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Linux Returns To Parallel CPU Microcode Updates To Reduce Cloud Disruption

Following the Spectre mitigations coming to light last year, the late microcode update process for CPUs was serialized. However, this has led to complaints from cloud vendors and other customers with large core count servers where downtime/disruptions need to be minimal. So now the CPU microcode update process is being parallelized again.

4 October 2019 - Parallel Microcode Updates - 11 Comments
The Raspberry Pi Should See Much Better SPI Performance On Linux 5.4+

The SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) pull requests to the Linux kernel normally don't get us excited, but they do when it comes with word of big performance enhancements. There are several SPI performance improvements this round but exciting us the most is the work done on the Broadcom SPI driver for Raspberry Pi hardware.

25 September 2019 - bc2835 SPI Driver Work - 3 Comments
Linux 5.4 Dropping Support For The Itanium IA64-Powered SGI Altix

While Linux 5.4 is bringing a new driver to help SGI systems back to their Origin boxes, this kernel meanwhile dropping support for the SGI Altix that is newer than the some of the Origin systems. SGI Altix being removed from the Linux kernel is the latest in the path for winding down Itanium (IA64) support.

17 September 2019 - No More SGI Altix - 2 Comments
Linux 5.4 Bringing Support For Lenovo's "PrivacyGuard" On Newer ThinkPads

Newer high-end Lenovo ThinkPad laptops feature an option called "PrivacyGuard" for restricting the usable vertical and horizontal viewing angles of the LCD display, similar to what has been achievable previously using film covers and the like. With Linux 5.4 this feature will be supported by the kernel if concerned about others looking over your shoulders at your screen, etc.

13 September 2019 - Lenovo ThinkPad PrivacyGuard - 7 Comments
Turbostat Utility Sees Late Updates In Linux 5.3

The Turbostat utility that lives within the Linux kernel source tree for reporting various power/frequency metrics on x86_64 processors saw some late updates merged last weekend for the upcoming Linux 5.3 kernel.

6 September 2019 - Turbostat - Add A Comment
Librem 5 Will Begin Shipping In The Weeks Ahead, But Varying Quality Over Months Ahead

As we approach the end of Q3, Purism has been quiet whether they will make their revised target of shipping the Librem 5 Linux smartphone this quarter after passing their original plan to ship at the start of 2019. Well, Purism has just published an update and they will begin shipping the phones in batches beginning at the end of the month but the quality isn't yet up to scratch.

5 September 2019 - Librem 5 - 105 Comments
PinePhone Remains On Track For Shipping In The Months Ahead

The open-source minded PinePhone is sitll on track for shipping in the months ahead and its software side is coming along nicely with the ability to run UBports Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS, postmarketOS, KDE Plasma Mobile, and other options.

5 September 2019 - PinePhone September Update - 12 Comments
NAS Parallel Benchmarks: EPYC 7601 vs. EPYC 7742 vs. Xeon Platinum 8280

Not included as part of our original EPYC 7742 / EPYC 7002 "Rome" Linux benchmarks was the NAS Parallel Benchmarks (NPB) developed by NASA. While an MPI testing favorite, there were build issues with the older version of NPB packaged by the Phoronix Test Suite. But with recently having updated that test profile against the latest NPB upstream, here are some results for the EPYC 7742 2P, EPYC 7601 2P, and dual Xeon Platinum 8280 benchmark results. Separately, there's also results now for NeatBench 5 with this video editing plug-in test case now part of the Phoronix Test Suite.

4 September 2019 - NPB Benchmarks - 7 Comments
UPower 0.99.11 Released As v1.0 Remains Elusive

UPower is the abstraction layer around batteries and other power devices on Linux. Even with it being years since it was known as DeviceKit-power and seeing many 0.99 updates, the UPower 1.0 release isn't there yet but at least UPower 0.99.11 is now available as their first release since February.

3 September 2019 - UPower 0.99.11 - 3 Comments

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