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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Continuing To Work On Python 2 Removal

The goal for Ubuntu 20.04 is to ship with Python 2 removed since Py2 will be end-of-life after the start of the year and this next Ubuntu Linux release is a Long-Term Support release, but there still are many Python 2 depending packages left currently in Debian unstable and Ubuntu's "Focal Fossa" archive.

11 November 2019 - Ubuntu 20.04 - Python 3 Only - 38 Comments
Benchmarks Of 10 Higher-End Intel/AMD CPUs On Ubuntu 19.10

With Ubuntu 19.10 bringing some CPU/system performance changes compared to earlier Ubuntu releases as a result of compiler/toolchain upgrades, the newer kernel, and more, here is a quick weekend look at how the Ubuntu 19.10 performance compares across ten different AMD Ryzen and Intel Core systems.

9 November 2019 - HEDT Systems - 4 Comments
ZFS/Zsys Improvements Are Already Underway For Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

While Ubuntu 19.10 just shipped two weeks ago with its initial desktop install support to a root ZFS file-system option, feature work is already happening of ZFS changes destined for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Ubuntu's Zsys daemon being built around ZFS' advanced feature set.

5 November 2019 - Ubuntu ZFS - 36 Comments
Canonical Working To Ramp Up Ubuntu Support For The Raspberry Pi 4

With the recently released Ubuntu 19.10 there is initial support for the Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computers sans the highest-tier 4GB version that embarrassingly suffers from USB ports not working with the current Ubuntu 19.10 build. Fortunately, Canonical is working to address that issue with the RPi4 4GB version as well as making other Raspberry Pi support improvements.

3 November 2019 - Raspberry Pi 4 + Ubuntu - 21 Comments
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 Released

The UBports community has released the eleventh over-the-air update to Ubuntu Touch that they continue advancing as the open-source Linux smartphone/tablet stack based currently on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

23 October 2019 - Ubuntu Touch OTA-11 - 6 Comments
Canonical Is At Around 437 Employees, Pulled In $99M While Still Operating At A Loss

In addition to this week being exciting for the Ubuntu 19.10 release due out on Thursday followed by the kicking off of the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS "Focal Fossa" cycle, Ubuntu maker Canonical coincidentally made their financial statement filings in the UK this week where they are headquartered that gives a fresh look at their financial performance ahead of a possible IPO in the next few years.

16 October 2019 - Canonical Group - 67 Comments
Ubuntu's ZFS Installation Work Will Continue Into The 20.04 LTS Cycle

With Ubuntu 19.10 one of the changes we have been looking forward to the most is the planned Ubuntu desktop installation support atop ZFS as a root file-system and Canonical's related work around the new ZSYS daemon. It's looking like the basic ZFS root installation support will make it in time for next month's Ubuntu 19.10 release but more advanced installation features won't be ready in time.

24 September 2019 - Ubuntu ZFS Install - 23 Comments
Ubuntu/Mir Developer Issues Porting Guide To Help Port MATE To Wayland

Canonical's Mir developers since re-shifting focus to serving as a Wayland compositor have been working with the likes of the GNOME2-forked MATE desktop environment to implement Wayland support using Mir. For helping those interested in porting MATE applications from X11 to Wayland, one of the Mir developers has now issued a porting guide.

21 September 2019 - Wayland / Mir - 10 Comments
The 32-Bit Packages That Will Continue To Be Supported Through Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Earlier this year Canonical announced they would be pulling 32-bit support from Ubuntu ahead of next year's 20.04 LTS. But following public backlash, they stepped back to provide 32-bit support for select packages. Today they announced the 199 32-bit packages that will continue to be supported through Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

17 September 2019 - 52 32-Bit Packages - 28 Comments

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