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Ubuntu 20.10 Beta Released For Testing

The Ubuntu 20.10 "Groovy Gorilla" beta is now available for testing of Ubuntu Desktop / Cloud / Server products as well as derivatives like Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Budgie, Ubuntu Kylin, Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Studio, and Xubuntu.

1 October 2020 - Ubuntu 20.10 Beta - 36 Comments
Lenovo Announces 27 Systems To Ship With Ubuntu Pre-Installed

Following Lenovo rolling out Fedora Linux options for their laptops and their other Linux-related announcements this year, Lenovo and Canonical are announcing today nearly thirty different laptops and desktops will begin shipping with the option for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS pre-installed.

23 September 2020 - Lenovo + Canonical - 42 Comments
Mark Shuttleworth Now Plans To Restore Ubuntu's Community Council

Back on Friday there was Mark Shuttleworth's comments following some friction within the Ubuntu community and uncertainty over roles. After thinking about it over the weekend, he has decided to go ahead and work to reinstate the Ubuntu Community Council.

13 September 2020 - Ubuntu Community Council - 45 Comments
Mark Shuttleworth Comments Following Ubuntu Community Friction, Uncertainty

For the past number of weeks there have been discussions ongoing about the "loss of leadership" within the Ubuntu community and as part of that the Ubuntu Community Team and Ubuntu Community Council having faded away in recent years. Following a lot of comments on the Ubuntu Discourse, Mark Shuttleworth has chimed in with his thoughts and work moving forward.

11 September 2020 - Community Is Important - 59 Comments
Ubuntu To Try Again In Switching IPTables To Use Nftables Backend

Back during the Ubuntu 20.04 cycle there was an attempt to switch the iptables back-end to Nftables by default. That plan was ultimately foiled by LXD at the time running into issues and other fallout. But now t hat those issues should be addressed and Debian Buster has switched to Nftables, the move is being re-attempted next week for Ubuntu 20.10.

27 August 2020 - Nftables - 60 Comments
Ubuntu Touch Working On Better PinePhone, PineTab Support

The UBports' Ubuntu Touch crew has been focusing a lot lately on improving their support for the popular, budget-friendly PineTab tablet and PinePhone smartphone. The next OTA release will bring more improvements for fans of these PINE Allwinner-powered devices.

21 August 2020 - Ubuntu Touch + PINE - 28 Comments
Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Released With The Latest Fixes

For those that prefer waiting until the first point release of a new Ubuntu Long Term Support series before upgrading, Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS is out with the latest bug and security fixes for the "Focal Fossa" release.

6 August 2020 - Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS - 36 Comments
Canonical Is Using Mir To Bring Flutter To Wayland

This week Canonical and Google announced they were working together to bring the Flutter application toolkit to Ubuntu/Linux. Flutter is the cross-platform, open-source UI toolkit developed by Google for use from Android to Linux and iOS and Fuschia as well as for web interfaces.

12 July 2020 - Flutter Wayland - 57 Comments
Ubuntu 20.10 Moving Ahead In Restricting Access To dmesg

Following the discussions last month over restricting access to dmesg / kernel logs on Ubuntu in matching the behavior of other Linux distributions for better security practices, Ubuntu 20.10 indeed is moving forward with these plans where dmesg access would require root privileges.

3 July 2020 - dmesg Needs Root - 21 Comments
Ubuntu's Ubiquity Installer Begins Adding ZFS Encryption Support

On the desktop side for Ubuntu 20.10 one of the changes we have been eager to see is ZFS encryption support on new installations in an easy-to-use manner and extending their existing OpenZFS file-system support. That ZFS encryption support has begun to land.

10 June 2020 - Encrypted ZFS Installs - 37 Comments
Ubuntu's ZFS Daemon Zsys 0.5 Released

As part of their work on ZFS support improvements for the in-development Ubuntu 20.10, Zsys 0.5 has been tagged and landing in the "Groovy Gorilla" repository for this ZFS daemon spearheaded by Canonical developers.

3 June 2020 - Zsys 0.5 - Add A Comment
Ubuntu Studio Making Good Progress On Their Transition To KDE Plasma

Ubuntu Studio, the spin of Ubuntu focused on multimedia production, announced last month that for their 20.10 release due out later this year they would be transitioning from their long-standing Xfce desktop environment over to using KDE Plasma. While still in early form, the transition is going ahead quite well.

9 May 2020 - Ubuntu Studio + KDE Plasma - 54 Comments
Canonical Developers Preparing For More ZFS Improvements In Ubuntu 20.10

While Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was released less than two weeks ago, attention by Canonical and the Ubuntu development community has already turned to Ubuntu 20.10 as the Groovy Gorilla. With it being the first release past an LTS debut, they tend to be a more liberal in the changes in allowing plenty of time to stabilize before the next Long Term Support cycle. On the ZFS front it looks like we could be in for some more exciting changes.

6 May 2020 - Ubuntu 20.10 + ZFS - 42 Comments

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