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Purism Announces Librem 5 "USA" Model For $1999 USD

Purism announced today a Librem 5 USA model of their smartphone that has the same specifications and features of their Librem 5 Linux smartphone but manufactured in the US. That pushes the 720x1440 display, i.MX8M, 3GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, 802.11n device from $699 USD to $1,199 USD. Update: Errr the price was raised now apparently to $1999 USD.

5 December 2019 - Librem 5 USA - Add A Comment
NEOX V Announced By Think Silicon As First RISC-V 3D GPU

While there has been the Libre RISC-V community-driven effort to create a RISC-V graphics processor that basically amounts to a RISC-V core with vector extensions/improvements and running a Vulkan software implementation (though they are now reportedly eyeing POWER instead of RISC-V), Think Silicon has announced the first actual RISC-V ISA based 3D graphics processor.

2 December 2019 - NEOX V - 19 Comments
Raspberry Pi 4 Thermal Performance Is Improving With New Firmware

When the Raspberry Pi 4 launched earlier this year it was quickly realized active cooling was almost required if wanting to run the quad-core Cortex-A72 SoC at full performance without thermal throttling. Fortunately, the latest Raspberry Pi 4 firmware has improved the thermal/power behavior to lessen the need for extra cooling although it's still recommended for achieving peak performance potential out of this popular low-cost ARM SBC.

30 November 2019 - Better Raspberry Pi 4 Cooling - 25 Comments
Newer Loongson 3A Variant Being Supported By Linux 5.5 Along With The SGI Octane

As covered earlier this month, the next version of the Linux kernel is finally offering mainline support for SGI's Octane / Octane II MIPS workstations from the SGI IRIX days about two decades ago. Not only is the vintage SGI IP30 hardware seeing mainline kernel support, but there is other new MIPS hardware support too.

27 November 2019 - Linux 5.5 MIPS - 1 Comment
Linux 5.5 To Finally Expose NVMe Drive Temperatures Via HWMON

Linux for years has supported monitoring NVMe drive temperatures when installing the nvme user-space utility and run as root, etc. But now finally with Linux 5.5 the kernel is supporting NVMe drive temperature reporting through the hardware monitoring "HWMON" infrastructure alongside other hardware sensors.

21 November 2019 - Linux 5.5 NVMe HWMON - 7 Comments
Running Ice Lake Out In The Cold - Intel Core i7-1065G7

For looking at any difference in thermal throttling and peak frequencies, I ran the Dell XPS with Intel Core i7-1065G7 "Ice Lake" processor out in a cold garage overnight compared to normal operating temperatures inside across dozens of benchmarks.

4 November 2019 - Cold Weather Testing - 24 Comments
BMW Continues Making Great Progress With Linux

In recent years we have seen prominent automobile manufacturer BMW engaging more with open-source and Linux. At this week's Open-Source Summit Europe / Embedded Linux Conference Europe they talked more about their increasing usage of Linux from their assembly line to within automobiles.

2 November 2019 - BMW + Linux - 28 Comments

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