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Embree 4.0 Is Running Well On Intel 4th Gen Xeon Scalable "Sapphire Rapids"   Software   2023-02-10

SYCL Linux & Open-Source News

Intel Software Developer Toolkits 2024 Released For Pushing AI, Python & HPC   Intel   2023-11-21
DreamWorks' OpenMoonRay 1.4 Released With Intel OIDn GPU Acceleration   Free Software   2023-11-03
Intel Releases OSPRay Studio 0.13 With Xe GPU Acceleration Support   Intel   2023-10-25
Rusticl OpenCL Still Striving For Better Performance, SYCL & HIP Features   Mesa   2023-10-20
AdaptiveCpp 23.10 Alpha Released For What Was hipSYCL / OpenSYCL   Programming   2023-10-19
Intel Releases OSPRay 3.0 With Initial GPU Acceleration   Intel   2023-10-18
Intel Proposes Adding Full SYCL Programming Model Support To Upstream LLVM   LLVM   2023-10-16
Intel's OIDn 2.1 Released With Better GPU Support   Intel   2023-10-12
Intel Releases OpenVKL 2.0 With Intel GPU Acceleration Via SYCL   Intel   2023-10-02
David Airlie Shares His Thoughts On Current Challenges With Linux GPU Compute Stacks   Intel   2023-09-02
Intel's Embree 4.2 Promotes Its SYCL GPU Support Out Of Beta   Intel   2023-08-01
Intel's oneAPI Construction Kit 3.0 Released   Intel   2023-07-28
LLVMpipe Now Exposes Shared Virtual Memory Support   Mesa   2023-07-22
Intel's Codeplay Announces oneAPI Construction Kit For Bringing SYCL To New Hardware   Intel   2023-06-05
Intel's Open Image Denoise 2.0 Brings SYCL For Xe GPUs, NVIDIA CUDA, AMD HIP   Intel   2023-05-24
Intel oneAPI's Embree 4.1 Brings Its Ray-Tracing Library To 64-bit ARM   Intel   2023-05-12
Intel oneAPI 2023.1 Released   Intel   2023-04-07
Khronos Developing SYCL SC For Safety-Critical C++ Heterogeneous Compute   Standards   2023-03-15
Embree 4.0.1 Released With Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series Support   Intel   2023-03-10
Linux 6.2, Linux 6.3 Developments, KDE Plasma 5.27 & More Made For An Exciting Month   Phoronix   2023-02-28
Intel ISPC 1.19 Released With Sapphire Rapids Support, Data Center GPU Max   Intel   2023-02-28
Intel Open-Sources Its OpenCL CPU-Based Runtime   Intel   2023-02-17
Mesa's Rusticl Lands Support For SPIR-V Programs   Mesa   2023-02-13
hipSYCL Becomes Open SYCL For Targeting All Major CPUs & GPUs   Standards   2023-02-10
GROMACS 2023 Released With Better SYCL For Intel / AMD / NVIDIA   Free Software   2023-02-08
Intel Releases Embree 4.0 With Arc Graphics Support Via SYCL   Intel   2023-02-08
Intel oneAPI 2023 Released - AMD & NVIDIA Plugins Available   Intel   2022-12-16
Rusticl Lands Fixes For Rust-OpenCL Discrete GPU Support, Preps SPIR-V Program Support   Mesa   2022-10-13
Rusticl Can Run Atop Zink Gallium3D Atop Intel's ANV Vulkan Driver   Mesa   2022-10-07
Rusticl Shows Great Start For Rust OpenCL In Mesa - Might Support SYCL In The Future   Mesa   2022-10-06
Intel's Codeplay Will Now Oversee The oneAPI Development Community   Intel   2022-09-28
Intel Acquires The Team Behind ArrayFire GPU Acceleration / Parallel Computing Software   Intel   2022-09-08
Intel Preparing More oneAPI GPU Accelerated Components For Blender   Intel   2022-09-07
Intel's SYCLomatic 20220829 Released For Converting CUDA Code To C++ SYCL   Intel   2022-08-30
Intel oneAPI GPU Rendering Appears Ready For Blender 3.3   Intel   2022-07-13
AMD Posts Patch Enabling Vega APU/GPU Support For Blender's HIP Backend   Radeon   2022-06-22
Intel Still Hoping To Have oneAPI/SYCL GPU Acceleration In Blender 3.3   Intel   2022-06-21
Blender 3.2 Debuts With AMD GPU Linux Rendering Support   Free Software   2022-06-08
Intel Makes Another Exciting Software Acquisition   Intel   2022-06-01
Intel Announces SYCLomatic For Open-Source Conversion Of CUDA Code To C++ SYCL   Intel   2022-05-19
Intel oneAPI Toolkits 2022.2 Released With ISPCRT, More Arc Graphics Preparations   Intel   2022-05-18
Blender Cycles Rendering Support For Intel Arc Via oneAPI + SYCL Under Review   Intel   2022-04-13
Intel's oneDNN Ported To RISC-V, More Sapphire Rapids Prep   Intel   2021-12-09
IWOCL + SYCLcon 2021 Slides/Videos Published For Lots Of OpenCL, SYCL Technical Talks   Linux Events   2021-04-29
hipSYCL Sees Work-In-Progress Support For Intel oneAPI Level Zero Backend   Intel   2021-03-05
Khronos Releases SYCL 2020 For C++ Heterogeneous Parallel Programming   Standards   2021-02-09
Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler 2020-12 Released   Intel   2020-12-27
Intel's oneAPI Is Coming To AMD Radeon GPUs   Radeon   2020-09-29
Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler 2020-09 Released   Intel   2020-09-11
hipSYCL Seeing New Runtime For This SYCL Implementation For CPUs + ROCm/CUDA GPUs   Programming   2020-08-24
Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler 2020-08 Released With Explicit SIMD Extension   Intel   2020-08-21
Intel Brings IBM POWER CPU Support To Their Deep Neural Network Library   Intel   2020-07-31
Khronos Releases SYCL 2020 Provisional Specification   Standards   2020-06-30
Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler 2020-06 Released With New Features   Intel   2020-06-25
Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler 2020-05 Released   Intel   2020-06-04
Intel oneAPI DPC++ Compiler Merges Its Initial CUDA Backend   Intel   2020-05-15
Codeplay Brings SYCL, Intel DPC++ To NVIDIA GPUs   NVIDIA   2020-02-03
Intel Continues Improving Its SYCL Stack - Now Supports Ahead-Of-Time Compilation   Intel   2020-01-22
Intel's MKL-DNN/DNNL 2.0 Beta 3 Release Adds SYCL + Data Parallel C++ Compiler   Intel   2019-12-12
Intel Publishes oneAPI Level 0 Specification   Intel   2019-12-05
Intel's oneAPI / DPC++ / SYCL Will Run Atop NVIDIA GPUs With Open-Source Layer   Intel   2019-11-18
Intel Releases oneAPI Base Toolkit Beta For Performance-Focused, Cross-Device Software   Programming   2019-11-17
Imagination Getting Behind Open-Source SYCL Libraries For TensorFlow   Programming   2019-10-24
Codeplay Launches Open-Source 'SYCL Academy' To Learn This Increasingly Popular Standard   Programming   2019-10-20
Intel Compute Runtime 19.40.14409 Adds "Early Support" Tiger Lake Support   Intel   2019-10-11
Intel Tiger Lake Support Lands In Their NEO OpenCL/Compute Stack   Intel   2019-10-06
Intel SYCL Compiler + Runtimes 2019-09 Released   Intel   2019-09-25
Intel SYCL Compiler/Runtimes Updated With Unified Shared Memory Support   Intel   2019-08-15
Intel's OpenCL "NEO" Linux Driver Stack Rolls Out The Experimental SYCL Support   Intel   2019-07-31
Intel's LLVM-Based SYCL Compiler Continues Taking Shape   Intel   2019-07-26
Intel Developing "Data Parallel C++" As Part Of OneAPI Initiative   Intel   2019-06-19
Intel Graphics Continues Seeing A Lot Of User Interest In Linux Support & Gaming   Intel   2019-05-29
Intel Open-Source 19.19.12968 Compute Runtime Released   Intel   2019-05-22
hipSYCL Gets New Compilation Toolchain For Taking SYCL Directly To CUDA & ROCm   Programming   2019-05-14
Intel Is Looking For Feedback On Their Open-Source OpenCL Linux Driver Support   Intel   2019-04-29
Intel Continues Working On Their SYCL Compiler For Upstreaming To LLVM   LLVM   2019-04-29
Intel Xe Graphics Being Part Of The First US Exascale Supercomputer Is Great For Linux   Intel   2019-03-19
Nouveau NIR Support Lands In Mesa 19.1 Git   Nouveau   2019-03-17
A Big Patch Could Yield Big Performance Benefits For GPU Offloading With LLVM   LLVM   2019-03-15
Khronos Continues Working On Better OpenCL + LLVM Integration   LLVM   2019-03-08
The First Baby Step Towards Intel's SYCL Support In LLVM Clang Lands In Git/SVN   LLVM   2019-02-25
Intel's Initial Open-Source, LLVM-Based SYCL Compiler Is Now Available   Intel   2019-01-28
Intel Looking To Add SYCL Programming Support To LLVM/Clang   Intel   2019-01-11
Intel Developing "oneAPI" For Optimized Code Across CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs & More   Intel   2018-12-12
David Airlie's LPC2018 Presentation On An "Open-Source CUDA"   Linux Events   2018-12-03
Red Hat Developers Working Towards A Vendor-Neutral Compute Stack To Take On NVIDIA's CUDA   Red Hat   2018-11-17
Codeplay Outs SYCL-Based ComputeCpp 1.0, Running Parallel C++ Code On Multiple Platforms   Standards   2018-08-23
Khronos Releases SYCL 1.2.1 With TensorFlow Acceleration, C++17 Alignment   Standards   2017-12-06
Khronos Unveils OpenCL 2.2, SPIR-V 1.2, OpenCL CTS Open-Sourced   Standards   2017-05-16
POCL Is Working On OpenCL-Over-CUDA With New Backend   Free Software   2017-04-25
Possible Items On The OpenCL Roadmap: Improved Vulkan Interop, Arbitrary Precision   Standards   2016-07-28
SIGGRAPH 2016 Kicks Off Today: What Exciting News Awaits?   Standards   2016-07-24
Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.2 Provisional Spec, OpenCL C++ Kernel Language   Standards   2016-04-18
Khronos Group Releases Final SYCL 1.2 Specification   Standards   2015-05-11
Not Everyone Likes The Possible "VULKAN" Name For Next-Gen OpenGL   Vulkan   2015-03-01
OpenCL & SYCL Updated For Heterogeneous Parallel Programming   Standards   2014-11-18
Next Week We Should Hear All About OpenGL 5.0   Standards   2014-08-10
Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Announced Next Month   Standards   2014-07-15
Recapping The Linux News From GDC 2014   Linux Gaming   2014-03-23
Khronos Posts Their GDC Slides   Standards   2014-03-21
It's Time To Ask Your Linux Gaming Questions For GDC   Linux Gaming   2014-03-20
Khronos Works On SYCL For Pushing OpenCL In C++   Standards   2014-03-19