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X Server Articles & Reviews

Ubuntu 24.04 + Linux 6.9 Intel & AMD Server Performance   Processors   2024-05-23
CentOS Stream ISA Optimized Packages Show Great Results On Intel Xeon Emerald Rapids   Operating Systems   2024-03-05
AMD EPYC 8534P / EPYC 8534PN Benchmarks - Siena Delivers Incredible Value & Energy Efficiency For Linux Servers   Processors   2023-11-29
Intel Continues To Demonstrate The Importance Of Software Optimizations: Clear Linux + Xeon Max Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2023-10-23
AMD EPYC 8324P / 8324PN Siena 32-Core Siena Linux Server Performance   Processors   2023-10-10
LLVM Clang 16 vs. GCC 13 Compiler Performance On AMD 4th Gen EPYC "Genoa"   Software   2023-05-30
AMD P-State EPP Performance With EPYC On Linux 6.3   Software   2023-04-03
Setting Up Intel 4th Gen Xeon Scalable "Sapphire Rapids" For Accelerator Use   Processors   2023-01-15
AlmaLinux 9, openSUSE Leap 15.4, Ubuntu 22.04, Debian 11.3 & Clear Linux Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2022-07-06
AMD EPYC Performance Over The Past Six Years Of Ubuntu Linux LTS Releases   Operating Systems   2022-04-29
For Linux Enthusiasts Especially, The Steam Deck Is An Incredible & Fun Device   Computers   2022-02-25
PHP 8.1 Benchmarks - Continuing The Nice Performance Trajectory   Software   2021-11-28
AMD EPYC 7003 Series Performance Across Autumn 2021 Linux Distributions   Operating Systems   2021-11-09
An Early Look At LLVM Clang 13 Performance On AMD Zen 3   Software   2021-08-12
AMD EPYC 7302 / 7402 / 7502 / 7742 Linux Performance Benchmarks   Processors   2019-09-17
GCC vs. LLVM Clang vs. AOCC Compiler Benchmarks On The AMD EPYC 7742   Software   2019-08-09
The Latest In Our Massive Linux Benchmarking Setup - November 2017   Computers   2017-11-12
A Look At The Xeon Gold 6138 + Tyan GT24E-B7106 1U Linux Server Performance   Computers   2017-08-23
Editorial: Using NVIDIA On Linux For The First Time In 10 Years   Display Drivers   2016-11-26
A Brief Look At Fedora 24   Operating Systems   2016-06-16
A One Year Redux On The Basement Computer Room For Benchmarking 50+ Systems Daily   Computers   2016-04-05
Noctua NH-U12DX i4 + NF-F12   Peripherals   2015-05-24
Rosewill RSV-L4000: A Nice, Sub-$100 EATX Server Chassis   Enclosures   2015-05-11
Turning A Basement Into A Big Linux Server Room   Computers   2015-03-29
Calxeda ECX-1000 Benchmarks vs. Intel Atom, TI OMAP4   Processors   2012-10-25
GCC 4.6/4.7/4.8 ARMv7 Compiler Benchmarks   Software   2012-10-21
CentOS vs. Oracle vs. Scientific Linux 6.1 Performance   Operating Systems   2011-12-14
ATI's 2D Performance With X.Org Server 1.9   Display Drivers   2010-08-18
Intel's 2D Performance With X.Org Server 1.9   Display Drivers   2010-08-13
Coming Soon: X Server 1.8   Software   2010-03-31
The Direction Of Intel Graphics With Fedora 13 Alpha   Software   2010-03-10
Ubuntu 10.04 Already Shortens The Boot Time   Operating Systems   2009-12-18
Ubuntu 10.04 Is Off To A Poor Performance Start   Operating Systems   2009-12-09
AMD Catalyst 9.4 Finally Brings X Server 1.6 Support   Display Drivers   2009-04-17
X.Org 7.5 Released. Wait, Nope!   Software   2009-04-01
Open-Source ATI Graphics In Ubuntu 9.04   Display Drivers   2009-03-20
X Server 1.6.0 Has Been Released   Software   2009-02-25
Wayland: A New X Server For Linux   Software   2008-11-03
Canonical Publishes ATI Catalyst 8.10 Beta   Display Drivers   2008-10-15
X.Org 7.4 Finally Released   Software   2008-09-23
Ubuntu's BulletProofX Takes Simpler Step Forward   Software   2008-09-19
Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Alpha 6   Operating Systems   2008-09-18
Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Alpha 4   Operating Systems   2008-08-14
Persistent Configuration Options For X.Org Drivers   Display Drivers   2008-07-15
X.Org 7.4, Mesa 7.1 In Ubuntu 8.10   Display Drivers   2008-07-12
The People Behind Mesa 3D   Display Drivers   2008-06-15
Contributors To The X Server   Software   2008-06-11
X Server 1.4.1 Is Released, No Joke   Software   2008-06-10
Multi-Pointer X Going Mainline   Software   2008-05-09
The Progress Of X.Org 7.4   Software   2008-05-04
A Preview Of Kernel-Based Mode-Setting   Display Drivers   2008-04-19
NVIDIA 173.08 Linux Display Driver   Display Drivers   2008-04-11
Fedora 9 Rawhide (2008-03-08)   Operating Systems   2008-03-08
Cooler Master Cosmos S   Enclosures   2008-02-28
AMD 8.37.6 Display Driver   Display Drivers   2007-05-31
Dapper Drake + Xgl Compiz   Display Drivers   2006-02-20
Realm Systems BlackDog   Computers   2006-01-15

X Server Linux & Open-Source News

AlmaLinux Forms An HPC & AI SIG   Operating Systems   2024-05-02
openSUSE Leap 15.6 RC Brings Cockpit Web Based Server Management   SUSE   2024-04-29
Nova Driver, Linux 6.9 Features & Other Linux News From March   Phoronix   2024-04-01
Intel Submits Latest CXL Feature Code For Linux 6.8   Intel   2024-01-13
Intel Announces Xeon E-2400 & Xeon D-1800/D-2800 CPUs   Intel   2023-12-14
Ampere Preparing The ARM64 Linux Kernel To Support Higher CPU Core Counts   Arm   2023-11-29
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 10 Dropping The X.Org Server Except For XWayland   X.Org   2023-11-28
64-bit ARM Linux Kernel Against CPU-Specific Optimizations: "Pretty Unmaintainable"   Linux Kernel   2023-11-22
Wayland Progress, Ryzen AI & Linux Benchmarks That Made For An Exciting October   Phoronix   2023-11-01
O3DE 23.10 Released With Many Improvements To This Open-Source Game Engine   Linux Gaming   2023-10-10
Redox OS Planning A Server Version, Stable ABI & Better Performance   Operating Systems   2023-10-04
Inception & Downfall, Linux 6.6 Development Kicking Off & Other August Highlights   Phoronix   2023-09-01
SELinux In Linux 6.6 Removes References To Its Origins At The US NSA   Linux Security   2023-08-29
Ampere Computing Publishes Guide For Steam Play Games On Their AArch64 Server CPUs   Arm   2023-08-27
Intel Making Improvements For CPU Microcode Updating Under Linux   Intel   2023-08-14
AMD RX 7600, Intel X86-S & Other Exciting Linux/Open-Source News From May   Phoronix   2023-06-01
Asahi Linux To Users: Please Stop Using X.Org   Wayland   2023-05-13
Silly Open-Source Moves, AMD openSIL & Rust Happenings Made For An Interesting Month   Phoronix   2023-04-30
Intel's OpenGL & Vulkan Linux Drivers Now Build On ARM   Intel   2023-04-17
Microsoft Continues Building Out Its Linux Distribution With More Packages   Microsoft   2023-04-16
ipmitool Repository Archived, Developer Suspended By GitHub   Free Software   2023-03-13
NVIDIA 525.85.05 Linux Driver Brings Few Fixes   NVIDIA   2023-01-19
X.Org Server No Longer Allowing Byte-Swapped Clients By Default   X.Org   2023-01-06
X11 Server Development Pace Hits A Two Decade Low   X.Org   2022-12-30
Fedora Linux Looks To Close Another "Large Attack Surface" With The X.Org Server   Fedora   2022-12-22
NVIDIA 525.60.11 Linux Driver Released With Many Fixes, Vulkan Improvements   NVIDIA   2022-11-28
OpenMandriva Speeding Up Their AArch64 Linux Development With Ampere Altra   Operating Systems   2022-09-20
Amazon Engineer Adds LTR Encode Support To Open-Source AMD Radeon Linux Driver   Radeon   2022-09-19
AMD Aims To Squeeze More EPYC Performance Out Of Linux With User-Space Hinting For Tasks   AMD   2022-09-10
Explicit Memory Tiers May Be Ready For Linux 6.1   Linux Kernel   2022-08-25
Webmin 2.0 Released For Open-Source Web-Based Server Management/Administration   Free Software   2022-08-23
An Early Look At AMD EPYC Performance Gains On Linux 6.0   AMD   2022-08-04
Linux 5.20 To Help Ensure Intel CPUs With AMX Can Hit Their Lowest Power Idle States   Intel   2022-07-27
XWayland 22.1.3 Released Due To XKB Security Vulnerabilities   Wayland   2022-07-13
Rust For Linux, -O3'ing The Kernel & Other Highlights From June   Phoronix   2022-07-01
Google's Linux Kernel Build For Stadia Adds NVIDIA Driver Support   NVIDIA   2022-06-24
Meta's Transparent Memory Offloading Saves Them 20~32% Of Memory Per Linux Server   Linux Kernel   2022-06-20
Akamai Warns Of "Panchan" Linux Botnet That Leverages Golang Concurrency, Systemd   Linux Security   2022-06-15
Arm Looking To Make It Easier To Run Docker On AArch64 Linux   Arm   2022-06-07
macOS 13 Adding Ability To Use Rosetta In ARM Linux VMs For Speedy x86_64 Linux Binaries   Apple   2022-06-06
Phoronix Turns 18 Years Old For Covering Linux Hardware   Phoronix   2022-06-05
Linux 5.19 Lands New Intel IFS Driver For Helping To Detect Faulty Silicon   Intel   2022-05-24
XWayland Adds New Option To Expose Dummy Modes For Gamescope / Steam Deck   Wayland   2022-05-20
Huawei Working On UEFI Mirrored Memory Support For Linux AArch64   Arm   2022-04-16
Linux 5.18 Preparations, AMD Servers, Spectre BHI & Other Highlights From March   Phoronix   2022-04-02
Steam Deck, Ryzen Servers, Apple M1 On Linux & Milan-X Excited Linux Users In Q1   Phoronix   2022-03-31
XWayland 22.1.1 Released - Fixes Some Windowed Apps Stuck To 58 FPS   X.Org   2022-03-31
Google Has A Problem With Linux Server Reboots Too Slow Due To Too Many NVMe Drives   Hardware   2022-03-29
Linux 5.18 Scheduler Updates Improve NUMA Balancing For AMD EPYC Servers   Linux Kernel   2022-03-21
BoringTun v0.4 Released For CloudFlare's Rust-Based WireGuard   Linux Networking   2022-03-08
Steam Deck, GNOME 42 Advancements & AMD Linux Updates Excited Readers In February   Phoronix   2022-03-01
AMD Is Hiring Again For Their Linux - Client - Effort   AMD   2022-02-07
Fedora Server 36 Could Make It Easier To Manage NFS & Samba File Sharing   Fedora   2022-01-20
Happy New Year & A Wrap On 2021   Phoronix   2021-12-31
X.Org Server 21.1.2 Released With Security Fixes, Back To Pretending All Displays Are 96 DPI   X.Org   2021-12-15
Speculative NUMA Fault Support Proposed For Improving Tiered Memory Linux Performance   Linux Kernel   2021-12-12
Alder Lake, Kernel Optimizations & Steam Deck Happenings That Excited Linux Fans   Phoronix   2021-11-30
AMD Publishes Latest SEV-SNP Guest + Hypervisor Support For Linux   AMD   2021-08-20
Trying Out The "Folios" Patches On An AMD Linux Server   Linux Kernel   2021-07-23
ASRock Rack Has One Of The Best, Most Open-Source Firmware x86 Server Motherboards   Coreboot   2021-07-15
PHP 8.1 Performance Is Continuing To Improve With Early Benchmarks   Programming   2021-07-15
AMD SEV-SNP Support Revised For Linux + Updated Hyper-V Isolation VM Code   AMD   2021-07-08
Linux 5.13-rc2 Released With A VGA Text Mode Fix   Linux Kernel   2021-05-16
LinuxBoot Pulls In For Easily Booting Different OS Installers   Coreboot   2021-05-05
Microsoft Posts WSLg Preview - GUI App Support With Windows Subsystem For Linux   Microsoft   2021-04-21
Linux 5.13 To Allow For OpenBMC Development With A Lower-Cost ASRock Rack Motherboard   Hardware   2021-04-14
"Fedora Linux" Is The Latest Change Proposed For F35   Fedora   2021-03-09
NVIDIA 460.32.03 Linux Driver Released With Official Vulkan Ray-Tracing   NVIDIA   2021-01-07
New Intel Linux Features, Timely Hardware Support & More From Intel In 2020   Intel   2020-12-30
Fedora 34 Planning To Make Use Of Systemd-OOMD To Improve Low Memory Experience   Fedora   2020-12-22
PHP 8.0 Ready To Ship With Many New Features, Even Better Performance   Programming   2020-11-25
Systemd 247 Merges Systemd-OOMD For Improving Low-Memory/Out-Of-Memory Handling   systemd   2020-10-15
Systemd 247 Still Aiming To Integrate systemd-oomd   systemd   2020-09-09
Microsoft Is Writing Its Own Wayland Compositor As Part Of WSL2 GUI Efforts   Microsoft   2020-05-20
Cloudflare Improving Linux Disk Encryption Performance - Doubling The Throughput   Linux Storage   2020-03-25
NVIDIA 440.59 Linux Driver Brings DP MST Audio, PRIME Sync For Linux 5.4+   NVIDIA   2020-02-03
Intel Uncore Frequency Driver On Linux Is Closer To Mainline With Latest Patches   Intel   2020-01-13
Systemd Will Be Working To Improve Out-Of-Memory Linux Handling With Facebook OOMD   systemd   2020-01-08
Wayland's Wild Decade From v1.0 Release To Usable GNOME/KDE Desktop Support   Wayland   2019-12-29
X.Org Saw A Lot Of Work In The 2010s Even With Wayland Taking Off   X.Org   2019-12-28
2010 Through 2019 NVIDIA Linux News Topped By Linus Torvald's Criticism + Overclocking   NVIDIA   2019-12-19
Linux 5.5 Seeing Some Wild Swings In Performance - Improvements But Also Regressions   Linux Kernel   2019-12-01
Steam, Open-Source Intel & Ryzen 3000 / EPYC's Continued Domination Rocked September   Phoronix   2019-10-01
AMD EPYC 7002 & Ryzen 3000 Series Dominated Linux Interest During August   Phoronix   2019-09-01
Summing Up The AMD EPYC 7742 2P Performance In One Graphic   AMD   2019-08-08
DragonFlyBSD Replacing Their 48-Core Opteron Infrastructure With Ryzen 9 3900X CPUs   BSD   2019-07-25
Stadia Is Google's Cloud Gaming Service Using Linux, Vulkan & A Custom AMD GPU   Google   2019-03-19
Linspire Planning An "Office 365" Edition, Linspire For Servers   Operating Systems   2019-01-12
The X.Org Server Continues Cruising Along As We Approach 2019   X.Org   2018-12-28
Linux 4.19 I/O Scheduler SSD Benchmarks With Kyber, BFQ, Deadline, CFQ   Hardware   2018-11-29
PHP 7.3 Performance Benchmarks Are Looking Good Days Ahead Of Its Release   Free Software   2018-11-24
NVIDIA 410.78 Linux Driver Fixes Vulkan Corruption, Adds Quadro RTX 4000 Support   NVIDIA   2018-11-15
AMD EPYC Sees Some Performance Improvements With Linux 4.19   AMD   2018-10-24
Windows Server 2019 Reaching GA Next Month   Microsoft   2018-09-24
PHP 7.3-RC1 Released, Benchmarks Looking Good For This Next PHP7 Update   Free Software   2018-09-16
Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS Introducing Revised Server Installer, Adds Missing Features   Ubuntu   2018-07-18
NVIDIA 340.107 Legacy Linux Driver Brings X.Org Server 1.20 Support   NVIDIA   2018-06-08
X.Org Server 1.20 "Avocado Toast" Released With DRI3 v1.2, VR Improvements   X.Org   2018-05-10
What Would You Like To See Out Of Fedora Server In The Future?   Fedora   2018-03-26
Per-Window Flipping In Present With XWayland Support Revised   X.Org   2018-03-13
XCB & Other X.Org Package Updates Ahead Of X Server 1.20   X.Org   2018-03-05
AI-Powered / Machine Learning Linux Performance Tuning Is Now A Thing   Hardware   2018-02-23
Mesa 17.3 Remains Quite Buggy, Developer Calls For Better Handling In The Future   Mesa   2018-02-22
EPYC vs. Xeon Gold In Nearly 200 Tests With Ubuntu On Linux 4.15   Hardware   2018-02-12
Skylake X Servers On Linux 4.16 Will Have P-State CPU Frequency Scaling Support   Intel   2018-01-21
GNOME's Mutter Now Supports XWayland Keyboard Grabbing, XDG-Output   GNOME   2017-12-18
The Smallest Server Suite 23.3 Released   Free Software   2017-12-17
KWin On Wayland Without X11 Support Can Startup So Fast It Causes Problems   KDE   2017-12-13
Ubuntu Server's New Subiquity Installer Is Now In Much Better Shape   Ubuntu   2017-11-02
New Unreal Engine 4.18 Update Has Linux & Vulkan Fixes   Linux Gaming   2017-09-28
Hands On With The Tyan Thunder GT24EB7106; Building The Kernel In Under 30 Seconds   Hardware   2017-08-18
NVIDIA's Server-Side GLVND Implementation   X.Org   2017-07-21
AMD's SME/SEV Security Support For EPYC Not Yet Ready On Linux   AMD   2017-06-28
Cockpit Comes To Ubuntu, Easier Linux Server Administration   Ubuntu   2017-05-09
RandR 1.6 Proposal Around The Work On Linux VR HMDs Support   X.Org   2017-04-06
The Meson Build System Is Being Fitted For The X.Org Server   X.Org   2017-03-27
OpenChrome X.Org Driver Updated With Better Support For Old VIA Hardware   X.Org   2017-03-07
NVIDIA Updates Legacy Drivers With X.Org Server 1.19 Support   NVIDIA   2017-02-14
System76 Rolls Out A NVIDIA-Powered GPU Linux Server   Hardware   2017-01-31
The End Of An Era: A Look Back At The Most Popular Solaris Milestones & News   Oracle   2017-01-19
Jailhouse v0.6 Hypervisor Released   Virtualization   2017-01-09
The Top NVIDIA vs. AMD/Radeon Linux News Of 2016   Hardware   2016-12-29
Forum Spam/Filtering Redesign; 300+ Linux News/Articles/Reviews For November   Phoronix   2016-12-01
RADV Vulkan Driver Patch For Initial PRIME Support   Vulkan   2016-11-23
DatArcs Is Aiming For Dynamically-Tuned, Self-Optimizing Linux Servers   Operating Systems   2016-11-21
X.Org Hit By New Round Of Security Issues, Multiple Libraries Affected   X.Org   2016-10-04
X.Org's GLAMOR 2D Performance Continues To Be Tuned   X.Org   2016-09-26
X.Org Server 1.19 Is Ready To Freeze, Almost 600 Changes   X.Org   2016-09-17
Mesa Gets Improved For Running On Windows With Cygwin   Mesa   2016-09-15
Modesetting, PRIME Cursor Improvements Land In X.Org Server   X.Org   2016-09-13
XWayland Pointer Confinement & Warping   X.Org   2016-09-08
Phoronix Been Loading Slow? It Is Hopefully Better Now   Phoronix   2016-08-12
X.Org Server Development Continues Trending Lower   X.Org   2016-07-16
KDE Plasma Users Are Still Running Into Multi-Screen Issues   KDE   2016-07-11
Ubuntu's Unity Desktop Can Now Run Natively On Windows   Microsoft   2016-07-10
GTK4, RX 480, GTX 1070/1080, Nextcloud & Other Popular Linux Announcements In June   Phoronix   2016-07-01
NVIDIA 367.27 Linux Driver Released As Stable With VDPAU Feature Set H   NVIDIA   2016-06-13
New ARM SoCs Supported By Linux 4.7, Including The First Mainline LG ARM Platform   Arm   2016-05-18
Red Hat Makes RHEL Available To Developers For Free   Red Hat   2016-03-31
Tomb Raider Rolls Out For The SHIELD, Plus More Games Likely To Linux   Linux Gaming   2016-02-18
Tiling The Linux Benchmarking Server Room For Lower Temperatures   Hardware   2016-01-31
Using OpenGL Without An X Server With NVIDIA   NVIDIA   2016-01-23
A 0-Day Local Privilege Escalation Bug Hits The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2016-01-19
Brainstorming Further Cooling Improvements To The Linux Benchmarking Room   Hardware   2016-01-16
X.Org Server Development Slows To Lowest Point In A Decade   X.Org   2016-01-04
The Most Popular Linux Articles This Year: Windows 10, OS X, Linux Graphics   Phoronix   2015-12-19
Our Daily Performance Tracker Turns One Year Old   Hardware   2015-11-28
Kubuntu 15.10 Gaming Impact With KDE Plasma 5 Compositing For R600 Gallium3D   KDE   2015-10-26
Power Use From Our Linux Benchmarking Drops Slightly, Thanks To Cooler Weather   Hardware   2015-10-14
KDE Frameworks 5.15 Released   KDE   2015-10-10