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More Radeon RX 590 Ubuntu Benchmarks - See How Your Linux GPU Performance Compares

Published on Friday was my Radeon RX 590 Linux benchmarks now that the kinks in the support for this latest Polaris refresh are worked out (at least in patch form). Here are some complementary data points with some of the OpenGL tests outside of the Steam games for those curious about the RX 590 performance in other workloads or wanting to see how your own GPU performance would compare to these results.

9 December 2018 - Radeon RX 590 - 9 Comments
The Radeon RX 590 Is Finally Running Strong On Linux

It took the better part of a month since the debut of the latest Polaris hardware refresh, but with the latest AMDGPU kernel driver patch posted today, the AMD Radeon RX 590 now appears to be in great shape with the open-source Radeon graphics driver stack for Linux.

6 December 2018 - Linux + Radeon RX 590 - 32 Comments
AMDGPU FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync Is Set To Land For Linux 4.21

AMD developers have a miraculous Christmas present for their open-source Linux users, particularly Linux gamers with FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync displays... This last major feature missing from AMDGPU DRM driver that's long been sought after is finally set to land in the mainline Linux kernel!

30 November 2018 - Variable Rate Refresh - 50 Comments
A Radeon RX 590 Workaround For Linux But With Abysmal Performance

While AMD is able to reproduce the Radeon RX 590 Linux failure and is currently investigating the necessary Linux driver fix(es) for getting this latest Polaris refresh graphics card working correctly, if you already upgraded and don't have the luxury of switching to another graphics card until a solution is in place, there is a workaround to getting the RX 590 on Linux with working hardware acceleration but very slow performance.

29 November 2018 - RX 590 Linux Workaround - 24 Comments
The Latest Efforts On Getting The Radeon RX 590 To Work With Linux

When the Radeon RX 590 launched two weeks ago, Linux support wasn't anticipated to be a problem with it being yet another Polaris graphics card and largely unchanged from a driver perspective compared to the RX 580 and other Polaris cards the past few years. Sadly at least for some AIB RX 590 cards, that hasn't turned out to be the case.

28 November 2018 - Not Yet - 25 Comments
A Look At The AMDGPU+RADV Gaming Performance Boost With Linux 4.20

With the interest coming about today from a RADV tweak after bisecting the Linux 4.20 kernel speed-up for this open-source Radeon Vulkan driver with the AMDGPU DRM driver, here are some benchmarks from Linux 4.16 through 4.20 looking at the performance on Polaris and Vega graphics cards.

26 November 2018 - Radeon Vulkan Speed - 8 Comments
An Update On The Radeon RX 590 For Linux

Last week AMD released the Radeon RX 590 Polaris refresh graphics card, but after buying this ~$279 USD graphics card, sadly it's not yet out-of-the-box on Linux for driver support. I am still working on getting it working with the open-source driver stack but have a brief update to share.

20 November 2018 - Radeon RX 590 - 74 Comments
The Open-Source AMD Linux Driver Stack Hitting Problems With The Radeon RX 590

While the Radeon RX 590 that launched this week is just yet another Polaris refresh, it turns out the open-source AMD Linux graphics driver stack isn't yet playing well with retail RX 590 graphics cards. This is quite a surprise considering the PCI ID was picked up months ago and the mature Polaris Linux driver support for quite a while now, but could be like the rough Raven Ridge Linux experience where the production cards with the shipping vBIOS isn't what the developers encountered during their pre-production driver enablement.

16 November 2018 - Radeon RX 590 + Linux - 42 Comments

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