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AutoDeb Still Being Worked On For Automatically Generating Debian Packages

AutoDeb is a long-standing effort to try to automate the creation of Debian packages as much as possible for trying to determine necessary dependencies of a program, will configure/build the program for Autotools-based projects, and end up generating a Debian binary package. AutoDeb was worked on as part of this year's Google Summer of Code for automatic Debian packaging.

3 August 2018 - AutoDeb - 1 Comment
There Are 600+ Games In The Main Debian Repository

In addition to Keith Packard talking about the state of the Debian GNU/Linux stack for gaming in 2018, during this week's DebConf 18 was a talk by Debian developer Markus Koschany on the state of games for the Linux distribution.

2 August 2018 - Debian Games - 16 Comments
The State of Gaming On Debian In 2018

Happening now in Hsinchu, Taiwan is Debian's DebConf 18. Of the many interesting talks at this multi-day event is X11 veteran Keith Packard talking about gaming on Debian.

31 July 2018 - Debian Gaming - 19 Comments
Debian Had A Successful 2017 With The Release Of "Stretch"

The Debian project had a very successful year with the release of Debian 9 "Stretch" and let's not forget about Debian GNU/Hurd 2017, the installer alpha test releases beginning for Buster, Devuan 1.0 as Debian without systemd, and the continued maintenance releases.

19 December 2017 - Debian 2017 - 6 Comments
Debian 9.2 Released

The Debian project this week has announced the release of Debian GNU/Linux 9.2.

7 October 2017 - Debian 9.2 - 1 Comment

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