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More Vulkan NCNN Inference Benchmarks On AMD Radeon vs. NVIDIA GeForce Under Linux

Given the interest from the RealSR-NCNN Vulkan benchmarks on various NVIDIA and AMD Radeon graphics cards looking at this neural network inference framework with the task of upscaling an image by 4x the resolution using RealSR, here are some more benchmarks of the NCNN framework accelerated by Vulkan on different GPUs under Ubuntu Linux.

27 September 2020 - NCNN Vulkan - 7 Comments
Vulkan Present Timing Extension With Aim To Avoid Stuttering

The Vulkan System Integration working group has decided to publish their work-in-progress extension on VK_EXT_present_timing as their effort to expose the presentation engine's display details and better allow scheduling a present to happen at a specific time.

15 September 2020 - VK_EXT_present_timing - 13 Comments
X-Plane 11.50 Officially Released With Its Vulkan Renderer

X-Plane has long been Linux-friendly and one of the most realistic flight simulators available while today it's taking a big step forward with its 11.50 release and the much anticipated introduction of its new rendering engine with Vulkan support.

10 September 2020 - X-Plane 11.50 - 16 Comments
GRVK 0.2 Continues Advancing This AMD Mantle To Vulkan Translation Layer

While there aren't too many Windows games out there still popular and supporting AMD's Mantle graphics API that was the precursor to Vulkan, open-source developer Clément Guérin continues work on his "GRVK" initiative for mapping Mantle on top of Vulkan as a learning exercise and for allowing those still relevant Mantle-supported games to in turn run on Vulkan.

10 September 2020 - GRVK 0.2 - 7 Comments
Zink OpenGL-Over-Vulkan Driver - Performance Is Turning Out Better Than Expected

When looking at the performance of Zink's OpenGL over Vulkan implementation just about one year ago the performance had a lot to be desired. But since then they have patches bringing it all the way to OpenGL 4.6 compared to the OpenGL 2.1 days and there has also been a lot of work on the performance. The performance at least for select operations is now turning out better than even the developers were expecting.

8 September 2020 - Zink OpenGL On Vulkan - 17 Comments
Experimental Zink Patches Get OpenGL 4.6 Running Atop Vulkan

When the Zink Gallium3D driver running OpenGL over Vulkan was first introduced in 2018 and since one of the main blockers besides the performance overhead has been the limited OpenGL 2/3 support. The GL3/GL4 support has been improving with time for Zink and when making use of the latest out-of-tree patches is even possible to get OpenGL 4.6 running over Vulkan with Zink!

24 August 2020 - OpenGL 4.6 Over Vulkan - 31 Comments
Why VALLIUM Is Just For Software-Based Vulkan & Not GPU Hardware Drivers

Merged into Mesa 20.3 earlier this week was VALLIUM as a Vulkan front-end to Gallium3D with an explicit focus to serve as a CPU/software-based Vulkan implementation and relying upon the Gallium/LLVMpipe infrastructure. But with VALLIUM being a Gallium3D front-end, some have wondered whether this could allow Vulkan to magically work with existing Gallium3D hardware drivers or even to run Vulkan on GPUs not natively supported by Vulkan.

20 August 2020 - Software-Only Vulkan - 3 Comments
GRVK Allows AMD's Deprecated Mantle API To Run Atop Vulkan

There are just a handful of games like Battlefield 4, Thief, and others that can make use of AMD's long-deprecated Mantle graphics API as the predecessor to modern graphics APIs like Vulkan and Direct3D 12. Mantle never was brought to Linux given the emphasis quickly turned to Vulkan within The Khronos Group, but now with the open-source "GRVK" project it's being mapped on top of Vulkan.

18 August 2020 - GRVK - 30 Comments
MoltenVK Update Brings Vulkan To Apple's tvOS

The open-source MoltenVK portability layer has already been providing Vulkan support on Apple iOS and macOS by re-mapping the Vulkan API to Apple's Metal graphics framework. With today's update, Vulkan has now come to tvOS as well.

31 July 2020 - MoltenVK - 7 Comments
SWVKC Is A Vulkan-Powered Wayland Compositor Focused On Performance + Correctness

While the current Vulkan API is exhaustive enough to implement full-featured Wayland compositors and X11 window managers, to date there hasn't been too much adoption considering OpenGL is still more pervasive among hardware/drivers and it's obviously a significant effort writing a new compositor from scratch. One of the leading (among few) examples of a Vulkan-powered window manager / compositor is ChamferWM, which does continue to be developed. SWVKC meanwhile is one that has been seeing development this year as an alpha-stage Wayland Vulkan compositor.

26 July 2020 - SWVKC - 28 Comments
New Vulkan Extension Proposed For DirectFB Support

The DirectFB library once popular with embedded systems and other environments needing formerly a full X11 stack (or now, Wayland) remains in an abandoned state with no real upstream development any longer and the project site long dead, but with a newly proposed Vulkan extension could allow this modern graphics API to run on top of it.

14 June 2020 - VK_EXT_directfb_surface - 13 Comments

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