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The Failed OUYA Game Console Seeing Work For Mainline Linux Kernel Support

It's been eight years already since the launch of the OUYA game console built atop Android and initially driven up by hype as a new low-cost gaming platform only to turn out to be a commercial failure. Razer bought out OUYA's software assets in 2015 and last year finally shutdown all of the console services. But if you still have the OUYA hardware it soon may start running off the mainline Linux kernel.

4 October 2020 - OUYA + Linux - 21 Comments
Creative SoundBlaster AE-7 Sound Card To Be Supported By Linux 5.10

Creative Labs last year released the high-end SoundBlaster AE-7 sound card. Sadly the company is back in their state where they do not provide official Linux support, but coming up for Linux 5.10 is the support for this sound card thanks to Connor McAdams who has worked on supporting prior SoundBlaster hardware under Linux.

1 September 2020 - SoundBlaster AE-7 - 49 Comments
Many Linux Developers Are Ecstatic Over Fedora On Lenovo Systems

As noted this weekend, Lenovo has begun offering Fedora pre-loaded on their systems beginning with the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 laptop. Red Hat's Christian Schaller who serves as the senior manager for desktop chimed in with some additional thoughts and details on this achievement.

31 August 2020 - Red Hat + Lenovo - 61 Comments
Lenovo Starts Offering Up Fedora Linux Pre-Loaded Systems From Their Web Store

As a follow up from the news earlier this summer of Lenovo planning to certify their ThinkPad and ThinkStation lines for Linux from Ubuntu and Red Hat while also offering distribution choices like Fedora, that work is proceeding with Lenovo now offering up their first system from their web store that comes pre-loaded with Fedora.

29 August 2020 - Lenovo + Fedora - 40 Comments
Micron's HSE Open-Source Storage Engine 1.8 Released

Back in April the folks at Micron announced the "HSE" open-source storage engine optimized for SSDs and persistent memory. Version 1.8 of HSE was released on Friday as the first major update since going public earlier this year.

23 August 2020 - HSE 1.8 - 1 Comment

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