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Ubuntu Figuring Out Whether To FSCK Its File-Systems At Boot

They are a bit late in doing so, but Ubuntu developers are working to figure out if it makes sense to run FSCK "file-system check" at boot time. It turns out Ubuntu Server and other Ubuntu installations making use of their Curtin installation component haven't enabled the functionality for FSCK at boot but now they are (re)visiting the matter.

23 March 2021 - Ubuntu FSCK - 27 Comments
Canonical Continues To Talk Up Google's Flutter UI Toolkit

Recently Ubuntu maker Canonical committed to using Google's Flutter user-interface toolkit as its "default choice" for their mobile and desktop applications moving forward. There is now an Ubuntu Blog post further detailing their interests in Flutter.

19 March 2021 - Canonical Loves Flutter - 91 Comments
Standalone XWayland Makes It For Ubuntu 21.04 Along With Linux 5.11, Mesa 21.0

As part of planning for Ubuntu 21.04 to use Wayland by default when running on the default GNOME Shell desktop, Ubuntu developers were going to evaluate the standalone XWayland work being pursued by Red Hat initially for Fedora in order to ship newer XWayland code without resorting to releasing a new X.Org Server. That standalone XWayland package is now on its way to the Ubuntu archive.

18 March 2021 - XWayland Ubuntu - 22 Comments
Canonical Talks Up Why Ubuntu Is A Great Replacement To CentOS

Following the surprise announcement last year that CentOS 8 will be EOL'ed at the end of 2021 to focus instead on CentOS Stream and all the uncertainty that brought with Red Hat now being owned by IBM, new distributions like Rocky Linux were conceived while existing Linux distributions have been looking to capitalize on that move. Oracle Linux has been advertising how it's a great RHEL downstream while Canonical is now promoting how Ubuntu is a great replacement to CentOS.

8 March 2021 - CentOS To Ubuntu - 47 Comments
DFI Partners With Ubuntu For IoT Hardware, OTA Updates

Most of you probably haven't heard of DFI much in nearly two decades since the days of their colorful "LanParty" motherboards that were well known at the time, but these days they are focused on the industrial computer industry and have now teamed up with Canonical to partake in the Ubuntu IoT Hardware Certification Partner Program.

25 February 2021 - Ubuntu + DFI - 1 Comment
Early Ubuntu 21.04 Benchmarks Point To Some Slides In Performances But Overall Flat

In yesterday's Linux distribution benchmark comparison on a Ryzen 9 5900X, you may have noticed some of the Ubuntu 21.04 development benchmarks coming in slower than Ubuntu 20.10 but overall a tight race. That is something I've seen now on other systems too -- such as these results to pass along today from an Intel notebook with the latest Ubuntu 20.10 vs. 21.04 development tests.

23 February 2021 - HP ZBook Tests - 6 Comments
The Work Ahead For Ubuntu 21.04 To Switch To Wayland By Default

Last month was the delightful news that Ubuntu 21.04 is aiming to use Wayland by default for non-NVIDIA systems on the GNOME desktop rather than the X.Org session. While there is two months to go until the Ubuntu 21.04 release, there still is more work ahead in making that shift a reality.

9 February 2021 - Wayland By Default Planning - 27 Comments
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS Released With New HWE Stack For Better Hardware/Graphics

The second point release to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is now officially released. Notable with Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS is the new hardware enablement (HWE) stack that brings the Linux kernel, Mesa, and related components from Ubuntu 20.10, which means better hardware support that tends to be most notable around better open-source graphics support.

4 February 2021 - Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS - 14 Comments
Ubuntu Core + Mir Is Powering Smart Exercise Mirrors

For those wondering where Ubuntu's Mir is being used in current form with their continued development of it these days as a Wayland compositor, it turns out it is being used within smart exercise mirrors as at least one implementation.

4 February 2021 - Ubuntu Mir (Mir)rors - 27 Comments
Ubuntu 21.04 Will Try To Use Wayland By Default

Ubuntu is going to be trying to switch over to using Wayland by default for the current Ubuntu 21.04 cycle to allow sufficient time for widespread testing and evaluation ahead of next year's Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release.

28 January 2021 - Ubuntu 21.04 - 71 Comments
Ubuntu 21.04 To Expand The Use Of Phased Package Updates

With this spring's release of Ubuntu 21.04 there is more widespread use of "phased updates" for gradually rolling out new stable release updates to help avoid any regressions en masse from coming to light. For years the Ubuntu desktop has employed this phased updates strategy while now with it being plumbed into APT, Ubuntu Server and other versions will by default make use of phased updates.

15 January 2021 - Phased Updates - 13 Comments
UBports' Ubuntu Touch OTA-15 Released With New Device Support

UBports developers and the open-source community continue to push along Ubuntu Touch for smartphones/tablets. Ubuntu Touch still hasn't yet been able to complete the transition from Ubuntu 16.04 to a 20.04 base, but they have made other improvements and new device support with today's Ubuntu Touch OTA-15 release.

16 December 2020 - Ubuntu Touch OTA-15 - 6 Comments

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