GSoC 2019 Could Bring Work On A Vulkan GPU Driver Settings Utility, OpenMAX Additions

The X.Org Foundation is once again participating in the Google Summer of Code where student developers engage with various open-source efforts on a range of projects. If there are interested and capable participants, GSoC 2019 could bring a Vulkan settings/preferences user-interface for the Mesa drivers, new OpenMAX acceleration bits, and other possible initiatives.

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SUSE Develops New Driver That Exposes DRM Atop FBDEV Frame-Buffer Drivers

SUSE developer Thomas Zimmermann has posted his work on "FBDEVDRM" as a new Direct Rendering Manager driver for exposing the DRM interfaces on top of legacy "FBDEV" frame-buffer drivers. For old frame-buffer drivers not ported to modern DRM/KMS interfaces, this could open up some interesting possibilities and at least allow these vintage display drivers to work with the likes of Plymouth and other programs only supporting the DRM interfaces.

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25 March

LOCKDOWN Aiming To Be In Linux 5.2 For Tightening Up Hardware/Kernel Access

Google developer Matthew Garrett recently took over work on the long-standing "LOCKDOWN" kernel patches with a goal of preventing the running kernel image from being modified and strengthen the boundary between UID 0 and the kernel. These patches, which have been around for years and shipped by some Linux distributions, didn't make it into the recent Linux 5.1 merge window but now a pull request has been issued in trying to ship it with Linux 5.2.

25 March 08:01 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - LOCKDOWN For Linux 5.2 - 11 Comments
Mono 5 Might Come For Fedora 30 While Other Fedora 31 Features Discussed

Earlier this month was the feature proposal for Fedora 31 to finally upgrade to Mono 5, which has been out for nearly two years for this open-source .NET environment. This feature request has been approved for Fedora 31 while it's also been decided to allow it into Fedora 30 if it can land within the next week.

25 March 07:16 PM EDT - Fedora - Fedora 30 + Mono 5 - 4 Comments
Intel's Iris Gallium3D Driver Working On Better GPU Recovery Handling

While Intel's Iris Gallium3D driver is not enabled by default and considered still experimental in its support of Broadwell graphics and newer, in all of our tests thus far it's been working out very well and haven't encountered any hangs so far in our tested OpenGL workloads. But with no OpenGL driver being immune from potential GPU hangs, a patch series is pending to improve the GPU recovery heuristics.

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24 March

GNU Nano 4.0 Text Editor Released

For fans of GNU's Nano text editor, version 4.0 was released this Sunday where overlong lines are no longer automatically hard-wrapped, smooth scrolling has been enabled by default, and other improvements made.

24 March 10:46 AM EDT - GNU - GNU Nano 4.0 - 69 Comments

23 March

Primus-VK: PRIME-Style GPU Offloading For Vulkan

For those with a PRIME style notebook or just making use of dual/multiple graphics processors in your system, Primus-VK allows for using a secondary/dedicated GPU for rendering while driving the display from the alternative (often integrated graphics) GPU. Primus-VK is implemented as a Vulkan layer as a clean approach for dealing with multiple GPUs in a Vulkan world.

23 March 07:39 AM EDT - Vulkan - Vulkan Offloading Layer - 19 Comments

22 March

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