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AMD Promotes Navi 14 Linux Support Out Of "Experimental" + Fixes For Raven Ridge

With the initial Navi 14 support to be found in the Linux 5.4 kernel releasing this weekend the GPU ASIC (along with Navi 12) have been marked as experimental and thus not enabled by default unless passing a special module parameter to the kernel. But now at the last minute this support has been deemed non-experimental for Navi 14.

21 November 2019 - Navi 14 Not Experimental - Add A Comment
AMD Sends Out HDCP Support, New GPU Support In AMDKFD For Linux 5.5

In addition to Intel this week sending out their first big batch of graphics driver changes for the Linux 5.5 kernel cycle kicking off at year's end, today AMD developers sent in their first batch of AMDGPU/AMDKFD kernel driver changes targeting this next version of the Linux kernel.

10 October 2019 - AMDGPU DRM-Next - 8 Comments
Unofficial Radeon ROCm Packages Re-Enable APU Support

Over a year ago the AMD APU support in the Radeon Open Compute (ROCm) stack was quietly removed and has yet to be re-enabled in the upstream ROCm packages. But should you be wanting to use ROCm for their compute APIs or OpenCL on APUs, unofficial Ubuntu packages are now available to provide this capability.

1 October 2019 - Radeon Open Compute + APUs - 25 Comments
AMDGPU Linux 5.5 Changes Being Prepped With HDCP Support, LRU Bulk Moves Re-Enabled

While the Linux 5.4 merge window doesn't even end until this weekend, as is usual traditional with the DRM-Next cutoff having been weeks ago, the open-source DRM driver developers are already working on their changes for what will ultimately go into Linux 5.5. On the AMD side, the AMDGPU kernel graphics driver already has some interesting work accumulating.

25 September 2019 - AMDGPU Linux 5.5 - 19 Comments
AMD Linux Graphics Driver Stack Cutting Down On PCI ID Table Duplication

Traditionally with the Linux graphics drivers there are PCI ID tables littered in multiple places throughout the driver stack from the DRM/KMS kernel drivers to the Mesa OpenGL/Vulkan drivers but also the potential for other areas like the increasingly less common DDX drivers and other components. AMD is looking to address the proliferation of PCI IDs throughout the stack and the maintenance burden of having to keep the list of IDs in sync across the different components.

24 September 2019 - PCI ID Proliferation - 9 Comments
AMD Navi 10 Firmware Finally Lands In The Linux-Firmware Tree

While AMD has provided open-source Radeon RX 5700 series (Navi 10) support since launch and that code since worked into the various mainline code-bases from the Linux kernel to Mesa, one kink in their support has been their binary microcode images not being available from the reference linux-firmware.git location as needed to initialize the hardware. That Navi 10 firmware/microcode issue has finally been rectified with the images landing this morning.

23 September 2019 - Radeon RX 5700 - Navi 10 - 15 Comments

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