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Devuan 3.0 Released For Debian 10 Without Systemd

Two years after the release of Devuan 2.0 and just a few months since the Beowulf beta, Devuan 3.0 "Beowulf" is now officially available as this Linux distribution providing a Debian package set not dependent upon systemd.

2 June 2020 - Devuan 3.0 - 45 Comments
Unity 8 + Mir Is Being Packaged Up For Debian

Debian developer Mike Gabriel in cooperation with the UBports developers continuing to maintain Ubuntu Touch and Unity 8 are working to offer Unity 8 (and in turn, Mir) packages within Debian.

6 February 2020 - Unity 8 + Mir - 15 Comments
Debian Is Making The Process Easier To Bisect Itself Using Their Wayback Machine

For a decade now has been around for accessing old Debian packages and to find packages by dates and version numbers. Only now though is a guide materializing for leveraging this Debian "wayback machine" in order to help in bisecting regressions for the distribution that span multiple/unknown packages.

18 January 2020 - Bisecting Debian - 2 Comments
Debian Developers Take To Voting Over Init System Diversity

It's been five years already since the vote to transition to systemd in Debian over Upstart while now there is the new vote that has just commenced for judging the interest in "init system diversity" and just how much Debian developers care (or not) in supporting alternatives to systemd.

6 December 2019 - systemd Focus? - 97 Comments
Debian Installer Bullseye Alpha 1 Released

Debian 11 "Bullseye" isn't expected to be released until well into 2021 but out today is the first alpha release of the Debian Installer that will ultimately power that next major Debian GNU/Linux release.

5 December 2019 - Debian Bullseye - 4 Comments

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