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AMDGPU DC Gets "PERF_TRACE" To Help With Performance Profiling

Published on Wednesday was the latest batch of AMDGPU DC display code changes for its eventual inclusion into the AMDGPU DRM driver for mainline past the 4.20~5.0 cycle with that feature merge window being over. The most notable change with this latest AMDGPU DC haul is a new "PERF_TRACE" addition.

11 October 2018 - AMDGPU DC PERF_TRACE - 3 Comments
AMDGPU DC Display Code Ported To GCN 1.0 "Southern Islands" GPUs

The AMDGPU DC "Display Code" stack formerly known as DAL that's been in the mainline kernel the past several releases might soon see support for GCN 1.0 "Southern Islands" GPUs. This is the big display code stack necessary for atomic mode-setting, FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync, HDMI/DP audio, and other modern display features. When AMD brought up this DC stack, they hadn't brought it back to GCN 1.0 since for those original GCN GPUs they by default still use the Radeon DRM driver. But now they might soon see AMDGPU DC support.

8 October 2018 - AMDGPU DC - 51 Comments
Some AMD GPUs Affected By A Nasty Power Regression That Snuck Into Linux 4.18 Stable

A Phoronix reader emailed in that since the recent Linux 4.18.10 stable kernel the power usage on his system has increased by around 50 Watts while idling... Not the overall AC system power draw being 50 Watts, but an increase of roughly that amount on the latest 4.18 stable point releases up to this point. I've now been able to reproduce as well as bisect the cause.

4 October 2018 - AMDGPU Regression - 73 Comments
A Nice Overview Of The ROCm Linux Compute Stack

It's easy to get confused by the Radeon GPU compute stack / OpenCL driver support as there has been multiple offerings over the years from the no longer supported Clover Gallium3D OpenCL driver to a still-maintained PAL-based OpenCL driver to their modern ROCm compute stack. When it comes to ROCm though, besides OpenCL there is also their HCC and HIP approaches and from there support for a variety of frameworks, libraries, etc. Here are some overviews of the current ROCm compute stack those interested.

28 September 2018 - ROCm - 19 Comments
AMD Posts Updated Mesa Patches For Variable Refresh Rate (FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync)

Earlier this month AMD finally got back on track with issuing new patches for FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync / HDMI Variable Refresh Rate support now that there seems to be a consensus among the Linux DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) driver developers over what this API should look like so it can support the multiple technologies and drivers at play.

24 September 2018 - Mesa VRR - 20 Comments
AMD Finally Rolls Out New Linux Patches For Adaptive-Sync / VRR (FreeSync)

While the open-source AMD Radeon Linux graphics stack has gotten into particularly good shape the past two years or so, one of the areas that has left the red Linux gamers unsatisfied is the lack of FreeSync support (or DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync / HDMI Variable Refresh Rate) when using the fully open-source stack. It looks like that could be changing soon with the new set of patches under review.

11 September 2018 - Open-Source FreeSync / Adaptive Sync - 64 Comments
Code Sourcery Posts New AMD Radeon GCN Port, Hoping To Mainline For GCC 9 Compiler

There's been AMD Radeon code in the works for the GCC compiler as a new back-end going back years but never really seems to takeoff in comparison to the AMD support on LLVM. SUSE formerly worked on a lot of Radeon + GCC code for GPU offloading while more recent Code Sourcery has been working on a new AMD GCN back-end. The newest AMD GCN code was posted today for the GNU Compiler Collection.

5 September 2018 - AMD GCN - 26 Comments
More Vega 20 Enablement Heading To Linux 4.20~5.0, No Longer Marked Experimental

While the Linux 4.19 kernel merge window just ended this past weekend and the development cycle for Linux 4.20 (or most likely to be called Linux 5.0) won't kick off until around the middle of October, AMD has already begun staging a ton of changes for this next kernel version. In particular, it looks like with this next kernel release their Vega 20 enablement will be in order.

28 August 2018 - Vega 20 - 11 Comments

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