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Debian Sticking With Merged /usr Plan

For years Debian developers have been planning for a merged /usr concept where the /{bin,sbin,lib}/ directories becoming symbolic links to /usr/{bin,sbin,lib}/. With the upcoming Debian 10 Buster is the initial step of their plan after it was postponed from Debian Stretch.

5 March 2019 - Merged /usr - 203 Comments
Debian Could See Expanded Android SDK Support & Better PHP Packaging Via GSoC 2019

The open-source projects that regularly participate in Google's annual Summer of Code initiative for helping student developers start out their career in free software development are already thinking about GSoC 2019. Debian is among the projects working out their Google Summer of Code 2019 plans and have some interesting project possibilities should they find enough interested students.

9 February 2019 - Google Summer of Code - Add A Comment
Debian 10 "Buster" Working To Have UEFI SecureBoot In Good Shape

While most major Linux distributions have been supporting UEFI SecureBoot for years already in order to work nicely on modern locked-down (generally Windows pre-loaded) PCs, Debian stable releases have yet to properly support SecureBoot but that should be changing with this year's release of 10.0 Buster.

7 January 2019 - Debian 10 + Secure Boot - 14 Comments
Debian's Anti-Harassment Team Is Removing A Package Over Its Name

The latest notes from the Debian anti-harassment team on Wednesday caught my attention when reading, "We were requested to advice on the appropriateness of a certain package in the Debian archive. Our decision resulted in the package pending removal from the archive." Curiosity got the best of me... What package was deemed too inappropriate for the Debian archive?

20 December 2018 - Inappropriate Name - 212 Comments
Debian Packages To Eliminate Vendor-Specific Patches, Affecting Downstreams Like Ubuntu

Debian packages have supported the concept of vendor-specific patches whereby when DPKG unpacks a source package on different operating systems / distributions (such as Debian vs. Ubuntu), different patches could be selectively applied. Ubuntu is one of the main benefactors of this feature while effective immediately these vendor-specific patches to source packages will be treated as a bug and will be unpermitted following the Debian 10 "Buster" release.

13 November 2018 - No More Vendor-Specific DEB Patches - 25 Comments
Debian Developers Weighed The Idea Of Not Allowing Q&A Sessions At Their Conference

Debian developers have been discussing what to many seems like a rather unorthodox idea of not allowing questions/answers following presentations at their annual DebConf conference. This idea of banning questions and answers follows a policy by a Python conference that forbids questions/answers following presentations and is meant to help ease newcomers.

30 September 2018 - Helps Newcomers - 71 Comments
Debian Developers Discuss Process For Salvaging Packages

While Debian has tens of thousands of packages in its archive and users often tend to cite the size of a package archive as one of the useful metrics for evaluating a OS/distribution or package manager's potential, not all packages are maintained the same. In acknowledging that not all packages are maintained to the same standard and some ultimately slip through the cracks, Debian developers are discussing a salvaging process.

21 August 2018 - Debian Package Salvaging - 18 Comments
AutoDeb Still Being Worked On For Automatically Generating Debian Packages

AutoDeb is a long-standing effort to try to automate the creation of Debian packages as much as possible for trying to determine necessary dependencies of a program, will configure/build the program for Autotools-based projects, and end up generating a Debian binary package. AutoDeb was worked on as part of this year's Google Summer of Code for automatic Debian packaging.

3 August 2018 - AutoDeb - 1 Comment
There Are 600+ Games In The Main Debian Repository

In addition to Keith Packard talking about the state of the Debian GNU/Linux stack for gaming in 2018, during this week's DebConf 18 was a talk by Debian developer Markus Koschany on the state of games for the Linux distribution.

2 August 2018 - Debian Games - 16 Comments
The State of Gaming On Debian In 2018

Happening now in Hsinchu, Taiwan is Debian's DebConf 18. Of the many interesting talks at this multi-day event is X11 veteran Keith Packard talking about gaming on Debian.

31 July 2018 - Debian Gaming - 19 Comments

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