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Ubuntu 19.10 To Drop 32-bit x86 Packages

Ubuntu and their downstream flavors all stopped shipping x86 32-bit images and now for the 19.10 cycle they have decided to stop their i386 support entirely. Beginning with Ubuntu 19.10, the archive/packages will not be built for x86 32-bit.

18 June 2019 - No More i386 - 152 Comments
Ubuntu 19.10's ZFS TODO List Goes Public - A Lot To Of Work Left

We've been quite eager to see what happens around Ubuntu 19.10's ZFS support with their plumbing this out-of-tree file-system into their new desktop installer and a lot of other Ubuntu happenings around ZFS. There is now at least a public TODO list/board outlining some of their ZFS work for the Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine cycle.

4 June 2019 - Ubuntu 19.10 ZFS Plans - 49 Comments
Ubuntu Expands Its Kernel Uploader Team

As a sign of the times with the Linux kernel being affected by an increasing number of CVEs (and particularly high profile ones at that), there are now more Ubuntu developers with upload rights for sending down new kernel upgrades.

20 May 2019 - Ubuntu Kernel Team - 6 Comments
Canonical Releases "WLCS" Wayland Conformance Suite 1.0

While Ubuntu is not currently using Wayland by default with its GNOME Shell desktop and it doesn't look like they will try again until Ubuntu 20.10, the option is still available and they continue working in the direction of a Wayland Linux desktop future. One of their interesting "upstream" contributions in this area is with the Wayland Conformance Suite.

2 May 2019 - Wayland Conformance - 12 Comments
Ubuntu 19.10 To Be The Eoan ________

With Ubuntu 19.04 out the door, it's time to kick off Ubuntu 19.10 as the next six-month installment of Ubuntu Linux and the last before Ubuntu 20.04 as the next LTS release.

18 April 2019 - Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan - 30 Comments
ZFS Indications Have Us Already Eager For Ubuntu 19.10

While Ubuntu 19.04 isn't even coming out until tomorrow, the indications around Ubuntu desktop ZFS support and functionality likely debuting the next cycle has us already quite eager for the Ubuntu 19.10 release coming out in October.

17 April 2019 - Ubuntu 19.10 + ZFS - 17 Comments
Ubuntu Still Working On ZFS Install Support, But Not In Time For 19.04

For the past number of months we've seen Canonical developers working on ZFS support in the Ubuntu desktop and ZFS root partition support so that the Ubuntu desktop could (optionally) be installed to a ZFS On Linux partition. That work has been continuing and it's looking like we could see the fruits of that work for the Ubuntu 19.10 cycle.

9 April 2019 - Ubuntu Desktop + ZFS - 32 Comments
Ubuntu Studio Will Be Sticking Around As An Official Ubuntu Flavor

Earlier this month we wrote about the quandary Ubuntu Studio was in, the flavor of Ubuntu shipping with multimedia production and content creation software: none of their active developers had upload rights for updating packages. Fortunately, that situation has now been resolved.

27 March 2019 - Ubuntu Studio - 12 Comments
Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS Released

Following the recent emergency release of Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS to get out updated install media that addresses the recent APT security vulnerability and in the process other bug fixes too, Ubuntu 14.04.6 has now been released as a similar update.

7 March 2019 - Ubuntu 14.04.6 - 19 Comments

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