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AMDGPU Linux Driver To Overhaul Its Approach To Device Enumeration

AMD's open-source Linux graphics driver engineers are working to overhaul how the initial driver loading with device enumeration happens to ultimately make it more robust. In the process though PCI IDs become less important and in turn less of an avenue for exposing possible indicators of new graphics cards.

21 September 2021 - IP Discovery - 8 Comments
AMD Extending DWARF To Better Handle GPU Debugging, Continues Collaborating With GCC & LLVM

In addition to AMD's increasing Linux kernel contributions, they are also contributing more improvements in user-space too thanks to their super-computing wins and other big enterprise deployments that are Linux-based. One of the areas talked about this week at the Linux Plumbers Conference with the GNU Tools track is how they are working to extend the DWARF debug format to better handle GPU debugging.

21 September 2021 - DWARF6 - 3 Comments
AMD Continues CRIU Work To Checkpoint/Restore ROCm Compute Workloads

Earlier this year AMD went public with prototyping CRIU support for Radeon GPUs around ROCm to be able to checkpoint/freeze running compute workloads and to then restore them at a later point. This CRIU focus is driven by their big accelerator needs and forthcoming supercomputers for migrating workloads particularly within containers. AMD continues working on CRIU support for GPUs and last week provided an update on the project.

20 September 2021 - CRIU ROCm - 1 Comment
CoreCtrl 1.2 Brings Support For More Sensors, Voltage Offsets

CoreCtrl 1.2 was released this week as the open-source, independently-developed application for exposing more sensor support on Linux and offering various controls aroudnd over/under-clocking and other tuning. At the moment CoreCtrl is primarily focused on making the most use of AMD Radeon GPUs under Linux with some options not otherwise readily available on the platform.

11 September 2021 - CoreCtrl 1.2 - 14 Comments
AMD Just Squeezed More Workstation Performance Out Of Its RadeonSI Driver

While Vulkan is quickly taking over as the dominant graphics API for Linux gamers especially with the likes of DXVK and VKD3D-Proton mapping Direct3D atop Vulkan, OpenGL remains widely used by workstation software. It's also for workstation software where AMD's "PRO" closed-source OpenGL Linux driver has traditionally competed well (and outperformed) the open-source Mesa driver. But with all the recent changes, that's either a matter of the past or close to not being relevant with the latest Mesa enhancements.

10 September 2021 - SPECViewPerf SN - 21 Comments
The Big Batch Of New AMD RDNA2 PCI IDs Is Heading To Linux 5.15

Last week I wrote about AMD adding 17 more RDNA2 PCI IDs to their Linux driver which is rather unusual given the amount and the number of PCI IDs already found in the AMDGPU kernel driver for these latest-generation GPUs and the Radeon RX 6000 series already being mid-life. As noted in that article and seemingly in agreement with the various other industry articles following that Phoronix news, it seems to be for some sort of RDNA2 refresh likely. Now those new PCI IDs are being queued up for introduction in the current Linux 5.15 cycle.

2 September 2021 - RDNA2 PCI IDs - 34 Comments
AMD ROCm 4.3.1 Released With RHEL 8.4 + SLES 15 SP3 Support

ROCm 4.3 released at the start of August with support for HMM memory allocations, support for indirect function calls and C++ virtual functions with the ROCm compiler, improved data center tool integration, better rocBLAS performance, and a range of other improvements. In approaching the end of August, ROCm 4.3.1 is now available.

28 August 2021 - Radeon Open eCosystem 4.3.1 - 8 Comments
Radeon ROCm 4.3 Released With HMM Allocations, Many Other Improvements

AMD has released ROCm 4.3 as the newest version of their Radeon Open eCosystem stack for providing open-source GPU compute and CUDA portability for their supported graphics processors under Linux. ROCm 4.3 is the biggest update we've seen for this important enterprise piece to their enterprise GPU compute stack in a while.

3 August 2021 - ROCm 4.3 - 29 Comments

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