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MoltenVK Gets Patches To Workaround iOS API Issue, App Store Rejection

A new pull request has been submitted to MoltenVK, the open-source project for mapping the Vulkan graphics/compute API over Apple's Metal to run on iOS/macOS. This pull request is working to address the issue that caused at least one MoltenVK-using iPhone/iPad game to be rejected from the Apple App Store.

9 July 2018 - Vulkan Over Metal - 25 Comments
Apple Rejects iOS App For Using MoltenVK Vulkan, Alleged Non-Public API

Back in February MoltenVK was open-sourced as part of The Khronos Group and Valve working harder to get Vulkan working on macOS/iOS by mapping it through to using Apple's Metal Graphics/Compute API. The most notable user of MoltenVK on macOS to date is the Vulkan Dota 2 on Mac, but for those looking to use this Vulkan-to-Metal framework on iOS, it looks like Apple might be clamping down.

8 July 2018 - Non-Public API - 62 Comments
VK9 - Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan - Hits 26th Milestone

It's been a wild week for the various Direct3D-over-Vulkan projects with VKD3D 1.0 being released for the initial Direct3D 12 over Vulkan bits from the ongoing work in the Wine project to DXVK continuing to get better at its D3D11-over-VLK support. There's also an update on the VK9 front.

26 May 2018 - VK9 Milestone 26 - 3 Comments
Wine's VKD3D 1.0 Released For Running Direct3D 12 Over Vulkan

The Wine project has announced the release of VKD3D 1.0, the first official release of this Direct3D 12 over Vulkan layer primarily developed at CodeWeavers. VKD3D is the approach Wine is pursuing for getting Direct3D 12 games from Windows working on Wine under Linux or also under macOS when paired with MoltenVK.

23 May 2018 - D3D12-Over-Vulkan - 15 Comments
VK9 Gets Better Support For Shaders, 64-bit Fixes

While the rapidly maturing DXVK library has been capturing much of the limelight when it comes to piping Direct3D over Vulkan, the VK9 project targeting Direct3D 9 on top of Vulkan continues making progress.

13 May 2018 - Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan - 9 Comments
NVIDIA's Work On Adding Ray-Tracing To Vulkan

2018 appears to be the year of ray-tracing with the major hardware vendors, game engines, and others all working on modern ray-tracing efforts with the GPUs becoming powerful enough to handle this alternative to rasterized rendering, etc. While Microsoft has out the DirectX Raytracing API for D3D12, NVIDIA has been working on extending Vulkan to also suit ray-tracing use-cases.

7 May 2018 - NVIDIA Vulkan Ray-Tracing - 22 Comments

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