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Canonical Once Again Aiming To Improve Ubuntu's Boot Speed

Nearly a decade ago Canonical/Ubuntu developers had a goal of a 10 second boot time. They made good on that for their netbook focus at the time, but in the years since their boot time has slowed down and we haven't seen any concerted effort on improving their boot speed again.

22 January 2018 - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Boot Speed - 25 Comments
The Combined Impact Of Retpoline + KPTI On Ubuntu Linux

Over the past week I have posted many KPTI and Retpoline benchmarks for showing the performance impact of these patches to combat the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. But with my testing so far I haven't done any showing the combined impact of KPTI+Retpoline on Ubuntu versus a completely unpatched system. Here are some of those results.

9 January 2018 - Meltdown + Spectre - 30 Comments
UBports Is Making Progress With Unity 8 On The Desktop

While it's approaching one year since Canonical decided to divest from Unity 8 and mobile/convergence, the UBports community continues making some progress in getting their forked desktop environment ready for their forked Ubuntu Touch environment as well as the desktop.

6 January 2018 - Unity 8 - 21 Comments
Ubuntu 17.10 To Be Re-Released Next Week

Last month Ubuntu 17.10 ISOs were pulled due to a BIOS/UEFI corrupting problem. They got the problem under control by the end of December and there is a software fix available for affected laptops, particularly a number of Lenovo laptops and those from a few other vendors. Next week a fixed Ubuntu 17.10 release is now expected.

5 January 2018 - Ubuntu 17.10 Re-Spun - 12 Comments
Ubuntu's Reformulated Desktop Was The Talk Of 2017

2017 was easily the most pivotal year for the Ubuntu Linux distribution in years with Canonical having decided to end Unity 8 development in favor of moving to a GNOME Shell Wayland session. There was also the decision to develop a new server installer that is still under development, Snaps and its underlying tech continues to be worked on as an alternative to Flatpak, and Ubuntu continues to dominate the cloud landscape.

30 December 2017 - Ubuntu 2017 - Add A Comment
Ubuntu 17.10's Laptop Issue Appears To Be Under Control, Fixable

A week ago Ubuntu 17.10's ISO was pulled due to a show-stopping laptop bug whereby some UEFI-enabled laptops from multiple vendors were running into "BIOS corruption" where BIOS settings could no longer be changed, USB booting becoming non-functional, and similar UEFI-related issues. Fortunately, a fixed kernel is now available and some affected users are reporting a successful workaround for making their laptops full-functioning once again.

27 December 2017 - Ubuntu 17.10 Laptop Crasher - 53 Comments
A Look At Canonical's Financial Performance From 2009 To 2017

Last week we reported on Ubuntu maker Canonical's financial performance for FY2017 with a $122M turnover and nearly 600 employees after spotting the latest data. For those wondering how that compares to previous years, here is more of the past year's performance.

26 December 2017 - Ubuntu - 13 Comments
Ubuntu 17.10 Temporarily Pulled Due To A BIOS Corrupting Problem

Canonical has temporarily pulled the download links for Ubuntu 17.10 "Artful Aardvark" from the Ubuntu website due to ongoing reports of some laptops finding their BIOS corrupted after installing this latest Ubuntu release. The issue is appearing most frequently with Lenovo laptops but there are also reports of issues with other laptop vendors as well.

20 December 2017 - Lenovo Laptops - 73 Comments
Mir Had A Wild Year From Nearly Being Killed Alongside Unity 8 To Growing With Wayland

It was a heck of a year for Ubuntu's Mir display server from it starting off as the display server to the now-abandoned Unity 8 desktop and it surviving Canonical's cancelling of the Unity/convergence projects to now not only being fitted for IoT use-cases but gaining Wayland support with hopes some will use it as a Wayland compositor. This also went from Mir 1.0 nearly being released and back to the drawing board to Canonical now hiring more Mir developers and adding Mir to other Linux distributions: what a wild ride 2017 has been for this controversial project.

17 December 2017 - Mir 2017 - 13 Comments
Unity 7 Hoping To Become An Official Flavor For Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

While Canonical abandoned their work on the Unity desktop environment in favor of the Unity-inspired customized GNOME Shell that debuted in Ubuntu 17.10, some within the community have remained interested in maintaining Unity 7 and even getting it into an official spin/flavor of Ubuntu.

24 November 2017 - Ubuntu 18.04 + Unity 7 - 32 Comments
Canonical Is Hiring Graphics Stack Developers To Work On Mir

While it was only months ago that Canonical let go of several Mir developers at the same time as other staff reductions for the Unity team and different areas as the company changed their focus, they are now looking for new Mir hires.

15 November 2017 - Mir Developers, Mir Developers - 27 Comments
Ubuntu Server's New Subiquity Installer Is Now In Much Better Shape

Earlier this year is when Canonical shared they were creating a new Ubuntu Server installer as an eventual replacement to the text-based Debian Installer that their server edition has been using up to this point. It's looking like this "Subiquity" installer could be in good shape by Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

2 November 2017 - Subiquity Installer - 10 Comments

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