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Mesa 24.2 Linux & Open-Source News

Mesa 24.2-rc1 Released With Many OpenGL & Vulkan Driver Improvements   Mesa   2024-07-19
Rusticl In Mesa 24.2 Now Supports OpenCL Read-Write Images   Mesa   2024-07-19
Freedreno Gallium3D Driver Now Enables The Snapdragon X1 Elite/Plus SoC's GPU   Mesa   2024-07-18
NVK Driver Lands New Platform Abstraction - Working Toward Allowing Other Kernel Drivers   Mesa   2024-07-09
AMD Appears To Be Aiming For Good Radeon RDNA4 GPU Support In Linux 6.11   Radeon   2024-07-04
RADV Driver Enables Device Generated Commands Task Shader Support   Radeon   2024-07-03
Vulkan Sparse Binding Support Comes To Lavapipe Software Driver   Mesa   2024-06-28
Rust-Written OpenCL Driver Now Works On Raspberry Pi GPUs   Mesa   2024-06-26
Intel Vulkan Driver Enables Cooperative Matrix Support For Xe2 GPUs   Intel   2024-06-26
Intel Vulkan Driver Sees Fixes To Improve OpenGL-On-Vulkan Zink Compatibility   Intel   2024-06-25
RadeonSI Enables Compute PBO Blits: "Massively Improves Perf In A Number Of Cases"   Radeon   2024-06-24
Blumenkrantz "Massively Improves" Mesa's glReadPixels Performance With 7 Lines Of Code   Mesa   2024-06-21
Building Mesa On POWER Now Presents A Default Set Of OpenGL & Vulkan Drivers   Mesa   2024-06-21
Marek Olšák Lands Support In Mesa 24.2 To Vectorize IO In The GLSL Linker   Mesa   2024-06-18
Intel Vulkan Driver Halves The Time Required For Startup   Intel   2024-06-14
Mesa 24.2 Adds Support For Fixed-Rate Compression Extensions For OpenGL & EGL   Mesa   2024-06-14
Marek Lands 40 Patch Series To Further Enhance The Open-Source AMD Graphics Driver   Mesa   2024-06-12
A Lot More AMD RDNA4/GFX12 Graphics Driver Code Has Landed In Mesa 24.2   Radeon   2024-06-10
Shopping For A Launch-Day AMD Ryzen AI 300 Series Laptop For Linux Testing   AMD   2024-06-06
Mesa 24.1.1 Released With Many Graphics Driver Bug Fixes   Mesa   2024-06-05
Intel's Open-Source Vulkan Driver Wires Up Mesh Shader Queries   Intel   2024-06-04
VCN5 AV1 Encode & More AMD RDNA4 RADV Support Land In Mesa 24.2   Radeon   2024-06-01
Intel Xe2 Brings Native 64-bit Integer Arithmetic   Intel   2024-06-01
Intel Battlemage Platform Support Begins Landing In Mesa 24.2   Intel   2024-05-30
Valve's AMD Shader Compiler "ACO" Makes More Preparations For Radeon RDNA4   Mesa   2024-05-29
Xe2 Ray-Tracing & More Intel Lunar Lake Enabling Land In Mesa 24.2   Mesa   2024-05-28
New AMD RDNA3 APUs Added To Open-Source Linux Driver Along With RDNA4 Fixes   Radeon   2024-05-24
Valve's Linux Graphics Engineers Begin Prepping RADV Driver For AMD RDNA4 "GFX12"   Mesa   2024-05-16
Mesa 24.1-rc4 Backports NVK DRM Format Modifiers Support   Mesa   2024-05-15
NVK Vulkan Driver Lands DRM Format Modifiers Support   Nouveau   2024-05-14
AMD RDNA4 "GFX12" Support Merged For Mesa's RadeonSI Driver   Radeon   2024-05-12
Mesa 24.0.7 & Mesa 24.1-rc3 Provide Latest Open-Source OpenGL/Vulkan Drivers   Mesa   2024-05-08
Merged For Mesa 24.2: Faster Startups For Zink, Rusticl Now Handles Bigger Workloads   Mesa   2024-05-08
Mesa's Venus Vulkan Driver Updated To Allow QEMU Support   Virtualization   2024-05-05
Radeon OpenGL Linux Driver Massively Improves 3D Texturing Performance For Older GPUs   Radeon   2024-04-30
Raspberry Pi V3DV Vulkan Driver Implements Extended Dynamic State - Important For DXVK   Raspberry Pi   2024-04-29
Intel ANV Vulkan Driver Enables VK_KHR_shader_float_controls2   Intel   2024-04-25
Blumenkrantz Picks His Next Battle: Mesa's DRI Interfaces   Mesa   2024-03-13