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Lczero Neural Network Chess Benchmarks With OpenCL Radeon vs. NVIDIA

Yesterday I posted a number of Lczero chess engine benchmarks on NVIDIA GPUs using its OpenCL back-end as well as its CUDA+cuDNN back-end, which offered massive performance gains compared to CL on the many tested NVIDIA GPUs. With the CUDA+cuDNN code performing so much better than OpenCL, some wondered whether NVIDIA was intentionally gimping their OpenCL performance. Well, here are results side-by-side now with Radeon GPUs on OpenCL.

15 January 2019 - Lczero OpenCL - 9 Comments
Aquantia Announces Multi-Gig Ethernet Controllers, Coming Soon To ASUS Boards

2019 is looking to be the year where we will finally see Multi-Gig Ethernet controllers appearing on desktop/enthusiast motherboards rather than Gigabit Ethernet controllers. Aquantia is using CES to show off its new Multi-Gig controllers and has already courted ASUS to use their chips on forthcoming motherboards.

7 January 2019 - Aquantia AQtion - 52 Comments
Banana Pi Might Be Rolling Out A 24-Core ARM Board

Making the rounds overnight has been word that the folks at Banana Pi are preparing to release a 24-core ARM board. On the surface it's exciting for ARM Linux enthusiasts, but the pricing has yet to be announced and that will largely determine the success of this reported next BPi product.

27 December 2018 - Banana Pi - 15 Comments
The x86 Platform Driver Updates Land In Linux 4.21

The platform-drivers-x86 was one of the first pull requests that landed into the now-open Linux 4.21 kernel tree. This area is primarily about various Intel laptop drivers and other x86 (x86_64) hardware bits.

27 December 2018 - Intel Platform Drivers - Add A Comment
MIPS Preparing Many Changes For Linux 4.21

The MIPS CPU architecture has suddenly become a bit more interesting now that the processor ISA will be open-sourced in 2019. With the in-development Linux 4.21 kernel there are a number of MIPS support changes inbound.

25 December 2018 - MIPS + Linux 4.21 - 5 Comments
The ECC DDR4 RAM Overclocking Potential With AMD Threadripper On Linux

In this guest post by Phoronix reader Max E, he has shared with us his experience and Linux benchmarking results when overclocking ECC RAM on an AMD Threadripper box. The process ended up being surprisingly easy and his results are quite compelling. Thanks to Max for this guest post, which we happily accept on Phoronix that cover interesting technical topics.

23 December 2018 - ECC DRAM Overclocking - 39 Comments
The I3C Subsystem Seeks To Be Included In Linux 4.21

The I3C subsystem had sought to be included in Linux 4.20, but ultimately it was rejected for being too late in the cycle for introducing a brand new subsystem. But now it's requested to be pulled into the upcoming Linux 4.21 merge window.

19 December 2018 - I3C + Linux 4.21 - 3 Comments

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