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Lubuntu Needs Help Testing For 32-bit x86 Support To Continue

While Ubuntu and most of its derivatives have stopped producing 32-bit x86 images with the number of devices out there dwindling that can't run x86_64, Lubuntu is among the few still offering i686 images to help those who may be running on outdated hardware but still interested in running the latest Linux software.

17 July 2018 - Lubuntu i386 - 12 Comments
Making Use Of Ubuntu Graphical Snaps With Mir-Kiosk

Delivering graphical applications that can be deployed on Ubuntu Core for IoT use-cases can be achieved in a secure and reliable manner using the Mir-Kiosk component to act as a Wayland server. Canonical's lead Mir developer, Alan Griffiths, has published a guide about creating these graphical snaps.

25 June 2018 - Mir-Kiosk Graphical Snaps - 1 Comment
Early Ubuntu Hardware/Software Survey Data

With the Ubuntu Hardware/Software Survey that was introduced in Ubuntu 18.04 and presented to users upon new installations, it's been collecting data since the Bionic Beaver launch in April but the data hasn't been made public up to this point. Viewing the survey data is currently being worked on for the Ubuntu 18.10 cycle and today a first look at these numbers have been shared.

22 June 2018 - Ubuntu Survey Results - 23 Comments
Canonical Shifts Its Fiscal Year Ahead Of Likely IPO

You have likely heard by now about Ubuntu maker Canonical planning to do an initial public offering (IPO) at some point in the not too distant future to become a publicly-traded company. The latest sign of that is Canonical has now shifted its corporate calendar.

17 June 2018 - Canonical Calendar - 15 Comments
Ubuntu's New Server Installer Will Soon Support RAID & LAN Bonding

With Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS there is a new server installer that is completely redone compared to the Debian Installer it's been relying upon to this point. But it is missing some basic features for traditional server administrators like RAID, encryption, and LVM partitioning.

5 June 2018 - Subiquity - 4 Comments
Lubuntu 18.10 Officially Switching From LXDE To LXQt

After working on Lubuntu-Next for a while in transitioning from the GTK-based LXDE desktop environment to the modern and maintained LXQt desktop environment that is powered by Qt5, the Lubuntu 18.10 will be the release that officially moves over to the LXQt desktop and pushes out LXDE.

18 May 2018 - Lubuntu 18.10 - 28 Comments
Ubuntu Studio 18.10 To Offer A KDE Plasma Desktop Option

The multimedia-focused Ubuntu Studio Linux distribution has used GNOME since its inception and while that is continuing for now, a sign of a possible shift is coming with Ubuntu Studio 18.10 to offer a KDE Plasma desktop option.

14 May 2018 - Ubuntu Studio + KDE - 9 Comments
Ubuntu 18.10 Planning For GS Connect, Allowing Phone Integration With The Desktop

Canonical has expressed interest in shipping Ubuntu 18.10 with GS Connect, the GNOME Shell implementation of KDE Connect that allows interfacing with your phone from the desktop. GS/KDE Connect allows receiving phone notifications on your desktop, viewing and responding to messages from your desktop, and to use your phone as a remote control to the desktop, among other features.

14 May 2018 - Ubuntu 18.10 + GS Connect - 19 Comments
Mir's EGMDE Example Desktop Is Becoming A Bit More Practical

At the end of March there was the roll-out of EGMDE as the example Mir desktop environment and since then it's continued picking up features as part of a learning exercise for getting new contributors/developers interested in Mir and how to deal with the Mir Abstraction Layer (MirAL).

3 May 2018 - EGMDE - 1 Comment
Ubuntu 18.10 Is Cosmic

As of writing, Mark Shuttleworth has yet to formally introduce the Ubuntu 18.10 cycle, but it's fairly sure the "Cosmic Canimal."

1 May 2018 - Cosmic Canimal - 19 Comments

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