Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS Introducing Revised Server Installer, Adds Missing Features

With the April release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on the server front was a brand new, in-house developed server installer created by Canonical to differentiate it from Debian's long-used text installer for the Ubuntu Server images. While it offered a fresh look and some new features, it shipped without many features common to Linux server installers. Fortunately, that is changing with the upcoming Ubuntu Server 18.04.1 release.

3 Hours Ago - Ubuntu - Ubuntu 18.04.1 Server Installer - 1 Comment
REAPER 5.93 Brings New Linux-Native Builds

Since 2016 we have been looking forward to the REAPER digital audio workstation software for Linux while with this week's v5.93 release, the experimental Linux-native builds are now officially available.

7 Hours Ago - Multimedia - Digital Audio Workstation - 2 Comments
Linux To Better Protect Entropy Sent In From User-Space

Fedora has begun utilizing a user-space jitter entropy daemon for feeding entropy to the kernel at boot time in case not enough is available for the kernel's random needs. But with that approach not being from a true hardware random number generator, a patch worked out by veteran Linux kernel developer Ted Ts'o will mix in RdRand entropy.

9 Hours Ago - Linux Kernel - /dev/urandom - 6 Comments

17 July

Fedora Gets An Unofficial Kernel Based On Clear Linux

While the kernel configuration is just one part of Intel's Clear Linux optimizations for their performance-oriented distribution, a Fedora user has taken the liberty of spinning a Fedora kernel build based upon Clear Linux's kernel configuration.

17 July 07:19 PM EDT - Clear Linux - Clear Linux Kernel For Fedora - 17 Comments
System76 Moves Ahead With Preparing To Manufacture Their Own Desktop Linux PCs

Back in April 2017 was the announcement that System76 would begin designing and manufacturing their own systems beginning with desktops and to be followed at a later date by their own laptops, rather than relying upon whitebox designs that they currently retail with their Ubuntu/Pop!_OS-loaded PCs. The Colorado-based company is inching closer to fully realizing their goal.

17 July 05:29 PM EDT - Hardware - System76 Factory - 20 Comments
IT87 Linux Driver For Supporting Many Motherboard Sensors Is Facing Death

While Linux hardware support for desktop PCs has advanced a great deal over the years, one area that continues to struggle is support for fan/thermal/power sensors on many of today's motherboards. This area has struggled with not enough public documentation / data-sheets from ASIC vendors as well as not enough upstream Linux kernel developers being interested in the hwmon subsystem. The IT87 Linux driver for many common Super I/O chips found on countless motherboards is unfortunately facing a downfall.

17 July 02:37 PM EDT - Linux Kernel - IT87 - 21 Comments
OpenMP 5.0 Public Draft Released

The public draft of the OpenMP 5.0 SMP programming standard is now available for review ahead of the specification's expected stable release before the end of 2018.

17 July 01:28 PM EDT - Standards - OpenMP 5.0 - 1 Comment
Dell XPS 13: Windows 10 vs. Linux Distribution Benchmarks

Recently I have published benchmarks looking at Windows Server and FreeBSD against eight Linux distributions as well as a 9-way Linux desktop OS benchmark comparison while the latest in this string of fresh Linux distribution benchmarks is looking at the Linux laptop performance impact, if any, between these operating systems. Up for this benchmarking dance was Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 10 when running Ubuntu 18.04 via WSL, Ubuntu 18.04 itself, Fedora Workstation 28, openSUSE Tumbleweed, and Clear Linux.

17 July 11:18 AM EDT - Operating Systems - 12 Comments
Lubuntu Needs Help Testing For 32-bit x86 Support To Continue

While Ubuntu and most of its derivatives have stopped producing 32-bit x86 images with the number of devices out there dwindling that can't run x86_64, Lubuntu is among the few still offering i686 images to help those who may be running on outdated hardware but still interested in running the latest Linux software.

17 July 05:52 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Lubuntu i386 - 16 Comments

16 July

Yum Won't Be Dropped For Fedora 29

There had been plans drafted to finish dropping Yum 3 in Fedora now that DNF is quite mature as the next-generation package manager, but that isn't happening now until at least Fedora 30.

16 July 03:20 PM EDT - Fedora - Yum Still Around - 20 Comments
Igalia Aligns Latest Patches For Giving Intel's Mesa Driver OpenGL 4.6

Igalia developers have been very involved with the Intel open-source developers on getting the long-awaited OpenGL 4.6 support into the "i965" Mesa driver. As has been the case for a while, out-of-tree patches can allow this to happen but with the Mesa 18.2 branching soon, it doesn't look like this will materialize ahead of this next release.

16 July 11:41 AM EDT - Intel - 249 Patches - 2 Comments

15 July

NIR Continues To Be Prepped For OpenCL Support

Longtime Nouveau contributor Karol Herbst who joined Red Hat several months ago has been working on Nouveau NIR support as stepping towards SPIR-V/compute support and this summer the work very much remains an active target.

15 July 06:42 AM EDT - Nouveau - NIR OpenCL - 2 Comments
RAV1E: The "Fastest & Safest" AV1 Encoder

Following the news about VP9 and AV1 having more room to improve particularly for alternative architectures like POWER and ARM, a Phoronix reader pointed out an effort that Mozilla is behind on developing the "rav1e" encoder.

15 July 03:04 AM EDT - Multimedia - AOM AV1 Video Codec Encoder - 42 Comments

14 July

Vulkan vs. OpenGL Performance For Linux Games

It has been a while since last publishing some Linux GPU driver benchmarks focused explicitly on the OpenGL vs. Vulkan performance, but that changed today with a fresh look at the performance between these two Khronos graphics APIs when tested with AMD and NVIDIA hardware on the latest RadeonSI/RADV and NVIDIA Linux graphics drivers.

14 July 12:00 PM EDT - Linux Gaming - 20 Comments
GCC 8/9 Land Fix For "-march=native" Tuning On Modern Intel CPUs

The other day we reported on a GCC 8 regression where Skylake and newer CPUs with "-march=native" haven't been performance as optimally as they should be. Fortunately, that patch was quickly landed into the GCC SVN/Git code for GCC 9 as well as back-ported to GCC 8.

14 July 05:48 AM EDT - GNU - Better Performance - 2 Comments

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