate displays in the future.

13 October 2019 - Vulkan Display Timing - 12 Comments
Godot Begins Working On Its Vulkan 3D Rendering Support

The increasingly used Godot open-source game engine has been working on porting to Vulkan as part of Godot 4.0. With much of the lower-level and 2D bits in good standing, work on their 3D rendering support with Vulkan has begun.

2 September 2019 - Vulkan 3D - 2 Comments
Vulkan 1.1.121 Brings AMD Device Coherent Memory Extension

Vulkan 1.1.121 is the newest Sunday morning update to the Vulkan graphics/compute API. In addition to various bug fixes/clarifications to the documentation, there is a new Vulkan extension around device coherent memory support from AMD.

25 August 2019 - VK_AMD_device_coherent_memory - Add A Comment
Vulkan 1.1.119 Already Released With Another New Extension

It was just yesterday that Vulkan 1.1.118 was released with two new extensions while now this Monday morning Vulkan 1.1.119 was released as a third extension was accidentally left out of yesterday's weekly revision.

12 August 2019 - VK_KHR_pipeline_executable_properties - 1 Comment
Collabora Still Investing In "Zink" For OpenGL Over Vulkan, But Back To GL 2.1

Zink is the year-old project implementing OpenGL over Vulkan using Mesa/Gallium3D infrastructure. While Zink had been making some good progress by developer Erik Faye-Lund of Collabora, he went back to rewriting some core pieces of Zink to address some design defects. In the process of this rewrite, Zink is currently back to OpenGL 2.1 era support over Vulkan.

26 July 2019 - Zink Vulkan - 11 Comments

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