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Microsoft Moves Ahead With Renaming "GVFS" Project To "VFS For Git"

Last year Microsoft announced the "GVFS" open-source project as the Git Virtual File-System. Many took issue with Microsoft's open-source project being called GVFS since for years prior GNOME has been developing the well known GVfs as the virtual file-system for GIO/GLib. At first Microsoft resisted calls for changing their project's name, but now are making good on doing so.

28 July 2018 - Microsoft GVFS - 51 Comments
Clear Linux Exploring Support For Windows WSL

As potentially a big game changer for those needing performant Linux access from a Windows 10 / Windows Server installation, Intel's Clear Linux will be exploring support for running on Microsoft's Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

28 May 2018 - Clear Linux On WSL - 11 Comments
Windows' Notepad Finally Supports Unix/Linux Line Endings

Following Microsoft adding the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) for running Linux programs on Windows 10 and most recently adding Tar and OpenSSH support to the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, their latest Linux-friendly initiative targeting administrators/developers is supporting Unix/Linux line-endings within Notepad.

8 May 2018 - Notepad Linux Line Endings - 38 Comments
Windows 10 April 2018 Update Now Shipping, To Be Tested Against Linux

Just in time for ending out April, Microsoft is today beginning to ship the "Windows 10 April 2018 Update" what was previously known as the "Spring Update" and "Redstone 4". Of course, we're mentioning this for what Linux and other operating systems now have to compete against and as a prelude for some forthcoming benchmarks on Phoronix.

30 April 2018 - Windows 10 April 2018 - 3 Comments
Microsoft Announces Linux-Powered "Azure Sphere" IoT Platform

While back in 2015 there was Azure Cloud Switch as Microsoft's first foray into having their own Linux distribution that handles networking within their Azure data centers, today they have announced their Azure Sphere product for IoT use-cases and it's powered by Linux.

16 April 2018 - Azure Sphere - 59 Comments
Microsoft Is Trying To Make Windows Subsystem For Linux Faster (WSL)

In our benchmarks of Windows Subsystem for Linux that allows a Linux environment to run atop Windows 10 via this new WSL kernel subsystem, the performance overall has overall been very good and often performing better than virtualized options. But the main area of poor performance is I/O, except now it's being worked on by Microsoft for greater improvements.

17 November 2017 - WSL Faster Performance - 27 Comments
Open ZFS File-System Running On Windows

At the OpenZFS Developer Summit today besides an Oracle engineer talked of hope for upstreaming ZFS in Linux, another interesting session was showcasing Open ZFS running under Windows.

24 October 2017 - OpenZFS Windows - 23 Comments

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