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Apple Firmware Update For Magic Keyboards Decides To Change The Fn Key

Linux has supported the Apple Magic Keyboards since 2018 handling the Bluetooth connectivity and also needing some special handling for the numeric keypad. While that normally would be the end of the story, recent firmware updates to the Apple Magic Keyboard have caused problems.

16 February 2020 - F***-n Apple Fn Key - 30 Comments
The OpenPOWER ISA EULA Draft Published - Generous For Libre Hardware

Last summer it was announced that IBM's POWER ISA would be open-source and the OpenPOWER Foundation joining the Linux Foundation. Finally we're getting a look at how the end-user license agreement (EULA) is looking for those wishing to make use of the POWER CPU instruction set architecture.

15 February 2020 - OpenPOWER ISA - 43 Comments
Linux Kernel Continues Prepping For RISC-V's Updated Supervisor Binary Interface

RISC-V's Supervisor Binary Interface "SBI" is the interface between the platform-specific firmware and the running operating system or hypervisor for interacting with the supervisor execution environment in the higher privileged mode. The Linux kernel has been working to support a newer version of the SBI that is more extensible moving forward.

12 February 2020 - Supervisor Binary Interface v0.2 - 4 Comments
Logitech Input Device Improvements Continue Coming With Linux 5.6

In recent Linux kernel releases we have seen a new gaming keyboard driver, better wireless device support, and a number of new device additions to the Logitech HID driver. With Linux 5.6, there is more Logitech work in tow but not quite as much as the recent kernels.

2 February 2020 - Logitech HIDPP - 11 Comments
Sony Now "Officially" Maintaining The Linux PlayStation Input Driver, But Leads To Interesting Problem

It turns out Sony is now maintaining the mainline Linux kernel's hid-sony input driver in an "official capacity now across various devices." This hid-sony driver is what traditionally has supported the various PlayStation controllers and other input devices for their hardware. But their newfound "official" support for this open-source input driver could lead to interesting predicaments.

28 January 2020 - Sony-HID - 49 Comments
Linux In 2020 Can Finally Provide Sane Monitoring Of SATA Drive Temperatures

Here is another long overdue kernel change... For more than a decade there have been patches trying to get SATA/SCSI drive temperature monitoring working nicely within the Linux kernel but none of that work ever made it through for mainlining. That has left various user-space tools to provide the functionality, but in doing so that has required root access and not to mention the need to first install said utilities. Well, with Linux 5.6 in 2020, there is finally a proper drive temperature driver for disks and solid-state drives with temperature sensors.

12 January 2020 - SATA Drive Temperatures In-Kernel - 33 Comments

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