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Ubuntu/Mir Developer Issues Porting Guide To Help Port MATE To Wayland

Canonical's Mir developers since re-shifting focus to serving as a Wayland compositor have been working with the likes of the GNOME2-forked MATE desktop environment to implement Wayland support using Mir. For helping those interested in porting MATE applications from X11 to Wayland, one of the Mir developers has now issued a porting guide.

21 September 2019 - Wayland / Mir - 9 Comments
The 32-Bit Packages That Will Continue To Be Supported Through Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Earlier this year Canonical announced they would be pulling 32-bit support from Ubuntu ahead of next year's 20.04 LTS. But following public backlash, they stepped back to provide 32-bit support for select packages. Today they announced the 199 32-bit packages that will continue to be supported through Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

17 September 2019 - 52 32-Bit Packages - 28 Comments
Canonical Confirms Their Experimental ZFS Plans For The Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop

We've known for months about Canonical working to ramp up their ZFS On Linux support for Ubuntu 19.10 after initially packaging ZoL for Ubuntu years ago and supporting it in the server space. One of the big changes for Ubuntu 19.10 expected is an experimental ZFS root file-system install option for their desktop GUI installer. That's been confirmed today by Canonical along with some of their related ZoL activities.

7 August 2019 - Ubuntu 19.10 Desktop + ZFS - 16 Comments
UBports Is Working On Ubuntu Touch OTA-10

The UBports community developers continuing to advance Ubuntu Touch have shared their latest work items and plans. OTA-10 is being developed while they are also working on ports for the PinePhone and Librem 5 smart-phones, among other items on their radar.

31 July 2019 - Plus PinePhone + Librem 5 Ports - Add A Comment
Ubuntu 19.10 Development Continues With Latest GNOME Updates, ZFS, Optimizations

Two months from today marks the beta and kernel freezes for the Ubuntu 19.10 release while in less than one month is already the feature freeze. Canonical developers and others within the Ubuntu community remain quite busy this summer working on this "Eoan Ermine" release and is of particular importance with next cycle being the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS swing.

26 July 2019 - Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine - 29 Comments
Should Ubuntu Use The BFQ I/O Scheduler?

The BFQ I/O scheduler is working out fairly well these days as shown in our benchmarks. The Budget Fair Queueing scheduler supports both throughput and low-latency modes while working particularly well for consumer-grade hardware. Should the Ubuntu desktop be using BFQ by default?

22 July 2019 - Ubuntu + BFQ - 51 Comments
Ubuntu's Zsys Client/Daemon For ZFS On Linux Continues Maturing For Eoan

Looking ahead to Ubuntu 19.10 as the cycle before Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, one of the areas exciting us with the work being done by Canonical is (besides the great upstream GNOME performance work) easily comes down to the work they are pursuing on better ZFS On Linux integration with even aiming to offer ZFS as a file-system option from their desktop installer. A big role in their ZoL play is also the new "Zsys" component they have been developing.

18 July 2019 - Ubuntu 19.10 ZFS - 16 Comments
Ubuntu Developer Talks Down Impact Of 32-Bit Changes For Ubuntu 19.10

Following Valve saying they won't be officially supporting Ubuntu 19.10 and Wine developers questioning their Ubuntu 32-bit builds following the announcement this week of not providing new 32-bit packages for new Ubuntu releases, longtime Ubuntu developer and Canonical employee Steve Langasek is trying to provide some clarity into the situation.

23 June 2019 - Steve Langasek - 159 Comments
Canonical Developer Tries Running GOG Games On 64-Bit-Only Ubuntu 19.10 Setup

In response to the decision to drop 32-bit x86 support beginning in Ubuntu 19.10, Alan Pope of Canonical and longtime Ubuntu member decided to try running some GOG games under an Ubuntu 19.10 daily build that he configured to remove the 32-bit packages ahead of the actual removal. Unfortunately, his experience didn't go so smoothly.

21 June 2019 - Headaches - 101 Comments
Ubuntu 19.10 To Drop 32-bit x86 Packages

Ubuntu and their downstream flavors all stopped shipping x86 32-bit images and now for the 19.10 cycle they have decided to stop their i386 support entirely. Beginning with Ubuntu 19.10, the archive/packages will not be built for x86 32-bit.

18 June 2019 - No More i386 - 207 Comments

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