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Dell Adding Hardware Privacy Driver For Linux

Beginning in Dell's 2021 laptop models they are providing hardware-based "privacy buttons" to disable microphone and camera support. In preparations for more Dell laptops coming to market with these buttons, a Dell privacy driver is being prepared for the Linux kernel.

4 November 2020 - Hardware Privacy Support - 43 Comments
Corsair Power Supplies May Soon See Sensor Support Exposed Under Linux

Select high-end Corsair power supplies such as their RMi / HXi / AXi series are able to expose various sensor metrics via USB interface to the system. To date this sensor functionality has only worked under Windows with their proprietary software but now an open-source driver is seeking mainline inclusion for supporting these sensors under Linux.

26 October 2020 - Corsair-PSU - 12 Comments
The Failed OUYA Game Console Seeing Work For Mainline Linux Kernel Support

It's been eight years already since the launch of the OUYA game console built atop Android and initially driven up by hype as a new low-cost gaming platform only to turn out to be a commercial failure. Razer bought out OUYA's software assets in 2015 and last year finally shutdown all of the console services. But if you still have the OUYA hardware it soon may start running off the mainline Linux kernel.

4 October 2020 - OUYA + Linux - 21 Comments

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