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Ubuntu Studio Making Good Progress On Their Transition To KDE Plasma

Ubuntu Studio, the spin of Ubuntu focused on multimedia production, announced last month that for their 20.10 release due out later this year they would be transitioning from their long-standing Xfce desktop environment over to using KDE Plasma. While still in early form, the transition is going ahead quite well.

9 May 2020 - Ubuntu Studio + KDE Plasma - 54 Comments
Canonical Developers Preparing For More ZFS Improvements In Ubuntu 20.10

While Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was released less than two weeks ago, attention by Canonical and the Ubuntu development community has already turned to Ubuntu 20.10 as the Groovy Gorilla. With it being the first release past an LTS debut, they tend to be a more liberal in the changes in allowing plenty of time to stabilize before the next Long Term Support cycle. On the ZFS front it looks like we could be in for some more exciting changes.

6 May 2020 - Ubuntu 20.10 + ZFS - 42 Comments
Ubuntu Begins Offering A Rolling Release Kernel For The Amazon Cloud

Canonical is transitioning Ubuntu's support in the Amazon AWS environment to have a rolling-release model for its kernel albeit other packages will remain under their traditional stable release update handling. At least though it's good they will be more punctually offering new kernel versions in the cloud

17 April 2020 - Ubuntu Rolling Kernel - 16 Comments
Canonical Contributing Upstream Improvements To Plymouth Ahead Of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

One of the immediate differences Ubuntu 20.04 desktop/laptop users will notice when booting in UEFI mode is the boot splash screen improvements thanks to leveraging Red Hat's work on providing a flicker-free boot experience and pulling in the UEFI BGRT system/motherboard logo during the boot process to provide a more transitive experience. Canonical in turn is working on pushing some of their improvements back into upstream Plymouth.

6 April 2020 - Better Plymouth - 42 Comments
Dell XPS Ice Lake Taking A Wallop On Ubuntu 20.04

With our early benchmarking of Ubuntu 20.04 in its current nearing the end of development state, we've been seeing Ubuntu 20.04 boosting Intel Xeon Scalable performance, running well with AMD EPYC Rome, and good AMD Ryzen performance, among other tests. Strangely though the one platform where I've found Ubuntu 20.04 hard regressing so far is with the Dell XPS 7390 Ice Lake.

4 April 2020 - Ubuntu 20.04 Slowdown - 13 Comments
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Beta Released

For those with extra time on their hands due to being at home and social distancing, Canonical released the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS beta today for testing.

3 April 2020 - Ubuntu 20.04 Beta - 38 Comments
PHP 7.4 Lands For Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

It shouldn't come as a big surprise but PHP 7.4 has now landed in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to replace the existing PHP 7.3 support within the "Focal Fossa" package archive.

27 March 2020 - PHP 7.4 - 4 Comments
Trying Out Ubuntu 20.04 With ZFS + Zsys Automated APT Snapshots

As part of the ZFS improvements for Ubuntu 20.04 with Canonical's Zsys initiative is the ability to automatically take snapshots on APT operations for being able to do a system rollback/revert if necessary following package management changes. I've begun trying out the ZFS/Zsys changes for Ubuntu 20.04 and so far is working well.

23 March 2020 - ZFS + Zsys Snapshots - 18 Comments
Ubuntu 20.04 Atop ZFS+Zsys Will Take Snapshots On APT Operations

Ubuntu 20.04 is coming out next month and will be the first LTS release with Ubuntu desktop ZFS support available for the root file-system after it was made easy-to-deploy the Ubuntu desktop on ZFS last cycle. One of the areas being expanded upon with the ZFS support has been Ubuntu's Zsys daemon for offering extra functionality for ZFS-based setups.

7 March 2020 - Zsys + ZFS - 37 Comments
Unity 8 Desktop Renamed To Lomiri

The Unity 8 desktop environment that continues to be developed by the UBports open-source community for use on UBports' Ubuntu Touch and ultimately back on the Linux desktop as well have renamed the project.

28 February 2020 - Lomiri - 54 Comments
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Likely To Ship With Linux 5.4 As Opposed To 5.5

While the Linux 5.5 is out as stable today and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS isn't shipping until late April, it looks like they are settling on the use of the Linux 5.4 series, rather than the newer 5.5 and Linux 5.6 would be cutting too close to release anyhow for making this long-term support release.

6 February 2020 - Ubuntu 20.04 + Linux 5.4 - 58 Comments
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Adds WireGuard Support

While WireGuard was merged into Linux 5.6, the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release is currently tracking Linux 5.4 and for the April release is likely to be shipping with Linux 5.5 as the 5.6 release will be cutting it too close. But Ubuntu 20.04's kernel has now back-ported WireGuard.

30 January 2020 - Ubuntu 20.04 + WireGuard - 17 Comments

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