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Linux 5.12 To Allow Voltage/Temperature Reporting On Some ASRock Motherboards

Voltage, temperature, and fan speed reporting among desktop motherboards under Linux remains one of the unfortunate areas even in 2021... Many SIO ICs remain publicly undocumented and the Linux driver support is often left up to the community and usually through reverse-engineering. Thus the mainline Linux kernel support is left to suffer especially among newer desktop motherboards. At least for Linux 5.12 some ASRock motherboards will begin seeing their voltage/temperature reporting now function.

23 January 2021 - ASRock Boards - 27 Comments
Linux 5.12 Set To See Support For The Nintendo 64

It's taken nearly twenty five years but the mainline Linux kernel this year will be able to boot on the Nintendo 64 game console... It's looking like the Nintendo 64 support will be merged with the upcoming Linux 5.12 kernel.

22 January 2021 - Linux 5.12 + Nintendo 64 - 28 Comments
Linux Support Is Coming To Allow De-Authorizing Thunderbolt Devices

While in recent years there has been growing interest in enhancing Linux's Thunderbolt security with offering security levels and other functionality to authorize supported/known Thunderbolt devices, surprisingly it's taken until 2021 to see the ability for Linux's Thunderbolt software connection manage to handle de-authorizing devices.

18 January 2021 - Thunderbolt De-Authorizing - 11 Comments
CXL 2.0 Support Steps Closer To The Mainline Linux Kernel

So far for the virtual CES this week there hasn't been any big CXL 2.0 announcements since the Compute Express Link 2.0 specification was finalized back in November, but the Linux kernel support for this CPU-to-device interconnect continues coming together and will be hopefully mainlined in a coming release.

12 January 2021 - CXL 2.0 - Add A Comment
Linux 5.11 Gets New Framework To Help Avoid Burning Your Skin On Hot Devices

While the Linux 5.11 merge window has been over for one week where new features are normally added, a power management pull request sent in today for mainline is adding some tardy features including the Dynamic Thermal Power Management (DTPM) framework that in part is designed to help ensure users don't burn themselves with hot devices.

1 January 2021 - Dynamic Thermal Power Management - 13 Comments
The HSA Foundation Has Been Eerily Quiet As We Roll Into 2021

Much of the Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) steam was lost when AMD began focusing on its Radeon Open eCosystem (ROCm) software stack. While AMD was just one of several founding members, there doesn't seem to be much going on for the HSA effort as we roll into 2021 and in fact their website has been down for an extended period of time.

29 December 2020 - HSA - 13 Comments
Linux Developers Ponder Decade-Old Decision To Disable PCI Runtime Power Management By Default

Back in 2010 was a change to disable run-time power management of PCI devices by default and leaving it up to user-space to in turn override it if desired. Now as we gear up for 2021, some upstream kernel developers are wondering about that original decision and possibly changing the default behavior to yield better out-of-the-box power savings with modern systems.

27 December 2020 - PCI Runtime PM - 27 Comments
Linux 5.10 As An LTS Kernel Comes Just In Time For AMD EPYC "Milan"

AMD noted that EPYC Milan "Zen 3" server processors would be shipping to select customers this quarter ahead of the formal launch in Q1. That's accurate with at least one enterprise now making public inquiries over Linux kernel versions for the EPYC 7003 series. The recent Linux 5.10 kernel debut being a Long-Term Support (LTS) release is coming just in time for those users.

18 December 2020 - EPYC Milan + Linux 5.10 - 2 Comments
WiMAX Support Officially Demoted In Linux 5.11

The Linux 5.11 merge window continues being very active this week with Linus Torvalds hoping kernel maintainers will get in all of their new feature code well before Christmas.

17 December 2020 - WiMAX Getting Kicked Out - 2 Comments

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