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Fedora 39 Articles & Reviews

AMD Ryzen Lenovo Laptop Linux Performance For Zen 2 / Zen 3 / Zen 3+ / Zen 4   Computers   2023-11-10

Fedora 39 Linux & Open-Source News

Red Hat Releases DNF 4.20 In Preparation For DNF5   Red Hat   2024-04-24
FESCo Approves The Fedora 41 Switch To DNF5   Fedora   2024-04-08
Arch Linux Increasing Its vm.max_map_count To Help Steam Play Games & Other Software   Arch Linux   2024-04-07
Fedora 41 Will Try Again To Switch To DNF5 Package Manager   Fedora   2024-03-29
Mesa's VDPAU State Tracker Adds Support For AV1 Decoding   Mesa   2024-03-07
Fedora Workstation's Anaconda Web UI Installer Delayed To Fedora 41   Fedora   2024-02-19
Fedora 40 Cleared To Ship AMD ROCm 6, Packages May Reintroduce KDE X11 Support   Fedora   2024-02-13
systemd In 2023 Added Windows-Inspired "Blue Screen Of Death" & macOS-Inspired T.D.M.   systemd   2024-01-02
Nobara 39 Released - Customized Version Of Fedora Catering To Gamers/Enthusiasts   Fedora   2023-12-26
Fedora Asahi Remix 39 Released For Apple Silicon Macs   Fedora   2023-12-19
Fedora Workstation 39 Delivers Some Nice Gains For AMD Ryzen 7040 Series Graphics   Fedora   2023-12-05
Threadripper 7000 Series, Wayland, Linux 6.7 & Other November Highlights   Phoronix   2023-12-01
Fedora Linux 39 Released As A Wonderful Upgrade For Leading Workstations & Servers   Fedora   2023-11-07
Fedora Linux 39 To Be Released On Tuesday   Fedora   2023-11-02
Fedora 39 Delayed To At Least 7 November   Fedora   2023-10-27
The Fedora 39 Release Has Been Held Up By Raspberry Pi Bugs   Fedora   2023-10-25
GNOME 45 Released With New Apps, New Activities Indicator   GNOME   2023-09-20
Fedora 39 Beta Released With Faster DNF, GNOME 45 Desktop   Fedora   2023-09-19
Fedora Workstation 39 Planning To Drop Custom Qt Theming   Fedora   2023-08-23
Upgraded GNU Compiler Toolchain Approved For Fedora 39   Fedora   2023-08-11
Microsoft's CBL-Mariner 2.0 Linux Distro Adds DNF5, Zstd-Compressed RPMs   Microsoft   2023-08-10
DNF5 Isn't Ready For Fedora 39 - Now Delayed To Fedora 41   Fedora   2023-07-27
Fedora Looking To Better Alert Server Administrators Around Firmware Updates   Fedora   2023-07-22
Fedora 39 Aims For A Colored Bash Prompt   Fedora   2023-07-07
Fedora Workstation 39 Eyes Switch To Anaconda WebUI For Installations   Fedora   2023-06-26
Two Fedora Spins Eye Going X.Org-less   Fedora   2023-06-23
Fedora May Make It Easier To Switch To systemd-boot, Making A GRUB-Free System   Fedora   2023-06-22
Fedora 39 To Raise Its vm.max_map_count To Satisfy Some Steam Play Games   Fedora   2023-05-31
Fedora Onyx To Become An Official Fedora Linux Immutable Variant   Fedora   2023-05-23
Fedora To Further Evaluate vm.max_map_count Tuning For Better Linux Gaming Experience   Fedora   2023-05-19
Fedora 39 Looks To Ship mkosi-initrd As A Modern Alternative To Dracut   Fedora   2023-05-08
Fedora 39 Wants To Ensure Your ESP Is Big Enough   Fedora   2023-04-25
Fedora 39 Looks To Boost vm.max_map_count To Help Windows Games With Steam Play   Fedora   2023-04-24
Fedora 39 Planning For RPM 4.19 - Adds x86-64 v2/v3/v4 Feature Levels   Fedora   2023-03-31
Intel Meteor Lake Graphics IDs Enabled For Mesa 23.1   Intel   2023-03-13
Incomplete Fedora 38 Changes Pushed Back, Including Dropping Legacy X.Org Drivers   Fedora   2023-02-28
Fedora Considers Dropping Delta RPMs   Fedora   2023-02-23
Fedora 39 Plots Path For Intel Threaded Building Blocks Upgrade   Fedora   2023-02-17
Fedora's New Web-Based Installer UI Is Shaping Up Nicely   Red Hat   2023-02-10
Fedora 38 To Get Rid Of Its Flathub Filtering, Allowing Many More Apps On Fedora   Fedora   2023-02-06
Fedora 39 Looks To Use DNF5 By Default For Better Performance & Improved User Experience   Fedora   2022-09-06
Fedora 37 Gets A Batch Of New Features Approved   Fedora   2022-06-28
Fedora Looks At Tightening Its Crypto Policies Next Year   Fedora   2022-04-30