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Initial AMDGPU Driver Changes Submitted For Linux 4.19

Less than one week after the close of the Linux 4.18 kernel merge window, AMD developers working on the AMDGPU Direct Rendering Manager driver have already submitted their first batch of changes to DRM-Next to begin queuing for the Linux 4.19 kernel cycle. There are a few new features with this latest batch of code.

21 June 2018 - AMDGPU For Linux 4.19 - Add A Comment
AMDGPU Performance Tests With New WattMan-Like Settings, Power Capping

With the recent stable debut of the Linux 4.17 kernel, one of the most common performance test requests coming in has been for checking out the Radeon WattMan-like support that was introduced with the Linux 4.17 AMDGPU code for recent generations of Radeon graphics card. Here are some benchmarks of that and on a somewhat related note also some Linux gaming benchmark results when carrying out some power capping tests to restrict the graphics card to a given Wattage.

16 June 2018 - Power Tests - 26 Comments
RADV Gets A Performance Improving Workaround For Vega, Helps Dota 2

In my recent 12-way Linux GPU tests with the very newest Radeon/NVIDIA drivers the RX 580 in particular was performing great on the open-source RADV driver against the NVIDIA competition while the latest Vega GPUs were a bit lagging still. Fortunately, RADV co-founder Bas Nieuwenhuizen has landed another performance optimization.

28 May 2018 - RADV Performance Fix - 20 Comments
AMD Will Continue Maintaining Multiple Compute Stacks For Linux

With the great shape that ROCm has been getting into recently for open-source Radeon GPU compute support on Linux including advancing OpenCL support, one might have rightfully assumed that was going to be their centralized compute stack moving forward. It turns out that their PAL-based compute stack will continue to be maintained too.

17 May 2018 - ROCm vs. PAL - 47 Comments
AMDKFD In Linux 4.18 Bringing Vega GPU Support

The AMDKFD kernel driver in the upcoming Linux 4.17 has the long-awaited discrete Radeon GPU support working so it can be used with the ROCm/OpenCL compute user-space, but Vega GPU support wasn't ready for this release. Fortunately, it's ready for Linux 4.18.

14 May 2018 - AMDKFD - 8 Comments

The RADV Vulkan driver within Mesa has landed its VK_PIPELINE_CREATE_DISABLE_OPTIMIZATION_BIT support so applications/games can opt to disable optimizations when compiling a Vulkan pipeline. This is notably what was just covered the other day for helping to reduce stuttering with DXVK.

13 May 2018 - Disable Optimizations - 5 Comments
Radeon Pro Software 18.Q2 Released For Linux

AMD has carried out their quarterly Radeon Pro Software driver update designated for their Radeon Pro professional/workstation graphics drivers with these updates having received additional QA for certified workloads. The Radeon Pro Software 18.Q2 Linux driver made it out alongside their Windows update.

10 May 2018 - Radeon Pro Software - Add A Comment

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