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Vulkan Video Linux & Open-Source News

Open-Source Radeon Driver Enables Support For Vulkan Video H.264/H.265 Encode   Radeon   2024-04-11
GStreamer 1.24 Released With Vulkan H.264/H.265 Decode & Many Enhancements   Multimedia   2024-03-04
RADV Driver Lands Vulkan Video AV1 Decode For Mesa 24.1   Mesa   2024-02-27
NVIDIA 550.54.14 Release Brings R550 Series Linux Driver To Stable   NVIDIA   2024-02-23
Mesa 24.0.1 Released With Various Graphics Driver Fixes   Mesa   2024-02-15
2024 Vulkan Developer Conference Slides Posted   Vulkan   2024-02-09
Mesa Merge Request Opened For RADV Driver With VK_KHR_video_decode_av1   Mesa   2024-02-02
Vulkan Video Finally Introduces AV1 Video Decoding Extension   Vulkan   2024-02-01
Vulkan 1.3.274 Released With Video Encode Extensions Promoted   Vulkan   2023-12-19
RADV Vulkan Video Encoding Still Being Worked On   Mesa   2023-12-18
FFmpeg's ffplay Media Player Adds Vulkan Renderer   Multimedia   2023-11-18
FFmpeg 6.1 Released With Vulkan Video Decoding, VA-API AV1 Encode   Multimedia   2023-11-11
XDC 2023 To Provide Update On AMD HDR For The Steam Deck, Rusticl & Wine Wayland   X.Org   2023-09-20
MPV Player 0.36 Released With Wayland Fractional Scaling, Vulkan Video Decode   Multimedia   2023-07-23
Mesa 23.1.2 Released With Intel Fix For VKD3D-Proton, More RADV Fixes   Mesa   2023-06-08
RADV Vulkan Video Gets More Robust H.265 Decoding   Radeon   2023-06-08
FFmpeg's Next Release Will Be Exciting With Vulkan Video Decode, More Vulkan Filters   Multimedia   2023-05-31
Mesa 23.1.1 Released With Many Bug Fixes For RADV, Zink, Intel ANV   Mesa   2023-05-25
Intel's Vulkan Linux Driver Adds H.265 Video Decoding Support   Intel   2023-05-19
Mesa 23.1 Released With RadeonSI Rusticl-OpenCL, RADV GPL   Mesa   2023-05-10
Mesa 23.1 Inches Closer To Release With RC4 Released   Mesa   2023-05-03
Mesa 23.1-rc2 Released With Initial Batch Of Fixes   Mesa   2023-04-19
Mesa 23.1-rc1 Published For Testing With Many Graphics Driver Updates   Mesa   2023-04-15
Mesa 23.1 Branched With Many New Radeon, Intel & Zink Graphics Driver Features   Mesa   2023-04-13
NVIDIA 530.41.03 Linux Driver Released With IBT Kernel Support, Vulkan Video   NVIDIA   2023-03-23
Experimental RADV Vulkan Video Decoding For VP9   Mesa   2023-03-13
Initial Intel Vulkan Video Support Lands In Mesa 23.1   Intel   2023-02-08
Mesa 23.1 RADV Driver Lands Vulkan Video Decoding For H.264/H.265   Radeon   2023-02-07
NVIDIA Vulkan Beta Adds Group Handles Extension To Help VKD3D-Proton DXR   NVIDIA   2023-02-04
Vulkan SDK Updated With Vulkan Video Support   Vulkan   2023-01-30
VK_MESA_video_decode_av1: Early Vulkan AV1 Decoding For Open-Source Radeon Driver   Mesa   2023-01-17
VKD3D-Proton's Hans-Kristian Arntzen Experimenting With Vulkan Video   Vulkan   2023-01-07
Mesa Open-Source 3D Drivers Experienced Record Growth In 2022   Mesa   2022-12-29
RADV Vulkan Video Making Progress On H.264 Encoding   Radeon   2022-12-29
VP9 & AV1 Vulkan Video Extensions Expected Next Year   Vulkan   2022-12-22
Vulkan Video 1.0 Extensions Published As Part Of Vulkan 1.3.238   Vulkan   2022-12-19
Intel Open-Source Vulkan Driver Sees New Work On Vulkan Video Extensions   Intel   2022-12-17
Experimental RADV Vulkan Video Gets H.264 & H.265 Decode Working   Mesa   2022-12-15
NVIDIA Beta Driver Update Revises Vulkan Video Support   NVIDIA   2022-09-28
AMD Hiring For Another Open-Source GPU Driver Developer With Multimedia Expertise   AMD   2022-07-06
Intel Media Driver Adding Vulkan Video Acceleration Support   Intel   2022-05-29
FFmpeg Finally Retires XvMC Hardware Acceleration Code   Multimedia   2022-02-17
Experimental VA-API Implemented Over NVIDIA's NVDEC - Allows Firefox Video Acceleration   NVIDIA   2022-01-04
Intel Contributes A Number Of Vulkan Filters/Improvements To FFmpeg   Intel   2021-12-12
Airlie Exploring Possibility Of VA-API On Top Of Vulkan Video   Vulkan   2021-11-24
Experimental FFmpeg Code For Vulkan Acceleration   Multimedia   2021-11-18
NVIDIA 470.62.12 Vulkan Beta Driver For Linux Updates Video Support   NVIDIA   2021-11-17
LWJGL 3.3 Released For This Popular Java Library - OpenCL 3.0 Added, New Bindings   Programming   2021-11-15
Vulkan Video Support Progressing For Open-Source Intel, AMD Radeon Hardware   Vulkan   2021-11-15
David Airlie Hacking On Intel Vulkan Video Decode, Crocus Gallium3D VA-API   Intel   2021-11-12
RADV Seeing Early Experimenting With Vulkan Video Capabilities   Radeon   2021-11-05
Steam Beta Adds VA-API Acceleration For Remote Play   Valve   2021-11-03
Vulkan 1.2.196 Introduces H.265 Encode Extension   Vulkan   2021-10-13
NVIDIA 470.62.05 Beta Brings Vulkan Video Updates   NVIDIA   2021-10-06
Vulkan Video Decoding Still In The Early Stages For Open-Source   Vulkan   2021-09-21
Many Interesting Talks On Deck For The X.Org Developers Conference 2021   X.Org   2021-08-04
GStreamer Making Progress On Vulkan Video Support   Vulkan   2021-07-10
Intel Proposes Calibrated Timestamps As It Works Towards Vulkan Video   Vulkan   2021-05-02
Khronos Ratifies KTX 2.0   Standards   2021-04-20
Vulkan 1.2.176 Released With VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state2   Vulkan   2021-04-19
Vulkan Video Arrives For New Industry-Standard Video Encode/Decode   Vulkan   2021-04-13
Vulkan 1.2.175 Published With Many New Extensions   Vulkan   2021-04-13
FFmpeg Adds AMD AMF Vulkan Support For Linux Users   Multimedia   2019-08-28
Vulkan Video Decoding Coming In H1'2020, Ray-Tracing Progressing   Standards   2019-08-13
MPV Player 0.28 Adds Initial Vulkan Support   Multimedia   2017-12-25
2017 GDC Khronos/Vulkan Videos Now Available   Vulkan   2017-03-15
HD Vulkan Videos From GDC Now Available   Vulkan   2016-03-26
Vulkan Videos From This Week's GDC 2016 Conference   Vulkan   2016-03-17