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There's Finally A Device Using Broadcom's VideoCore V GPU

The past year we have been covering the development of the VC5 open-source Linux graphics driver stack for Broadcom's unreleased "VideoCore V" GPU, succeeding the VideoCore IV GPU most notably found on Raspberry Pi boards. Disappointing readers though has been the lack of availability for VC5 hardware, but that's beginning to change.

13 April 2018 - VideoCore 5 - 7 Comments
Linux 4.17 To Support Microsemi Ocelot MIPS SoCs

There are old CPU architectures being dropped from the Linux 4.17 kernel while also some new CPU support added. The latest work added with the busy Linux 4.17 development cycle is support for the MIPS-based Microsemi Ocelot SoCs.

10 April 2018 - Linux 4.17 MIPS - 3 Comments
While Still Waiting For Broadcom VideoCore 5 To Surface, There Appears To Be VC6

The VC5 open-source Linux graphics driver stack has been under heavy development now the past nearly year while not yet seeing any major ARM SBCs or other products making use of this Broadcom VideoCore V (VC5) 3D hardware, which now supports OpenCL and Vulkan. While many are holding out hopes for eventually seeing a next-gen Raspberry Pi with this beefed up VideoCore, it appears there is already a VC6 in the works too.

28 March 2018 - VideoCore VI - 2 Comments

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