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AMD Lines Up Another Batch Of Radeon Graphics Fixes For Linux 5.8

Linux 5.8 features for the Radeon "AMDGPU" kernel driver include the likes of Navi soft recovery and better handling of critical thermal faults on Radeon GPUs as well as enabling TMZ support. With feature work being capped off already on the DRM graphics front for Linux 5.8, AMD developers have been tidying up the code and readying more fixes for all of the new code set to premiere with this imminent merge window.

27 May 2020 - AMDGPU Linux 5.8 - 4 Comments
LLVM 11 Merges AMD Radeon GCN Offloading For OpenMP

While AMD has been working on AOMP for Radeon OpenMP offloading as their downstream of the LLVM/Clang compiler suited for GPU compute offloading to their hardware, at least some of that work is beginning to appear back in upstream LLVM.

27 May 2020 - LLVM OpenMP AMDGCN - Add A Comment
Patches Proceed For Disabling Radeon AGP GART, Deprecating TTM AGP

Several days back was the proposal to "remove AGP support" from Radeon/Nouveau/TTM. This did formulate into a set of patches that would disable the AGP mode in the Radeon driver and deprecate the AGP code in TTM memory management. However, as was pointed out in the ensuing discussion, AGP graphics cards will still be operable on Linux with this level of deprecation by using the PCI GART mode.

16 May 2020 - AGP GART - 36 Comments
AMD Rethinks Decision And Will Open-Source Most Of Radeon Rays 4.0

Two days ago as part of the GPUOpen relaunch AMD released Radeon Rays 4.0 as their ray intersection library. Unlike the previous Radeon Rays release, however, this new Vulkan-enabled version was not open-source. But now AMD has decided that at least in large part it will be going back to open-source.

15 May 2020 - Radeon Rays 4.0 - 49 Comments
GPUOpen Celebrates Another Day Of Its Relaunch With A New Binary-Only Software Release

AMD this week marked the relaunch of GPUOpen as their resource for creators and game developers with their collection of open-source/open-standards minded offerings on the graphics front. In honor of their relaunch, they said they would be issuing new software releases every day this week. It was a bit odd yesterday with Radeon Rays 4.0 dropping their open-source code-base and today they are introducing another new utility that is also binary-only.

14 May 2020 - GPUOpen RMV - 29 Comments
Linux 5.8 Bringing Soft Recovery Support For GFX10/Navi

A lot is building up for Linux 5.8 and there already being a few rounds of AMDGPU feature improvements. Another batch of feature material for the AMD Radeon graphics driver was sent in this week to DRM-Next destined for Linux 5.8.

13 May 2020 - Navi Soft Recovery - 5 Comments
RADV ACO Adds A Version Hack/Workaround For An Extra 2~5% Boost In SotTR

While many hoped that with the adoption of Vulkan it would lead to avoiding driver-specific checks/workarounds, that's still not been the case to workaround various driver bugs and other issues. The RADV ACO compiler back-end has resorted to altering its version string in order to obtain 2~5% higher performance in Feral's latest Linux game release.

13 May 2020 - LLVM Version Hack - 8 Comments
Radeon GPU Analyzer 2.3.1 Released

Radeon GPU Analyzer 2.3.1 is now available as the GPUOpen utility for analyzing Vulkan / DirectX / OpenGL / OpenCL code across platforms for performance profiling and other purposes.

14 April 2020 - Radeon GPU Analyzer 2.3.1 - Add A Comment
RADV Lands AMD GCN 1.0/1.1 Fix For DOOM Eternal On Linux Under Steam Play

Doom Eternal was released this week by id Software as their first game atop the Vulkan-focused id Tech 7 engine. While it's another id Software game not seeing a native Linux port, with some tweaking the game can run under Steam Play / Proton. And now Mesa's RADV Vulkan driver has landed a fix for AMD GCN 1.0/1.1 era GPUs with a fix allowing those older graphics cards to handle this latest Doom title.

25 March 2020 - RADV GCN 1.0/1.1 - 18 Comments
AMD Begins Focusing On Bug Fixes For Linux 5.7 Graphics Driver Code

Passing the point that new feature code is generally permitted into DRM-Next for in turn hitting the next mainline kernel merge window, AMD's open-source graphics driver developers have been turning their attention to bug fixes for all the new feature code set for Linux 5.7.

20 March 2020 - Linux 5.7 AMDGPU - 17 Comments

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