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Vulkan CTS 1.1.1 Adds 26,272 New Test Cases

The Vulkan CTS as the conformance test suite for ensuring drivers are properly and fully implementing the Vulkan graphics and compute API continues getting even more in-depth and attempts to cover as many corner-cases as possible.

9 April 2018 - Vulkan CTS 1.1.1 - 4 Comments
VKVG: Vulkan Vector Graphics With A Cairo-Like API

The latest nifty open-source Vulkan project we have come across worthy of a shout-out is VKVG. VKVG is short for Vulkan Vector Graphics and is a C library for drawing 2D vector graphics using the Vulkan graphics API.

7 April 2018 - Vulkan Vector Graphics - 17 Comments
V-EZ: AMD Releases New Easy-To-Use Vulkan Middleware, Simplified API

AMD's GPUOpen group in cooperation with Khronos today is announcing V-EZ, a new project of theirs designed to make the barrier to entry for the Vulkan graphics API lower. V-EZ provides a middleware layer and simplified API for making it easier to get started with Vulkan development.

26 March 2018 - GPUOpen V-EZ - 15 Comments
Vulkan 1.1.71 Released As The First Update To Vulkan 1.1

The first point release to the Vulkan 1.1 release from earlier this month is now available. Vulkan 1.1 promoted a lot of functionality to core while also officially adding sub-groups and protected content support. This Vulkan 1.1.71 point release adds a new extension and fixes.

17 March 2018 - Vulkan 1.1.71 - 6 Comments
RADV Achieves Same-Day Conformance For Vulkan 1.1

Today's Vulkan 1.1 release is met by brilliant Linux driver support across the board. Not only is there the NVIDIA Linux driver update we have come to expect but this launch has been met by on-time open-source driver support with the AMDVLK driver and Intel ANV Vulkan driver too having day-one support in source form. But that's not all as Bas and Dave have managed to get day-one conformance too with RADV.

7 March 2018 - RADV Vulkan 1.1 - 28 Comments
Rostkatze: Vulkan Over Direct3D 12 With C++

A prolific contributor to Mozilla's GFX-RS project, the Rust programming language, and also an author to a Rust-based SPIR-V shader compiler is now working on a C++-based Vulkan-over-D3D12 implementation.

1 March 2018 - Rusty Cat - 27 Comments
Vulkan Turns Two Years Old, What Do You Hope For Next?

This last week marked two years since the debut of Vulkan 1.0, you can see our our original launch article. My overworked memory missed realizing it by a few days, but it's been a pretty miraculous two years for this high-performance graphics and compute API.

24 February 2018 - Vulkan At 2 - 22 Comments

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