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Radeon X.Org Driver Gets Fixed Up To Always Allow Page-Flipping With TearFree

It's fairly rare these days seeing improvements to the xf86-video-ati DDX: the driver for those running a pre-AMDGPU (GCN 1.2) graphics card with this driver paired with Radeon DRM and not using the generic xf86-video-modesetting driver instead. But if you are using xf86-video-ati and use the "TearFree" feature to try to avoid screen tearing, a number of patches landed today.

17 August 2017 - TearFree Page-Flipping - 2 Comments
Trying amd-staging-drm-next With The Radeon RX Vega

With my Radeon RX Vega benchmarks so far this week I have been using the amd-staging-4.12 tree that contains the DC display code and Vega support. Though even with fresher code is amd-staging-drm-next, so here are some benchmarks.

16 August 2017 - amd-staging-drm-next - 2 Comments
AMDGPU DC Display Code Gets A Public TODO List

For those anxious to see AMDGPU's DC / DAL / display code mainlined either for the Radeon RX Vega support, FreeSync capabilities, HDMI/DP audio, or other display features, there is now a public TODO list.

14 August 2017 - DC TODO - 10 Comments
ROCm OpenCL Is Still Getting Ready To Rock For Vega

With the just-posted Radeon RX Vega 56 / 64 Linux review, there aren't any OpenCL benchmarks due to some issues encountered in the process. When the Vega OpenCL support is in better shape, results will be published. But for those anxious to see anyways what the current ROCm OpenCL performance looks like for Ethereum with Ethminer, here's a quick look.

14 August 2017 - Radeon RX Vega OpenCL - 4 Comments
Radeon Vega Pro Introduces A "AMD Secure Processor"

The embargo just expired on the Radeon Pro Software Crimson ReLive Edition for Vega Radeon Professional Graphics. There isn't much to share from the Linux driver side, except worth noting that Vega Pro graphics hardware has a "secure processor" onboard.

31 July 2017 - Secure Processor - 44 Comments
Linux 4.13-rc1 Tests Of AMDGPU Paired With RADV/RadeonSI Mesa 17.2-dev

I've just finished out a round of tests using the Linux 4.13-rc1 kernel with its new AMDGPU driver code. No regressions with my Polaris and Fiji tests, but at the same time no performance gains trickled through when running various tests with RADV Vulkan and RadeonSI OpenGL from Mesa 17.2-dev.

18 July 2017 - Linux 4.12 vs. 4.13-rc1 - 1 Comment
Trying The RADV Vulkan Driver With SISCHED

Last week the RADV Radeon Vulkan driver added an option to enable SISCHED, the LLVM SI Machine Instruction Scheduler that for a while has been a non-default option for the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver.

11 July 2017 - SISCHED - Add A Comment

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