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Intel Proposes Calibrated Timestamps As It Works Towards Vulkan Video

Since the publishing of the provisional Vulkan Video specification last month, the only driver on Linux to have exposed any early Vulkan Video support is NVIDIA's Vulkan beta Linux driver. But it would appear that Intel's open-source developers are working at least towards eventually handling this video acceleration API.

2 May 2021 - VK_EXT_calibrated_timestamps - 11 Comments
Vulkan 1.2.177 Released To Help Graphics Translation Layers

Vulkan 1.2.177 is out today as the newest version of the Vulkan specification and this time around introduces one new extension that aims to help OpenGL translation layers and potentially other implementations atop this graphics API.

26 April 2021 - VK_EXT_provoking_vertex - 4 Comments
GRVK 0.4 Released For Running AMD's Mantle API Over Vulkan

While AMD's Mantle graphics API development has been suspended for more than a half-decade already with the Vulkan API successfully taking off, the open-source GRVK project continues to let Mantle unofficially live on by re-implementing its interfaces over Vulkan.

21 April 2021 - GRVK 0.4.0 - 11 Comments
Vulkan Video Arrives For New Industry-Standard Video Encode/Decode

For years we have been eager to learn more about the long mentioned Vulkan Video API, which was supposed to come in H1-2020, but now has finally arrived with today's v1.2.175 update in provisional form. The new Vulkan Video extensions allow for GPU-accelerated video encode/decode. The initial public work is treated as a provisional specification and with limited codec coverage but will be expanded upon in time.

13 April 2021 - Vulkan Video - 38 Comments
The Vulkan API Is Now Five Years Old And Enjoying Phenomenal Success

Today marks five years since the announcement of Vulkan 1.0. Over the past five years we have seen incredible adoption of this high performance graphics API across multiple platforms, open-source Vulkan drivers that are kept up to date well with the latest spec revisions, exciting new extensions, and the spec continues to receive new extensions and revisions on an almost bi-weekly basis.

16 February 2021 - Vulkan Turns 5 - 17 Comments
There's Finally A Decent Vulkan Ray-Tracing Benchmark

While so far only the NVIDIA proprietary driver on Linux supports the Vulkan ray-tracing extensions, eventually we will see support for these new Vulkan extensions with the AMD Vulkan drivers for the Radeon RX 6000 series and newer. There has also been work by Intel in preparing for Vulkan ray-tracing with Xe HPG. For when the time comes to test those implementations, there is finally one good, open-source, automated Vulkan RT benchmark so far.

9 February 2021 - RayTracingInVulkan - 22 Comments
Vulkan Wayland Compositors Are Nearing Reality

One of the last pieces of the puzzle for supporting an entirely Vulkan-based Wayland compositor is coming together with a new extension that looks like it will be merged soon and there already being work pending against Sway/WLROOTS to make use of the Vulkan path.

20 January 2021 - Last Piece Of The Puzzle - 40 Comments
Zink Seeing macOS Support For OpenGL Over Vulkan Then MoltenVK On Top Of Metal

The Zink Gallium3D driver that implements OpenGL on top of Vulkan has been on quite a roll recently... Beyond reaching OpenGL 4.6 support in yet-to-be-merged patches and passing ~97% of the Piglit OpenGL tests and increasingly good performance compared to Intel's OpenGL driver, the latest interesting milestone is seeing initial work on bringing Zink to macOS.

2 November 2020 - Zink On macOS - 22 Comments

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