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The PinePhone Linux Smartphone Dev Kit Can Run Wayland's Weston

While on one side of the table is the Purism Librem 5 Linux smartphone on the high-price/high-end side, the Pine64 folks continue working on the PinePhone as a lower-end Linux smartphone. A new video now shows the PinePhone running on Linux 5.0 with Wayland's Weston.

20 April 2019 - PinePhone Linux Smartphone - 12 Comments
LVFS Could Be Hosting 10k+ Firmware Files By End Of 2019

LVFS, the Linux Vendor Firmware Service, that pairs with Fwupd integration for offering firmware/BIOS updates to Linux users could be offering up more than ten thousand distinct firmware files before the end of the calendar year.

7 April 2019 - Linux Vendor Firmware Service - 13 Comments
Facebook Opens Up Glow Compiler Back-End For Goya AI Accelerator

In the AI races for dedicated hardware accelerators, Habana Labs is off to an early lead when it comes to having a mainline, open-source kernel driver and now is also the first AI processor having a back-end implemented within Facebook's Glow AI open-source compiler.

5 April 2019 - Habana Labs Goya Accelerator - 2 Comments
SolidRun ClearFog: A 16-Core ARM ITX Workstation Board Aiming For $500~750 USD

Edge computing solutions vendor SolidRun is working on "ClearFog" as an ITX-based ARM64 workstation platform. They hope for an early bird launch price later this year of around $500~500 USD for this board that has 16 ARMv8 cores, multiple 10 GbE SFP+ connections, Gigabit Ethernet, multiple USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, 2 x mPCIe, four SATA ports, and can handle up to 64GB of laptop DDR4 memory.

1 April 2019 - ClearFog ITX - 63 Comments
LVFS Served Up 500k Firmware Files To Linux Users This Month

Back in February the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (LVFS) was celebrating having served more than five million firmware files over the duration of this service for providing BIOS/firmware files to Linux users for different hardware components from different vendors ranging from mice/peripheral firmware to new system/motherboard BIOS from major hardware vendors. That count is quickly shooting up these days and they are now serving 500k files per month.

31 March 2019 - Linux Vendor Firmware Service - 21 Comments
Ampere Computing + Packet Roll Out eMAG To The Public Cloud - 32 Cores For $1 Per Hour

Ampere Computing and Packet announced on Thursday that eMAG servers will now be available through this public cloud/server provider. The initial configuration allows for 32 Arm cores at 3.3GHz and 128GB of RAM and 480GB of SSD storage for just $1 USD per hour on-demand access. I have run some initial benchmarks from this new compute instance for those interested.

29 March 2019 - Ampere eMAG Cloud - 3 Comments
Linux To Add Support For The MOTU 8Pre Digital Audio Workstation Hardware

The MOTU 8Pre is a Firewire-connected device for digital audio workstations to be able to connect eight microphone inputs. The hardware itself is more than one decade old and in fact the manufacturer already discontinued the product, but with Linux 5.2 the kernel will be supporting this device.

23 March 2019 - MOTU Firewire Audio - 4 Comments
Libinput 1.13 Is Coming But High-Resolution Scrolling & Dell Totem Support Delayed

Libinput is fairly mature at this stage for offering a unified input handling library for use on both X.Org and Wayland Linux desktops. Libinput has largely reached a feature plateau with new releases no longer coming out so often and no glaring gaps in support. With it already being a half-year since the last major release, libinput 1.13 is now being buttoned up for release and available today is the first release candidate.

14 March 2019 - Libinput 1.13 RC1 - 1 Comment
A New Effort Trying Again To Mainline Linux Kernel Support For The Lemote Yeeloong

The Lemote Yeeloong netbooks came out a decade ago and based on the MIPS Loongson 2F processor clocked up to 900MHz, offered up to 1GB of RAM, some models featuring an 8GB SSD, and driving the display was a Silicon Motion controller. The Yeeloong netbooks/laptops were even used by Richard Stallman for being open-source friendly and he used the devices as his own system for several years. Finally in 2019, better mainline Linux kernel support is being worked on.

9 March 2019 - Lemote Yeeloong - 16 Comments

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