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Vulkan 1.0.68 Published

Coming just over one week since Vulkan 1.0.67 is now the Vulkan 1.0.68 graphics/compute programming specification update.

15 January 2018 - Vulkan 1.0.68 - Add A Comment
RADV Is Now Effectively Conformant For Vega GPUs With Vulkan 1.0

Since October RADV has officially become a Vulkan 1.0 conformant driver for Volcanic Islands GPUs while Sea Islands and Polaris hardware has also been on this same support level. RADV support for the newer Vega GPUs had been lagging behind, but these latest-generation AMD GPUs are now also effectively conformant.

29 December 2017 - RADV Vega Conformance - 10 Comments
F1 2017 Will Be The First Vulkan-Only Linux Game

After announcing the F1 2017 racing game for Linux last week, Feral Interactive confirmed it will support the Vulkan graphics API while today they confirmed it's going to be a Vulkan-exclusive title on Linux.

30 October 2017 - No OpenGL - 22 Comments
Warzone 2100 Being Ported To Vulkan

Warzone 2100, the real-time strategy/tactics game released for Windows back in 1999 and then brought to Linux after the commercial game was open-sourced several years later, is now seeing a Vulkan renderer in the works.

23 October 2017 - Warzone Vulkan - 14 Comments
Kazan Begins Working On Vulkan ICD Support, More Functions

GSoC 2017 student developer Jacob Lifshay who spent his summer working on Vulkan-CPU as a CPU-based Vulkan software implementation (and recently renamed the project to Kazan) has continued working on his open-source project post-GSoC to make this interesting Vulkan project a reality.

9 September 2017 - Kazan Vulkan-CPU - Add A Comment

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