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Linux 5.17 Mainlines Support For More Obsolete MIPS-Based Wireless Routers

While the MIPS CPU architecture itself is at the end of the road, kernel developers still are busy with MIPS considering the Loongson hardware that is popular in China and lots of older MIPS hardware out there lacking mainline Linux kernel support. For Linux 5.17 several more older, consumer-grade network routers are seeing mainline support.

14 January 2022 - Linux 5.17 MIPS - 6 Comments
The Intel/AMD Laptop & Tablet Support Improvements For Linux 5.17

The x86 platform drivers area of the kernel remains very active in recent times thanks to the continued investments by Red Hat as well as growing IHV interest from the likes of Lenovo while also still having many contributions flow in from the likes of AMD and Intel. With Linux 5.17 are a number of driver additions and improvements for benefiting various x86 laptops and tablets.

10 January 2022 - x86 Platform Updates - Add A Comment
More Troublesome x86 Android Tablets Being Fixed Up By New Linux Driver

Last week I called attention to the new "x86-android-tablets" driver being prepared for introduction in Linux 5.17. That driver aims to fix up the mess of various x86 Android-focused tablets failing to run off the mainline Linux kernel or having various device issues in doing so. Since that prior article, more patches have been posted to address additional tablet issues.

4 January 2022 - x86-Android-Tablets - 12 Comments
Intel Enabling Resizable BAR To Work With I/O Virtualization On Linux

Resizable BAR support (also known as ReBAR / AMD Smart Access Memory) has been popular with gamers for supported configurations for being able to improve GPU performance. Intel is now working on enabling the Linux kernel to support Resizable BAR when in the context of I/O Virtualization.

16 December 2021 - ReBAR - 3 Comments
Facebook/Meta Tackling Transparent Page Placement For Tiered-Memory Linux Systems

Back during the Linux 5.15 cycle Intel contributed an improvement for tiered memory systems where less used memory pages could be demoted to slower tiers of memory storage. But once demoted that kernel infrastructure didn't have a means of promoting those demoted pages back to the faster memory tiers should they become hot again, though now Facebook/Meta engineers have been working on such functionality.

28 November 2021 - Handling Hot Pages - 13 Comments
Intel Preparing USI Stylus Support For Linux

Intel open-source driver engineers have been working on USI stylus support for the Linux kernel. The Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) aims to offer interoperability of active styluses across touchscreen devices.

27 November 2021 - Universal Stylus Initiative - 7 Comments
ASpeed Preparing AST2600 DisplayPort Support

Going back two years already ASpeed developers have been working on prepping AST2600 support for Linux, their seventh generation server management processor / BMC. The latest open-source driver activity points to the AST2600 having DisplayPort support.

22 November 2021 - AST2600 DisplayPort - 7 Comments
NVMe HDD Demoed At Open Compute Project Summit

Seagate engineers yesterday used the Open Compute Project Global Summit for the first public demonstration of a native NVMe hard drive. The hope is moving forward both HDDs and SSDs in the data center will consolidate to using the NVMe interface.

10 November 2021 - NVMe HDD - 75 Comments

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