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Primus-VK: PRIME-Style GPU Offloading For Vulkan

For those with a PRIME style notebook or just making use of dual/multiple graphics processors in your system, Primus-VK allows for using a secondary/dedicated GPU for rendering while driving the display from the alternative (often integrated graphics) GPU. Primus-VK is implemented as a Vulkan layer as a clean approach for dealing with multiple GPUs in a Vulkan world.

23 March 2019 - Vulkan Offloading Layer - 19 Comments
Vulkan 1.1.105 Adds New Extensions For Google Games Platform (Stadia)

While Vulkan 1.1.104 was just released on Sunday with new extensions ahead of this week's Game Developers Conference, today marks the availability of Vulkan 1.1.105 with new extensions for the "Google Games Platform", a.k.a. their just announced Stadia cloud game streaming platform.

20 March 2019 - Vulkan 1.1.105 - 12 Comments
LunarG Contributes Their Vulkan SDK To The Khronos Group

It's always been a bit odd how the de facto Vulkan SDK is through LunarG rather than The Khronos Group, which could lead to confusion for those not familiar with the great folks at LunarG. But now it will be more clear with LunarG officially donating their Vulkan software development kit to Khronos.

4 March 2019 - LunarG Vulkan SDK To Khronos - 5 Comments
Vulkan For Planes & Cars - Khronos Starting Vulkan Safety Critical WG

It's not too surprising given the trajectory of Vulkan and past comments by The Khronos Group, but today at Embedded World Conference they announced the formation of the "Vulkan Safety Critical" working group as they seek to define a Vulkan standard for environments like automobiles and aircraft wanting to tap advanced, high-performance graphics and compute.

25 February 2019 - Vulkan Safety Critical - 12 Comments
Chamferwm: A Vulkan-Powered X11 Window Manager

While we have talked about the possibilities of writing a Vulkan Wayland compositor and there was even a short-lived Vulkan renderer for KDE's KWin, it's also possible to write a X11 window manager around the Vulkan interfaces.

18 February 2019 - Chamferwm - 27 Comments
The Rust Vulkan Gfx-rs Portability Initiative Reaches New Milestone

Gfx-rs Portability is the library being developed within the Rust programming language that implements the Vulkan Portability Initiative as an effort akin to MoltenVK for easily getting Vulkan applications running on macOS and other platforms where Vulkan API support may not be natively available.

10 February 2019 - Gfx-rs Rust + Vulkan Portability - 7 Comments
MoltenVK Sees Big Update To Jump-Start Vulkan On macOS In 2019

Next month MoltenVK will celebrate one year since being open-sourced for allowing the Vulkan API to function on Apple's macOS/iOS by mapping the Vulkan calls to the Apple Metal graphics/compute API. Just in time for that first birthday, a big MoltenVK update is now available.

18 January 2019 - MoltenVK Release for Vulkan SDK 1.1.97 - 6 Comments
Vulkan 1.1.98 Brings A Dozen Fixes

Last weekend there was the Vulkan 1.1.97 specification update with five new extensions including some notable ones like memory priority and buffer device address while out today is the much more mundane Vulkan 1.1.98.

13 January 2019 - Vulkan 1.1.98 - Add A Comment
LunarG Rolls Out Vulkan Configurator With Updated SDK

LunarG has shipped the latest version of the Vulkan SDK that pulls in support for the many recently introduced extensions from VK_NV_ray_tracing to VK_EXT_pci_bus_info and VK_EXT_transform_feedback, among other recent vendor extensions. There is also bug fixes and improved validation coverage for this Vulkan SDK.

27 November 2018 - LunarG Vulkan SDK - Add A Comment

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